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How the hell did I end up here? Carlos asked himself as he was shoved down to his knees along with Jill and LJ. A man in a wheelchair was placed between Jill and LJ. Carlos knew the man to be Dr. Charles Ashford. Suddenly as he moved the person tying his bonds made it so tight that it cut into his wrists.

Damn, these people hate me. he thought to himself.

So, many things happened in eighteen hours. Just earlier that morning he was outside of the city, hanging out with his team. Before he knew it, he was gathering his team and gearing up for assignment in the city. At the gates before entering he met with Major Cain who briefed them on the assignment but Carlos asked the questions first.

Fifteen hours earlier...

" Cain, what the fuck is going on?!" Carlos asked hearing about the incident from the recruiter.

" Watch your mouth, Olivera." Cain cautioned.

Carlos raised an eyebrow." The best team lead by One and the best Security Division agents, Alice Abernathy and Spence Parks, are dead. Killed by this threat that's been unleashed on the city. And you're telling me to stop cursing?!"

Cain stared at him and Carlos didn't know that Cain was thinking otherwise about Alice Abernathy and Spence Parks being the best Security Agents.

" Why the hell are we here, Major Cain?" asked the medic on the team, Jessica Callinor.

" Outbreak. We need your team to go in, Agent Olivera." Cain said getting a glare from Carlos before the team got into the copter and got out of there.

Then came his worst nightmare. Then came that failed attempt to save the civilian's life. After that- slowly and one by one, his team died. His friends died one by one and they could never turn. Carlos made sure of it. The U.B.C.S squad was nearly killed until he, Nicholai, and Yuri were left. Then came that turning and the bite he received.

Once he felt that wave of pain as teeth ripped into his bicep he knew- he knew his time was up. Even as Nicholai killed Yuri, Carlos knew who would survive. He thought Nicholai would be the last one of the team, but he was dead wrong. Nicholai died the worst death out of all the team.

But what was even shocking was when he entered that cafeteria to see that Alice Abernathy was alive and well. Sure, her hair was redder and she was armed far more than the last time he saw her but she was breathing and she was alive. He had just entered the cafeteria by kicking down the chained door. He thought he was pointing his gun at a ghost but-

" Alice. You're alive." he said to her and she stared at him. She really didn't remember him and he could read that in her eyes.

" Don't know if you recall me." he went on to say.

She stared at him as he powered off his laser and she put away the shotgun. Her stare was blank and showed no emotion but soon, it did as a light lit her icy blue eyes up.

" Carlos?" she asked him," Carlos Olivera?"

LJ came into the room," Don't shoot-" he started and saw there was no sign of that," Um, that didn't go as expected."

" You remember?" Carlos asked her and saw her blank stare once more," Alice?"

" I remember." she replied and shook her head," You were the guy that warned me about Spence."

The woman in the tube top just stared back and forth." Alright, I'm confused." she said and held her hands up," So, you two knew each other before the Hive and all the infection." the woman went on but was talking to Alice before she turned to stare at Carlos," Who the hell are you?"

" He's a friend." Alice said," Before the Hive."

" So, how'd it end with Spence?" Carlos asked and saw hurt flash in her eyes. In his head, he cursed because he knew better. He knew the guy was trouble, but Alice fell for him.

" He caused the outbreak." she said and Carlos wanted to say "Fucker" but instead a coughing fit seized him and nearly dislodged his lung.

" Hey, man. You okay?" LJ asked him but Carlos shook him off.

He saw Alice stare at him and cock the shotgun.

" How long ago were you bitten?" she asked.

" What?" he asked back. Like he was going to answer that question.

" Carlos." she said.

" Three hours ago." he answered.

" What the-" LJ muttered and stared at him as Alice walked up to him and smiled instead of shooting him. Carlos was shocked at that smile and knew it showed on his face.

" It's your lucky day." she said and walked off.

The woman in the tube top walked up to him.

" You never answered the question." she said fiercely.

" Alice-" he started.

" I don't trust her or anyone that worked for Umbrella. Now-" she started.

Carlos smiled," Alice already said it. My name is Carlos Olivera."

" Squad?" she asked.

" U.B.C.S." he answered and saw her eyes widen," And you are-"

" Valentine." she said and walked off as soon as she saw his eyes light with recognition of the name.

The little girl he was supposed to save walked off followed by LJ.

After that came the call to the transport. He and the others made it the transport location. On the way, Alice gave him the antivirus and talked a little, smiled a little, and caught up a little.

" And they infected you with the T-Virus as well?" he asked as Alice had just revealed that Angie needed the antivirus and was infected.

" Yeah." she replied and slightly leaned toward him," But don't worry. I'm not contagious."

They smiled at each other before Jill handed her the camera and told her that her story could be put to good use. As Alice explained her story, Carlos remembered everything about his friendship with her- before the Hive incident that he was well aware of as soon as she explained it.

He and Alice were both recruited at the same time and shared similar training courses in the corporation. When they met they were instant friends. They were often sparring partners and Carlos usually let Alice win, which would often piss her off because she wanted a fair fight. It wasn't because she was a woman that he held back- well, maybe it was part of the reason. But to be honest, he just didn't want to hurt her. Over his courses he's received contusions that took a while to heal and he didn't want to be the one to leave a black and blue bruise on her. They were friends and throughout the training they remained together as they escalated through the levels at a surprising rate. Then, he was put into the special ops agency and she was put to the Security Division agency.

But it didn't matter how many minutes he had to talk to her in that car. They didn't have enough time to catch up. Then the Spence thing came up once again. He had warned her about him, but there was something that he hadn't told her and probably never would. He and Spence had gotten into a fight over her. Spence was taking her for granted and Carlos just punched him so hard that he broke the man's nose. Carlos ended up with a bruised abdomen from so many kicks and punches. And even though he had won and told Alice to stay away from him, it did no good. Apparently the two had fallen for one another and there was no way he could help her with that. Spence and Alice were assigned to the Spencer Manor assignment and Carlos was assigned leadership of U.B.C.S squad.

After the transport ride, came the fight against the gaurds. He had taken out a couple and Alice took down the rest. He, for once, was able to save Alice by killing an attacking guard.

" You missed one." he smiled at her and got a beam and a slight laugh from her.

Then came the predicament he was in now. He was on his knees and was watching as Alice and Angie were escorted out of the chopper, wondering how he got here but soon the thoughts disappeared.

When he had seen the guns pointed at both Alice and the little girl he felt like shooting Cain who walked out with them. Two guards took off Alice's weapons and the Nemesis creature dropped his weapon at a command. He heard the conversation between Cain and Alice and hated that Alice was being used by another jackass. Spence had taken her for granted and now Cain was using Alice as an experiment.

Alice eyes locked with his as Cain went on monolouging. The conceited jackass loved the sound of his own voice and didn't eve notice. Carlos knew the look and he nodded. The idiot guards didn't do a thorough search. He still had a pocketknife in his back belt pocket. He was about to slip it out when he heard the order from Cain for Alice to fight.

" No." Alice replied strongly. She didn't want to fight.

" Fight him or they die." Cain said as he pulled out a 9mm.

Alice locked eyes with her friends and she didn't want them hurt at all. So her eyes shifted as she told her next lie.

" What makes you think I care?" she asked him with a reassuring tone. It must've been so reassuring or maybe Cain didn't care, because soon Angela was screaming for her father after the gun was fired.

" Sonofabitch!" Alice heard Carlos whisper as he tried to get up. Agents behind him forced him back down, hard. He looked away from the crying girl and back at Alice. Why did she do that? But as he stared at her he saw that remorse had filled her eyes. She never meant for that to happen.

" He was a valuable asset to the corporation.I don't give a damn about these people." Cain said and then ordered her to fight once more; but Alice didn't move. She was frozen and Carlos saw her trembling with emotional shock.

Cain moved the gun once more," Let's go down the line shall we."

Alice's eyes widened when Cain moved the gun to Carlos. So many people she's lost. She lost One and his team in the Hive. She lost Matt.

Matt. The man she had developed feelings for even though she was "married" to Spence. But Matt was long gone. She had lost him to the Hive and Umbrella's experiments. Carlos had been her friend before the Hive and she wasn't going to risk losing him. She was serperated from him by Umbrella and now she was reunited with him, she couldn't lose him.

" So, you're gonna shoot me, Cain?" Carlos asked," Like you shot Ashford?"

Cain turned from Alice to Carlos and saw the agent's smile.

" How are you gonna explain Ashford's death?" Carlos asked.

" Shut up, Olivera." Cain ordered as he cocked the trigger.

" Alright." Alice surrendered. She saw that Cain lowered the weapon as she turned toward Nemesis and walked slightly closer. The battle then began.

Whatever Umbrella did to her made her fast, made her stronger, made her more flexible. She dodged the first blows Nemesis tried to land and she landed several kicks and several slams of her arm on him. She fought. For her life and for the lives of her new team.

But Nemesis soon got the upperhand and she was looking up at a sharp metal about to kill her. But Cain surprised her and aided her by throwing her two broadswords. She grabbed both and blocked it as it was coming down on her. She then rolled to the side and got to her feet as Nemesis tried to stab her. Both armed with weapons she and her fellow project began to fight.

The first time she fought him she was just beginning to get used to her abilities. Now, she already learned what she could do and she planned to use her skills to get who she needed to get out alive. Suddenly, as she stared at the metal spike that jutted out, an idea dawned on her. Three spin kicks sent Nemesis falling back onto his own trap and soon Alice threw the broadswords off to the side.

Jill Valentine didn't trust Alice or Carlos. But when she saw that they were going to do anything to take down this corporation and that they cared for the rest of the team she was starting to actually like them. She watched as the fight between Alice and Nemesis raged on. But time was against the whole group because dawn was approaching and soon this city would be blown to bits along with the whole lot of them. When she saw the broadswords get thrown and the spike jutting out, she knew Alice's plan. She exchanged glances with Carlos who was smiling. They knew what she was going to do.

Soon the creature backed into the spike and Alice was slamming her fists to bury the sharp metal into the creature. Over and over again she slammed her arms into him. Anger surged through every blow but as Alice looked into the creature's eyes she saw someone she thought she lost. Flashes of memories appeared in her mind and played before her eyes. One name and one face popped into her mind.

" Matt." she gasped," Oh, Matt! I'm so sorry!"

She realized who it was." Matt, I'm so sorry." she whispered and heard Cain's annoying voice.

" Finish him." the man ordered as Alice turned," No."

" Don't you know how important you are to me?" Cain asked," That creature is one thing but you-"

Nemesis recalled everything as Alice whispered who he really was. Matt. Matt Addison. That was his real name. That was who he really was. And as he stared at Alice he knew he was on the wrong side. The part of him that was human was screaming to take control.

Alice, yes! You know it's me! he said and wished he could smile.

Matt watched and heard Cain. His eyes often looked over at the prisoners. One of them was an Umbrella agent.

Bad guy turned good? Matt asked himself and saw a woman in a tube top, a little girl near her father's dead body, and a badly dressed African American man.

He remembered what happened before the fight to the little girl and found himself unable to control his actions because he would've done something to help them. Like the Umbrella Agent he, too, wanted to curse out Cain for killing the girl's father. The son of a bitch was a heartless fucker. At least someone said something and tried to move. Alice couldn't, she would've been shot. The other man didn't move and the woman and the girl were frozen with shock. At least the agent tried to help.

As Cain said that thing with how important she was. Matt found himself a bit uncomfortable and wanted to pound the jackass but looking at the Umbrella agent he saw that the man wanted to so the same. Was this Umbrella agent sharing his thoughts or what?

Suddenly he gathered his strength and took himself off the metal spike. He roared as he did because it hurt like crazy. As Alice refused to finish him and as Cain was walking away, Matt picked up the massive rail gun that was his primary weapon. He had killed people that could've helpd them and deserved to live. He had killed them. Now, at least he could do something to help.

" Kill her." Cain ordered and Nemesis roared as Matt screamed in his head, NOOO!!!

The bullets he fired hit the two agents behind her and others but it passed Alice.

" What are you doing?" Cain asked.

What I should've done a long time ago. Matt wanted to say and then saw that the agents behind the prisoner took aim.

" He switched sides! Go motherfucker, Go!!!!!" LJ cheered when all of a sudden the Umbrella agent freed himself and took at the guards that took aim

The agents behind the badly dressed man took aim but Alice shot at two and the Umbrella agent killed one with a knife he had expertly though. The agent then went to aid angie by breaking the neck of the guard that had her with a swift blow from his elbow that wrenched the man's neck upward and broke his vertebrae.

The woman in the tube top had freed herself a few moments later than the Umbrella agent and took Angie as the agent went after Cain. The other man had disappeared.

" Carlos!" Alice yelled throwing him an assault rifle she had taken from an agent.

Matt watched as the agent, who must've been Carlos, caught the gun, reloaded the ammo and slipped the strap around his shoulder. Then focusing away from the prisoners, Matt took down the agents.

Alice ran as fast as she could, trying to avoid the helicopter's bullets. It tore through the city hall's glass and struck the wall. She dove into a room and crashed through the glass; but as soon as she got up she saw that three rifles were aimed at her. She raised the weapon high.

" Drop it." came an order.

Alice smiled as she did. The agents lowered their weapons as she dove, grabbed the gun before it struck the floor and fired at all three of them.

" ALICE!!" came Angie's scream.

Quickly, Alice shot up and ran over to see that hiding behind the copter was Carlos, Jill, and Angie who were hiding from a new chopper that was flying in. LJ and Matt were nowhere to be seen. She ran over to them when all of a sudden helicopter lights were on her.

" Surrender or we fire." came the shout over some megaphone.

Like hell. Alice thought as she took her .45 and started to fire. But the copter was bulletproof and it didn't pentetrate the glass. Then- out of nowhere, Matt emerged with a rocket launcher that he mounted on his shoulder and fired.

Whatever happened next went like a blur. She was pushed to the side as the helicopter remains came towards her and Matt. But Matt was struck down and a piece of metal slammed against her face.

" Alice!!" Carlos yelled as Angie ran out of Jill's grasp and toward Alice.

He had seen that helicopter piece come flying at her.He took off the gun and handed it to Jill.

" Get in the copter." he ordered and ran after Angie.

Jill nodded and as she got in she saw Cain on the floor and stared at LJ who was sitting in the pilot's seat.

" Did you-" she started in amazement. She never thought LJ was good for anything except for cracking jokes.

" Out cold." LJ smiled," Now, where the Umbrella dude, the kid, and Alice?"

" They're coming." she assured as she hung the gun on the rack and leaned over Cain," Wake up."

Angie was trying to get Alice up but she was in no way strong enough to lift her.

" Angie?" Alice asked.

" You've got to get up.'' Angie said and brushed the hair that stuck to her face.

Alice stared across to Matt and saw his hand stick out. He wore a glove that covered his palm and the base of his fingers. It was Umbrella gear he wore and she knew Matt detested Umbrella.

" Matt." she whispered when she felt a gentle touch on her cheek.

The same gear was on the hand that was moving her face towards him and away from the horrid crash site. She saw his face for a brief moment before her vision became blurry.

" We've got to go." he said and she knew the voice.

" Carlos." she whispered as she tried to get up.

She felt his arm go around her waist and his other hand took up the .45 he had lain down. As he lifted her up her head leaned towards him and she felt Angie's hand. She slung her arm over his shoulders as she walked with him.

" C'mon." he said as his pace quickened seeing that the blades on the copter were moving. He knew they wouldn't take off but he needed to get them all on board. Angie let go of Alice's hand to run in to Jill.

" Get up!!!" Jill screamed at Cain as she pulled him up by the shirt.

Alice and Carlos glared at the man. Shooting Ashford and experimenting on Alice and Nemesis was not going to go unpunished. Alice took her arm off Carlos's shoulders and Carlos let go of her waist. She obviously didn't need to lean on him anymore.

Alice grabbed Cain and pushed him against the edge. The lines of the undead were going to take over the hall soon.

" Wait!" Cain protested as he was leaning now at the edge.

" For what?" Alice hissed.

There was nothing he bargain with her but maybe a point that he could give.

" Killing me won't put thing right." he said.

" No!" Alice shouted and Cain relaxed," But it's a start."

She threw him off the edge and he fell. Soon the undead attacked him and he gave a futile effort to defend himself before trying to shoot himself. But the gun jammed and Dr. Ashford bit him. She looked back and saw that Carlos looked over with her. Cain took a long time to die.

" He's gone now." Carlos said as Alice got up but she saw that he was staring at one person amongst the deluge of undead," I thought he was dead."

" Who?" she asked and looked down to see that there was one person in Umbrella uniform. It was the man that was killed by the dogs. She should've known that the bite from the T-Virus could still reanimate a corpse- any corpse even if it was missing some limbs.

" Carlos, I'm sorry about your men." she whispered, she knew the feeling.

" I'm sorry about your- Matt." Carlos said in a way that Alice stared at him.

" Unless you guys plan on falling out of the copter I suggest you guess get strapped in." Jill suggested as she buckled Angie's seat belt and her own.

It didn't escape either's notice that they were standing so close to each other. Their shadows looked like they were joined together.

" Go ahead." Carlos whispered as Alice left and took her seat next to Angie.

Carlos held on nearer to the door and pressed a button that sealed the door. He saw that the nuclear device exploded and a large light and earsplitting roar filled the air. The chopper rocked hard and he turned to the others.

" Hand on to something!" he yelled to them as he took the nearest seat which was one away from Jill.

Carlos was thinking about what would happen after this. What were they going to do with Angie and LJ?What was going to happen with the tape they shot? Would they-

All of a sudden he heard something snap and turned. A spike was jutting out of Alice's stomach. Blood was coming from her mouth and she never screamed. Angie did. He couldn't say anything as he watched her and then felt the chopper nearly wrench him from his seat. Above him he heard the blades get hit and they were losing altitude.

" We're going down!" he yelled and he was right.

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