Before He Forgot Us: The Prologue

Before He Forgot Us: The Prologue

I was seven when I came to live with Mr. Sinister and the others. My parents had died in a car accident and I was left to die in an orphanage. During my stay at the orphanage I developed my powers. I couldn't touch a soul without sucking the life out of them. Taking in all of their memories and thoughts, some more evil than others, then one day a woman came to pick me up. She explained to me that Mr. Sinister had adopted me and that I would soon be leaving this place I called hell.

"Does he know about….about me?" I remember asking her in the long black limo as we pulled away. My hands carefully tucked in between my legs, trying to make my self appear as small as possible.

"That he knows you're a mutant? Of course, that's why he adopted you. You will be a nice piece to his already large collection of mutants. So no worries my dear, Mr. Sinister will be taking great care of you," I remember her smile at me after her little speech. Now that I think about it, I hated her smile. It was how do you say it, fake? Yea fake it was like she knew something that I didn't, and I hated her for it.

We drove for what felt like hours until we came upon a huge building that reminded me of those prisons you would see on some movie on television. I remember shuddering at the thought of living in a prison. Of living in that cold emotionless place for as long as Mr. Sinister wanted me too.

The woman had led me into the facility and told me it was a place that helped mutants like my self. I was naïve what can I say, I was young, innocent and believed what ever sugar coated story she told me, just as long as I had a place to stay other than that orphanage. He was handsome then to say the least, some what inviting and I wasn't to terribly afraid of him. At the time I would have rather been with him than that woman.

He led me down a corridor to the room I would be staying at. Apparently there were a lot of children close to my age living on the same corridor as I. Now looking back it made sense. He didn't like 'helping' the younger children until they were old enough to withstand his 'processing.' It made me sick just thinking about what he did for a living.

My new brother's and sister as he called it came out awhile later and introduced themselves to me. My two new brothers Remy LeBeau a.k.a Gambit, Scott 'Slim' Summers (who had yet to manifest) and my new sister Belladonna, she was apparently Mr. Sinister's only biological daughter. Let's just say Remy and Bella were twelve and thirteen so they didn't want to spend there time with Slim and I so they kept to themselves. To say the least it was fine for Slim and I, because we became fast friends.

Over the next three years I quickly learned the inner workings of the upper part of the facility that we lived in. We were forbidden to go down to the lower levels and none of us were ever curious to find out what was down there. Because at night when we where tucked safely into our warm beds, we could hear the ominous howling, echoing up through the air vents into our rooms. Terrifying us into a submission we were too young to be aware of.

But when I turned ten that's when everything really started to go to hell. Bella and Gambit were now fifteen and sixteen years old and had become serious together. Mr. Sinister was more than happy to oblige to any thing that involved them staying together. Because Gambit's biological father was the leader of the thieves' guild and I later learned that Gambit wasn't even one of Mr. Sinister's 'children' he was just staying at the facility so that he could in fact become attached to Belladonna. However, Slim and I were there for different reasons.

When Slim turned eleven that same year he had finally manifested and was sent to live down in the lower levels. I cried for weeks because Mr. Sinister or 'father' as I now called him wouldn't allow me to see him. Until eventually he said I could go down and help take care of Slim and the rest of his little 'pets.' I was so excited that he was finally going to let me see Slim that I didn't even take notice to the extent of what taking care of them meant. I was ordered to take care of Slim and the Wolverine. Both were locked up in cells on the lower levels of our soon to be personal hell. When I first saw Slim laying on the cement floor I wept for him.

"Oh Slim," I said as my father unlocked the door.

"Are you okay?" I asked as I rushed towards him and hugged him to my chest. My best friend in the whole world was locked in a cage like an animal.

"Don't worry Rouge, it's just part of the healing process, he will eventually be let out," my father told me with a wicked grin. And at that exact moment I knew my whole life had been a scam.

"I'm fine Rogue don't worry about me okay?" Slim told me as he touched my face because he couldn't see me from the bandages that covered his eyes.

"Okay Slim whatever you say," I told him, it didn't matter what I told him, he will always try to protect me no matter what.

"Alright sweetheart, it's time to see the other thing you will be taking care of," my father told me from the cell door, I got up slowly not taking my eyes of Slim until my father shut the door. 'I'll be back later' I whispered to Slim as I turned to follow my father.

He led me down five cells each one as ominous and bleak as the next, until we came upon the finale one. In side I first thought it was a large animal until it moved and I realized it was a man. I was shocked at first to say the least, and then when I met the man's hazel eyes with flecks of gold in them, I knew there was something there. Even at the young age of ten, I knew. I knew at that exact moment my life would be changing forever.

"Now my dear he's quite dangerous, but I think that since you are young and prove to be of no threat he won't hurt you, an animal instinct and all. So the Wolverine will become your charge, you must take all necessary percussions and make sure that the cell door is always locked when your inside and outside the cell, do you understand me?" He asked me, I nodded my reply and that's how I meet the Wolverine, the man I would come to love and trust with all of my heart and soul.