Disclaimer: All Transformers characters belong to Hasbro. Any made up characters were created by me. This is the sequel to The One Called Prowl.

Summery: (Set three months after 2007 movie) New Decepticons arrive on Earth and the "son" of Megatron orders a kidnapping of Bumblebee. Can the Autobots, their human friends, and a couple of new Autobots that arrive as well save Bumblebee from the Decepticons?

"blah" – Normal human speck
"blah" – Cybertronian speck
blah – thinking
'blah' – Comm. Specking

Twisted Transistor
by Yami-Yugi3

Chapter 1

"I am Optimus Prime. And I sent this message to any remaining Autobots hiding among the stars. We are here and we are waiting."

The message was sent, fare into space. It reached many of an Autobot but also, some unwelcome Decepticons. A group of "mentors" crashed land fare away in a deserted area and transforms. "Soundwave," the leader of the group commanded "Send out commutations to any Decepticon that still on this miserable ball of rock."

"Of course Lord Devitron." The bot that stood next to the leader spoke in a monotone voice. 'This is Decepticon Soundwave. Any Decepticons in the area respond.'

'Barricade here. It's good to hear you again Soundwave, Frenzy needs to be fixed up.'

'I'm sending you our location coordinates.'

'I'll be there.'

It wasn't long until a Mustang Solstice police car arrived. It soon transforms into the Decepticon called Barricade. He looked at the new arrivals and notices the leader bot. "Lord Devitron, Barricade reporting." He said in a serious tone.

"Ah Barricade, of my creator's best warriors." The leader smirked "Report on status here."

"It's bad. The Autobots are here and had joined up with the local species. A couple of months ago they both got rid of most of the troop that was here. That traitor Starscream survived but last I heard he left this planet."

"What of my creator, Megatron, and the All Spark?"

"Both got destroyed. A human that was friends with the Autobots used the All Spark to destroy Lord Megatron."

"Hmm I see... Most interesting turn of events. Well if that traitor comes back we'll give him a terrible lesson in loyalty."

"Lord Devitron," the bot called Soundwave started "My sensors pick up an Autobot signatures and the one they called Bumblebee, near by."

The leader bot called Devitron snared. "The little pest." He spoke "We got to get rid of him once and for all before Prowl comes to this planet from Prime's message."

"Lord Devitron, I might suggest you and the others blend in so the locals won't suspect us?" Barricade spoke.

"I suppose that is a best choice. Soundwave, send out BuzzSaw to scope out suitable alt forms on this planet."

"Of course Lord Devitron." Soundwave spoke and with that a sliver bot-like bird came out form Soundwave's chest and few off.

- - -

"Interesting, it seems cause of the All Spark, your voice processor is working properly again." Ratchet spoke as the group hang out with their humans friends at LookOut point. He had just finishing running a check up scan on Bumblebee.

"Yeah, but I don't know why you keep insisting to use the radio, Bee." Sam spoke in a serious matter as he lean on Bumblebee's huge foot, looking up at his Autobot guardian.

"Cause its fun." Bumblebee spoke with a happy sounding voice.

"Hey if the All Spark wasn't distorted we could have used it to save Jazz since the cube was able to fix up Bumblebee." Ironhide spoke up in a serious matter.

"Sam had no choice to do what he did." said Captain Lennox as he patted Ironhide's foot he was standing next to "If he didn't we would still be dealing with Megatron and those other Decepticons."

"It's getting late." Optimus suddenly spoke in another serious voice "I think it's time for Sam and Mikeala to be getting back home."

Captain Lennox looked at his watch. "Dang I need to get home to or my wife will go crazy with worry." He spoke as he looked up at Ironhide "Come on Ironhide."

"Yeah, I'm coming." Ironhide spoke was he transforms into the Top Pick GMC pickup truck, opening his door for him. At that same time Bumblebee transformed and did the same for his teen friends.

Optimus and Ratchet watched as two drove off. "Say Prime," Ratchet started "When are we going to get humans?"

Optimus couldn't help but laugh. "Getting jealous of them, Ratchet?" he asked.

"No but I thought it would be interesting to have a human around."

Optimus looked at his CMO in a bit shock. "Humans are not pets, Ratchet." he said in a serious matter.

"Who said anything about a pet?" Ratchet said "All I'm saying it would be nice that more humans would know we're around, that's all."

Optimus just sighed he watched Bumblebee and Ironhide disappeared over the horizon. "Bumblebee sure had gown up over the past centuries." Optimus said.

Ratchet kind of knew what Optimus was going with this. "Yeah...his creator would be proud of him." he said "Specking of which has Prowl or the others contacted you?"

"Not yet. But knowing Prowl, he's the kind of mech that won't be kept down." Optimus said "He'll show up soon. He hates it when he's not around to keep an optic on Bee." Ratchet nods softly.

"He would be please to know that Bee can speck again. He was a bit upset when Megatron damage his voice processor back on Cybertron." It was Optimus turn to nod.

"Yes...It's the felling of all creators have on their creations." Optimus said. At that moment three "mentors" crash land near by. Optimus looked shock when they transforms. "Well I'll be Primus..." he said with a smile when he recognized them.

- - -

Meanwhile, back with the new group of Decepticons. The sliver bird like bot, called BuzzSaw, returned and with said images of different alt modes. "Excellent work BuzzSaw." Devitron said with an evil smirk after he scanned a very powerful tank alt as the others pick their own.

"What's your command now, Lord Devitron?" one of his soldiers asked.

"Simple. Soundwave, Barricade and I will find a suitable base of operations. The rest of you are going to find the little bot called Bumblebee and bring him to me. Unharmed of course. I want the pleasure of that myself."

"Yes Lord Devitron." With that the group split up to do just that.

- - -

Bumblebee pulled up to the Witwicky house hold. Just as he let Sam and Mikeala out is when they saw some vehicles surround them. "What the...?" Sam started but then suddenly the vehicles transformed into new bots the teens never saw before, and they didn't look friendly.

Bumblebee transforms to protect the teens. "Well look a who we have here." One bot spoke with an evil smirk "We found you, you little bug."

Bumblebee charged his arm cannon as he looks down at Sam and Mikeala. "Get in side!" he called out to them. But before the teens could do anything the bots attack Bumblebee, some of them holding the small bot down on the grass.

"Dang, dad wouldn't like that." Sam said worried. His dad was very protected of his lawn and would had yell at Bee many of times to get his tires off it when the small bot would miss the driveway. But what really scared him is when one of the bots transforms back into its helicopter form that looked a bit like Blackout. He lower cables and the other bots suddenly started to hook Bumblebee up to them. "BEE!" Sam shouted.

"Leave him alone!" Mikeala added.

The helicopter started to laugh. "Man this is fun. I bet my big brother Blackout would be frying his circuits with joy at this!"

"Just get the little pest out of here Cyclonus!" one commanded "Before the other Autobots find out about this!"


Sam and Mikeala watched in shock as the helicopter left with a struggling Bumblebee and the other bots transforms and race way. "Bee!"