Disclaimer: All Transformers characters belong to Hasbro. Any made up characters were created by me. This is the sequel to The One Called Prowl.

Summery: (Set three months after 2007 movie) New Decepticons arrive on Earth and the "son" of Megatron orders a kidnapping of Bumblebee. Can the Autobots, their human friends, and a couple of new Autobots that arrive as well save Bumblebee from the Decepticons?

"blah" – Normal human speck
"blah" – Cybertronian speck
blah – thinking
'blah' – Comm. Specking

Twisted Transistor
by Yami-Yugi3

Chapter 3

After a long dive, the group arrived at the edge of Death Valley. "Be careful Autobots. I know you all want to help Bumblebee, but we must be cautious. All will be lost if we just barge in."

Prowl let the teens out before transforming. "...I'll go in first..." he said.

"...I don't know..." said Ratchet. "You're a prime target."

"Let us go with ya," said Ironhide. Bluestreak nodded in agreement.

"I'll be fine..." Prowl said "I did this many of times."

"...If you're sure..." said Wheeljack.

"Be careful," said Ratchet, giving a secret look that said 'If he finds out who you are...'. Prowl nodded back.

"We'll come too," said Sam, making to follow.

"No," Optimus said sternly. "I don't want you two getting hurt."


"...Sam...it could be dangerous for you. Who knows what Devitron and his lackies are up to?" agreed Wheeljack.

"I'll bring back Bee safe and sound." Prowl said "Rumble. LaserBeak. I want you two stay here and protect the humans."

"But sir... What if you need help?"

"I don't want Soundwave to try and get you two back into his control." said Prowl "I'll be fine."

"Okay..." Rumble sighed. LaserBeak squawked and lowered his head in obedience.

Prowl nods and softly and stealthily, headed towards the Decepticon's base. Hang on Little One...I'm coming.

- - -

Bumblebee in all his suffering and fear started to revert back to his childish ways. He sobbed and whined, trying not to cry out the name of his protector. Where WAS his mother? Why hadn't she shown herself? After all these years she still hadn't shown herself. He NEEDED her right now. Devitron was just please with himself. Suddenly Barricade was thrown into the room, and he wasn't alone, he was still being hold onto by another bot that had the same cop car form as him. This bot looked very pissed off. Everyone stopped, even Devitron. "What is the meaning of this disturbance Barricade!"

"...A-Autobot...!" Barricade shouted until the other bot hit him hard in the face plate.

He went out cold, hitting the ground. "Autobot? WHERE!"

"HERE!" shouted Prowl lunging at Devitron.

"You again!" Devitron shouted.

"Leave the young one alone!" he shouted, managing to push Devitron back a little. Poor Bumblebee watched all this. He saw the once cop car and at first thought it was Barricade.

He grew scared, until Devitron got a good kick to the face. P-P-Prowly? he thought.

"So I was right, you finally made it here. But you are too late to save your little charge, Prowl." Devitron sneer as he slowly stood up.

Prowly...? Bumblebee thought, his hopes slowly rising. Prowl growled and kicked Devitron again. Then suddenly Devitron grabbed a piece of Prowl's chest armor.

"...NO!" Prowl cried as it was ripped off, partially from pain and partially...

Devitron stared stunned. Instead off horribly mangling Prowl and exposing his spark, there was another frame underneath.

"...It's...It's YOU!"

Prowly is hurt? Bumblebee thought. He could see the battle through weak optics as he lied there.

The other Decepticons came over to see what Devitron was shouting at. "Hey Lord Devitron! It's the freak!" one shouted.

"Yes..." Devitron smirked. His scary teeth showed in a terrifying grin. "So...you've come back for your young one have you?" Bumblebee watched confused. Was this the mother he had known from so long ago?

Prowl wince in pain. His missing chest armor, after fusing with his femme frame underneath, was leaking a bit of energon. "...Y-You are...n-never going...t-to harm...B-Bumblebee..."

"I already have!" Devitron cackled. "Not much of him left. But...to make him suffer more, I'll let him watch his precious creator die!" Weak optics widened. Prowl, his guardian and protector WAS his mother! Prowl tried to get his shoulder cannons out. One surfaced, but the other wouldn't. He was too weak from his chest wound.

At that moment another wall was blown to kingdom come, and Ironhide and the other Autobots was there. "Sorry to interrupt," Bluestreak said.

"But you were taking too long Prowl," added Wheeljack.

"Ratchet, you and Wheeljack get Bumblebee out of here and help him. Ironhide, you and I will help out Prowl. Let's move!"

"Right!" Bluestreak took advantage of the entrance and blasted a few Decepticons. Optimus and Ironhide race to help Prowl. Ironhide was a bit shock when he saw Prowl.


"Yes, Ironhide. Explanation later, fight now!" Prowl nodded weakly and fired his one functioning shoulder cannon. Ironhide was still a bit shock but went back to fighting the Decepticons. Ratchet and Wheeljack got to Bumblebee.

"Holy Primus..." sighed Ratchet. Wheeljack found and picked up Bumblebee's two arms and right leg.

"This is everything. What a horrible thing to do..."

Ratchet nodded in agreement and turned to Bumblebee. "Easy Bee, let's get you out of here," he said gently lifting him into his arms.

Bumblebee finally found his voice as he weakly spoke, "...Prowl...?"

"He'll be okay. You need help right now," said Wheeljack.

"Don't worry, Young One. The others will make sure he's okay." Before Bumblebee said an other word, he went offline in pure weakness. Ratchet sighed sadly as the two of them made their way out. Optimus, Ironhide was helping Prowl with Devitron and the other Decepticons.

"Damn you! Why do you protect such a freak of nature!"

"Because, he ain't the freak, you are!" shouted Ironhide as he blasted Devitron's face. Prowl a bit surprised when he heard Ironhide said that. He was afraid that since Ironhide found about his secret, the old warrior would think he was a freak like many bots who saw the old him thought of. Ironhide looked over at him and saw his expression. I mean it, Prowl. Just cause yer different on the outside, doesn't mean nothin... Bee's lucky to have a father like you...

After awhile Devitron and his Decepticons knew they where out gunned. "Decepticons!" he commanded "Retreat!" They didn't wait for anything, they took off after their wounded leader.

The remaining Autobots watched them leave. "Now what Prime?" Ironhide asked.

"Let's head back and see if Ratchet and Wheeljack fixed up Bumblebee." said Optimus. As the three started to turn and leave, Prowl wince in pain. His chest wound was still leaking energon.

"Hey, need a hand?" Bluestreak asked. Ironhide looked over at him too. Both took a position on Prowl's side.

"Lean on us and take it easy," Ironhide said. Prowl nodded a weak thanks. Optimus found Prowl's chest armor near by so he picked it up, knowing Ratchet would need it to fix his second in command up.

- - -

Outside, Sam and Mikeala were turned around sadly. Mikeala looked upset about how cruelly they had hurt Bumblebee. Ratchet worked diligently and carefully. "Is he going to be okay?" Sam asked, very worried himself.

"Yeah, he'll be alright. Once Ratchet puts him back together again, he'll just need some rest." Wheeljack said.

At that moment Rumble and LaserBeak notice the others returning, mostly their bigger partner. "Prowl!" shouted Rumble as he ran up to him.

The teens and Wheeljack turns to see what was going on. "What in Primus...?" Wheeljack started, kind of surprise and confused when he saw Prowl. "Optimus...Prowl...he..." he started.

Prowl weakly growled at him. "...S-Shut...i-it..."

Optimus sighed. "Prowl will explain himself later. Right now he needs attention."

"Well...Ratchet is kind of busy with Bee..." Wheeljack started still staring at the part of Prowl that didn't seem right.

"You can help him, can't ya?" Ironhide asked.

"Ahh..." Wheeljack started, unsure.

"Just do it. He's one of us, isn't he?" added Bluestreak.

"...O-Only...R-Ratchet..." Prowl wince in pain.

"Easy Prowl," Optimus said. "He's helping the youngling right now."

"Alright. He's in one piece again. If I ever see that sadist again..." Ratchet growled. He put his tools away and put a hand on Bumblebee's shoulder. "Bumblebee...Bee...can you hear me?'

Even Sam and Mikeala came close. "Bee?" Sam started, still worried. Weak blue optics opened. "Bee!" Sam shouted happily, trying to keep himself from trying to hug his guardian.

Mikeala smiled. "Glad you're okay." Bumblebee nodded slowly as he slowly sat up.

"Easy now, Bee. You still need rest and to take it easy," Ratchet warned. Bumblebee's weak blue optics fell upon Prowl being held up by Ironhide and Bluestreak.


Prowl weakly smiled at him. "...H-Hey Little One... ...I-I'm glad...y-you got...y-your voice possessor ..w-working..."

Ratchet turned to him. "Primus Prowl!" he said. "...Not the best way to get things out in the open..." he added.

"...T-Tell that...t-to Devitron..."

Ratchet nodded. "Bring him over here. Where's the piece of armor?"

"I have it, Ratchet." said Optimus who passed said armor over to him.

"Okay," he said, taking it from him. "Easy now, men," Ratchet warned as Bluestreak and Ironhide helped bring Prowl over and lay him down on the ground. Bumblebee watched in confusion. His processor was reeling with lots of unanswered questions.

He held his head and decided to lie back down. "You alright Bee?" Mikeala asked.

"...Prowl...he...she..." he spoke weakly.

"...I-I'm sorry...L-Little One..." Prowl weakly spoke "...T-This sort...o-of thing...I-I was...t-trying to...p-protect you from..."

"...Wh-why...? I...I..."


"You two can have a father to son talk later. Right now you two need to rest," Ratchet ordered. With that the two silently agreed. Ratchet had started to try and get Prowl's chest armor back on.

"...They will be back..." Optimus sighed.

"And they will be after the both of them now." said Ratchet as he worked.


"Well, we won't let that happen. We'll kick their cans!"

"We'll make sure no harm comes to either. They're our fellow men."

"So you guys don't care that Prowl was once a she?" asked Sam confused.

"SAM!" Mikeala reprimanded.

"I sure don't," said Bluestreak. "There's a reason he was a male born in a femme body, but it doesn't matter to me. He's still Prowl."

"Same here," agreed Ironhide.

"I'll understand better once I hear the full story," said Wheeljack.

"Well, at least Bee knows who his father is now," smiled Mikeala.

"Wait, Prowl's Bee's dad?" Wheeljack said confused "I thought Prowl was Bee's protector?"

The others sighed. "He will explain it to us when his strength returns," said Optimus.

- - -

After awhile, Ratchet finally re-attached Prowl's chest armor to his femme frame that was hidden. "Alright. It's finished. These two need rest. I'll need help getting them back to base to do so." Bumblebee was loaded into Ratchet after he transformed. Mikeala and Sam helped find an old trailer to put Prowl in and hitched it to Optimus. After everything was done they all headed off.