Title: Look Who's Talking
Author: Eros494
Fandom: Traveler
Characters: Will, Jay, Tyler
Summary: All's fair in love and war.
Author Note: Pure Castle fun

Will stretches his legs on a high step and looks around at Jay who's bouncing on the soles of his feet a few yards away in the street. He smirks. Does he really think he's going to win? Will ponders as he makes his way over to the other man, stopping adjacent to him and smiling broadly at the other boy's obvious "high horse" demeanor. Jay continues to bounce up and down, shaking his hands, tilting his head left and right to loosen up his limbs.

"You ready?" Jay asks bending at the knees.

Will glowers and cocks a brow. "Took the words right of my mouth," he mocks as Jay lunges left and right. Jay only sneers and rights his footing. Will does the same.

"Whoever loses has to wash the other's car wearing a dress," Jay says making sure Will knows the terms of their agreement. "I've even convinced Kim to let you borrow one of hers so you're all set," Jay laughs.

Will shoots him a skeptical look and bends at the knee. "Who says I'm going to lose?" he asks. Jay turns his head and looks Will's way. "No one had to," he snickers.

Will rolls his eyes and turns to look down the empty stretch of road that leads to their home.



"You missed a spot," Tyler yells before bursting into ear splitting sirens of laughter. With water in his eyes he pops the top of a coke, takes a swig, and sits in a lawn chair. He hands Will his drink. "Okay, tell me how this happened again?"

Will sips lightly on his soda, his eyes wide as he video tapes Jay with his camera. He glances at Tyler and smirks. "I got lucky. I'm not afraid to admit it."

"How?" Tyler asks. The question lingers between them as they both watch Jay walk around Will's car in a pink, floral, strapless dress with a dripping sponge in his hand. He glowers at them both as he bends to scrub the car's tires.

"He ran into a trash can. That's how."

"He did not. Is he that blind?" Tyler says almost choking on his soda.

"No actually. His falling was my own doing." Will smirks at Tyler and begins to explain even before Tyler can ask.

"Jay has a huge ego. We both know that." Tyler nods and waits for him to continue. "There are only so many things that can frustrate him. One is mentioning Kim."

"You did not?" Tyler says leaning forward in his chair.

"I did," Will says with a cocky grin on his face.

"What did you say?"

"Only that I was sure that I knew every piece of clothing she owned because I helped her take them off."

Tyler practically chokes on his soda. "That was low even for you Will," he guffaws.

"I know, but he was about to beat me so I had to dish out the dirt. "If he can't take it he shouldn't dish it out."

"Then what happened?"

Will gestured to Jay who was on his knees scrubbing each hub cap with an old tooth brush, the back of his dress exposing his Scooby boxers.

"You're not going to post this in your blog are you?" Tyler asks then though that's exactly what he would do.

Will shakes his head. "I'm not that cold," he says feigning innocence. "I'll only play it at our next party." They both laugh and together they walk over to Jay. "'Lo Mama. Hey, when you get done with his car you can go wash mine," Tyler mocks. Jay stands up and throws a wet sponge at his head. "You're so dead," he says before chasing him around the lawn with Will video taking the entire thing.

"I love this place," Will whispers to himself as he follows them around the yard, turning to run when Jay stops chasing Tyler and comes after him.

The End