No Matter What They Say

Chapter 1: Someone New

"Jeremie! How could you! I don't even know you anymore!" Aelita yelled and ran out of Jeremie's room.

"That wasn't a very nice thing to do to Aelita. You know how much that meant to her," Ulrich said. "Lyoko can wait. I mean she really was counting on you to show up."

"Yeah! Just because you think its stupid, doesn't mean you shouldn't come!" Odd shouted. "The Subdigitals chose her. You didn't even come to her first music video shot. No, you didn't even come to her ONLY music video shot!"

"Jeremie, you can be such and idiot sometimes!" Yumi yelled.

Odd left the room as Yumi and Ulrich yelled some more. Jeremie tried to tell them why he didn't go, but they didn't take his excuses. Odd walked down the hall, down the stairs and into Aelita's room.

"If you're here to apologize, I'm not listening! Just go away!" Aelita yelled, full of tears. She didn't even look at the door.

"Well that's no way to greet a friend," Odd said and knelt down beside her.

"I'm sorry, Odd," she said as she turned around, trying to stop crying so he wouldn't see.

"Don't be. I know how you feel," he said. "It's ok. Cry if you want. You deserve to. Don't pretend to be this brave person." He wiped her tears away. "You can cry. We all cry. It's just a fact of life."

"Oh, Odd!" She yelled and burst into tears. She grabbed him and pulled him into a hug. He hugged back. She pulled her arms from around him and put them at her eyes. He pulled her to his chest and she cried into him. She was shaking.

"It'll be ok. Jeremie's just like that sometimes," Odd soothed. He felt awkward at first, but soon enough he felt as if he was doing something right. Aelita started shaking even more. He ran his hand through her hair and down her back. He then started rubbing her back to make her calm down. Soon enough, Aelita stopped shaking. Odd continued to rub her back and she stopped crying and ended up asleep after an hour or two. Odd didn't move a bit as he thought it would wake her up. It was around 8 when she had fallen asleep. He knew he could get in trouble if Jim found them, but he didn't care. He always got in trouble. Around 10 he tried to put her in her bed, but she almost woke up twice, so he stopped trying. He ended up letting her sleep on him the whole night. Once or twice in the middle of the night she would start to cry again and he would rub her back, and she would stop crying. He dosed all night, but never a deep sleep. Around 7 he woke up. Aelita was still there, it hadn't been a dream. That moment is when Odd realized something. He loved Aelita. She wasn't like the girls he had dated before. She was special. There was only one problem. Did she like him?

Around 6:40, Aelita woke up. At first she didn't realize where she was.

"Good morning, Princess," Odd whispered.

"Odd! Have I been asleep all night? Why didn't you wake me up?" Aelita asked looking at Odd. He let her go and stood up.

"Aelita, I know how miserable you felt last night. You needed someone. I just happened to be there. If I would have woken you up, you wouldn't have been comforted," Odd said.

"Thank you, Odd," Aelita said and hugged him. "I really can't thank you enough. It was just, well, Jeremie was and…" She started to cry again.

"You don't need an excuse," Odd whispered and hugged her tighter. "Don't cry. It's over with."

"Jeremie doesn't care about me." She hung her head. "All he cares about is that stupid computer! I was so stupid! How could he love me! How could anyone love me! I'm so stupid!"

"Stop it, Aelita!" Odd yelled. He grabbed her by the sides of the arms. "Don't say that. Yumi loves you, and Ulrich loves you, and more importantly, I love you. We all care about you, Aelita. You know that. Jeremie loves you too. He may be some computer freak who spends way more time on the computer than with his friends, but we all know that he cares about you. You have a bunch of friends, Aelita. Way more than anyone here, and do you know why?"

Aelita shook her head.

"Because we all care about you so much, we risk our lives everyday. We protect you and care for you. We won't let anything happen to you. Ulrich and Yumi know that. I know that. Even Jeremie knows that. We all care for you. Don't let anyone or anything make you believe otherwise."

Aelita hugged him. Odd hugged back.

"You make more sense than anyone in our whole group of friends," Aelita whispered in Odd's ear.

"I'm ok."

"You're better than ok. You're really great. Do you know that?"

"I do now," he whispered back into her ear.

She hugged him tighter. After a while she pulled away and looked at him at arms length. "You are a really good friend. I'm so glad you were there. I even feel more comfortable around you than with Jeremie, or Ulrich, or Yumi for all that matters." Oh no, am I in love with Odd? What about Jeremie? I thought we were in love. But he's been so distant lately.

"I feel good when I'm around you too. I mean, we fight, but we always seem to get along after a while." I do love Aelita. I can't tell her though. I know she wants to be with Jeremie. "I know you and Jeremie will make up, just like we do."

"I know," Aelita replied. "He's just so stubborn sometimes." I think I want to be with Odd. But, he may not love me. I guess I'm meant to be with Jeremie. Unless Odd says something I'll just forget about it.

Just say something! There's nothing that will hurt with trying. Unless she doesn't love me and it ends up being awkward and we ruin our friendship. No, I better not. "I know. He'll come to his senses eventually. Let's go to breakfast!" Odd said and headed for the door. Just as he was about to open it, he heard a knock on the door. Aelita went and answered the door instead.

"Hello?" she asked as she opened the door.

"Aelita. I'm sorry," Jeremie said then hung his head.

"Jeremie, sometimes I think you have more fun with that computer than you do with me!" Aelita yelled. "Come on, Odd. We're going to breakfast." Aelita grabbed Odd's wrist and pushed past Jeremie. "Good bye," she said and didn't even turn around.

What in the world was she doing with Odd?

"Good morning," Ulrich said as Aelita and Odd sat down at the table. He didn't mention the fact that Odd hadn't come to bed last night.

"Morning, Ulrich. Morning, Yumi," Aelita said as she sat down.

"Good morning!" Odd said and sat next to her.

"So, did you two have a good night sleep?" Yumi asked.

"Um…yeah," Aelita said as she took a quick glance at Odd.

"It was fine," Odd said knowing that Ulrich knew he hadn't come to bed. He was just hoping that he hadn't told Yumi.

"Good," Yumi answered. "So, Aelita did you run into Jeremie on your way toward breakfast?"

"Yeah," she answered softly.

"Oh, I'm sorry. If you don't want to talk about it than we don't have to," Yumi said quickly.

"Hi, guys," Jeremie said as he sat down next to Ulrich. Everyone was silent. "So, Odd what were you doing in Aelita's room this morning?" Yumi looked up kind of shocked. Aelita hung her head. Odd hung his head as well.

"Jeremie, that's none of your business," Odd said quickly.

"Hey, Ulrich, do you remember Odd coming to bed last night?" Jeremie asked kind of rudely. Yumi looked at Odd and Aelita, kind of wide eyed, who both had their heads down.

"Jeremie that is none of your business," Ulrich said.

"Yumi, didn't you see them come in at the same time?"

"Jeremie! Shut up!" Aelita yelled and got up and ran out of the room, causing everyone to stop eating and look over at their table. Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi also left. Jeremie was left at the table. Soon everyone started eating again.

"Ulrich!" Yumi yelled as Ulrich started to run to get back to his dorm. She started to run after him. "Ulrich!"

He stopped and turned around. "What?"

"Is it true?" Yumi asked.

"Is what true?"

"What Jeremie said."

"I don't think I should tell you that answer. I've got to go!"

"Ulrich!" Yumi ran after him and grabbed his shirt. "We're going to see Odd and Aelita."


"Aelita!" Odd yelled. He ran after her and into her room. "Aelita."

"Go away!" She yelled and started crying.

He pulled her toward him and hugged her. She stood there trying to brake away from him. She hit his chest and kicked him. Odd just stood there hugging her.

"Take your anger out on me. Go ahead," Odd said as if he didn't care she was hitting him. "Shh. Jeremie was rude, but I know he means well."

"Let go of me!" Aelita struggled. Odd held her tighter. She struggled even more. "Let go!"

She started to pull away. He grabbed her by the waist and held her tight.

"Shh. It will be ok," Odd said. Should I tell her? I might as well.

"Let me go!" Aelita said struggling.

"Shh. It will be ok," Odd soothed. "I love you." Aelita stopped struggling. Odd kissed her.

The door opened and Yumi and Ulrich walked in. Odd and Aelita didn't realize they were there.