This story was inspired by the internet fan-filmHaloid, the link can be found in my profile or just Google "haloid". I'm not sure if it works or not, the plot feels a bit rushed to me. But when I get an Idea I can't not write it. You be the judge if it's any good. I originally wrote this as a single really long chapter but I realize my writings have grown quite long and decided to break this up into four chapters.

Note to Halo fans: Please don't flame me if I got some detail wrong here or there. I've never played Halo, I have nothing against it I just don't have an X-box. I did research it extensively though before writing this, so I'm not completely clueless.

Disclaimer: I don't own any Metroid or Halo character. They are owned by Nintendo and Bungie respectively.

Petty Officer Second Class Spartan-458 sat in the main control room of the Nassau station stripping down her M6D pistol and then putting it back together. It wasn't dirty, it hadn't even been fired in months; she just had nothing else to do. She was stranded here, in the twenty first century, five hundred years in the past, and all alone. To pass the time she scanned the analog signals from earth from time to time; some of the more interesting fictions amused her, though she scoffed at some of the Sci-fi stuff as unrealistic. The program she was watching now was called the news, she watched it once in a while for the novelty of seeing historic events as they happened. Though what the anchor was talking about now had a little more significance to her than most news.

"NASA scientists tell us this will be the largest solar flare in recent history. It will occur early tomorrow morning. While not dangerous to people, it can cause severe problems with electronics. Expect disruption of global communications, including satellites, cell phones, TV and radio broadcasts, and internet outages. Power grid failures are also likely. Land line phones will most likely be unaffected. If you do have an emergency..."

Ignoring the rest of the broadcast, she rolled her chair over to the console and tuned the stations sensors on the sun. Sure enough they detected the disturbance on the surface, the imminent eruption was obvious. Because the station was operating on minimal power it couldn't shield itself from the radiation and didn't have the benefit of being within Earth's magnetic field. She would make a point to spend the duration of the solar flare deep in the bowels of the station to minimize her radiation exposure.


She spent the entire day in the engineering room inspecting the systems. Due to the lack of available reactor fuel in the 21st century she had the reactor running at nominal levels to conserve energy, so half the systems were either shut down completely or operating on minimal power and as such couldn't operate reliably. So they required constant checking to make sure every thing was running. It was a perfect place to hide from the solar flare; it was located in the heart of the station and most of the heavy equipment was radiation shielded already. As she went over each system one by one an alert went off notifying her of the incoming flare.

At first all was normal and she went about her business unconcerned, but things quickly went awry. As she stared down one of the long corridors she could visibly see its shape twisting and distorting. The solar flare was destabilizing the anomaly that had trapped her here in the 21st century. The air it self seemed to glow an eerie blue light and objects started vanishing and appearing at random. Suddenly the entire environment changed, it looked as if the station was under construction, and she found herself in a different section of the station all together. Then it changed again and it was filled with people going about normal operations. As the anomaly faded it went through one final change. She was now in the upper habitat area in one of the main promenades and there were suddenly hundreds of covenant elites on the station, apparently in the midst of an attack. She recovered a BR55 rifle from a fallen marine and readied herself for battle.


The automated Federation observation outpost drifted casually through space. Its sensors bleeped away aimlessly scanning the heavens for anything out of the ordinary, when something very out of the ordinary happened. Just over two parsecs away, massive space-time fluctuations sent distortion waves rippling outward at superluminal velocities. Every sensor on the observer perked up and focused on the anomaly. An enormous mass was suddenly detected in the center of the event. Then the anomaly faded away and only the object remained. The high resolution cameras zoomed in on the distant object, took some images and sent them off to the Galactic Federation Intelligence Bureau .


"Admiral! Sir, take a look at these."

"What is this, commander?"

"It appears to be a station of some sort. It just appeared right in the middle of Federation space."

"Could this be a Space Pirate ploy, some kind of weapon?"

"Unknown sir, though it wouldn't appear so, they lack the technology to get something this large that far into our space without being detected earlier... Should we redeploy the sixth fleet to intercept?"

"Hmm... negative, they're patrolling the outer systems for pirate activity... we'll sub-contract a specialist."

"The usual contact, sir?"



The small converted freighter approached the derelict station's position. It was adrift and dangerously close to an asteroid field. The little ship made a pass over the station looking for a place to dock. The station was configured as a large central module with five smaller modules around it in a ring, each with a massive glass dome roof. It appeared as if the smaller modules served different purposes as the interior configuration was different for each one. Yet all had a docking port large enough for the ship to land in. It approached one and landed inside; the doors automatically closed behind it and the lock was pressurized. The ship's pilot exited through the top hatch and jumped to the floor.

Samus Aran stood fully clad in her Chozo powersuit, scanning the new area. Her mission; determine the origin of this station and assess any possible threat to the Federation, payment received in advance as her reputation now allowed her to demand. Detecting no immediate threat she proceeded into the station further. As she entered the main section she immediately noticed the signs of battle. Bodies of aliens she didn't recognize were scattered about, there was evidence of small arms fire and some explosives damage. Then she heard the muffled reverb of shots being fired somewhere else in the station; the battle wasn't over apparently.

She took off in the direction of the sounds, and eventually came to a room that looked to be a cargo storage area of some kind. She stood on a raised walkway that went around the perimeter of the room and formed a second level of sorts. As soon as she entered the room a group of a half dozen of the unknown aliens attacked her. Wasting no time she fired a quick three shot burst of wave/plasma-beam at them, while simultaneously leaping over their heads and landing behind. She fired another quick three shots, her fully powered and upgraded beam cannon made short work of her targets.

Down below on the main deck she saw a bunch more of them swarming about. They were exchanging fire with a lone combatant; an armor clad warrior returning fire and taking cover behind a metal cargo container. The armor wasn't anything she recognized as something the Federation had ever used. Who ever it was he was a very good shot; very efficient and precise. The assault rifle he was using didn't pack near as much punch as her integrated cannon, but he was making every shot count; hitting vital areas and quickly disabling with the minimum number of shots. However the container he used as cover was soon ripped to shreds by their weapons exchange and was not good protection anymore. The anonymous warrior ran in tangent to them, moving along the perimeter of the room, using support beams and other equipment as temporary cover as he fired at the aliens who had clustered in the center of the room.

'Damn fine shooting and use of cover. This guy's a definite pro.'

Deciding she'd watched long enough, Samus jumped down to the lower deck, placing herself behind the horde of foes. Most were dead already due in large part to the efforts of this mystery man in hefty green armor. She walked methodically forward firing slowly and deliberately, though she only had to take out a few before they were all gone. Suddenly the armored warrior noticed Samus and leveled his gun at her. Samus returned his aim but held up her other hand indicating a truce. The soldier moved the gun away from his eye but still had it pointed at Samus. Cautiously they approached each other.

Spartan-458 eyed her new acquaintance suspiciously. Where had he come from all of a sudden? Did the anomaly bring him here? Was this a new type of covenant soldier? It didn't look anything like their technology, nor did it look like anything what the U.N.S.C. had, or even of human origin. Was this Forerunner technology? She crept ever closer till they were about five paces apart. Before she could speak, more elites burst into the cargo bay; several dozen streamed in on the lower level. The newcomer wasted no time in opening fire on them, using some kind of energy beam from the cannon attached to his arm. She began shooting back at the elites herself as even more swarmed in. The two of them stood back to back, holding off the covenant forces, though it quickly became apparent that they were sitting ducks in the center of the room. They split up, she took the bottom level as before, and the red and gold clad rogue leaped nimbly up to the upper walkway, much to the amazement of the Spartan.

'That armor must be pretty light weight to jump around like that. What's it made out of?' she thought. Something about the way it looked and how it moved reminded her of a bird.

The avian warrior ran around the perimeter of the room on the upper level as she did the same on the lower level. Keeping on opposite sides of the room from each other; they worked to corral the elites into the center where they were able to pick them off with ease. Suddenly more broke in to the room on the upper lever near her new ally. He ran towards them shooting, then leaped into the air and kicked off the wall; easily evading their shots, he sailed over their heads still, shooting the entire time, and landed in the center of the room. He immediately jumped again and grabbed onto the railing of the walkway doing a handstand; upside down he fired a couple of rockets at them. He then pushed off the railing sending himself upward and then kicked off the ceiling directly downward and right into the center of the cluster of elites. Doing a somersault as he landed his body was shrouded in brilliant crackling energy, which killed the elites pretty much on contact. The few elites he missed she quickly took out with a few well aimed bursts from her BR55 rifle.

'Damn! What impressive agility. How would you even hit something that moves like that?'

Samus slowly rose from a crouching position surrounded by the bodies of the hostile alien attackers. Though it wasn't over yet, many more of them came from the various different entrances into the cargo bay. Samus decided it was time to leave. Apparently her companion came to the same conclusion as they both started for the same hallway without need for communication. However that hallway quickly filled with the hostile aliens as well. Samus tried to hold them off, but there were far too many. They had to get down this hall now or they'd be completely swarmed. Just as Samus was thinking this she noticed her green armored companion actually lifting a small forklift.

'What the hell!'

He then threw the forklift down the hallway sending it barreling over their assailants, clearing the path.

'Such raw strength, he could rip me in half.'

Getting over her astonishment, Samus launched a missile at the forklift, timing it so it struck just as it reached the end of the hall. It exploded spraying dense metal shrapnel everywhere. They ran down the hall, but before leaving Samus morphed to ball form, planted a power bomb, and then followed her ally out. They climbed over the forklifts burning wreckage and alien bodies at the end of the hall and shut the hatch behind them. As the hatch closed the power bomb Samus left went of off vaporizing everything left still alive in the room.

Once they were through the hatch they were immediately fired upon, but the covenant forces here were light compared to earlier and the two of them mopped up easily. As the last body fell they approached one another, and gave each other a nod, each curious about the other. Rugged Mjolnir armor stood facing the sleek Chozo powersuit, their reflections gleaming off the others visor.

Samus was about to speak when she was interrupted; the station shook violently and they were thrown about. The lights went dim and the loud groan of twisting metal could be heard. The massive explosion that shook the station was an asteroid that had impacted with it. There would soon be more to follow, they had to get out of here now! The roof collapsed in a cascade of burning wreckage, blocking the path back to where Samus docked. The Spartan headed off in the opposite direction and motioned for her to follow. Samus started her ship remotely and instructed it to get clear of the asteroids until she was sure where it could pick her up.

As they evacuated, more of the ceiling collapsed. Samus morphed into ball form and rolled between the debris, however the Spartan was struck by a large support beam and buried under a ton of burning wreckage. Though she picked herself up almost immediately, her armor was severely damaged. She took a step but the joint in her right leg locked up, unable to bend, and she limped and stumbled. Samus came up from behind her and supported her from the right side and dragged her along as she hopped on one foot.

When they reached the end of the corridor they entered one of the five domes that encompassed the station. The Spartan stopped them just inside the massive doorway. She limped over to a key pad beside the door and entered a series of numbers. The large doors slid shut and sealed with a hiss. She then entered another code into the pad and a small service panel opened revealing a manual release lever. She flipped it, and there was a large clunk sound as the dome broke away from the station. A few seconds later a set of boosters fired, slowly pushing the dome clear of the station. Being on the side of the station facing away from the asteroid field it drifted clear of it. Samus now contacted her ship and gave it the instructions to rendezvous with the dome and pick her up.

End Chapter One