Pairing --- Deidara -x- Sakura


Rating --- M




Location --- Akatsuki Base


Reason --- I'm hyper!!


Author's Note: OMG! Hey guys!! lol, yeah i never really said anything about making another one-shot (sequel) to 'Captivator'.. lol, well this is IT! This IS the sequel to 'Captivator' and I guess you can probably guess by the name similarity, ne?



Chapter 1 --- Mr. Quaky


A loud yell erupted from somewhere in Akatsuki base; Sakura became alert, her legs carrying her to where she needed to go.

"What the-"

She stared dumbly at Deidara and Kisame.


Deidara smiled when he saw the pink haired woman.

"Sakura! He won't give back Mr. Quaky!"

The girl 'tsked' and shook her finger at Kisame.

"You'll make Mr. Quaky mad."

Kisame looked at her funny.

"Kunoichi.. what have you been smoking?"

She fumed, "Nothing you fish-freak!"

Deidara laughed, "Tell him!"

"Shut it blondie!"

Deidara huffed and crossed his arms over his chest.

"Fine be a-"

"I said. SHUT IT!"

Deidara cowered against a wall, far from the pissed off girl.

"So.. you expect me to believe that this duck is angry?"

Sakura nodded.

"Yeah. Just last week, Mr. Quaky made me fall in the shower."

Kisame snickered.

"You sure you weren't just drunk?"

She stomped her foot on the stone-floor.

"No! You moron!!"

"Mr. Quaky can control peoples' minds!" Deidara piped up from behind the two.

Sakura giggled.

Kisame gave both of them a blank look before tossing the duck to Deidara and running out of the room.

"You guys are seriously fucked up!"

Sakura full-out laughed.

"Yup. It sure is fun scaring Kisame.."

Deidara nodded his head before patting Mr. Quaky and smiling at the small rubber-ducky in his hands.

"C'mon Mr. Quaky. Let's go take a bath."

Sakura watched as Deidara moved towards the door.

"Hey! What about me?!"

Deidara looked over his shoulder.

"You can watch if you want.."

Sakura stuck her tongue out before pushing past the male and continuing down the hall until she reached her chambers.

"Not interested."

Deidara shrugged his shoulders before heading down towards the bathroom in which had JUST been repaired and cleaned up from the previous incident..

"Bubble bath!!"

X 2 hours later X

Uchiha Itachi stirred in his sleep.

Knuckles having turned white from the reoccurring dream he had almost ALL the fucking time!

It was driving him insane!

He had feared that he was going to lose all remnants of his sanity..

Flying forwards and breathing raggedly. The Uchiha ran his fingers through his wet-matted hair before sighing and blindly reaching over beside him for the light.

BUT instead when he pulled the cord to turn on the lamp, his arch-nemeses from his dreams was sitting RIGHT the fuck there.

He glared hard at the rubber-ducky..

"Kami-sama.." He mumbled under his breath all the while picking up the duck and inspecting it.

Just as he was about to throw the duck across the room and resume his disturbed sleep; Deidara burst through the door and Mr. Quaky met his face.

"What the fuck?!"

When his eyes spotted the rubber-ducky on the floor, his face lit up and he instantly took the duck in his hands while squishing it against his left cheek..

"Mr. Quaky!!"

Itachi let his head hit the pillow, growling in annoyance and pointing towards the door.

"Out. Now."

Deidara stuck his nose high in the air.

"Fine! I won't thank you for finding Mr. Quaky!"

Itachi groaned once he heard the male's retreating footsteps growing fainter and fainter..



Deidara entered his chambers, he watched the girl shift unsteadily beneath the amount of blankets covering her body..

He placed the rubber-ducky on his study desk and climbed back into bed; hands roaming around her curvaceous body..

"Sakura.." He nearly purred.

She grunted, looked up at the male and smiled lopsidedly.

"Hey.." She yawned loudly.

"You look cute when your half-asleep.."

She smiled and buried her face in the amount of pillows beneath her head.

"Yeah, yeah.."

He pouted and sighed.

Before he could say or do anything, Sakura was straddling him; claiming his lips in a bruising kiss..

"You know how to turn me on.."

Deidara laughed nervously.

"That's nice but.. I didn't DO anything."

He kissed her this time, slipping his tongue past her lips and wrestling with her own.. He tasted every inch of her sweet and tedious mouth that he craved so much..

When he felt the band of his pants being pulled from around his hips, he gripped the girl's wrists and looked behind her..

"Wait. Not in front of Mr. Quaky.."

She gave him a blank look.

"And I wonder why I love you.."

He smirked, "Cause I'm drop-dead sexy."

She giggled cutely, "Yes you are.."

Her hands pressed against his cock, eliciting a quiet moan from deep within the male's throat.

When he felt the cold air hitting his nude bottom-half, Deidara squirmed uneasily but groaned when heat erupted from all around his cock.

He watched the girl's head bobbing up and down between his legs..

Subconsciously, he gripped the back of her skull and forced her head forwards to take more of him in.. Whatever she couldn't fit in her mouth, her hand did it's job..

He looked through hazy eyes at the duck sitting on top of his desk across from the bed he was occupying..

"... Mr. Quaky.."

She stopped what she was doing and pulled away, looking into wide-ink orbs belonging to Deidara.

"What did you just say?!"

He laughed uncomfortably and gulped down the saliva forming in his mouth..

"I.. uhh, I said.."

She grabbed her pillow and smacked him over the head with it, sanding the male plummeting to the hard floor..

"What the hell?!"

When he heard the girl laughing loudly, he looked up at her in suspicion and eyed her oddly.


"You were fantasizing about THAT duck!!"

She continued laughing until her stomach hurt too much that she had to stop and take in large amounts of oxygen..

Next thing she knew, she had fallen to the ground as well and now Deidara was hovering over her; hands removing her clothes until she and himself were naked.

"Deidara don't- ah.."

His tongue teased her, giving her the greatest pleasure she knew was imaginable..

He ran over the small bud, her back arched in reaction and her lips parted while a low moan escaped..


While his mouth had busied itself; his hands were roaming around the valley of her breasts, grabbing the large mounds and squeezing.


His tongue ran along her lips, drinking the delicious juices that he had extracted from her..

He always loved the way she tasted..


He grabbed her hips hurriedly and pressed the head of his cock against her womanhood; she wrapped her legs around his waist and pushed forward just enough to absorb some..

He grunted while pushing all the way in, almost until their pelvises met with each and every thrust he gave.

"Oh God!"

A wet squelching noise carried around the room; echoing off the walls until it was the only noise being heard..

He fell backwards and pulled Sakura on top of him, guiding her hips in an up and down motion; letting her feel something entirely new..

And pleasurable.


She gripped his shoulders, digging her nails into the skin until half-crescent marks appeared soon after.

He didn't care however..

This sight he was looking at.. Was enough to make him die happy and at that same time with an erection..

The way her sweaty body bobbed up and down in front of him, her perky breasts bouncing with each thrust..

He drove into her with raw need until he felt something restricting around his cock and then-


He wrapped his arms around her body, lips attacking the flesh of her neck while his fingers played with her pink locks of hair..

"You know I love you right?"

She smirked at him.

"Last time I checked.. You loved Mr. Quaky."

Deidara held his hands out in front of him while shaking his head.


She giggled like a child, kissing his lips and refraining him from speaking any longer.

When Deidara looked over at Mr. Quaky, he frowned and whispered.

"I'm sorry.."

Sakura laughed.

"Exactly my point."

Deidara joined her.

He hopped up and headed for the bathroom, "I'm going to take a shower now!"

She stood up as well and grabbed the rubber ducky in her right hand.


He slowed his pace.

"Don't forget Mr. Quaky!!"

And the duck came face to face with Deidara. Literally..

He stumbled backwards until a loud noise went off and then many more signaling that stuff had been broken..

Sakura laughed.

"God! It's.. EVERYWHERE!!"

Sakura let her body hit the softness of the bed, pulling the blankets over her nude body and silently laughing for the umpteenth time that day.

"No! It's in my beautiful hair!!"


"Wait.. Where's Mr. Quaky?!"

Deidara looked around the destroyed bathroom, past the stains of dark, purple nail polish; he searched..

He slipped on the puddle of nail polish on the floor and went forwards; his left hand held the corner of the counter but.. his right hand had ended up pushing down the flusher..

Inside.. was Mr. Quaky floating but now he was swirling around and being sucked into oblivion!

He screeched loudly, "Mr. Quaky!!"

A gurgling noise was heard and all Deidara did was back up and cover his face while screaming..

"It's gonna blow!!"

And so it did..

Mr. Quaky had gotten stuck and ended up flooding the toilet.. Causing it to overflow at a great speed and erupt. Now water was splaying at the ceiling and Mr. Quaky had been shot forwards; bouncing off the wet ceiling and smacking Deidara in the-

"Omg! His beak is in my eye!"

Sakura continued to laugh her ass off.. She didn't need to see what was happening to understand it..

Yes.. Life sure as hell was good..

"Kisame is going to have a shit-fit when he sees the bathroom!!"

X 1 hour later X

Kisame nearly fainted, his left hand kept him from doing so though while it steadied him with the help of the wall..

"Okay.. explain again what happened?"

They both pointed at the culprit.

"Mr. Quaky!"

Kisame glared, "You actually think I'll believe that?!"

Sakura laughed nervously and dropped her head.

"It's the best we've got.."

This time around, Kisame handed them a mop and some cloths, pointing to the destroyed bathroom and announcing-

"This time. You guys WILL clean it up!!"

They sighed and got to work while Kisame left the room.

Deidara wet the cloth and winded it up, slapping Sakura in the ass which caused her to jump and yelp in pain. She made a fist and punched the male square in the jaw..

She gripped his long blonde haired and laughed insanely.

"Swirly time mother-fucker!"

He cried, "NO! PLEASE NO!!"

And all Kisame did when he entered the room was walk right back out and hide under his blankets for the remainder of the night..

"She's a crazy bitch.."


Author's Note: I actually was having a hard time writing this because I was laughing so goddamn much!! Argh! Lol, i thought it was pretty good for the one-shot sequel of 'Captivator' :D

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