"Lady Glinda had a bad night, a night of shakes and regret and pain; she guessed it was the early signs of gout from her rich diet. But she sat up half the night and lit a candle in the window for reasons she couldn't articulate. The moon passed overhead on its path from the Vinkus and she felt its accusatory spotlight and moved back from the tall windows."

Perhaps it was time for her to retire- life in the Emerald City was tiring, even for one with little work to do as the well-behaved mistress of Sir Chruffrey. Her husband was getting on in years anyways, and it would do him will to move back to the Upperlands. A quiet existance in her parents' manor was highly desirable.

But Glinda had other reasons for leaving the city. An uprising was coming, and she could feel it in the tense thunderclouds that gathered above Oz, threatening a downpour of both sorts. The child had certainly been a sign- of what kind she couldn't tell. The girl's very arrival was enough, but her fateful landing on the well-hated Nessarose couldn't be ignored. Though they tried to keep quiet, all of Oz knew that the Munchkins had had plans of an assassination. Glinda knew not whether the Wizard of Nessarose, the Adept was the target but her death had been a celebrated event in the province, which made Glinda uneasy. She had contact with both the Wizard and Nessarose and certainly some group must have noticed. Glinda took to staying in her apartments these days. She didn't like to admit that she was apprehensive if not afraid to leave the house- too many repressed Tiktoks and angry Animals roaming the dark alley ways, looking for people to take out their frustrations on. Or worse, Glinda feared that she might be watched and she tried to establish any sort of routine or pattern that could be followed.

All of Oz was at odds these days. There were small battles up in the mountains of the Vinkus between opposing tribes, and the routine uprisings of the Munchkins down in the Corn Basket. The Quadlings tried to resist the prostheletyzing of the Munchkindland Unionists, who themselves attempted to ignore the Wizard's frequent commands not to employ Animals. At the center of political debate was the city of emeralds which had once been a beacon of progress to the rest of the country and was now a a political nightmare.

It was definitely time to move back to quiet Upperlands of Gillikin. She would gently sever contact with the Wizard and her politically inclined friends. In these times that civil war tugged at her consciousness, she thought it best to take no sides. At least until the storm that had been brewing within Oz over the past forty years had settled.