Halloween Party

Final Chapter, guys. Be HAPPY MAN!

"We're going to die… Yuushi is never going to find me… my rotting carcass will never be found…" Gakuto muttered on.

"Nya… nya… I want food… I want sushi… I'm starved…" Eiji said.

"…magical broom closet… WORK DAMMIT! WORK!!" Marui screamed at it. "GIVE ME FOOD!!"



"We're lost," Atobe announced.

"And it's all your fault," Sanada said.

"No it's not."



"It's your fault, you just have to admit it. You'll feel better."


"Yes, Echizen?"

"Is Sanada-san talking more than usual today?" Ryoma whispered to the Seigaku captain.

Tezuka nodded, "Yes, he is."

Sanada pulled his cap down. "I am not…" He muttered to himself.

"If you love monkey king that much, just marry him… che…" Ryoma said.

Sanada gave Ryoma a glare.

Atobe raised a brow, "Well, well, Sanada, Ore-sama didn't know you didn't like anyone but Yukimura… and maybe that little brat of yours, what's his name? Oh yes, Kirihara."

Sanada now faced Atobe and glared at him, he wanted to shout in Atobe's face about disrespecting the Yukimura Seiichi.

"Che… if you get married, I fear about your kids…" Ryoma said.

"…" Sanada didn't want to think about the kids part. Arrogant, rich, short mini versions of Atobe? No! That would be a nightmare!

"Sanada..." Tezuka said. "You're twitching..." he paused.

"Don't say it, don't say it..." Echizen begged mentally.

"Yudan sezu ni ikou!"

"He said it..." Echizen thought sighing mentally.

"...?" Sanada looked at Tezuka. He bellowed, "TARUNDORU!!"

"Ore-sama no bigi ni yoi na..." Atobe said letting his sparklies show.

"Mada mada dane..."


"It's cramped in here..." Oishi said.

"No duh...did you think it would be nice and comfortable?" Niou said annoyed.

"So...you said something was in your pants Yagyuu..." Renji said.


"Take it out..." Inui said.

"...It's a HAND...I don't want to touch it..."

"Niou..." Renji said. "Could you be a dear and take out the thing in Yagyuu's pants?"

"Sure!" and Niou reached over.

"...That's my shirt Niou-san..." Oishi said.

"Whoops. Sorry." Niou reached over yet again.

"That's my hair..." Inui said.

"No wonder...Yagyuu's pant's aren't that fuzzy..."


"Sorry. I'm guessing that was your foot?"


"We're getting nowhere..." Renji said sighing. "Yagyuu why don't you take it out of YOUR pants?"

"But I don't want to touch it..."

"If you take it out of your pants, I'll make sure Niou never harasses you again..." Renji sighed. Yeah right.

"Okay..." Yagyuu looked away and pulled it out.

"WHY IS IT RED?!" Oishi cried out.


"Looks cold and slimy..."

Suddenly the door opened.

"Oshitari-kun!" Yagyuu brightened.

"Oshitari-kun!" Niou mocked to himself.

"Hi," Oshitari said. "Getting you out." Oshitari pulled Yagyuu's arm. "You ok?"

"Ohhh, I'm so dying. Save me Oshitari-kun…" Niou mocked.

"…Why are your pants--… never mind…" Oshitari muttered.

Yukimura smiled, "Have your fun already? Let's go then. Oh… hello Renji."

"Care to pull me out?"

Yukimura smiled his "I'm so sadistic, but you don't know that" smile and pulled Renji out. And ONLY Renji.

"…What about me?!" Niou shouted squeezed in between Oishi and Inui and Kabaji.

Yukimura closed the door. "Let's go team," He said.

"We're forgetting Niou-kun."

"Yagyuu, I thought you didn't WANT Niou to harass you." Renji said.

"Yeah… but don't you think it's rude to keep Niou-kun in there? And besides, you're not in our team."

"Now I am." Yanagi gave him his, "Oh I can so change whatever it is you throw at me" smile.

"…Good enough."

"GET BACK HERE!!!" Niou's shout was heard through the door. "HEYYYY!!! I'M DYING HERE!!! YAGYUU!!! SAVE MEEEEE!!! SAVE YOUR DEAR SEME/MADIEN!!!"

Yagyuu twitched and walked off further.



"Your mom." Mizuki muttered.

"Your face, dane."

"I know my face is beautiful, unlike you."

Yanagisawa gasped, obviously offended, "Dane… well… well… I bet you have ugly sisters, dane!"

"I bet your family ran away from you when you were little because you were so ugly so you were raised by ducks."

"I bet both of you are going to die a horrible bloody silent death if you don't shut your traps." Fuji said as nicely as he could. He was SMILING!!

"I bet I'm going to die if I stay here any longer…" The younger Fuji muttered.

"Saa… let's hurry then." Fuji said. "I'm missing my show."

"Aniki… it's 10:30, there ARE no shows that you like at this time." Yuuta said.

"I'm missing my, "Where's Tezuka?" show."

"Oh… that's different."

"I'm missing my laundry! Oh I hope mother didn't wash my clothes along with my other smelly cousins…" Mizuki cried.

"You probably smell more than they do, dane."


"Speechless, dane?"

"…Well… well… Your mom must be beastly!"

"Oh no you didn't, dane!"

"And you must be some sort of evil monster!"

Yanagisawa gasped. "I am NOT, dane."

"Oh you so are!"


"You are the worst, Mizuki, dane!"


"Well, well… your face!"


"That didn't even make sense, dane!"

"LISTEN TO ME, GUYS!!!!" Screamed Yuuta.

"…Yuuta-kun, you didn't need to yell…" Mizuki said.

"WHAT IS IT, DANE?!" Yanagisawa shouted.

"We crossed the finish line…" Yuuta announced.


"Say what, dane?"

Fuji smiled his "I'm going to be a NINJA and kill you off later" smile and said, "We crossed the line when you were yelling at each other."

Mizuki and Yanagisawa looked behind them, and there they were, outside the building with a sign in front of them saying, "Congrats! You made it!"

"…You should thank me. If it weren't for me, you would've never gotten here." Mizuki boasted.

"No, dane! Thank me, dane!!"


Yuuta shook his head in defeat, WHY DID HE GO TO ST. RUDOLPH?!


"Oh, and then she did WHAT?" Jackal cried.

"She ditched her boyfriend and married his brother!"



Akaya yawned, "What are they talking about anyways?"

Sengoku shrugged.

"Ohmygosh! Really?"

"Yes! She did marry his brother!"

"Sengoku-san… where ARE we?" Kirihara asked.

"In heaven, because this is the only time I can carry you without you complaining." Sengoku said, grinning.

"…My sister told me if I struggle, I might find myself chained without clothes on a certain Yamabuki guy's bed." Akaya cried horrified. (See "Marui got WHAT!" for details)

Sengoku grinned his "Oh I'm so perverted but you don't know" grin. "Really now? Hmmm… gives me ideas…"

"Actually, I think she said "in my boxers." When I asked why with no clothes… But I'm sure you'll be nice and NOT take it off, right? Besides… you're probably going to umm… play go fish with me!" Kirihara cried, really hoping it was go fish.

"Sure, sure, go fish."

"Whoa, and what did her third cousin do?"

"No! No! She's a fake! She's actually her long lost sister!" Akazawa said.

"No… really?"

"Yes really!"

"Why chained though?" Kirihara asked. "I don't wanna be chained!"

"…Because that "certain person" doesn't want you running away?" Sengoku asked.

"…But… But… CHAINED!!" Kirihara cried. "Why would I run away from GO FISH?"


Meanwhile, this team not really doing anything was just walking along.

"Ugh..." Shishido said. "I want to go home..."

"But Shishido-san!" Ohtori whined. "Don't you want to have fun?"

"Not here...I would rather stay at home playing video games than being stuck in a dress, walking through strawberry punch, walking with weirdos, AND STAYING NEAR ATOBE AND HIS STUPID HOUSE!!!"

"Someone's getting cranky..." Hiyoshi muttered.

"YOU WANNA HAVE A GO NINJA-BOY?!" Shishido said lunging for Hiyoshi. Thankfully, Ohtori, Kaidoh, and Momo were there to restrain Shishido from inflicting harm on Hiyoshi. Yeah right.

"Bring it, Queen." Hiyoshi taunted.

"ARGH!!" Shishido struggled to kill/maim/strangle/throttle/whatever he wanted to do to Hiyoshi.

"Shishido-san you shouldn't!" Ohtori said. "It's not nice!"

"Yeah you shouldn't." Kaidoh struggled to keep Shishido away from Hiyoshi.

"Yeah! Listen to the viper!" Momo said. "He's actually right for once!"

"What'd you say?" Kaidoh said letting go of Shishido. "You think that water tastes like strawberry punch moron!"

"What did you say?" Momo said also letting go of Shishido. "I didn't come as something stupid for Halloween!"

"I didn't come as something unreasonable! Like yours!"

"Uh...guys?" Ohtori said nervously. "I need help..."

Shishido ran for Hiyoshi, but the younger boy had his AWESOME NINJA SKILLZ and got out of the way.




"Ohmygoshies, really?" Jackal cried. "I thought his step brother was her ex!"

"No, her step brother actually committed suicide!"

"Can't we just get life over with?" Kirihara asked.

"WE'RE TALKING HERE!" Jackal cried.

Sengoku peered ahead, "Hey, isn't that a door way outta here?"

Kirihara looked, "Yeah. Let's run for it so the other two drama queens can just run after us." He pointed forward, "Sengoku-san! FORWARD CHARRRGEEEE!!!"

Sengoku ran forward and crashed into the door. Yes. STUPID.

Jackal looked at the two as if they were crazy. Well, they sort of ARE.

Kirihara got up and opened the door, "WE WINNNN!!!" He exclaimed as he ran out. He noticed team MYSY. "NOOOOOO!!!!!"

Sengoku climbed out after him, "I don't mind."

"OH MY GOSH!! IT'S MY EVIL TWIN!" Kirihara shouted, pointing at MIZUKI.

Mizuki gasped, "How dare you! I come from a family of better people than…" he looked at Akaya and his costume. "than you, little girl."

"Who're you calling a little girl? THAT'S IT!!!" Kirihara lunged for Mizuki. "I'M NOT A LITTLE GIRLLLL!!!"

"A-aniki, we should help!" Yuuta said.

Fuji stood there, smiling his "oh let Mizuki die and get it over with" smile.

"And you're not going to right?"

Fuji smiled some more.

"That's it, dane! BEAT MIZUKI UP, DANE!" Yanagisawa cheered.

Sengoku ran over there and pulled Akaya out by the waist. Kirihara looked like a cat trying to attack another one at that moment… except for the clothes. "Calm down, Kirihara-kun…" He said.

Mizuki glared at Akaya, "You're the worst."

"I hope you go bald."

The purple prince (of gayness)—er… Mizuki gasped, "You did NOT say that…"

"Oh yes I did!"

"Can we just settle this, I mean, we did win." Sengoku said.

"No, actually we won, dane." Yanagisawa said.

"Do we win a consolation prize?"

Yanagisawa shook his head, "I don't think so, dane."

"That sucks," Sengoku said sadly. "Not even a second place prize…"

Yanagisawa nodded, "I feel for ya, buddy, dane."


"Renji, how far are we from the outside?" Yukimura asked, smiling his "WORHSIP ME. NOW." Smile.

Renji looked around, "We're three inches away from the door leading us out." He replied.

Oshitari looked at the door, and being the normal person he was, he was about to open it before he was mauled/attacked/jumped/almost killed/whatever by Niou Masaharu.


"Niou-kun! Calm down!" Yagyuu cried, prying Niou away from the attacked Oshitari, which gave the tensai some time to open the door and climb safety out.

"Did we win?" Yukimura asked, looking out the door and found… "Ooh, Akaya, how nice to see you! You still look very cute in that costume."

Akaya flushed, "Thank you, buchou…" He mumbled. Yes, he's that polite to his captain. Not to anyone else.

Yagyuu and the others walked out. "So, we're in third?" The Gentleman asked.

Yuuta nodded, "We're first, then their team," He said pointing to team JAKS.

"Ah, I see…" Yukimura said, smiling his "how dare you win, I shall kill you all besides the Rikkai regulars tonight."


"We're lost… " Ryoma muttered. "Stupid Hyoutei Monkey King… already admit that we're lost already…"

"Echizen, I heard that," Atobe said, giving Ryoma a glare.

"We are lost." Sanada said, tugging at his hat. "Just admit it, Keigo—er… I mean, Atobe."

"…Ok… I'm not even going to ask…" Ryoma said.

"Geni—er… Sanada, you idiot." Atobe muttered.

Suddenly, Tezuka crashed into a door. GASP! How could he have done that? We DON'T know, so don't expect answers, let's say, HE JUST DID. "Oof." Was all he said.

Atobe opened the door, "WHAT? WE'RE FOURTH!?" He bellowed as he heard the other talk.

"Y-Yukimuraaaaa!!!" Sanada said and ran (not really) to Yukimura. "Are you alright? Did you get hurt? Where were you?"

Yukimura sweatdropped, "Of course not, Gen."

Sanada sighed, "That's good."

"FUKUBUCHOU!" Kirihara exclaimed. "I was being harassed by HIM!" He pointed to Sengoku who waved, "And Jackal-sempai didn't do anything about it!! He kept jabbering on about some show!!"

Sanada frowned, "Jackal…" SANADA SLAP!

"…" Jackal stared at Sanada… and then Akazawa… and then Sanada… and then back to Akazawa and started to talk again.



"We're dead… we're definitely dead…" Marui muttered. "We probably lost…"

"WAHHHH!!! I WANT OUT!!!" Jiroh exclaimed.

"MAGICAL BROOM CLOSET, PLEASE BRING ME OUTTTT!!!" Kentaro cried, bowing at the closet.


"Kabaji… get your hand off my head…" Oishi said. "After Niou-san left, I feel more squished…"


"Data… data… data…" Inui chanted. "I believe Renji would be already out…"

"Why did Niou-san ditch us?" Oishi asked. "WHY?"

"Ano… I don't think I should be talking… but… I think it's because he hates us or he just doesn't like us…" Kabaji said quietly.

"Day XX, Kabaji can talk…" Inui murmured to himself. "Ii data…"

"Ow… ow… ow…" Oishi cried. "My foot fell asleep… and Inui, you're sitting on it…"

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