-15:56 pm

"Mmm…" Vicki mumbled to herself as she felt Henry's teeth sink into her neck.

Taking the initiative Henry pulled her closer wrapping his arms around her waist, the box still in his hand. After drinking his fill, he used his tongue and lips to soothe the pain away.


He felt the vibrations through her skin, but instead of answering he continued his ministrations.

"Oh… Henry," Vicki drew herself closer to her companion.

She wasn't expecting this. She knew he would drink, but he had never tried to ease away what he had done. Without realizing it the door to the elevators opened with a quick ring. Henry kept his arms firmly placed at Vicki's waist and moved her towards his front door. He had no intention of letting her get away. Well not unless she truly started pushing him away, but that did not seem likely.

With their movement towards his apartment Vicki had wrapped her own arms around Henry. Her left was at his waist while her right one was placed at his shoulders. Her right hand maneuvered to his neck and was forcing him to say pressed against her neck.

After a while, Henry noticed that the area near the bite mark had softened and was less swollen, he decided to move himself elsewhere.

Vicki gasped as she felt Henry's mouth move to her collar bone, slowly her breathing became erratic as he kissed the notch. When Vicki's legs started to give way, Henry swept her up into his arms and sat down on, with her in his lap, on the couch.

"Do you want me to stop?" he whispered against her skin.

"Oh… don't," her voice sounded raspy as if she had been screaming all day.

Henry smirked as he turned his head to look her in the eye. He saw the lust and desire glinting in them, but there was also exhaustion.

"Your tired," he said without asking.

Vicki leaned her forehead against his, closing her eyes.

"I am, we need to put the case away," she looked down at his hands realizing that he didn't have it, "where…?"

Henry nodded his head towards the side table near the front door.

"Lay down, I will deal with it, then I will take you home."


"What? You are tired Vicki, you need your rest."

"I know, but I am actually quite comfortable where I am right now." Vicki ground her hips down against his and nestled into his warmth.

"Vicki, we need to take care of the box, then …"

"I know. Work first, play later."

(Half an hour later)

Henry finished cleaning up the effects of hiding Pandora's Box.. Turning he saw that Vicki was sound asleep on his couch. With his vampire skills, he stealthily moved her into his arms, took her to his bedroom, and settled her in his bed all without waking her. Climbing in next to her, he wrapped her tightly in his embrace. She sunk deeper into it, moving as close as she could, sighing in contentment. Wishing her a good night, Henry closed his eyes letting sleep over take him, while silently hopping he and Vicki would finish what they always seemed to start.