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No Matter What They Say

Epilogue: Dance

The lights were flashing. Kids bodies were jumping up and down, rubbing up next to each other. The sound system was blasting loud, rocking the floor. Fists were pumping in the air. Aelita was smiling and laughing, bouncing next to Yumi. They were both glad to finally be having a great time on their vacation. Odd and Ulrich were dancing with them, smiling and screaming the words along with the song.

"I'm not a rich kid! Baby, that's a good thing! I ain't got shit, but I got this far! Keeping it real! Rhymin' and stealin'! Doin' what I want! OoooooOOooooo! Got no money! But its alwaaaaaaaayyyss, always sunny, hunny!" they screamed along with the song. Aelita laughed and spun herself around, completely enjoying herself. Odd sang to her, and she laughed as he made an awkward face. Yumi laughed, watching Ulrich's dance moves. Although he was good at actual formal dancing, he wasn't the best at dancing in clubs. She was enjoying the fact that he was dancing anyway.

Sissi and Kiptyn were with them. Over the last couple days they had gotten closer, almost as inseparable as Odd and Aelita, who were constantly together. Sissi made a habit of going to work with Kiptyn, even though she only lounged around while he worked. They spent a lot of their time talking together. He completely forgave her for what went on between her and Ayden. They both knew that it was nothing. Sissi was almost fully accepted by Ulrich and the others. They hung out a lot more since she got together with Kiptyn. She changed over the summer. She was a lot nicer and more loose and comfortable around everyone. She smiled at Yumi and continued to jump up and down to the beat of the music.

The room was packed full of people. It was surprising. It was hard to believe that there were so many young people even at the resort. Most of them hung out at the Pulse since the snowstorm closed off all of the ski slopes. The Pulse was the best club at the resort, and the only club that allowed teens in. They were all dancing to the beat of the fast paced music. There was a bar, two lounges, and an extra room for anyone who wanted a place to themselves with whomever they wanted. It could be rented out for 15-minute intervals.

Aelita smiled and waved over to the door as she saw Jared walk in. He saw her and immediately headed over. Aelita and the others greeted him when he got over and continued to dance. Jared was so relieved when they returned from being stuck on the slope that almost immediately all awkward feelings between him and Odd dissolved. Jared was pretty much an honorary member of their group. Yumi grabbed his hands and started to dance with him. He laughed, but went with it. He had been hanging out with them more often, especially recently because he never wanted to return back to his step-mom. Ulrich and Odd had gotten used to the idea that he was just being friendly and wasn't interested in Aelita or Yumi. Ulrich just continued to dance with everyone and laugh. Aelita smiled at him and grabbed his hands. He spun her around and passed her to Odd who spun her and passed her back. She laughed in delight, the happiest she'd been in her whole life. She shouted the chorus with them, "I'm not a rich kid! Baby, that's a good thing! I ain't got shit, but I got this far! Keeping it real! Rhymin' and stealin'! Doin' what I want! OoooooOOooooo! Got no money! But its alwaaaaaaaayyyss, always sunny, hunny! La la lalalala laaaaaaaaa! Always sunny, hunny! La la lalalala laaaaaaaaaa! Always sunny, hunny! Rich kids!"

Everyone applauded as the song ended and the next one came on. "OOO!" Sissi squealed as she recognized the song. Kiptyn smiled and shook his head. Sissi started moving her hips to the beat. Aelita laughed and started to do the same. Aelita had started to come out of her shell over the past few days since she got down from the slopes. Practically as soon as they returned, people began to talk about her and Odd. At first, she was a little bothered, but soon enough, she didn't care whatsoever. She let loose and began to enjoy herself. Odd noticed the change. She became more spontaneous and smiled more often. She was no longer forced into depression by Jeremie or anyone else. Artemis tried to make a pass on her once more since she arrived back, but Odd made it pretty clear that he wasn't going to let anyone ruin her life again. Artemis backed off, and hasn't bothered her since.

Sissi raised her hands and spun around. "I see ya got low, and ya got plenty more to show! Shake it like a pompom! Like a pompom!" she shouted along with the lyrics. She shook her hips again. She was wearing a simple red dress with a black band placed to perfectly show off her chest. When she shook her hips it showed off her figure. Kiptyn couldn't keep his eyes off of her. She noticed and smiled at him. "He tryin' to spit the game! What he had to say!"

"Has anybody ever told you you look like Beyonce?" Kiptyn finished the line. Sissi laughed and grabbed his hands. She placed them on her hips and began to twist up and down. He blushed but began to get used to it and moved along with her.

Yumi laughed as Jared began to shake his hips along with the beat. She raised her hands in the hair and spun around again. Ulrich started to get more comfortable with Yumi over the last couple of days as well. They still were somewhat reserved around others, but they were starting to get more comfortable. He snatched her around the waist and danced close, their bodies moving in sync. Her eyes widened a little, but she moved along with him.

The songs continued to blare and move the floor and walls. The bodies in the club moved along with the beat, bouncing and shaking all night long. At some point during the night, Herve showed up with Ashley. The passed the dance floor and headed to a lounge where they talked together. After the first day, they became very good friends. She was just what he needed. She helped him straighten out his feelings for Sissi and even helped him confront her. It was after he talked to Sissi that he realized he just wanted the best for her and finally let her go. Ashley and he decided to give a relationship a try, but neither of them decided to go fast. They decided to take their time and get to know one another. They spent most of their night chatting while the others continued to dance.

Lately, Milly tended to spend her time with Tamiya, Hiroki and sometimes Johnny. They didn't hang out at the club, but rather at the ice skating rink or the pool. Tamiya and Milly remained just as close as ever, if not closer since Hiroki came into Milly's life. Hiroki and Johnny on the other hand began to have a tense relationship. When Hiroki wasn't swooning over Milly, Johnny and Hiroki were the best of friends. When Milly was around, it was harder for Hiroki to pay attention to Johnny and include him. Hiroki also tended to talk about Milly too much for Johnny's taste. Sometimes they would argue because of it. It's hard to tell what will become of their friendship.

Yumi and Ulrich turned in first that night. They began to get tired around 1:30 and headed back to Yumi's room after saying goodbye to everyone. They spent a while to themselves in Yumi's room before curling up and sleeping. Ulrich kissed Yumi's neck, one of her favorite things. She liked the way his lips felt against her skin.

Jared was the next one to leave. He called it quits just a little after Yumi and Ulrich. He knew that his dad wouldn't like it if he stayed out too late. Aelita gave him a hug as he departed, promising to meet him for lunch the next day.

Aelita continued to dance with Sissi, Kiptyn, and Odd. They all sang along with the lyrics and raised their hands to fist pump to the beat. "To the winddoooooow! To the wall! To the wall! Till the sweat drip down and fall!" Odd shouted along with the rest in the club. They continued to dance and party well into 2 am. Aelita's purple dress clung to her body. She worked herself up as she continued to party. Odd grabbed her hands and twisted back and forth. Aelita laughed, thoroughly enjoying herself. Sissi smiled at Herve when he left around 2:20. He gave a small wave as he headed out the door with Ashley in tow. Ashley smiled at Sissi who returned a smile of her own.

By 3, Aelita couldn't take anymore dancing. Her feet couldn't go on any longer. She wrapped her arm around Odd's waist. Sissi smiled and mentioned that her feet were extremely tired as well. Over the last couple days, she spent quite a few nights in Kiptyn's room on the couch bed. That's where she was heading that night. Ayden stopped bothering her and Kiptyn. He was almost sociable to them. He was still Ayden though. He still made some jokes about getting in her pants and brought home girls quite a few of the nights.

Aelita smiled as they walked out of the club together. She carried her shoes along with her. Sissi did the same. They laughed and continued to chat all the way to the elevator and up to Sissi and Kiptyn's stop. They got off and headed to his room. Oliver was asleep in his bed already. Ayden wasn't in the room, but it wasn't surprising. If he wasn't there, he was usually in some other girl's room. Sissi quietly headed to the bathroom and changed into pajamas before returning. She and Kiptyn snuggled up close together in bed, and he fell asleep with his arm wrapped round her waist.

Aelita and Odd walked down the hall to his room. Jeremie tended to stay with Matthias Durrell lately. Although he no longer wanted to be with Aelita, he didn't exactly like being around them. He felt more comfortable in Matthias' room where he could be relatively alone. Matthias only had one roommate previously. Jeremie slept on the couch. William continued to share a room with Odd and Ulrich. He didn't really care what happened between Odd and Aelita and Jeremie. He wasn't around much anyway. He liked to wander the building. He could often be found at the pool or playing ping-pong. Aelita and Odd walked inside quietly. William was asleep in his bed. Aelita quickly changed into pajamas and then snuggled up in bed next to Odd. He spent a couple minutes whispering into her ear. She smiled and melted into his arms. She eventually fell asleep to the sweet sound of his voice.

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