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So, this is another House is Meredith's uncle stories, but there is more to it. Jack Bauer is ALSO Meredith's uncle.

Summary: Meredith needs House to fly in for a consult when they can't figure out the diagnoses of a patient. Some things happen, and Meredith must contact her other uncle who has gone dark. Some people will clash, some lives might be saved, and can everyone stay sane with Meredith, House and Jack together?

Greys Anatomy

-Season Three Happened


-Season 3 happened (House still has his team)


-Season 6 happened

Chapter 1: The First Call

"Meredith you need to call him." The chief of surgery sat in his chair. Meredith looked out the window.

"I haven't spoken to him in a year." Meredith looked down.

"The patient needs his expertise."

"I know. I'll call him."

"I'll make sure you're not disturbed."

"Dr. Webber, please, I don't want the whole hospital knowing." The chief nodded. As much as they clashed, he needed his team. He was the best.

- - - - - - - - - -

Meredith picked up the phone lying on the chief's desk. She held the receiver in her hand, and used the other hand to punch in the number to Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. "Hello?" A younger woman answered into Meredith's ear.

"Aunt Cuddy?" Meredith was nervous. She hadn't spoken to her uncle in a year and wasn't sure if she was ready.

"Meredith Grey. I haven't heard from you in awhile."

"I didn't really want to call. Chief Webber needs Uncle Greg and his team to diagnose a patient here."

"You need to speak with him yourself Meredith. It's been eighteen months."

"Look whose counting."

"You did inherit your uncle's sarcasm. I hope you don't use it at work."

"How's Kim? Hasn't she been staying with you?"

"Kim moved in with her boyfriend."

"The physiologist guy?"

"No the field agent guy. Chase Edmunds."

"They're back together?"

"Yes, and back to the subject. I'm patching you through to your uncle. He wants to see you eve though he won't show it." Cuddy removed the receiver from her ear and dialed House's extension number.

"What is it Cuddles?"

"You niece is on the phone."

"I thought Kimble moved out. Did you hurt her feelings mommy?"

"Your OTHER niece House. Meredith Grey."

"Oh. Patch her through Cuddles."

- - - - - - - - - -


"Uncle Greg, Chief Webber wants a consult. We've had three diagnostic teams come in today, and not ONE has figured out what's wrong with our patient. You need to bring your team to Seattle."

"Only if your man whore uncle has been saved by angles."

"That's not funny Greg. Uncle Jack was TORTURED. Will you please come?"

"Only for you Merit." Meredith rolled her eyes. When her uncle arrived, it was going to be hell.

"Thanks Uncle Greg."

"Bye sweetcheecks."

- - - - - -

House stood up. "I need to go talk to mommy. Be good little children while I'm gone." House's team rolled their eyes. He always called them his children.

House stormed into Cuddy's office. He was getting quit well at it too. "I need to take my team to Seattle, and I'm bringing Jimmy."

"I know. I talked to Meredith and I assumed you would want Wilson there. I have your fight tickets, and hotel reservations. You'll stay for a week."

"Thanks mommy. He grabbed the tickets out of her hands and headed back to his office.

- - - - - - - -

"Hey ducklings. We're going on a vacations!"


"Special VIP patient in Seattle. Plane leaves tonight. Be at the airport in two hours." House handed everyone his or her boarding passes.

His team picked up their belongings and headed out to their cars. "Do you really think House would care enough to go for a VIP patient?"

Cameron and Foreman stared at case. "You are an idiot Chase," Foreman said to him. "There may be a patient, but he doesn't care about the patient. There is something else. Well, see you later." Foreman got into his car, and Chase and Cameron got into Chase's car. They drove home to pick up their belongings

- - - - -

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