Live to Regret – Epilogue

A/N: All right, this story has come to a close. I hope everyone's happy with the resolution. Here's hoping I get some time soon to write my other Lee/Kara stories!

---- ----

6 Months Later

---- ----

"Are you ready for this?"

Kara turns to Lee with a wan smile. "Honestly?" He nods. "I'm not sure."

Moving forward, his arms encircle her waist and Kara hates how much she loves his touch. Lee Adama has turned her into such a frakkin' romantic.

"Would it help if I told you I'm sure?"

His expression is so steadfast that Kara has to smile. Cupping his cheek in her hand, she presses a kiss to his lips. Pulling away, she teases, "Not really, because you're always sure."

He rolls his eyes and kisses the tip of her nose before moving back across their quarters to put on his dress jacket.

"Well, that doesn't change the fact that I know this is the right thing."

Kara watches him disappear into the bathroom before turning back to the mirror. Smoothing her hand along her dress blues, she wonders why she should feel nervous now. For all intents and purposes, today is a formality. Nothing will change. Well, nothing that hasn't already changed in the last six months.

Nothing that hasn't changed since the day she and Lee decided being apart wasn't noble or disciplined or for the good of the fleet. The day they realized that regardless of how scared they were they wanted to be together.

Kara has loved Lee Adama for years and despite how infuriating she can sometimes find him, she's also amazed at how completely they work. Kara has realized, gratefully, that once she gave in to her feelings for Lee a lot of the tension and unease in their relationship dissipated.

They still fight of course – they're Starbuck and Apollo – but they don't go for the "kill" anymore. The goal of arguing is no longer to reduce the other to a pile of rubble, but rather to simply release some tension and settle a disagreement.

Amazingly, Kara finds the change not at all boring.

And she loves Alyssa – it's no secret to anyone on board Galactica. Even Sam, having only been rescued from Caprica a few short weeks ago has seen how much Kara cares for the little girl.

She had been hesitant to see him again, worried that her new relationship with Lee wouldn't be able to handle the strain of an old flame. But as soon as Kara saw Sam again, stepping off the Raptor strong and healthy, she knew whatever she had with him had been a one-time thing. What she has now with Lee and Alyssa is permanent, strong. Kara has never felt more settled.

"Stop it."

She starts slightly at the sound of Lee's voice and turns, her brows furrowed with confusion. She hadn't been doing anything.

With a frown, Lee crosses his arms over his chest and regards her. "You're waiting for the other shoe to drop." As Kara's eyebrows shoot up, his frown turns to a teasing smile and he repeats, "Stop it."

"That obvious, huh?" With a sigh, Kara crosses the room and drops down on a corner of the bed.

"Only to me."

Lee joins her, reaching for her hand and squeezing it. "I know you, Kara. And I know that a really big part of you is looking for the nearest exit."

She opens her mouth to protest, apology in her eyes, but Lee stops the words with a soft finger pressed to her lips. "Because no matter what me or anyone else says, you still think that what we have is something you don't deserve."

Kara can't disagree with that – truer words have never been spoken. "I'm sorry," she breathes, pulling her hand back and rising. Lee's naked understanding of her greatest fear has left her a bit raw. She needs the space.

After a prolonged silence, she finds the courage to speak again. "You're right, I don't think I deserve this, deserve you." She approaches him again and sits in his lap, loving the way his arms automatically encircle her waist. "But you do and so does Ally and if you think I'm enough for you both then it's my duty to love you so much you never have a reason to doubt me."

His fingers begin rubbing a circular pattern on the small of her back and Kara's eyes flutter shut. She never thought she'd feel this safe.

"The only person whoever doubts you, Kara, is you. I've already promised to love you for the rest of my life. That's not going to change."

"What if I frak it up, Lee?" Her voice is soft, but the feel of his arms tightening let's her know she's been heard. "I couldn't live with myself if I hurt you or Ally."

"Have faith, Kara."

He's right and Kara finds it ironic that her agnostic boyfriend is counseling her on faith.

"I thought that was my line," she teases gently, moving her hand up and over his shoulder until her fingers are tracing his jaw.

Lee's eyes close at the feather light touch and he kisses her forehead again before meeting her eyes. "Consider it a friendly reminder."

She smiles back at him and then leans forward. Pressing her lips to his, Kara's hand wraps around his neck, keeping him close as her tongue probes his mouth, deepening the kiss. It feels so good – Lee's touch, Lee's kiss – and Kara still can't believe that she has this; has Lee and his love. It's so good. So much more than she ever dreamed of.

With a soft sigh, Lee slides his hand into her hair and tangles his tongue more forcefully with hers. She feels him stir against her hip and knows that regardless of how good it feels, they don't have time to continue this.

As if on cue, a loud thud followed by Ally's cry carries to them. "Mama!"

Kara is off Lee's lap in a second, her concern skyrocketing due to pained tone in her daughter's voice. Hearing the sound of crying as she enters the living room, Kara finds Ally on the floor, a skinned knee evident.

"What happened, nugget?" Kara keeps her voice calm even though her heart is hammering.

With a few big hiccups, Ally glares at the bench beside her. "I fell off bench."

"Oh." Kara never thought she'd be a coo-er, but she is. As she swoops down and lifts Ally into her arms, the girl immediately rubs her tear-stained face against Kara's shoulder. "Well, that bench isn't very nice, is it?"

"Bad bench," Ally says petulantly, sticking her tongue at it for good measure.

"Exactly, bad bench."

Kara moves her back to their room and finds Lee emerging with the first aid kit. As Kara sets Ally on the bed, Lee circles to the other side and offers her a tissue. "Here you go, sweetie. Blow."

Ally obeys as Kara works on her knee. It's a little scrape, but she attends to it carefully. She's gotten a lot of practice over the past months – it seems the daughter of Starbuck and Apollo is prone to scrapes, cuts and bruises. Kara's not surprised. Affixing the band-aid, she places a kiss over it and then kisses Ally's cheek. "There you go. All better."

Shaking her head, Ally tilts her bandaged knee towards Lee. "Need Daddy medicine."

Dutifully, Lee kisses the bandage and her cheek and Ally grins as he takes a second to tickle her side.

"Now I better."

Kara finds herself staring at her little girl for another moment before her eyes travel to Lee. With shining eyes, she tells him firmly, "Okay. I'm sure."

His brilliant smile almost blinds her. Picking Alyssa up, he circles the bed and offers her his hand. "You ready to become a mom?" His eyes are twinkling and the butterflies in Kara's stomach are no longer from nerves. "Officially?"

"Yay, mama!" Ally claps and reaches out for Kara too.

She doesn't hesitate another second. "I'm ready."

---- ----