Title: And Newton Was Right

Chapter: 1/14

Author: Pinku Aisu Kuriimu

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Rating: T

Warnings: mpreg, crack, ooc

Pairing: L/Raito

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Chapter 1 Discovering

Raito woke up. Alone, finally. Yesterday L had taken off the chains. Finally! But for some reason, he wasn't feeling really nice. In his humor, he was great! L would finally die! His perfect world would finally be born and have no intermission.


For some reason he was feeling a bit sick lately…

Really, really ill.

He didn't know why, it was a headache when he woke up, a sickness. Lately, he was throwing up everyday when he woke up. When it had started, two months ago, he thought it was because of that darn liquor chocolate he had eaten two weeks before. But now, it was two months later and it was still happening!

Of course, he had some days without it. But then, the sickness came when he ate breakfast, or lunch, or dinner, or when anyone else did…

Like now…

L was eating his usual sweets. A cake more exactly. A chocolate and strawberry cake, even more exactly.

The smell of chocolate and strawberry just made him sick.

L eating just made him even sicker.

Why couldn't he be a normal person and eat like one?

Why couldn't he sit like a normal person?

Why couldn't he dress like a normal person?

L just pissed the hell out of him.

Why couldn't he just die!

Damn it. Damn it. Damn it.

Damn super-smart weirdo with a really high QI and best detective in the World…

Damn Mon Cherry Chocolates…

He hated liquor…

Ok… He was some kind of angrier lately, but it was normal -imagine having to have headache and sickness everyday, this wouldn't piss you off too?

And beside, since he had regained his memory, he remembered how irritating L was. Plus when he was without memory and concluded he was irritating without needing to be Kira…

So, his anger towards L was really a normal thing, through everything that had happened.

Nothing suspicious or even related to his sickness!

And speaking of sickness, Raito's face was turning green! He couldn't wait anymore! He had to go and puke! Damn L and his candies!

Now he had another! And this is a fig pie!

It's even worse!

"Are you okay Raito-kun? Your face seems to be an abnormal shade of green…" L asked, eating his pie.

Damn L, always pretending to be worried. Pretending he cared about Raito.

"Yes, I'm fine, thank you for asking, Ryuuzaki," Raito said, in the best smile he could do.

"Really? You were feeling sick it's been some time; you should take care of what you eat. Maybe it's making you ill."

Take care of what he eats? What did HE eat? HE was the one whom only fed himself candies and sweets, HE should take care of what he eats! Raito's nourishment was just fine!

Raito smiled again.

"Well, I'm feeling a little bit sick, but I'm sure it's nothing, but thank you for the concern, Ryuuzaki," he said, going back to work. Maybe L would notice and do the same and leave the damn candies!


"Really, I'm ok! Why do you care so much?" IF he really cares…But why did he care so much about this?

L just stared at him. With those penetrating eyes he had. It made Raito mad. He could tell.

Actually, he could tell Raito seemed abnormally mad for some time. He'd been quite interested and preoccupied at the same time. Raito's temper seemed to rise for the smallest reason…

It was suspicious. And quite dangerous too.

If Raito was Kira, and Raito got mad, then Kira's murders could increase, or even lessen, but nothing like that had happened. If this was happening, Raito was an incredible actor, he could tell. He could just hide his anger so well, nobody, besides L, should have noticed. And that was just because he knew Raito so well… It must be because they stayed chained together for so long or perhaps because their IQs were so close. But the truth was Raito couldn't fool L about his emotions. When he was hiding something, L knew.

And he was now.

"Because…" L started his answer, "If you are sick, then the investigation will slow down."

"Oh Really? It was because of that?" Raito thought, at the moment, he wanted to strangle L. But he knew he should control his emotions, but it was quite difficult many times. "Oh… Well I promise you, if I get worse I'll go and get some medicine, but for now, I will do what I can to not slow down the investigation."

Raito was smiling. But L could tell he was pissed off. God he was pissed off. But couldn't do much, any other answer would be suspicious or he would notice it was a lie… L sighed. It would be a long day…

Luckily, they were without the chains now… If not, one more day and L was afraid Raito would use it to strangle him… Raito being or not being Kira…

Raito lay in his bed. The day finally was over, after throwing up three times, plus that damn L constantly eating those stinky sweets… Damn it! Why was this was happening? Why why why? It couldn't be just a flu or something… it had been happening for two months damn it!

He remembered the night two weeks before its start.

No No No! That was just a consequence of those liquored chocolates…

Why did L have to bring those chocolate and cherry liquor for them?

"Mon Cherry, my dear," he'd said…

And he had accepted… Happily. He still surprised himself with the things he used to do when he was without memory…


He couldn't change that. Anyway. If that had anything to do with it, then that just meant L transmitted some sort of sexual disease to him… no, no… L wasn't the kind of guy who did those kinds of things with those kinds of people… or even regularly… But even so… L always surprised him, so this wasn't an impossible possibility.

That, or he was actually a girl inside and got pregnant. He laughed, no, no, he had already seen it on books, TV internet and sorts. He already did all the tests when he was a kid and was sure that he was one hundred percent male.

"Maybe Ryuuku knows something about…" Raito thought, totally desperate surely. But then he looked around. And he finally noticed he hadn't seen Ryuuku for some time. A lot of time, actually… "Where the heck did he go to?" At this time no one was looking at Raito anymore, since he wasn't one of L's suspects anymore… "Ah! Whatever! I'll kill him when he comes back!"

He thought, but at this moment, Ryuuku came back.

"Hey hey! Raito! I got some news for you!" Ryuuku came in saying.

"Hmn?" Raito looked at him, looking uninterested.

"I was up there, you know, above everything… And I found out something about you… They decided to ground you for your actions…" In this moment Raito looked at him, very interested "…So now, because you're one of the death note owners who took more lives… They decide you should generate one…" What the hell? "Raito… You're screwed…"


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