Halloween Party!

An: Hey everyone! This is a Halloween story, so it'll probably end somewhere near Halloween. Ideas would be nice, but most of all, please enjoy!

"Che, what the heck does Atobe want with us again?" Shishido said annoyed. He plopped down on the leather couch in Atobe's third living room (yes, third).

Choutaro was twirling his necklace around, "Shishido-san, if Atobe-san called us again, it could be really important! Please don't be so rude!" He sat down next to Shishido.

Jiroh shifted in the other couch, he pulled the rug (or rather, blanket now) closer. "I want mousse pocky…" He mumbled in his sleep.

Oshitari sighed, "According to this little pamphlet, Atobe wants to do something Halloween related." He said, flipping through the invite.

Gakuto stood on his toes to see the small booklet. "Hmm, says that there would be a giant feast afterwards, and also—" He gasped. "The winner gets to be buchou for their team for a day! Well, unless you're already buchou, then they get to make their team do something completely random and not tennis related." He explained.

Shishido rolled his eyes, "Yet another stupid plan…" He said.

Hiyoshi almost grinned, "Gekokujyou…" he said silently to himself. If he had won, he could become buchou! Yes, he SHALL win!! If he was anyone but Hiyoshi, he could have laughed evilly.

Suddenly, the lights went off, everyone looked surprised and looked around. The doors behind them opened, in came some people dressed in the most colorful outfits most of them ever saw. Well, not really, all the maids were wearing black dresses with hot pink, so they would be seen in the dark. Their hairs were untied, and their faces were white.

Shishido rolled his eyes yet again and sighed, "Atobe, if this is to scare us, you got another thing coming."

"Gah! Yuushi! Hold me!" Gakuto jumped on Oshitari who sweat dropped.

"I stand corrected." Shishido muttered.

Fake thunder went on, Shishido jumped; no, he wasn't scared. Lights turned on, but they were red, orange, and pink. They showed pictures of skeletons, ghosts, and other monsters.

"T-this won't scare us." Shishido said, sweat dropping now.

"Yuushi! They'll eat me!!!" Gakuto shouted.

"Zzz… Zzz…" No one bothered to wonder how Jiroh could sleep through this. He just can because he's… JIROH!

Cackles of witches went off, ghostly sounds went off too. There was fake thunder starting. The wind was blowing.

"Atobe, just stop it already." Oshitari said, sighing.

The music stopped, the maids stood back against the wall, the doors opened again, the lights turned back on. Atobe stepped out, "Heh, so you weren't scared after all, ahn?"

Oshitari tried to pry off the red head that was grabbing on to his back. "Of course not, Atobe. Who else besides Gakuto would fall for something like this?"

"S-Shishido-san! Please get off of me!" Choutaro cried, even though he was glad that Shishido was holding on to him.

"C-Choutaro, I'm making sure you weren't scared by Atobe's horrible attempt to scare us." Shishido said; his voice was shaky. He was sitting even closer to Choutaro than before and his hand was clutching Choutaro's arm.

"…SHISHIDO GOT SCARED!!!" Gakuto jumped down from Oshitari and started to laugh his butt off in a corner.

Shishido got up, "Did not!" He said.

Just then, Jiroh got up and said, "Eh… Atobe? …What happened? …Did I miss something incredibly awesome?" He yawned and rubbed his eyes.

Atobe stepped up in front of the couch, he ordered a maid to pull a rope. Behind a giant curtain was a stage. He got up the stage and pulled out a microphone from out of nowhere. Perhaps he was holding on to it in his back pocket?

"Everyone," He said. Shishido covered his ears; apparently Atobe never thought that the sound system was a bit too loud, "Ore-sama has a special announcement to make, we will be in a celebration for Halloween. Each of us can make a costume, and we must all enter, because if you don't, you're out of the team." He threatened.

Gakuto sighed, "Is it just going to be us? That's boooooring." He said.

Atobe smirked, "Ore-sama thought that one of you might as that… No, it is not a team competition; it's an all school. Ore-sama believes Rikkaidai and Seigaku would definitely be there. Ore-sama thinks Yamabuki would be also, maybe a few of Fudomine, and all those other useless schools."

"Must we do this?" Shishido muttered.

"Shishido, forty laps for asking such a stupid question." Atobe ordered.

Shishido shot Atobe a glare before leaving.

"Ano, Atobe-san, when does this party start?" Choutaro asked.

Atobe chuckled, "Tomorrow. We shall all celebrate until Halloween, when we are all free to go."


"SUGEE!! I GET TO BE IN THE SAME HOUSE AS EVERYONE!!!" Jiroh jumped out of the couch. He pointed to Oshitari, "Oh! Oh! You can be the mommy, Gakkun can be the daddy, I'll be the oldest son, Choutaro is the baby, Shishido is the daughter, Kabaji can be the grandpa… and… Atobe can be the family's pet goldfish!!!"


"This is going to be a long Halloween…" Oshitari said to himself.

Meanwhile, in other schools…

"Lucky! We actually got invited to something!!" Sengoku exclaimed. "Hey," he held the invite up, "Anyone want to come with me? We can bring some cute girls!!"

"…" The whole team was quiet.

"Sengoku-sempai, I don't think anyone wants to go, desu…" Dan said, pointing out the obvious.

Sengoku made a pouting look, "Fine, fine, I'll go. If I come back with a girlfriend, you'll be sorry!" He grinned and ran off.

"…That was weird." Muromachi commented.

Everyone nodded.


Tachibana eyed the invite, he sighed, and announced to the team, "Does anyone care about going to Atobe's little dance party? We already planned a small Halloween party."

Kamio shook his head, "Nah, I'd rather spend Halloween here in Fudomine, Tachibana-san."

Mostly everyone nodded.

"It's kind of stupid for us to go when most of us aren't even well know…" Shinji mumbled. "Besides Tachibana-san, Kamio, Ann-chan, and I, no one else is known well. Maybe Ishida is known, but I think that's all…" He continued on.

And so, Fudomine declined because everyone rather spend the holidays with each other, everyone can go "awww," now for various of reasons.

Jyousei Shounan…

"Youhei, do you want to go?" Kouhei asked.

Youhei took a bite out of his twin's lunch. "No, you?"

"…Not really."

And so, the Tanaka twins threw away the invite before showing it to their buchou, meaning, no one got the invitation, so no one went.


"Oi, everyone! Look what I found!!!" Kentaro shouted.

Ryou sighed, "A new beauty magazine that some girl dropped?"

Kentaro shook his head, "Better!"

"Is it my pencil case? I couldn't find it." Bane said.


"Is it a movie to see Pokemon? I can bring pocky. PTH." (Pun, sometimes you can pronounce Pokemon as POCKY-MON, well, my dad does…)

KICK! "That doesn't even make sense!" Bane shouted.

"It's not whatever you just said…" Kentaro said, sweat dropping. "Do you want the answer?"

"Why? Why do we want the answer? Why?" Itsuki asked.

Kentaro sighed, "It's an invitation to Atobe's Halloween party!! I told him we would all go!! Isn't that great?"

Ryou rolled his eyes, "Incredible." He said emotionlessly.



"So did anyone find Bane-san's pencil case?" Saeki asked. (credits to forgotten Hyoshi for pointing this out, what WAS I thinking?)



Fuji smiled, "Tezuka found an invite to Atobe's party, so I signed us up already. Whoever doesn't go, gets to get out of the team unless it was an emergency."

Ryoma raised his hand. "My dad is sick so I can't go."

"Saa, that's too bad Echizen… I heard that almost every good tennis player would be there. Too bad, I guess you can challenge them some other time."

"…I'll go then."

"That's good, Echizen." Fuji said.

St. Rudolph! Woot!

"Nfu, look what I got, everyone." Mizuki said, holding the pamphlet out.

"Oh, is it a ticket to see TeniMyu?" Yuuta asked.


"Uh, never mind." He said.

"Dane, an all you can eat buffet?"

"A ticket that Ryou and I can use to get out of here and finally see China like how we dream we would go together to?" Kisarazu Atsushi asked.


Mizuki sighed, "You're all so clueless. No wonder this is the only invitation we might ever get… No everyone, this is a ticket to Atobe's party. Do you want to go?"

"Would I get to see Ryou?"

"Probably," Mizuki said, smirking. He faced Yuuta, "Yuuta-kun, you can probably see Fuji-kun there too."

"Aniki? I'll go then!" Yuuta said, still feeling sad that it wasn't a ticket to see TeniMyu…

"Good, nfu." Mizuki said, "Resume practice."

"I'm the captain, why can't I make any decisions?" Akazawa muttered angrily to himself.


"Genichirou, please stand aside so I can make the announcement." Yukimura said.

"Yukimura, if it hurts your throat or anything, I'll announce it."

"I'm fine, Gen."

Sanada sighed and walked off.

"99.99 chance that it's an invitation to Atobe's party…." Yanagi calculated.

"Everyone, like Yanagi said, we're going to Atobe's party." Yukimura announced.

Pop. "Buchou, do we all have to go?" Marui asked.


Niou smirked. "Can I dress as Yagyuu?


"Can I go as a fairy princess?" Kirihara joked.

"…Odd, but yes."

"Can I make out with Yagyuu right here in front of everyone?" Niou asked, grinning a perverted smile that might even surpass Sengoku's (wow!).

"…No, Niou."

Yagyuu slapped Niou. "Don't think such thoughts at such an age, Niou-kun."

"Oh come on! You know you want to!" Niou said, still smirking.

Yagyuu slapped Niou again. "Please Niou-kun, refrain yourself."

Niou pouted and sulked away.

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