Sailor Moon: Eternal

Summary: It's been 2 years since the Starlights left Earth. Usagi has been thinking about Seiya the whole time and decided to break up with Mamoru. The starlights soon come back and warn the Sailor Senshi about an oncoming evil. An enemy that the original Sailor Senshi defeated returns with a new target, the holder of the Universal Rainbow Crystal. But which senshi is holding it? And how is Sailor Moon going to save the world with her Silver Crystal missing? Meanwhile Princess Kakyuu has been plagued with visions in her sleep that is leading her to the last, and missing, starlight.

Pairs: Usagi/Mamoru Usagi/Seiya Haruka/Michiru Chibi-usa/Helios OC/OC

Main Characters:

Usagi/Sailor Moon...18

Chibi-usa/Sailor Chibi Moon...14

Chibi-Chibi/Sailor Chibi Galaxy...5

Galaxia/Sailor Galaxy...19

Michiru/Sailor Neptune...20

Haruka/Sailor Uranus...20

Setsuna/Sailor Pluto...26

Hotaru/Sailor Saturn...15

Seiya/Sailor Star Fighter (boy/girl form)...18

Yaten/Sailor Star Healer (boy/girl form)...18

Taiki/Sailor Star Maker (boy/girl form)...18

Princess Kakyuu/Fireball-hime/Sailor Kakyuu...28

Mamoru/Tuxedo Kamen...23

OC (Male)...16

OC (Female)...16

Minor Characters:

Rei/Sailor Mars...18

Ami/Sailor Mercury...18

Makoto/Sailor Jupiter...18

Minako/Sailor Venus...18



Moon Kingdom



"Usagi, you've been so distant lately." Rei scolded her. Usagi blinked and looked up at her friends. They were in one of Tokyo's many parks underneath one of the giant cherry blossom trees. The blossoms fluttered to the ground and surrounded the blonde. She didn't acknowledge the flowers at all.

"Just because I've been quiet doesn't mean I'm distant." Usagi muttered a reply and looked at the ring on her finger.

"But this isn't like you. What's wrong? We'd really like to help." Ami said softly. Usagi opened her mouth to reply but she got cut off by an impatient sigh.

"Nothing's wrong with her. She's just being lazy like her usual self." Rei snapped with a slight eye roll.

"Rei, give her a chance to talk." Makoto shot back with a glare. Rei glared back and bit her tongue to remain silent so she could listen to the explanation.

"I...I miss very much." She said as a couple of tears slid down her cheeks. The cherry blossoms stopped falling once a tear splashed into the ground.

"You miss Seiya? Are you crazy?" Rei shouted.

"Rei stop it." Minkao grabbed a hold of her friends arm. Rei shook her head and pulled her arm away and pointed an accusing finger at Usagi.

"She's going to go and follow her heart again and go back to Seiya. She's going to ruin the future." She spat.

"I didn't say that." Usagi was quick to defend herself.

"You might was well have." Rei seethed.

"Rei-"Makoto started to intervene but a quick glare from the auburn haired girl quieted her.

"If you're going to do something as stupid as that then you obviously aren't meant to be a leader." Rei continued. Usagi blinked in shock.

"What?" she whispered.

"Hand over the silver crystal to the rightful leader." Rei held out her hand. Usagi glared and smirked slightly.

"And that's you." She chuckled.

"Yes. I'm a sailor senshi to do what's right and to save people not to fall in love with the wrong people and destroy the future." Rei answered immediately. It was as if she had rehearsed her answer. It was like she was planning on taking over Usagi's role as leader for a long time.

"The only way you can get this crystal is if you can take it from me." Usagi held her chin up high and looked directly in her friends face.

"Don't make me use force." Rei snapped. "All of the other girls feel the same way. You are alone in this fight Usagi." She added.

Usagi nodded and reached underneath her shirt and grasped her star locket necklace. She pulled the chain over her head and smiled at the piece of jewelry.

"Mamoru gave me this locket when we first realized we were meant to be with each other. That was when I was a silly fourteen year old girl with only dreams of making it to college and getting a great boyfriend." Usagi climbed to her feet and stared at each of her fellow Sailor Senshi. "Then through out the years I had to fight to keep the future and man kind safe and I did it with all of your guys help." She continued while walking past them and walked to onto a bridge crossing a small stream.

Usagi knew that stream well. It leads directly to the ocean. Every summer she and the other girls would write small wishes on pieces of paper and toss them into the stream and into the ocean hoping that they would some day come true. Rei's was probably about to come true if Usagi allowed it. "And now you are turning your back on me. Something told me I saw this coming. I'm not as stupid as I used to be. The silver crystal is right here in my hand." Usagi held the necklace over the railing of the bridge and over the water. "And if you want have to find it." She finished and let go of the locket.

The other senshi gasped and scrambled into the stream as it disappeared from sight. "Good luck." Usagi called to them and shoved her hands into her jacket pockets. She smiled softly and left the park as the rest of the senshi looked around trying to find the locket.

"Our princess is really growing up." Michiru commented as she watched Usagi leave the park. She turned back with cold eyes and watched the other senshi in the creek.

"She made a good decision about not giving up the crystal...but tossing it into the stream? What if she needs it again?" Haruka shook her head in disbelief.

"What are the chances of that? Things have been quiet for years." Hotaru commented

"Yes, but it could also be the calm before the storm." Setsuna placed a hand on the girls shoulder.

"The seas are calm." Michiru shook her head.

"The winds are soft." Haruka added.

"We still have to be alert." Setsuna warned them. "Evil may appear at any time."