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A Vampire's Love



Uchiha Sasuke was once a merciless bastard. He was alone in the world. He killed the innocent for a meal, and killed them for the pleasure of watching them slowly bleed and beg for their lives.


And then, came Haruno Sakura. Who gave him the same sense of satisfaction with a simple smile or laugh. He turned him almost human. He brought the most important thing into his life.


"C'mon Sakura." Sasuke raised his eyebrow "it didn't happen anything like that." He smirked when she fumed "STOP RUINING IT!" she sat up and glared at him, pieces of grass in her hair from lying in the meadow.

"But it's nothing like that." He rolled his eyes at her overly romantic imagination, using the grass in her hair as an excuse to run his fingers through it, wondering how it was always so soft.

"Are you saying that I'm not the most important thing in your life?" he cursed under his breath as she looked up at him with her big green eyes that drove him crazy every time he saw them.

"Sasuke-kun… are you saying that you don't love me?" she asked, her bottom lip trembling and her eyes beginning to blur with tears.

"N-No, Sakura…" he took her into his arms "there's nothing in the world that I would trade you for." He felt her sobbing in his arms and softly wrapped his fingers in her hair and forced her to look at him.

He growled at what he saw.

She wasn't shaking from crying, she was shaking from laughing.

"Dammit, Sakura!" he shouted as she buried her head in the crook of his neck, laughing "Sasuke-kun, I knew you loved me but this…" she wiped her eyes, which were watering from laughing "…I'm pretty sure this is just obsession. And, to think…" she looked at him, and the minute he saw her smiling all the anger he felt was gone "it's all for me…"

She wrapped her arms around him, "I'm definitely the luckiest girl in the world." She whispered against his shoulder.

He didn't disagree out loud, but inside, he was laughing at that. She was lucky to have him?

'No.' He gingerly wrapped his arms around her waist, knowing he could break her all too easy. 'Any man with you by their side is lucky.'

He rested his chin in her long flowing hair and looked at the setting sun, knowing she was going to go home soon and he'd be without her for far too long.

"I love you, Sakura." He murmured in her ear, taking a grip on her hair and turning her head to press his lips against hers.

He pulled away slightly, still letting their lips brush "I love you too, Sasuke-kun."


Sasuke waited in "their meadow" for her. She had forbid him to go to her little town, but that didn't stop him from sneaking into her house and watching her while she slept.

After waiting for a good 10 minutes, Sasuke was getting impatient. Sakura was never this late. He took a deep unneeded breath.

"When you're mad, just take a deep breath and countdown from 10 out loud."

Another 15 minutes…

"Ten…." He said between clenched teeth. How could she dare to be this late?! "…Nine…" he inhaled again. "…FUCK!" he yelled, giving up trying to calm down and getting on his feet and storming into the direction of the village.

Halfway through the forest a running girl bumped into his chest. "Oof!" He glowered at the late pinkette as he put his hands around her waist, ready to shout at her for being late, but his eyes softened and hardened again with a passionate hate directed at someone else when he saw tears running down her cheeks.

"Sakura," he said softly putting his hand on her chin, pushing her face up so he could see her. "Sasuke-kun!" she was surprised to see that the person she ran into was him and hastily wiped her eyes "S-Sorry I'm late." She said cheerily, pecking him on the lips, and taking his hand guiding him towards the meadow.

"Sakura." He repeated and she turned around, smiling so wide, it couldn't be real, especially with her eyes still blurred with tears. "Can we just hurry Sasuke-kun?" she pouted cutely.

"Who made you cry?" he growled, and in a desperate attempt to calm his anger, slammed his fist against the nearest tree, scaring Sakura as a huge crack made it's way up it.

She shook away her fear and smiled softly at Sasuke, taking his face in her hands, looking straight into his eyes, loving the sensation it put in the pit of her stomach. "It's not important, Sasuke-kun." She murmured under her breath, her tears finally stopping.

He exploded, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT'S NOT IMPORTANT?!" he saw her wince before she gave him the perfect smile again, pushing him to the edge of insanity and back. "Sasuke-kun, it's nothing. Really." He was disbelieving, and she could tell by the angry intensity of his eyes that he saw through her lie. "Can you please let it go?" she asked, "just this once?" she got on her tippy-toes and leaned in close, pressing her lips to his. "Please?"

He hugged her close and he felt her smile against his neck. "Fine," he murmured, rubbing his nose into her hair, taking in her scent. "Just this once." He agreed.


Sakura rested her head on Sasuke's lap, staring up at his face, thousands of thoughts and thousands of emotions running through her.

She found herself in a trance thinking about their relationship, and was completely startled when she felt a pair of lips against hers, jolting her out of her thoughts.

"What was that?" she asked curiously, face aflame with a finger on her lips.

He frowned slightly "a display of affection."

She giggled slightly, but it wasn't the whole-hearted laugh that he'd grown accustomed too. "Nevermind, stupid." She said, watching his eyes narrow from the insult. "Don't worry, I still love you." She cracked the largest grin she could, and his eyes softened.

She got up and sat across from him, looking him straight in the eye. "Sasuke-kun…" she bit her lip, wondering how she would go about asking her question. "So, you're a vampire…?" it was meant to be a statement, but it came out as a squeaked question.

"I believe we went over this, Sakura." He murmured playfully, hiding his worry that she would leave him because it had finally sunk in. "You fainted, remember?" he added, unaware that his eyes showed his panic.

She cocked her head to the side, "I love you, you know." She assured him, watching his eyes change back into the relaxed black instead of the stormy gray. "I was going to say…" she wracked through her mind, trying to think of the right way to word it.

"You're going to live forever." She finally came up with, her voice barely above a whisper, her head cast down.

The meaning sunk in and he clenched his fists, his eyes angry. "You expect me to just let you rot away? You think I can do that?" his tone was harsh, and Sakura would willingly admit to herself, despite her strength, he always made her weak.

"Sasuke-kun, listen to me!" she shouted, exasperated, making eye contact with him. "I'm going to die." He shook his head, "shut up, Sakura." He snarled.

"Just listen," she murmured, defeated, staring at him, begging him not to be so stubborn. He closed his mouth, but he held his decision firmly in his mind.

'I won't let you leave me, Sakura.'

"Sasuke-kun," she rubbed her temples, "you know, I could die out of no where. It could happen at any time." He opened his mouth and she covered his mouth with her hand "listen." She begged.

His mouth closed again, and he listened to her talk "I don't want you to go crazy." She looked him straight in the eyes. "If I die."

His eyes told her that he would, without a doubt, go mad if she left him.

"Please." She ran her fingers through his hair playing with his hair "I don't want you to be irrational. Just… just keep living," he laughed bitterly at the irony in that, "and I swear on everything precious to me," she pressed her forehead against his, "that if you can manage to do that, somehow, I'll make my way back to you."

He leaned in closer, "fine." He wrapped his arms around her waist holding her close. "Sasuke-kun, promise me." Instead of promising, he nuzzled his head into her neck.

"Promise me." She repeated.

He reluctantly muttered against her skin.

"I promise."


'The sun will come up soon' Sasuke mused, racing through the forest, smelling something disgusting as he made his way to one of the close by villages for something to eat.

He saw a man who looked to be in his early 20s, sobbing hysterically and leaning against a wall.

He made his presence known, and the man looked at him through wary eyes. "Are you here to kill me?"

Sasuke saw no point in teasing the miserable man, giving him hope that he would live to see the Sun that day and nodded, hiding his curiosity when the man shrugged uncaringly. "I have nothing left to live for, go for it!"

"Damn thieves ran through the village…" he cried into his hands, collapsing in a heap in front of Sasuke "raped my wife and ripped open her stomach and killed my unborn child, told me it was a girl before throwing her into our burning home, leaving my wife to bleed to death…" his cries grew louder "and all I could do was stand there watching the one I love get tortured." His voice grew bitter all of a sudden. "I'm such a coward…" his voice was a cracked whisper "I just hope someone stops them before they travel south enough to get to—"

'—Sakura's village'

Sasuke came to a realization, that the horrible smell that had been filling the area was smoke. 'Stupid!' He hissed to himself, leaving the man to waste away, jumping up and running back the way he came, praying, forgetting that he didn't believe—


'God doesn't exist'

He took a whiff of the air, looking through the burning village rapidly, inhaling the heavy smell of gas, cursing under his breath because it was making it nearly impossible to find her scent.

He raced through the burning village, the worst already going through his mind, and the anger and rage already running in his veins.

Relief washed over him when he saw that her home hadn't been ignited yet. The relief disappeared just as fast when he heard her distinct scream and caught the scent of her blood.

He rammed through the wall, his eyes ablaze as he saw Sakura up against a corner, on the floor, beaten pretty badly with a bad gash in her side that was oozing out blood rapidly, reminding him that he had to work quickly, as much as he wanted the three bastards standing over her to suffer.

"Who are you?" one of them asked, seconds before Sasuke pounced on his back and detached his head from his shoulders, throwing it across the room before looking at the other two men dangerously.

His priorities were set straight when he heard Sakura cough and looked down at her paling form. "Sa-Sasuke-k—" several bloody coughs escaped her lips before she finished "-kun," she looked at him smiling weakly.

"Sakura…" he looked at the other two men, who had been stupid enough to stay there, terrified. Not really stupid, because either way Sasuke would've killed them.

Their deaths weren't as gruesome, as Sasuke simply snapped their necks before getting down to Sakura's side.

"Sakura…" he repeated, pulling her onto his lap "you're going to be okay." He saw the look on her face, and it said 'no more wishful thinking, Sasuke-kun'

He ran his tongue across his fangs and she laughed weakly, "Sasuke-kun, you can't…"

"Yes I can! I won't let you die, Sakura!" he replied frantically, pulling her closer, yanking her shirt down.

"Sasuke-kun, please…"

"SHUT UP, SAKURA! SHUT UP!" He roared, resting her head against his shoulder, looking for the right vein in her neck.

"I'm going to die, Sasuke-kun." The way she said it so calmly broke him and he shook his head, "you're going to be fine." He growled through clenched teeth.

"Stop lying, Sasuke-kun," she gasped and her eyes fluttered for a second as if she was going to lose consciousness, "I'm going to die, and you're going to try and change me… it won't work." He pressed her body closer to his, feeling her heartbeat.

'It's so slow…'

"You're not ready, Sasuke-kun." She licked her bloody lips, "don't—" he held her tighter as her breaths slowed.


He knew she had more to say, he wanted to hear more. More of her laugh, more of her smile, more of her silly nonsense. "Remember o-our promise Sasuke-kun." She finished with, her eyes closing and opening rapidly. He touched the hollow of her neck, realizing that was where he had to bite.

He pressed his fangs hard into her neck, as if that would make the venom spread through her veins faster.

She gasped and the blood started pouring out of her neck into his mouth, and he ignored his animalistic instinct to devour it all. "Stop wasting y-your time…" she rasped out.

He was still holding her tightly when her heart rate spiked up.

And then it stopped.

He could hear his everything shatter into a million pieces.

He carefully wrapped his fingers into the roots of her hair and laid her down on the cold ground, noting the small smile on her face and her lively eyes were blank. "I love you, Sakura." He caressed her cheek, moving her hair from her face. "I'm sorry I couldn't save you."

As much pain as he was in, he couldn't help but have a small hopeful smile on his face.

'The promise…'

Sakura had never been one to break a vow.


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