Everyone's Eyes

A/N: This is … kind of a…not story. It's…erm…I guess, like drabbles. These are important pieces of time and/or thoughts the characters have over Temari and Shikamaru's relationship. They are all sort of…intertwined with each other. The characters that get a lone chapter (luckies!) are those who see more of Temari and Shikamaru's lives together than others do, those who…are more important I guess to each person in the 'advancement' of their relationship. I have a few … mentions to other romantic relationships but they're…subtle…, I don't really SAY anything about the relations of anyone else. It's just me insinuating things. Take them as you see them and I hope you like this odd fic.

Chapter 1: Kankurou

(---)Kankurou, being the good brother that he was, often felt inclined to snoop into his sister's life. So what if he was the 'younger brother'? He still had a right to snoop and threaten as he saw fit.

This is why he was in Temari's room, scouring it, looking for some trace of what was going on in her life.

Kami knows the girl kept her lips shut tight.

A diary would've been nice.

And lucky him, his fingers closed around what seemed to be one.

As he flipped through it, his eyes caught six simple words. 'I think I might love him.' Reading further, he discovered she was talking about Dorisho. Some shinobi from his village.

He didn't say anything to Temari, but he kept a much closer eye on Dorisho from then on.

(---)It became apparent to him, that whatever Temari felt for Dorisho, wasn't love.

She'd go out on dates with the shinobi and kiss him, but it didn't seem like love. He told Gaara about it to gather his opinion, but the redhead just told him to mind his business.

Kankurou's biggest mistake was telling Temari that she shouldn't be with Dorisho if she didn't really love him; because while Temari didn't love Dorisho, it was painfully obvious that Dorisho loved her.

Kankurou was in the hospital for three weeks after that incident, and Temari refused to speak to him for three entire months.

Refused to cook for him too.

Temari could hold one hell of a grudge.

(---)Temari came home one day, plain shock on her face. Kankurou was quick to ask her what had happened.

"He proposed to me." She said in a blank daze.

He waited for her to tell him what she said to Dorisho. Whether she accepted or rejected.

She didn't say.

She merely dropped into a chair in the kitchen and stared at the wall.

"W-What did you say to him?" He asked, quick to spot there was no ring on her finger yet.


"Nothing…I, said nothing."

"What will you say to him?"

Her eyes clearly displayed her confusion – she seemed at a loss. "Kankurou, I don't think I want to marry him." She paused. "Shouldn't I want to marry the man I love?"

He shrugged. "I told you that I doubted you loved him." He didn't think before he said those words, but he thought after. He prepared himself to be attacked by her fan.

There was not a hit.

Her brow furrowed. "I…can't believe it, but…you're right…"

He was right.



(---)He'd never seen Dorisho look as disappointed as when Temari told him no.

But he'd also never see his sister so relived.

(---)He started noticing that when his sister came back from her duties as 'foreign ambassador' in Konoha she'd always be more…chipper. She'd smile more, and more often than not, she was less violent.

She cooked better too.

He began to get curious again.

(---)He tried reading her diary again, but she caught him and gave him hell for it too.

(---)One time when he went to go see the third portion of the Chuunin exams in Konoha, he discovered what made his sister so happy. It was pretty innocent, but revealing nonetheless. The day before the exams took place, he saw Temari playing Shogi with that shadow kid. (Who really wasn't a kid anymore) As she moved her piece, he noted her soft smile, the kindness in her eyes, the swaying of her hair. As the spiky haired ninja said something to his sister, he noted her blush.

And he knew.

His sister was really in love this time.

(---)How he knew?


The blush.

Temari was not the kind to blush. She didn't blush. Kankurou had thought Temari was scientifically incapable of producing a blush. No matter what the circumstances were the girl's cheeks were never tinted even the slightest bit of red.

(---)Shikamaru makes her blush.

It's funny really.

She has different blushes.

Kankurou has seen that Konoha-nin turn his sister into so many shades of red, he probably knows them all by now.

His favorite is when she looks like a tomato.

Because those are rare, and remind Kankurou that this boy really is something special.

Only someone special could make HIS sister blush like that.

(---)He asked the kid what he said to make his sister blush this one time when her face turned into a red so dark it reminded him of Konoha's foriegn ambassador.

The ambassador (only one, mind you) Gaara got along with well (not that the red-head ever let it really show that he disliked the other village's ambassadors).

Shikamaru had replied with a shrug, but from the glint in the kid's eye, Kankurou was quite positvie he did NOT want to know.

(---) He keeps an eye on Shikamaru.

If Temari ever found out, she would...do unpleasant things to him, but he's worried about his sister and he always will be.

(---)Temari asks Kankurou to be 'nice' to Shikamaru.

He isn't.

Temari hurts him.

He still isn't.

He'll probably never be 'nice' to Shikamaru in all his damn life.

Even if he does sort-of, kind-of, MAYBE like the kid.

(---)She's old (forgive me – older) and Shikamaru's old too now. They have kids living their own lives, working to make their own stories. They've been forgotten by the village's history like most ninja are.

He'd been worried, when he was young, that Temari's feeling for Shikamaru were only fleeting (and vice versa), but as he sees them now, he knows he was wrong.

They play shogi.

How boring, he teases them constantly.

They don't care.

Even now, the kid (Kankurou could never think of Shikamaru as anything else) could still make his sister flush as red as a vegetable.