Dear Readers,

Well, it's finally over. It has taken me many months, many revisions, and countless hours, but the story of The Last Diclonius has reached its end. I have now completed my very first fan fiction. I am both happy to have completed my first fan fiction, and both sad to see it come to an end, wishing it could last forever. But then that wouldn't make for a good story would it? I feel now like I almost have a personal connection with all the characters of Elfen Lied and even Tomo. And looking back on it, I would like to think I have accomplished something. It may not be much, and it may not be like a regular novel or even as good; but I still think I have done something to be proud of. Before this story, I attempted many other fan fics, but would ultimately abandon them in the end for various reasons. But this time, I stuck with it till the end. And I have so many people I need to thank for that. Namely, all you readers you have stayed with me from start to finish. I stuck with it because you stuck with me.

So I'm taking this time to say thank you for your support and your kind words of praise. I can honestly say that part of the reason I completed this story is because of you guys. There were times when writing this I would get those usual feelings thinking I wasn't doing any good and felt like quitting. I have always been a little critical of myself in everything I do. But your reviews gave me the motivation I needed to continue on, even if I didn't think I was as good as other writers on this site. It made me want to finish this story if not for myself, then for you guys. You constantly pushed me to better my writing and give you the story you deserve. And for that I say thank you for taking time out of your daily lives to read my tale.

And there are some people I want to thank individually. First off, thank you Silent Watchman for your beta reading of my story. You were always honest with me in saying what you liked and didn't like, and I couldn't have asked for more. That really helped me not just make my writing better, but also in teaching me how to take constructive criticism and use it. This story could be as much attributed to him as to myself. Thank you to Francisco Devilman Warrior for his (or her) constant support. You were one of my most faithful readers and I always loved reading your reviews that always told me how much you hated Tomo and wanted to see justice done on him and how you wanted him to die in the most painful way. Looks like you finally got what you wanted. Thank you to BeowulfCaverias for always having kind things to say about my story. I could go on for hours like this, so here is a quick list of other people I'd like to thank personally:

AnimeWishes, AlexMontgomery, Anonymous Echo, Baka-No-Bakas, Detailed NiteMares, DragonMiztres, GothRideGrl14, JakeJ, KatBunny, KatonRyu, MYZ-Chan, Number 35, PlushyMaster, Rose of Demise, Rule Omegia, Savage63125, Shay-Monyou, Ezequielhl, Soul of Ashes, TuXey, Ujon, Wolf Girl Ayame, ameko200, fightingpacifist, randomnessgirl, rubberduck, sean81, shadow3031, xx.Lullaby.xx, Angel.of.Dawn, Destiny Forgotten, Dilla the Dude, Kei.Nobara, Korraganitar the NightShadow, KuroxTenshi, Morrow-kun, sephjnr, Andreax, Animemusicfreak4, Despicable Hero, Rocco103, Jovianwolfgirl, Black Shadowed Rose Yami Fan, IHaveNoLife-King, Ara222, RayRayOtega, Voughn, anima12, IVIaedhros, Loveless Minji-chan, and all the other anonymous readers. All of your opinions are very important and helpful to me.

All of you have made this one of the most fun experiences I have ever had. Whether you liked it or you hated it, I appreciate that you read it all the way. This story belongs as much to you guys and it does to me. To show my appreciation, I'm providing suggesting an Elfen Lied music video I found on YouTube thta I'd like you guys to watch. It's one of my favorites and to show my thanks, I'd like to share it with you. I'm sorry if you've already seen it, but this is almost all I can do to show you how much your support has meant to me these past few months. Consider it a tribute to Elfen Lied, my story, and more importantly, a tribute to every single one of you. So thank you for staying with me all this time. And to anyone who is reading this now, even months or maybe even years after I've finished, I thank you as well. Again, your support has meant more then you'll ever know. This may seem too sentimental to some, but this is how I feel. I still think its important to thank you guys for making this story the success that it has become. It's so hard to put into words what I'm actually feeling right now typing this message in regards to gratitude. So I'll simply end this by bowing my head to you, and just simply saying...thank you. I hope you liked it.

Your friend,


P.S. -- The YouTube video I wish to share is "It Ends Tonight" Elfen Lied by otonin7 and is on youtube.