Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Well, it's always nice to be eating popcorn while looking at the rain pouring down on a nice Saturday. And you know what? That's what gave me the inspiration to do this short, little fanfic, so I hope you can enjoy and try a bit to relate while reading this. All I have to say is read and enjoy!

It was raining all day straight on a perfect temperate Saturday, in the gigantic, populated, and high-technology city of Nintendo City. All of the metropolis's residents and tourists were all holding umbrellas, protecting themselves from the heavy downpour. At the Super Smash Brothers Mansion within Oval Park, a few of the Super Smash Brothers were watching the rain pour from the attic, sitting on an old, comfortable couch and munching on popcorn.

Pikachu nudged Yoshi, sipping a can of Pepsi. "Hey, pass me the popcorn, will ya?"

Yoshi nodded, and after grabbing a handful of hot, delicious and buttery popcorn and stuffing into his mouth, the green Yoshisaurus handed the bowl of popcorn to Pikachu. Pikachu smiled and grabbed his own small handful of popcorn and started to eat it.

Bowser was grinning as he eagerly started to count the raindrops coming down. "Sixty four, sixty five, sixty six..."

Charizard gave Bowser an odd look. "Erm, Bowser, just how are you able to count that many raindrops?" The red, fire-type dragon Pokemon curiously asked, scratching his head.

Bowser shrugged, and he resumed counting the raindrops. "Sixty seven, sixty eight, sixty nine..."

Peach stretched her arms, and looked back at the raindrops dropping out of the window. "Oh boy, it sure is nice outside! The rain is really making the atmosphere look nice!" She giggled, sitting next to Pikachu and grabbing herself a handful of the delicious, hot popcorn.

Yoshi notices a bolt of lighting cracking in the dark blue, raining sky. He gasps, and watches and hears in awe as the thunder booms loudly in the sky.

Bowser continued counting, which started to get a bit on Charizard's nerves. "Seventy four, seventy five..."

Charizard growled, and he closed his eyes, muttering quietly under his breath to himself, "Calm down, Charizard... he's just counting the number of rain drops that are falling..."

Peach smiled, and she wrapped her right arm around Pikachu. "Gee, it sure is great sitting together while eating popcorn, looking at the rain?" She asked Pikachu, smiling.

Pikachu nodded, feeling happy. "You bet, Peach! I know it's raining at all, but when you're inside and looking at it from a window while in the attic, it's quite a beautiful sight." As he reached in for more popcorn, he noticed the bowl was empty. "Hey..." He gave Yoshi a mean glare. "Did you take all of the remaining popcorn?"

Yoshi chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of his head. Pikachu let out a sigh and shook his head, while Peach only giggled.

The rain started to pour harder and the wind can be heard blowing loudly but gently as lighting cracked in the sky, the thunder booming loudly again. All five of the Smashers watched and listened closely with joy - with Bowser still counting the raindrops, of course - as they watched the rain storm pour down heavily in the great city of Nintendo City. And what a perfect way to enjoy a normal Saturday on a rainy day, indeed. Indeed, a perfect way to enjoy, on a rainy day, a normal Saturday.

"...hey guys, am I late?" Dr. Mario interrupted as everyone turned their heads to him.

"Doc? What are you doing here?" Pikachu stated in shock as his ears began to bend a bit in confusion.

"Oh, I just thought I'd give you a heads up, since the script says I'm in this story," Dr. Mario said in response as he held up a couple of pages that detailed the details for the story they were all in.

"Huh. I didn't think it would be possible for us to acknowledge this, but then again..." Charizard added as he rubbed his chin. "The character tags do have you in it, so..."

Yoshi, Peach, and Bowser were quite speechless as Dr. Mario simply waved goodbye, leaving them to enjoy the rain with the two most famous and well known Pokemon of all, with the rain getting a bit heavier to compensate.