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Title: Sweet Sweet Revenge

Rating: T, because of some obscene language and well, Hiruma will be here too (it should be an imperative, all Eyeshield 21 should be PG-13, hehe

Genre: AU, General,Romance (at least, I'll try to)

Pairings: Juumonji/OC, HirumaMamorisidepairingSenaSuzuna (just some peeks)

Summary: Juumonji takes a walk along Tsuyu Tei Park and watches a couple fight. The boy walks out on the girl, while the girl only managed to cry. He leaves. He thought he wouldn't be bothered by it.

Warning/s: Probable OOC-ness due to author mistake.



Sweet Sweet Revenge


Chapter 1

Eavesdropper by Accident



Juumonji Kazuki. First year, section two of Deimon Private Senior High School. Member of the American Football club. Lineman. And most of all… Single.

"Go on… ask him!" a couple of girls giggled as they huddled in a corner.

"Oi, oi!" Kuroki nudged Toganou and Juumonji, he pointed discreetly at the girls, "What do you think they're talking about? Huh, huh, huh?"

Toganou's ears pricked as the girls gave another fit of giggles, "I think… they're fangirls!"

Juumonji looked at the girls for a moment, but went back to staring off at the play cards before him. He still had to memorize half of the stacks. He had no time for fangirls. (1)

"At last! We're going to have our fans!" Kuroki and Toganou gave each other high fives secretly as the girls walked nearer to them. How they wanted this moment to finally come…!

"Juumonji-kun!" one of the girls said, bento on her hands. Juumonji looked up at her in a surprised look. The girl flustered, "T-this… this is for you!"

"Ah, thanks." He said quite oblivious to the fact that she almost fainted when he unwittingly brushed against her fingers. Toganou and Kuroki rubbed their hands, waiting for their turn as the next girl came up to them.

However, like the first, the bento was for Juumonji. And so was the next. And the next. And the next. Their eyebrows twitched as the stack of bentos now counted to five.

"This is unfair!" Kuroki shouted, pointing a finger at Juumonji, "How could you do this to us?!"

"Huh?" Juumonji said.

"Yeah! We thought we were friends!"


"Traitor!" Kuroki and Toganou shouted.

"HHHUUUUUUHH???!" Juumonji raised his brows even higher, if it was possible. "What are you two talking about?!"

"The fans! The bentos! What's next? Love letters?!" Kuroki and Toganou duet their argument. "How come you're only the one who gets these?!"

"Hey, hey. I didn't ask for them, you know." Juumonji said, "We could always share these, it's not big deal."

They didn't need to be told twice as they immediately dug in the bentos the girls made for Juumonji. What a cruel way to say that he didn't like them back that much. Tsk. Tsk.

"Still! We're in the same club, we're all line men, how come you're the only one who's popular?" Kuroki asked, eating takoyaki. Toganou nodded, "Yeah. We do all the same thing. And we're both blonde!"

"Hey!" Kuroki complained.

"Uh, well, the two of us. But still, what's the difference?"

Juumonji stared at them for a moment, as if contemplating what he should say. After a minute, he said, "I'm not looking for a girlfriend."


"Hey, you sure you don't want to come with us to the arcade?" asked Kuroki as Juumonji slung his bag over his shoulder, "Almost everyone would be there."

"Aa." Was his reply as he walked on opposite path as the usual. It had been a week since he saw it, and he still couldn't take it off his mind.


The Huh-Kyoudai strayed from their usual way home, feeling a little adventurous as their last time walking alone in the streets had been such a long time ago. Even before they joined the American Football club. One of the places they passed by was Tsuyu Tei Park(2), which was usually a place for lovers and heartbroken alike to stay for a while. Ironic, really.

They only stayed there for a while, as they just stopped to buy soda, they had been cutting off from alcoholic beverages for such a span of time. It was Juumonji who bought it, and for some reason, he passed by a couple arguing. One of them extremely familiar.

Overwhelmed by curiosity, Juumonji had forgotten going back to the two, as he walked to the two "lovers" in dispute.

Without her ridiculous bunny suit, he did not recognize her at all.

Aoko Mikuru (3), wearing boyish clothes, was having a shouting match with the boy she was with. The boy didn't look very handsome, or maybe it was because Juumonji was a guy so he couldn't tell, but there was nothing special with him. No muscles to begin with, nor did he have the charisma of someone to be looked up to.

"If you love me then just let me do you!" Juumonji heard him shout.

'What the heck' was the only thing in his mind as he unintentionally eavesdropped in their conversation.

"I already told you didn't I?! I'm not a slut! I just can't go spreading my legs at anyone!" she shouted back at him.

This had taken Juumonji aback. He knew Yueno (4) had quite a bad mouth, but he didn't know that Aoko Mikuru shared the same trait as the younger girl.

"Fine! I quit this stupid relationship! I don't need girls who can't even kiss properly!" he insulted Mikuru. She frowned, "Well-sorry if I couldn't kiss properly, asshole!"

"Fuck you, bitch!"

"Fuck you right back!" she shouted, although her voice was beginning to break. When her partner left, she slumped on the concrete bench, and began to cry.

Juumonji, not being the kind of person who would step into other people's business, decided to leave the scene.

A/N: I know, I'm so bad with Toganou and Kuroki, but my favorite Huh-Kyoudai is Juumonji! Sorry, Toganou-kun! Kuroki-kun!

I think he's the least "romance" motivated from the Huh-Kyoudai, as when there was this omake, from a volume I can't remember (probably when they were against Shinryuji Nagas), Kuroki and Toganou didn't like Sakuraba because he had fangirls, while they hated Agon because he had lots of girlfriends

This place doesn't exist in real life, as far as I remembered, but if it does, it's just a coincidence, also used this "park" in Melodies of the Hearts my Prince of Tennis fanfiction, and Secrets of the Hearts, its sequel

Aoko Mikuru is a character from my other fanfiction, "Oh My Youichi-Sama"

Yueno is a character from my other fanfiction, "Oh My Youichi-Sama"

If you ask me, if ever Hiruma-sama will leave Deimon, the best choice as next captain will definitely be Juumonji. I think. Sena may be the ace, but unless he becomes more confident of his self, he could never be a captain. I think, again.

(Not to mention, when the rest of the team were fussing about the number of touchdowns they would need if a kicker was present in their team, only Hiruma and Juumonji from the players figured it out before Sena did; you know, when Juumonji said "What are you talking about, Sena, everybody-" then the next box showed that the others didn't know, with Juumonji saying "They didn't know." And Hiruma saying, "We're all idiots. Idiots". Juumonji and Hiruma were on the left side, and the other 'idiots' on the right… sorry, I can't remember what game it was, but I'm pretty much quite sure there was something like that in the manga, oh yeah, I think it was in their match against Seibu)