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Wardrobe Choices

Tara came walking into the room and motioned for Levi to get Sue's attention. Sue looked up.

"We have more info on RJ Autos. A friend of mine from Auto theft has let me in on some info. Seems they have a few files on the garage. 3 stolen cars popped up on the lot in a space of 4 weeks. They have been looking into the dealings of the garage. They suspected the previous owner, but he died and Henry Fritz took over. They are keeping a close eye on them."

"Do they know about Pinoet?" Myles asked.

"They do know and they are itching to get an undercover agent in there. I convinced them to stand off." Tara said.

"That's a great opportunity to find out what is really going on." Jack said.

"So do we think this has anything to do with the missing child. Car theft and missing mechanics is a bit detached from the child." Sue pointed out.

"They may be connected they may not but the only way of knowing is to get slap bang in the middle. Auto have given us that chance. If we convince them to let us put someone in there, we could gain a lot." D said.

"But who?" Lucy said. The whole room looked over to Jack who was shuffling some papers. He looked up.

"What? Me?" He said.

"You have the experience and the passion." Bobby said.

"But I don't look like a mechanic." Jack said.

"No you look like a dodgy salesman." Myles said.

"How do we know we can Jack a job in the garage?" Bobby asked.

"My friend in Auto has info on all the workers. One mechanic is due to leave soon, family stuff. We could get him in that way." Tara said.

"Okay Tara and Sue. See what up to date info we can get on that. Bobby and Myles keep working on any connections Jared had to the garage and the child. Chase up on the autopsy report. Jack, we need to get you a new wardrobe." D said.