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Chapter One. Calling Cab 9

"Does anyone have him in sight?" A strong Australian accent boomed over the ear pieces and into Tara's ear.

"Negative, we lost visual." Tara replied from inside the van that was parked by the side of the road.

"Myles, D. Any sight of him?" Tara said.

"No, the cab turned the corner but we lost it in traffic." Myles replied.

"We need a visual on him now." Bobby said. He was in a cab, following Jack.

"We are checking cameras now." Tara said.

"We need to find him." Sue said to Tara. "I know what I saw." She said. The team had been following up on a rash of murders that were occurring that involved the local cab company. Jack and Bobby were undercover as drivers and, with the help of Howie, were cruising the area the murder was known to be. Jack had picked up a fair and Sue had watched in the monitor as the cab pulled away. She was sure she saw a gun and the passenger threating Jack. But due to high traffic, Jack's cab had sped away and the team lost sight of him.

"Bobby, head down East." Tara instructed. She had turned the GPS on that she had given to Jack. It was showing her a route the cab was taking. "Myles, D. Head to Main, turn onto East, you may be able to cut him off."

"Gotcha." Myles said. He spun his car around and headed towards Main street. Inside the van, Tara and Sue were forced to listen in as Bobby described what was happening.

"Still no sight of him." He said.

"He is ahead of you, stay on that road." Tara said. Sue was forced to watch Tara's lips and imagine what was being said over the ear piece. Tara watched the GPS dot move.

"He has turned off East and into a back alley, you are close." She said. Bobby put his foot on the pedal and the sped increased. He saw out of his mirror, that Myles had joined in behind him. They sped on, hoping they were not too late.


From the minute he had picked up the fair, he knew it was him. The man had got into the seat behind him, before he had a chance to react, the passenger had pulled a gun and ordered Jack to drive. Jack played cool and drove away, knowing his friends would be nearby. But as they got further down the road, he realised he couldn't see either Bobby or Myles in his mirrors. It wasn't long before the gunman had instructed Jack to turn down an alley. Jack was trying to stall as long as he could. Hoping the FBI would be right behind him. He parked the car and the man instructed him to get out. Jack did so and as the gunman got out, Jack pushed the car door against him. The gunman fell back onto the floor, Jack pulled his gun out and aimed it at the man. But he reacted quickly. He kicked the gun from Jack's hand and used his legs to trip Jack up. Jack fell to the floor hard. The gunman got up and aimed his gun at Jack. Jack was stunned but knew what was happening. A gunshot sounded and Jack closed his eyes.