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What the fuck do you think you're doing, Olivera?! Get the fuck back there and tell her the fucking truth! some side of Carlos was screaming that at him, probably his heart. But he ignored it. He left her for a reason, he saw he was a liability and was thankful it wasn't Alice. If she ran away-

Think about it from a different view, you idiot. If she ran, how would you feel? It's the same exact fucking way she's feeling right now. Think before you execute another one of your brilliant ideas. that side of him yelled. Carlos shook off that side of him and he could feel protection and his feelings for Alice starting to fight for control over what he was doing. But still he kept to the bike and put as many miles between him and Alice and Matt and Angie and Jill and LJ. His friends- he put miles between him and them.

He hated Isaacs, right now. In fact, he hated him while he still worked for Umbrella. Now, his hate just got a whole much worse. If he wasn't careful, he'd use the "gift" he's been given the wrong way. The Virus, in a way, was a gift. But mostly it was a curse.

Alice. That's who he was thinking about. The memories of his time with her filled his head and flashed before him even as he was driving on a dark road. He met her eight months ago in the hallways of an Umbrella training facility. An innocent meeting and yet that was when it all began.

Eight Months Ago…….

She stared around the halls confused. Some training facility. she thought to herself. She couldn't even navigate her way through the place. It was like being in high school and not being able to find your way to a class. Well, Alice was having deja-vu. It was like she was in high school looking for one of her classes.

She turned the corner so fast only to run into someone else.

"Oh my god!" she gasped as she collided with him. The guy seemed to be carrying coffee that spilled all over him. "I am so sorry!"

"No, it's my fault." the man replied with a smile, "Besides, it doesn't really hurt."

Alice smiled at him as she looked to see his face. He had light tan skin, his hair was black and spiked, he had that rugged look about him, a charming smile, and attractive dark-brown eyes.

"It was really- my fault." Alice said even though she paused in the middle. They stared at each other for a moment, before realizing they were in the middle of the hall and one of them had coffee on their clothes.

"You must be new here." the man started.

"I am. Do you know where the weapons training department is?" she asked.

"You're on the wrong floor." he answered, "Look, take this hall all the way down and make a right, the first staircase you see should be blue, take that three floors down and you'll be at your area."

"Thank you, so much!" she said and then spotted the coffee on his clothes. "I really am so sorry-"

"Don't worry about it. Just make sure you get to your class." he replied.

Alice smiled as she took the hall and left following the stranger's directions. As she reached the weapons floor, she realized she had never gotten his name.


Alice lay in Matt's arms on the fold-out couch. After Carlos had left and after their kiss, Matt and Alice decided that they had to go to sleep before the next day. So they went back in and were now lying together. Alice's back was to Matt's chest and his arm was around her. But Alice couldn't sleep.

Two kisses. One evoked more emotion than the other. She was trying hard to believe it but somehow she couldn't, her heart wouldn't allow her. Instead of thinking about her problem at the moment, she focused on memories before this entire Umbrella shit happened. Before the Hive- before Spence- before Raccoon City, Jill, Angie, LJ, Matt, Isaacs, and her experimentation and mutation. She thought of the first time she met Carlos and the time that it really counted.

Her relationship with him was sort of quixotic, in terms of how he asked her out for a date the 'first time' they met. The actual first time didn't count because she didn't know his name and it was just a collision. Nothing other than that.

Alice focused her mind on seven months ago when Umbrella hosted what was called the Virtual Tournaments. The participants of these tournaments were chosen by their standings in certain classes. Division agent against Special Forces agent- usually that was the procedure and it was usually man vs. man or woman vs. woman. But seven months ago, the tournament chose a Division agent and Special Forces agent that broke the precedent.

Seven Months Ago……

Getting the invite to participate in Umbrella's tournament meant you needed to be at the top of your class. You needed to be one of the best to don the virtual gear and face off against another not trained in your field. The reason for this was because Security and Special Forces were treated as different departments. One was trained for some fields while the other knew other fields. One's attack technique was different from the other so then pitting two strangers against each other was just to prove your skill. It didn't matter who won or lost, but people still kept track. As of now, the Security and Special Forces departments were tied in the tournament rounds and this one would just put one in the lead. The participants of the battle were never announced and opponents met in the arena but Carlos saw his name for today's tournament.

"You've got to be kidding me." he muttered staring at the paper. He watched people fight in the arena and thought it stupid- but what the hell he had nothing better to do. He saw the round was scheduled in an hour so after combat training he'd head to the arena.

Umbrella was very advanced and used most of its technology to train its agents to the top of their field and the virtual training was one of the many feats Umbrella was able to accomplish.

Carlos soon found himself in the arena and slipping on the gear that went on over some parts of your body to imitate your movements in the virtual world. In this virtual reality, the hits would be like small shocks and the harder the hit the higher the shock. It was better than getting broken ribs and bleeding outcomes.

He looked across the arena at his Security Division Agent that was his opponent. He didn't believe what he saw and stood there staring at her. Yes, they chose her to fight him. Worse, Carlos knew this woman- a little. He knew her only because of that coffee incident a month back. Now he was supposed to fight her- how? He wasn't the type of guy that would hurt a woman unless the event called for it. For example, if the woman was an undead flesh-eating zombie then he'd shoot her head off- but Carlos doubted that that situation in any way shape or form would come up in his life…ever.

At that moment, their eyes caught each other's gazes before the battle arena lit up before them. There were the virtual selves in the arena. Two people- one in Security Division wear, the other in black Special Forces uniform.

"Fighters, ready?" came a voice as the two got into an attacking stance," Set. Begin."

His SDA opponent made the first move and launched a full blown kick into the air. He dodged and lightly tried a spin kick on her. She countered with a high kick that caught his leg and caught it in a firm grip. With her other leg she brought it up and in a butterfly kick knocked him back.

From where he was Carlos felt the sting run through him but he ignored it. He continued to fight, this time not going easy on her. With a vertical kick he sent her backwards but she cart wheeled back onto her feet though she was wiping blood from her mouth. The spectators from the groups were watching with anticipation of what was going to happen while cheering for the agent that represented them.

She ran forward and her next move looked like it came out of a movie. She jumped into the air and tried a high kick but he caught her ankle and countered by letting her down to her feet and twisting her arm.

"Remember me?" he whispered.

Along with the gear there was a headset that allowed the fighters to talk to one another if need be.

"No." she answered.

"Oh, alright." he said pushing her back. There was no way he was going to hurt her anymore or engage in this fight. Then- Just as he was about to yell that he was withdrawing from the battle, the SD agent slammed her arm into his chest. It wasn't enough to take the air out of his lungs but it was good enough to send a wave of energy through him.

He realized that she was going down without a fight and he admired that. So, he fought back.

Alice had no idea who this SF agent was. He asked if she remembered him, but how could she? She never met him before. As she dodged his blows and tried to go onto the offensive, realization dawned on who he was.

"You're him!" she whispered into the headset, "The agent that helped me."

"Yeah, took a while didn't it." he asked dodging her leg. For a few more minutes the fight raged on before Alice got the upper hand and with a strong full blown reverse round spin kick she knocked her opponent down. She waited for him to get up and knew that he would've been able to take the hit but instead he didn't get up and the counter was running out. Though she felt exhausted she felt the adrenaline to finish the fight, forgetting at the moment who the man was.

"What're you doing?!" she asked him, "Get up!"

People from the Forces Side were screaming for their agent to get up; but the timer ran out and the match was over. The Security Division won one more round.

With the buzzer sounding, the virtual people in the arena disappeared into some sort of faint mist. The agents each filed out but Alice approached her opponent.

"You!" she yelled as he was about to leave, the man was taking off the virtual gear but Alice had already done so.

Carlos looked at her approaching, "Yes?"

"You let me win. You didn't even try." she accused.

"No, I tried. You just knew a lot in combat."

"You're the Special Forces agent!" she pointed out, "You've had more training than me in combat!"

"Well then I guess I didn't pay attention in class." he joked and Alice frustrated turned away. She hated not winning but what was worse was winning when your opponent wasn't even trying. It just wasn't fair for either side if that happened.

"Hey, wait!" the man yelled and Alice turned. "I never got your name the last time."

"Well, then you're gonna have to earn it." she replied and started off at a run.

"Hey!" he shouted after her, "Hey, wait!"

He ran after her and tried not to lose her in the crowds of people. Eventually they slowed down and were pushing past people. Soon, they were out of the facility and on the streets and Carlos was trying to keep his eyes on the woman who was pushing her way through the crowds. Eventually he chased her down to what seemed to be an abandoned play ground.

"Finally," Carlos said gasping for breath as he stopped at the gates. He saw the woman was breathing heavily as well. "Wanna explain why I had to chase you across the city? Look, what's your name?"

"I told you already. You're gonna need to earn it." she replied her breathing was normal.

"And how do I do that?" he asked her.

"Fair fight." she replied.

"Oh, no. We're going to go back-"he started.

"No, we're fighting right here, right now. If you want my name." she teased and Carlos took the offer by entering the play ground area.

The battle took off and each of them used their surroundings. Blow by blow hurt and Carlos was refraining from using all his strength to defeat her. He blocked nearly every blow and kick.

"So, I've got to fight you to get your name?" he asked when all of a sudden she kicked him and sent him crashing onto the bench in the park. He groaned in pain as he slumped to the ground and lay on his back. He looked up at the strawberry blonde woman.

"Alice Abernathy." she smiled as she helped him up.

"Carlos Olivera." he introduced. There was a moment of silence where the two of them stared into each other's eyes before Alice picked the conversation up.

"So, I guess I'll be seeing you around in Umbrella, huh?" she asked and then started to walk off.

"Is this what all guys need to do to get your name?" he asked her.

She stopped and didn't turn to answer him. "Try getting my number." she smiled and was about to walk off when she heard him.

"Can I have your number?" he asked her.

This time Alice turned to the agent. She was blushing a bit as she smiled at him.

"Sorry, Carlos." she said.

"Alright, if I can't have your number." he replied approaching her, "Are you free tonight?"

"Is this what you do to strangers or am I just an exception?" Alice asked with a flirtatious tone in her voice.

"You're the first." he answered smiling.

Alice looked up at him and for a moment considered her options. A day alone by herself or a date with a very hot SF agent- her choice was simple.

"What do you have in mind?" she asked leaning on the play ground gates.

"A date." he answered plainly and Alice smiled.

"Alright," she agreed as Carlos walked towards her. She had some sort of pen with her and took his hand. She put numbers on his palm with smile before she said, "Call me and I'll give you my address."

"How about I'll call you sometime around six and pick you up-"he started.

"At seven?" she asked.

"Yeah." he answered and before he could say anything Alice flashed a smile.

"First navigate your way out of here." she said before she walked off.

Carlos found his eyes following her before she disappeared. He shook off the thoughts of her clouding his mind. She was such an enigma. He looked at his surroundings.

"Where'd she take me?" he muttered looking around and realized he didn't know the place, "Oh, fuck. Where the hell am I?"


It hit him like a sudden fire. A massive pain traversed through him as if he was being electrocuted again.

"Fuck me!" he whispered but he kept to the bike and concentrated on the road. He'd look for some sort of motel. Some sort of place where he'd be far away from anyone finding him.

He passed some green sign that told of a college and he drove into the exit. No sooner had he found an abandoned structure did he collapse off his bike. He lay there convulsing in pain as some unknown source was ripping him apart. He restrained his cries for fear of drawing unwanted attention. But there was no sign of life at all. Living life that is. Carlos could sense infectants that were in the structure and then something pulled him out of the pain. A human was running out of the building and there was another in the building.

After the throbbing fire passed, Carlos got to his feet. He left his bike in its mess and drew the guns at his belt. He saw a shadow run in the halls followed by a multitude of others. He also heard heavy breathing and the steps of the runner through the halls. That was something he wasn't supposed to be able to hear.

What the fuck did those bastards do to me? Carlos thought as he opened the door and ran in. The man he saw running slipped over the blood and was in a pile of dead college students. He drew his gun to point at the new person but saw he may help him.

"Stay down!" Carlos ordered and pointed the guns at either ends of the hallways for the zombies were coming in like a deluge from both halls.

Shot after shot poured out of Carlos's 45s. He hit each zombie and they went down. There were dozens that were permanently dead and their reanimated bodies stirred no more. Soon, he heard the dry click from both of his guns. He pulled out two ammo clips and slammed them into the gun. He cocked the trigger and then began to fire once more until the halls were clear.

The man whom he had helped jumped to his feet and drew his gun.

"Why is everyone doing that to me?" Carlos muttered in an inaudible voice and then said something louder. "I think I just saved your ass."

"Yeah, but no ordinary guy-"the man started.

"Could kill that fast." Carlos finished already hearing this before. "Yeah, I've been through that already. Wanna tell me who you are?"

"Kennedy." he said and paused giving that dramatic introduction, "Leon Kennedy."

"Alright, James Bond, if you're done with your intro want to explain why you're a-"Carlos started when there was an explosion some floors above them.

"No!" Leon shouted and ran for the stairs but Carlos caught up to him.

"Stay down here!" he told him.

"My friend- she's up there!" Leon argued trying to get out of Carlos's tight grip on his arm.

"I'll get her, just stay down here." Carlos answered before running up the stairs. He skipped steps and soon was at the fifth floor which was getting engulfed with flames. "Anyone here!"

There was a faint cry for help that Carlos heard. Without enhanced senses he doubted he would've heard her.

"Please, somebody! I'm here!" the woman yelled at the top of her lungs.

The agent ran over to a pile of rubble and sure enough a red headed woman was lying underneath all the rubble.

"Hang on." he told her, "Just stay calm. You'll be out of here, soon."

He didn't know if he was lying to her but he focused on moving the beams and the thin walls that were crushing her. Some of it he was able to move but other things he couldn't. They were just too heavy for him to lift even with the immense strength he was finding.

He stepped back and stared at the pile. Something was telling him to use an impossible ability. He had seen Alice use the gift once before- in the motel- but he wasn't sure if he himself could pull it off.

He concentrated, focusing on freeing the woman and soon the metal beams were lifted off the walls. He threw them off to the sides with a flick of his hand and as if picking up the other beams, he imitated the movements with his hands finding it easier to control the new ability- his telekinesis. Soon, he was able to lift the rest of the things off her.

"You okay?" he asked the red head.

"I'm fine." she answered, "A little crushed but I'll live."

He lifted her into his arms and carried her down but the stairs were already blocked by the flames. He looked to the window and never though he'd do this- ever.

"Hang on to me, alright?" he asked but the woman was out cold in his arms. He walked over to the window and it shattered as he sent a blast of kinetic energy at it. He saw they had four floors to hit the ground. He stepped onto the sill and jumped down.

Seven Months Ago…….

After navigating his way out of the place, Carlos realized that it was five. His whole afternoon spent navigating his way out of a part of the city. He looked to his hand and saw that the number had faded a bit but was still legible. He pulled out his cell and dialed the faded number along with saving it to the 'Contact' list.

"Hello?" came her voice.

"Alice?" he asked.

"Navigated your way out, I see." she said and he could hear her laugh.

"Yeah, where the hell did you take me?" he asked but didn't get an answer, in a way.

"Took you out for some fun," she smiled, "Looked like it was needed."

"Leaving me stranded in the middle of a city. Very fun." he said sarcastically walking towards the facility and his car.

"I didn't say it was fun for you." she replied with a playful voice.

"You were playing with me?" he asked.

"Toying with you is more like it." she replied, "I never really expected you to ask me out."

"And yet you still left me." he pointed out.

"No, you got lost." she answered.

He laughed, "Alright- Just calling to tell you I've gotten out of your maze. Where do I pick you up?"

"We've got two hours." she said.

"I know, just tell me." he answered as he reached the parking lot. All he needed to do was find his car. He heard the beep over to left and located it.

"206th Park Boulevard," she answered, "Apartment 10A."

"Got it." he said as he started his car.

"I'll see you soon." she replied before she hung up.

Carlos smiled to himself as he pulled out of the parking lot and headed- not to Alice's place- to where he was going to take her.


Leon Scott Kennedy watched as he saw that stranger step onto the sill. He was carrying someone and Leon could only hope that it was her. When he saw the stranger look over the edge, Leon knew.

"He's crazy." he muttered and then shouted to him, "You're crazy!!!"

But the man didn't listen. He took the leap.

"No!!!" Leon yelled and ran to where the man and the person he was carrying were to end up….dead.

But instead the guy landed perfectly on the ground as if jumping from something a foot above the ground. The person with him was not even bothered by the fact that he had jumped four stories to get away from the flames-

"What are you? Insane?!!" Leon yelled to him and saw that it was Claire Redfield that was unconscious in his arms.

"Might be." the man said sarcastically as he lay the woman on the ground. "Got your friend. Thought you might be grateful I saved your lives."

Leon knelt beside Claire and then turned to see their savior walking away.

"Hey, you're just gonna leave us here?!" he asked.

"Didn't think you were going to care about me leaving." Carlos answered turning to them.

"Who are you?" Leon asked.

"Carlos Olivera. Who's your friend?"

"Claire Redfield. Look, we pulled over to fix our transport and we got sidetracked by the fuckers back there. It's fixed and if we're gonna meet more of those things we're gonna need some help."

"You're asking me for help?"

"Yeah." Leon replied and Carlos took a second to think about it.

"Alright," he answered and saw that the sun was starting to rise.


She couldn't go to sleep and when she knew he was asleep, Alice crept out of bed. But she didn't need to- the sun was already rising and the others were bound to get up. She heard the knock on her door and opened it to see Angie and Jill.

"You're up early." she said to them but there was something in her voice that Jill heard.

"Alice, what's wrong?" she asked.

"Nothing," Alice lied.

"I sensed him, Alice. He was here, an infectant like him is not hard to ignore." Angie said quietly and Jill was the only one that was confused. "Why isn't Carlos here?"

"Sweetie, Carlos was in the facility don't you remember? He didn't come back." Jill said and turned to her friend, "Right, Alice?"

When she didn't answer, Jill stared at her. "He did come back?!"

"Ssh!" Alice hissed and pulled Jill and Angie into the next room.

"Oh, god! He was here wasn't he?" Jill interrogated and turned to Angie who nodded in reply.

"He left though." Alice replied taking a seat on the sofa. Angie took the seat next to her and Jill pulled up a chair. She saw her friend's unnerved look.

"You look-"she started but didn't know what to say. She knew that Alice and Carlos knew each other before The Hive but how well they knew each other was something she didn't know.

"What is it with you and Carlos?" Angie asked beating Jill to the punch. "I know you two knew each other but were you guys just friends-"

I really doubt that. Jill thought but Alice willingly answered.

"He was a friend who became more than a friend." she answered. "Angie, you're too young to hear about this."

"I'm not." Jill added, "And take into consideration that Angie's seen everything that we've seen- not to mention-"

"Jill." Alice hissed, she knew very well that Angie was mature- more than mature but she was looking for any reason to tell her- and Carlos's- story.

"Oh, please, Alice!" Angie asked, "Carlos wouldn't tell me, but please can you?"

"It's not much of a story." she replied.

"Mm-hmm." Jill said sarcastic.

Alice sighed, "It was technically eight months ago that I met him- or really crashed into him in an Umbrella facility. Seven months ago I started to date him." she said and stopped.

"And six months ago?" Angie asked.

"It all ended." Alice answered.

"Wow." Jill said sarcastically, "What did he do? No, scratch that. What happened on your first date?"

Alice smiled as the memory of that came to her.

Seven months ago….

She heard the knock on her door at 6:30 and smiled to herself. Looks like Olivera was a bit early. She answered the door and saw him. He looked formal with black pants and a navy dress shirt. But his eyes widened when he saw her.

"Wow." he whispered.

Alice looked down at the red dress she wore that reached the middle of her thighs. "A bit overdone?" she asked.

"No!" he answered, "No! It's perfect."

She smiled and blushed a little. She glanced down before meeting his eyes, "You're a little early."

"Didn't want to get lost." he joked.

She laughed in reply.

"Shall we?" he asked extending his hand towards her. She took it and they left.

"Where are we going?" she asked him as she got into the car.

"You'll see." he answered as they drove off. Alice watched as restaurants passed them by and her curiosity grew even more. Where are we going? she asked herself when she saw looked like to be a fancy hotel.

She stared hard at him as they pulled up into the garage and he got out.

"Carlos, we're in the garage of a hotel." she pointed out.

"A fancy hotel." he corrected with a smile. He noticed she had that look on her face that said What's the difference? as she stepped out. When she did, she felt something cover her eyes.

"Carlos." she said.

"Just relax." he told her.

"We're in a hotel garage and you just blindfolded me." she pointed out.

"Thanks for stating the obvious." he said and started to guide her. Honestly, she wasn't scared. They both were trained agents and he seemed to be too much of a nice guy. She trusted him.

He took her hand and started to lead her to- god knows where. She couldn't lighten up.

"Alice, relax, I'm not going try anything on you." he promised when all of a sudden Alice could feel a drop of temperature around her as if she were around a pool. She heard her heels click against some glass and then she felt the blindfold being slipped off.

"Close your eyes." he whispered and Alice did. "Alright, you can open your eyes now."

When she did, she was enthralled by her surroundings. Bright colored lights bordered the perimeter of the deck that they were on. A table off to the side was lit with candles and she was standing- on top of a pool. She backed up right into Carlos's arms.

He laughed, "Relax, there's a glass over it." he told her as he stepped over the pool where the glass held the both of them.

Alice smiled as she looked around. Perfect lighting, beautiful surroundings- "How'd you pull this off?" she asked him.

"The owner's a friend of mine had to pay him for all of this." he answered leading her to the table. Alice took one seat and he took the other.

"You went through all this for a first date?" she asked with a radiating smile.

"Thought you were worth it." he answered with a grin. For the whole date the two got to know each other better. The two found that it was so easy to talk to one another. It was as if they had known each other forever and as the date progressed and dinner came and went they found that it was late when they decided to go home.

"I really should be taking you back home." he told her glancing at his watch seeing it was near 11. They left and in what seemed to be a short drive, they were at Alice's building and the two went up to the apartment.

"Think there's a chance for a second date?" Carlos asked her.

Alice didn't it a second thought of what she was going to say. "I think you're worth it." she smiled, "Goodnight, Carlos."

"Goodnight." he replied and was about to leave when Alice called to him and stopped him. He turned to her and saw she was walking up to him. "Yes?"

She lightly kissed him on the lips before walking back to her apartment. Carlos watched as she disappeared through her doors and he walked down to his car. He's had past relationships and many first dates but nothing compared to tonight- nothing compared to Alice.


Claire moaned as she woke up and found that Leon was sitting right beside her and she was leaning on him. They were in a moving car- But if Leon was beside her and he wasn't at the wheel-

Her glance turned to the driver and she saw Claire moaned as she woke up and found that Leon was sitting right beside her and she was leaning on him. They were in a moving car- But if Leon was beside her and he wasn't at the wheel-

Her glance turned to the driver and she saw the stranger from earlier, the one who had pulled her out of the fire.

"Glad to see you're awake." Leon said to her, catching her glance.

"Leon, who is he?" Claire asked.

"Claire, meet Agent Carlos Olivera. He saved my ass and pulled yours out of the fire." he said with a hint of sarcasm.

"Agent?" she asked.

"I formerly worked for Umbrella." he answered and Claire's eyes widened.

"You formerly worked for the sons of bitches that unleashed the killer thing?" Claire asked him harshly.

"Yeah, formerly." Carlos answered and then looked at Leon through the window,

"We've been driving for a while, Leon." he said, "And the gas is running low."

"There's a pump in the next exit." Leon replied seeing a sign at the sign of the road. Carlos took the next exit and ended up at an abandoned station.

"Why is every place a ghost town?" Claire asked the rest of them as Carlos parked at a pump and started to fill the tank.

Leon stepped out to check out the gas food supply and Claire got out to talk to her rescuer. She saw that he was fingering at something that was hanging around his neck. Something she hadn't seen when he was carrying her out of the fire on the floor. He seemed to be thinking about someone and Claire took a wild guess.

"Who is she?" she asked.

"What?" he asked her, his thought line ruined.

"Well, you're holding what looks like a ring. Unless you're thinking of a guy, then my guess is pretty close."

Carlos smiled. "Her name is Alice."

"Your girlfriend?" Claire asked.

"Kind of."

"What do you mean? It's either she is or she isn't."

"Kind of."

Claire shook her head. "Your relationship with her. That bad?"

"No, it's- complicated."

Claire shook her head. "Men's common excuse."

"It gets us out of explaining a long story." Carlos said as Leon rejoined them and the tank was filled. "C'mon, let's move."


"That sounds like a nice first date." Angie said.

"It was." Alice told her, leaving out everything that she and Carlos were talking about. At that moment, she heard movement in the other room. "Angie, tell the guys. That we'll be in there in a moment. I need to talk to Jill."

"Why can't I hear?" the girl asked.

"Because I need to interrogate her," Jill said giving Angie a push towards the door and Angie walked out and into the other room, "Alice, I saw what happened between you and Carlos last night."

Alice turned to Jill with wide-eyes. "What do you mean?"

"You two must've been- close." she said.

Alice laughed nervously but tried to make it seem like she didn't believe her. "Jill, it was just a friendly kiss."

"Yeah, I'm sure it was friendly with his tongue down your throat." she pointed out and Alice looked away. "It doesn't take a superhuman to see that there was something strong between you."

"There was."

"You mean- is."

"No-"she started when Jill raised her eyebrows. "Okay, maybe. I'm not sure, but he's gone and I've got to move on."

"And Matt is your solution?"

"Carlos made it clear and said that it took me two hours to fall for Matt and months to fall for him. He's right."

"From the way you told the story, you fell for him in two seconds."


"Alright, tell me this. When'd you- and him- sleep together?"

"Why is that relevant?"

"Alice! Jill! C'mon, we've got to check out of this place." LJ called. Alice didn't answer Jill's question and left with her following.

They drove as far as they could until nightfall and stopped at an abandoned hotel. They'd sleep for as long as they need to and then leave. Matt was on guard duty and Alice, Jill, and Angie split a two bedroom room. LJ took the couch. Inside, Alice was lying on the bed alone but in her dream she recalled the one person that she had lost so many times and was the one person that understood her.

She would agree with Jill, the bond between her and Carlos was strong. But now, it's like she doesn't know who he is anymore and it's like she didn't know who she was herself. She needed him- she was even lost when they were dating and he told her who she was, who he saw her as and knew her to be. She missed him-

She got up and walked out to Matt who was sitting and leaning against the wall, wide-awake.

"Alice." he said and looked up at her. But she sat down. It didn't take Matt a long time to see that she was unnerved by something. He wrapped his arm around her and pulled her close. "What's wrong?"

"I'm lost." she whispered to him.

He stared at her.

"What-"he started when he realized what she meant. "Alice-"

"I don't know what I am-"she started but Matt silenced her with a gentle kiss.

"You're a human with a gift to destroy those that threaten our world. You're gorgeous, protective- you're basically a beautiful hero, Alice."

She smiled and lightly kissed him back.

"Look, you need rest." he whispered, "Just try to sleep, for me. I don't want you tiring on the road when you're driving tomorrow."

Alice smiled, "All right." She soon found herself under the covers of the bed staring up at the ceiling, remembering what he had said and what had followed after that- kiss in the rain, what happened in her apartment. A tingling sensation ran through her body at the memories. It was at least a few weeks after the first date. She remembered going crazy with every goodbye kiss growing longer and longer and when it finally happened- when the chance presented itself, both of them took it and- Alice took her mind away from what happened afterwards. Thoughts of what she wanted to remember came after she blocked out those she wanted to discard. As she drowsed off to sleep, she thought of the memory and only hoped her dream would bring her close to him.

Seven Months Ago….

She lost track of the dates and knew as the girlfriend in the relationship, she should really keep track. But she had lost count; every time she was with him she ignored everyone else. But she saw that he had it worse. When they were in the same room, she saw that he as easily distracted and always staring at her.

At the end of this date, Alice found herself in a tight lip lock with him even though she wanted it to be a light goodbye kiss; she found she couldn't help herself.

"Alice, we've got training tomorrow." Carlos reminded her and Alice shrugged.

"We could always cut it." she pointed out.

"Alice-"he said, eyes closed and their foreheads pressed against each other. "I should go."

"Alright." she sighed and gave a slight smile. She left him waiting for the elevator as she entered her apartment and looked outside. She saw that rain was coming down in torrents. "Oh, god- Carlos." she gasped as she ran after him.

In the lobby she saw him walking in the pouring rain towards his car. No umbrella, nothing. He was soaked. She ran after him and the rain and allowed the rain to seep through her clothes and reach her skin.

"Carlos!!" she screamed out against the rain. He turned to her.

"Alice!" he yelled and ran to her. "Alice, get back inside! What do you think you're doing out here?! You're soaking wet, now."

"So, are you." she pointed out looking through the rain and at him.

"Yeah, but you could've avoided it."

"You could've, too." she said and caught his eyes. "You can stay." she offered.

"Just because it's raining-"he started.

"No," she replied, "Not because of that." She paused for a while, "I want you to stay."

"You sure?" he asked leaning close to her.

"Yes." she whispered a little scared at first and then she repeated more confident, "Yes!"

"Only if you want me to." he said before he kissed her.

Alice felt his tongue dominate her mouth and with every moment was a breath of air lost. Finally, the kiss broke for them to breathe. They were gasping for breath now, and Alice pulled him inside. In the elevator they were kissing even until they reached the door to Alice's apartment. She struggled with opening the door and the two nearly fell in. In the foyer of her apartment, Alice stopped the kiss and led Carlos to her room where everything unfolded.

Both of them were soaking wet and their clothes were sticking to their bodies. Alice especially didn't mind as Carlos's shirt stuck to his chest and every muscle of his was outlined with the drenched, dark shirt. He caught her glance as he kissed her and his mouth moved down to her neck to suck at the water that was on her skin. She moaned as her hand wandered to the back of his neck and pressed him down as he reached the V of her blouse. He kissed the tip of the V before looking down to her top.

"Expensive?" he asked.

"Not really." she answered and found that a part of her was thrilled when he tore it off and tossed it off to the side. She wore no bra and now was standing half-naked in front of him. She pressed herself closer against him and pressed Carlos against the door. Their tongues were now fighting each other and Alice slipped her hands under his shirt. With help from him, she peeled it away from his wet skin and threw it somewhere around her room.

His mouth once again moved from hers and to her neck. Then he moved further down to her breasts and Alice gave a pleasured moan.

"Carlos," she gasped when she caught her breath. She jumped to wrap her legs around his waist and the two of them soon fell on the bed. He was on top of her and stopped kissing her to look at her.

Alice looked up at him and ran her fingers through his wet hair with a little gasp in her throat. He leaned in close so that his face was centimeters away from hers. His warm breath gently hit her and a shiver ran down her spine. He left a trail of kisses down to her stomach as his hand closed around the button of her jeans. Slowly, Carlos slipped the rest of her clothes off her and let them fall off the foot of the bed. He paid attention to every bit of her and dropped kisses on her inner thighs drawing a desperate whine from her.

"Please," Alice begged, "Oh, please."

She wanted him and by the way he was treating her, she knew he wanted her, too. Her hand strayed to his pants and she slipped off the belt and tried to slide them away but he did the rest and soon their naked bodies made contact. Pleasure traversed through both of them and Carlos held back a groan that hit his throat. He never had this feeling before, but he knew what it was.

He stopped and looked down at Alice's body. His dark eyes drank in everything he saw before he focused back to loving her. He positioned himself between her parted legs and saw Alice adjust her position as well. Their lips met in a long passionate kiss that drained his lungs, but he didn't care. He could feel Alice's hands explore his back and he found he was welcoming her touch. Soon, their bodies came together and intertwined as he thrust into her.

A cry escaped Alice's lips as she felt him inside her. He stayed in her for a few moments before drawing himself out and thrusting back in. Their hearts were racing as they continued. Soon, the two moved together. Their bodies came together again and again creating a steady rhythm and waves of euphoria passed through them.

As Carlos paid attention to the rest of her body, Alice found her lips reaching for any part of his skin. She laid her lips on his neck and gently sucked the sweat that started covering his body. Soon, his neck was out of reach and Alice sucked on his shoulder.

Soon, everything was over as the pleasurable waves drifted off leaving both of them exhausted and fully satisfied. Carlos panted as he rolled off Alice to lie by her side.

Alice tugged at the blankets at the foot of the bed and covered herself and her lover. She pressed her body against him and was gasping for breath. Tonight was….Amazing! She couldn't form words as she was busy breathing but she didn't want to talk. They'd have time tomorrow. As she rested her head on his chest she could hear his heart race against her ear. She felt his hand gently caress the narrow contour on her back and run up and down. The placid surroundings and calming touch of her lover, lulled her to sleep and soon, Alice closed her eyes.


The next morning, Alice woke up and found she was alone on her bed.

"Carlos?" she asked, "Carlos?!"

There was no reply and Alice took the blanket and wrapped it around herself. She stepped out.

"Carlos?" she asked and looked towards the kitchen to see that he was there. He was there only in his pants that had dried overnight.

"You hungry?" he asked and saw her bewildered look. All he needed was to ask her what was wrong through his expression.

"You can cook?" she asked with disbelief in her eyes holding out a plate with fried eggs, bacon, and rice. He laid it on the counter for her and turned to her.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" he asked her.

"You can cook?" she asked back and Carlos laughed.

"I know my way around a kitchen, a little. Why is that so weird?"

"Kinda." she said as she walked up to him and kissed him, "You're pretty amazing."

"Me? No, I'd say you are." he replied, kissing her and then saw a doubtful look on her face, "What's wrong?"

"Carlos, I'm lost." she said. Lately, she had been feeling so disoriented and she didn't know why.

"Lost?" he asked, "What?"

"Who am I, to you?" she asked staring into his brown eyes. He understood and took her hand.

"First off, you're an amazing woman." he said with a smile, "You know what's right and you'll fight for it. You're strong and I like that about you." Alice blushed at that and Carlos went on, "You don't let anyone boss you around and you don't take orders, especially from guys, you don't even listen to them."

"I listen to you." she added.

"I'm an exception." he smiled, "Look, Alice. You're unique, you've got a personality that's extraordinary and your beauty just adds to it. You're incredible and-"he paused. He never experienced feeling he had last night when he made love to her but he knew what it was. He knew what the emotion was.

"And?" Alice asked and Carlos glanced at her. He looked down to the thin blanket that Alice was using as her cover.

"And I never thought that with someone like you, I'd get so far."

"Far in a relationship with me?" she asked with a laugh, "What else didn't you expect?"

Carlos hesitated and Alice was wondering why he was doing so. "I never thought that- That I'd fall in love with you."

Alice nearly choked on the coffee she had made while talking to him. She placed it on the counter to stare at him. "That you'd- what?"

"I'm sorry." he apologized, "That wasn't right." Immediately seeing that-

"No, no." she said, "It's just- It's just that-"she started. "You're in love with me?"

"Can you blame me?" he asked turning to her.

Everything he said to her- the person she was. The person he saw her as, that was who he had fallen in love with and Carlos was hoping she'd understand.

"No, not really." she teased. But it didn't make either feel comfortable with the little confession that is-

"I love you, too. Even before last night," she admitted startling him for a moment.

"Are you sure? Or are you just saying it?" he asked.

"If I wasn't so sure I wouldn't have let you in." she answered walking up to him. He saw her point. "Carlos-"

"Yes?" he asked.

"Promise me you won't leave me?" she asked in reply.

It was a strange question but as for promising that he would never leave- Carlos already knew.

"I promise that I'll never leave you." he said.


I promise that I'll never leave you. Alice recalled him saying to her.

"Carlos, you broke your promise." she whispered as she woke up. But little did she know that she wasn't the only one thinking of the promise.

Elsewhere and miles away from her, Carlos slipped on the ring which he pulled off the chain. He remembered when he had given it to her- Alice. Recalled when she had given it back to him and the last night, they spent together before she flew to Raccoon City with Spence. After that, he hadn't seen her for nearly six months. Then came news of her death and of Spence's and One's team; his assignment to Raccoon, and his reunion with her.

"I promised I'd never leave." he muttered more to himself and imagined that Alice was there. "I'm sorry that I had to go back on that. I did what I needed to do. Now, and even then."

He imagined and knew that if she were there. She'd be asking why.

"Because," he whispered as he stood outside of the rooms of Leon and Claire and stood guard. What he was going to say now to the wind, he wanted to tell her in person. "I loved you. And I still do."

Far away, just as he had said it in a quiet voice, Alice snapped up and heard it as if he had whispered it in her ear. But even though it was faint it repeated over and over again. The reason for everything that had happened from the night she slept with him to tonight when she was dreaming of him.

I loved you. And I still do.

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