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Note: Small short, sweet slash fic where Harry Potter is ill and Severus Snape takes care of him. Takes place after Deadly Hallows when Harry goes back to school to finish his 7th year. Not an mpreg but merely the stomach flu.

Warning: Slash but only minor

Author: Laurenke1.

Summary: Harry is ill and who better then to take care of him then his lover Severus Snape.

Pairing: Harry Potter and Severus Snape.

Harry Potter, the boy who had defeated Voldemort, the darkest wizard of all time, leaned wearily against the wall that neared the potions dungeon with a loud sigh. His stomach rebelled against the small lunch he had eaten and the pounding in his head did not cease.

He closed his burning eyes, taking off his glasses for just a moment and leaning his head against the wall in hoping the cool stone would sooth his nausea. It was lunchtime and he only had one class left at this, double seventh year potions with the slytherins. He had come down, as he always did at lunchtime to see the potions master, Professor Severus Snape, who was in fact his lover.

But perhaps he should have chosen to go to bed instead. It could just be the flu but Harry could not remember how he had managed to go through the hours that had led up to lunch. Probably because he had not been paying attention due to his headache.

The hope he had to actually make it to Severus' office before expelling his lunch was lost when he doubled over with a moan and he lost the contents of his stomach. A strong arm around his waist held him upright as a silky sarcastic voice came. "Bringing me a new present, Potter? This certainly is new, the boy who vomits, is that what we should call you?"

Harry groaned. He knew it was best that the students did not find out the relationship between him and Severus Snape but truly, the man could have a bit of sympathy. "Well, professor, I wanted it to be your robes but unfortunately I do not have the same control as you do." He managed to return.

The arm that tightened around his waist belied otherwise as Severus said, pulling Harry along. "Well into my office, Potter, where we shall discuss your punishment."

The door that slammed shut behind them had Harry wincing and the candles that flashed, had him running swiftly into Severus' private chamber. He did not care to see the beautiful decorated room as he hurried into the restroom, quickly dropping down upon his knees near the toilet.

He rested his head against the tiles when the retching finally stopped and he managed to stand on his feet. He felt numb, raw and his stomach felt finally empty but Harry could tell by the feeling that he got, that it was best not to eat anything anytime soon.

He managed to stagger back into the sitting room where a hand wrapped itself around his wrist and he was carefully yanked towards the couch. He actually moaned when he saw the dark green couch that looked positively deliciously soft in the glowing candlelight but he was stopped by the strong hand.

He was pulled down to sit in the black robed lap and Harry immediately rested his head against the shoulder of the dark haired, black eyes, hooked nosed, pale man that held him. Losing himself in one of the very few times Severus would comfort and simply cuddle him, the green eyed boy closed his eyes.

A vial was placed at his lips and Harry met the dark eyes for a moment until he focussed upon the red liquid. "It will help to settle your stomach, Harry." Severus' soft voice came but Harry pushed the vial away as he said.

"But it will make me drowsy. I need to have my wits about me if I want to get to through potions alive."

He received a bark of laughter in return and a hand that gently stroked his dark hair as Severus held his gaze as he answered. "Since it is the last class of this week, I will excuse you from it. We will go over it this weekend, if you are willing." Harry groaned, no matter what he would never warm up to potions and Severus knew it.

The vial was at his lips again and Harry obediently opened his mouth, swallowing the liquid. He closed his eyes, waiting for the feeling that would soon send him running to the restroom once more but there was only the steady and warm pressure of a large hand on his stomach that rubbed gently.

Severus nudged him with his nose, kissing his temple as Harry relaxed with a shuddering sigh. He opened his eyes, one hand pushing his glasses back up his nose as he looked at Severus. The dark eyes were tainted with concern but the hard features of the face revealed nothing.

Harry looked down to see Severus' long pale hand still making circles across his stomach. "I better return to the dormitory." He made a move to climb out of Severus' lap but he staggered back when the headache came rolling back in.

The strong arms kept him upright and Harry buried his face in the black clad shoulder, the arms tightening around them. "Alright, to bed with you." The long suffered sigh that followed made Harry drowsy but when he was picked up he looked up.

He would never be as tall as Severus was but he was too old to be picked up but it seemed like Severus did not care. "Stop moving about, Potter or I am going to drop you right here!" Harry had to smile as he was dumped unceremoniously on the dark green decorated bed that he knew so well. Silver outlined the sheets and Harry sat up to remove the boots, hands shaking with sudden chills.

The room was warm but the chills continued to run up and down his body. He tossed the boots into a concern, his robe following but only to be caught in the air by Severus. Harry eagerly pulled back the covers. It had not happened many times that he could sleep in Severus' bed.

'Join me, please?" He asked, after he had rearranged the pillows and blankets until they served his needs. He received a snort in return as Severus said. "As much as I want to, Harry, I have a class to teach. Perhaps afterwards but for now sleep. I want you all better so I once more can have my way with you." The obvious affection in Severus' voice made Harry smile as he gazed upon into the dark eyes filled with warmth.

Severus leaned down and brushed his lips with Harry, not accepting the invitation when Harry opened his lips. The younger wizard moaned in displeasure but Severus only smirked as he pulled back to stare into the green cloudy eyes. "I have no intention on tasting vomit, Potter. Go to sleep."

The gently hand that raked through his hair soothed Harry and he knew the older wizard did not mean the rebuke as sharply as he had said it. The last smoothing of the blankets and another kiss on his cheek this time and Severus was gone, the candles dimming immediately.

Harry relaxed with a sigh. Last year he had finally managed to kill Voldemort. He could still remember the fear he had felt when he had seen Severus lying there, unconsciously after Voldemort's snake had bit him. But the older wizard had survived the occasional shiver and weakness of limbs telling him he had been on the mend.

Harry gave into the blackness willingly, not caring of what he would dream. At some point, as he drifted in and out of sleep, he was forced to drink something and then he slipped away again, the fever in him raging. Firmness at his back made it known to him that Severus had curled up to him, one arm resting underneath Harry's head as the younger wizard pushed back against the older wizard.

The headache seemed to have subsided but Harry's vision was blurred and he brought his wrist up close to his eyes to look at his watch. It was only an hour after his last class and he knew that Severus would have one more class to teach at four.

Gentle fingers stroked his sweat covered forehead and soothingly began to stroke the lightning shaped scar that was normally hidden by dark bangs. Since the defeat of Voldemort, Harry had become even more famous but the current headmistress professor McGonagall had tried to protect Harry and the rest of her staff or students who had participated in the final battle to the best of her abilities.

Severus would not have any talk about the Boy Who Defeated Voldemort or The Victorious One and always sneered, saying for good measure what would happened if they found out that their precious 'hero' was shagging a former death eater.

Harry secretly found it amusing and could not wait until he was out of school and he could officially say he was shagging Severus Snape, wondering what the Daily Prophet would say about that. Probably that Severus was not a nice man and that Harry deserved somebody more worthy of him but Harry could not think of a worthier match for him then the greasy haired potions master he had come to love.

Only a select few knew of their relationship and Harry knew those to be persons that knew Severus as well as he did. It was true that Severus was not a man prone to kindness but there was a gentleness that could not be denied. Severus was sweet and gentle with Harry but what was more, he was passionate.

They clashed on more then one occasion but they were well matched, both hot-headed but they evened each other out. Harry would not have it any other way for the man he loved.

Yet he still had to tell Severus that he loved him. The dark haired wizard had finally grudgingly said that he tolerated Harry but Harry knew otherwise. He could see the joy in Severus' eyes when he beheld Harry.

"Severus?" He found himself rasping and soon the soothing dark voice came.

"Harry, hush, sleep." The gentle fingers continued to stroke his forehead but Harry knew that soon Severus would have to go back to teaching. "But I need to tell you something…" Harry protested.

A gentle kiss was pressed against his cheek as Severus affectionately said. "Very well then, you impatient brat."

Harry hesitated but he needed to say it. Yet there were several things that could happen, one actually being bodily thrown from the room but he took a deep breath and said. "I love you."

He closed his eyes tightly, steeling himself for the blow and the rejection that would surely come. He could hear Severus' breathing hitching as he waited for the answer that would come. He began shivering with chills that had nothing to do with his illness but with a childhood filled with abusing.

Glasses were suddenly placing on his nose and Harry opened his eyes, looking up fearfully at his bed partner who wore a look of disbelieve. Yet Severus' eyes were unreadable and Harry wondered what was going through the older wizard's mind. Severus was leaning over his shoulder, propped up on his elbow that a moment ago had been Harry's pillow and Harry felt the loss keenly.

The next moment one arm went around his waist and Severus' face was inches from Harry's own. Harry could see his reflection in the dark eyes before lips were suddenly pushed against his own. Finally Severus pulled away and Harry was not sure if it had been good or bad that Severus had kissed him.

Yet the smile that came to the lips was reserved especially for Harry and Harry found relief flowing through him. "I love you as well, Harry." The normally sharp voice was raw with emotion and Harry cuddled in closer.

He would resign himself to his fate as long as he could spend his life with his potions master. His longed for world was reflected in the dark eyes and as Severus kissed him again and the spooned against him, Harry was content and he knew all was well.

The end

Just a short fic and I hope you liked. It is not related to Crossing Ways for those who wandered and it will be only one shot. Please review.