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Chapter 7: The Ultimate Battle:

"Finally that Demon Crash is out of the way" Crunch said "it's Cortex's turn."

"I hope we're not too late" Coco said.

"It's not too late" Aku Aku "Let's go in there and rescue Spyro and Pasadena."

"Right. Now my darkness have left the building, we can finally finish this!" Crash said.

As they entered Cortex's base, they did not see the same black puddle following them.

They had already found them in the hallway.

"Crash Bandicoot, good to have you back. I wanted to crush you myself, not let some demon form of you take over!" Cortex said.

"Oh how pleasant of you" Crash mocked.

Tiny, Nina and N. Gin however were relieved.

"Crash, I loved your good side, not your evil side" Tiny said.

"It's not my style to say this but well done for saving the world again, Crash" Nina said.

"What is this, the Crash Bandicoot fan club?!" Cortex snapped to Nina and Tiny "we want to destroy him, not praise him."

Spyro and Pasadena were overjoyed to see Crash again.

"Crash, you had me and Pasadena worried. Do that again, and I'll kill you myself. I'm glad your back again, buddy" Spyro said.

"Come on, Crash!" Pasadena cheered "Kick their butts and then we'll get pizzas with pepperoni and pineapple!"

"Yeah!" Crunch said.

"Sounds like a treat to me!" Coco said.

A gorilla mutant was behind them watching. He didn't see the black puddle approaching him.

"Will you two shut up!" Cortex snapped at Pasadena and Spyro "You're annoying. And stop talking about pizzas!"

Spyro and Pasadena stuck their tongues out.

"Well, excuuuuuuse us, princess!" Crash joked.

"Laugh while you can!" Cortex shouted "I will use the ray-gun soon and I'll destroy you first and then Wumpa Island!"

"That's what you think" Aku Aku said.

Suddenly, the ape mutant jumped over them. He looked a lot different. He is now black but has his back turned to the bandicoots. Then he turned to them and the heroes gasped.

"You thought you saw the last of me!" came a familiar voice revealing an evil Crash's face.

"DEMON CRASH!!!" Crash, Coco, Crunch and Aku Aku gasped.

"WHAT? HE'S STILL ALIVE?!" Cortex shouted.

"Crash, I thought you destroyed him!" Pasadena said.

"Fools! You had destroyed me, but the darkness inside me will live forever!" Demon Crash snarled "Now you'll pay for thwarting my plans for world domination!"

"Crash, he's a lot more powerful now!" Aku Aku said "it's be wise to use the crystals again."

"Yeah, but not just me" Crash said as he jacked another ape mutant "use it on me and my mutant friend here. Coco, Crunch, stop Cortex. I'll hold off this guy!"

"What? Crash" Coco began.

"I created this guy, and I will destroy him!" Crash said.

"Crash, you're sure about this?" Spyro asked.

"He's serious about this" Crunch said "OK, Crash. I still need to trash up Cortex for brainwashing me!"

As Coco and Crunch head off to battle Cortex, Crash used the crystals to become Super Crash again. His mutant also became super.

"You think you can defeat me this time?!" Demon Crash cackled "I only gone easy on you because I was shocked at your transformation. It won't happen again!"

"Don't you ever stop talking?!" Crash said.

The two gorilla titans clashed with each other. Crash glaring at his evil form's eyes as he did with him.

Meanwhile, Coco and Crunch held back Cortex so he won't fire the laser gun. Cortex pushed Coco back into Nina but Crunch held onto Cortex as hard as he can.

The two gorilla mutants continued clashing each other. The super gorilla dodged Demon Crash's punch and the evil bandicoot-ape mutant moved out of the super gorilla's tail way. As the two gorillas locked hands again, Crash held on as tight as he could. He then noticed something.

"Aku was right. You had become more powerful than last time" Crash said.

"That's right. Stop pretending to be a god!" Demon Crash smirked.

"There must be a way to beat you in that mutant form!" Crash said.

"How about never?"

'I can't lose yet' Crash thought 'there must a way to defeat him'.

Cortex managed to throw Crunch off him and got onto the chair of his laser gun and powered it up.

"You lose this time!" Cortex said "I'll destroy Crash first!"

"Crash! Watch out!" Coco cried.

Crash then noticed and then he smirked. 'Wait a second. That's it! That's the answer I was looking for. Heh, I owe you one, Cortex.'

"What are you smirking at?" Demon Crash snarled.

"I know how I can stop Cortex and destroy you. Tell me, Demon Crash, familiar with something called "spinning"?"

Demon Crash looked confused but then Super Crash's mutant grabbed his arms and start spinning. Then when he get the right aim, he threw Demon Crash towards the ray gun and Cortex. Cortex screamed like a girl and abandon his ray gun as Demon Crash crashed into it and it exploded.

"CURSE YOU!!! CURSE YOU ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!" Demon Crash screamed as he disappeared by the explosion.

When it died down, the ray and Demon Crash are gone.

Coco freed Pasadena and Spyro, and they ran up to Crash, who returned to normal. Pasadena hugged him first.

"Crash, you did it!" Pasadena cheered.

"Pasadena, I can't breathe" Crash gasped.

Pasadena let go and then Spyro hugged Crash. He hugged more harder than Pasadena.

"Crash, you did great! Thanks pal!" Spyro cheered.

"Spyro… you hugged more than Pasadena" Crash choked.

"Oh gross. Get a room" Cortex said.

"Put an lid on it, Cortex" Crash said as Spyro let go.

"But you idiot. Because you destroyed the ray-gun, this castle will explode" N. Brio said.

"In which case" Aku Aku said "we have to get out of here. Crash, Coco, Crunch, Spyro, Pasadena, let's go!" And the heroes leg it.

As the castle begins to blew up, Cortex and the others escape in a spaceship.

"Cortex, why did you let him get away?" N. Gin asked.

"We had the ultimate plan and then we failed. What would Uka Uka said when we get back to the Ice Berg Lab?" asked Nina.

"Oh don't worry, Nina" Cortex said "Uka Uka would never found out. He left before Crash arrives. He won't notice a thing."

"CORTEX!" Uka Uka's face appeared on the screen "I SAW WHAT HAPPENED! YOU FAILED ME AGAIN!!! When you get back, YOU USELESS SLOT WILL BE HELPING N. TROPY CLEAN UP THE LAB!!!" And his face disappeared.

"Oh man!" Cortex groaned as well as the other villains "I hate that Bandicoot!"

The heroes managed to get out alright.

"Sorry for the trouble guys" Crash apologized "for all the chaos I done. I was taken over by Demo Crash, took over the world, and left you guys hanging. I know you won't forgive me."

"Oh, Crash. Stop blaming yourself" Crunch said. "It's over now."

"That's right, Crash. In the end, it was YOU who destroyed Demon Crash. Aku just helped by using the crystals to free you" Spyro said "We're so proud of you."

"That's right" Pasadena said "You're the same Bandicoot we all know and love."

"Evil or no evil, you're still my brother" Coco smiled.

"Thank you… everyone" Crash smiled "I promise, from now on, I'll be more good. More heroic! More Kindness!! KINDNESS!! Oh, and go defeating Cortex and his gang as well."

"That's the spirit" Aku Aku smiled.

"Let's go home guys and eat pizzas!" Coco said.

"Yeah!" Everyone cheered as they walked back home. Crash then turned to the castle and smirked.

"See ya, Demon Crash. Don't wanna be ya" and he left.

And thus, Crash and his friends saved the world once again. But have they seen the last of Demon Crash?

The End.

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