Title: And Newton Was Right

Chapter: 14/14

Author: Pinku Aisu Kuriimu

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Pairing: L/Raito

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Epilogue: True Happiness

Seven years later, Raito and L were still living together. They had moved sometime ago now, to other countries and cities several times, and now they were in a small city in a calm and small country with a good temperature, no violence, and friendly neighborhood. It was the perfect place to raise children.

And besides, Raito and L had enjoyed so much having the children, that they did not have just Kuroi and Chairoi. They had Kuroi, Chairoi, seven year old twins, Tsuki (moon), Sora (sky), Kaze (wind), the four year old triplets, one year old Hana (flower), and the upcoming Sakura (Cherry flower) who was still inside Raito's Seven months pregnant belly. They were now a happy family. Raito, who had accumulated some weight from the pregnancies over the years, didn't work, of his own accord, he just raised his children and took care of his perfect house (he didn't trust maids), and L brought money to the house as the Greatest Detective in the World, it was good because he worked in the home, but bad because he was stuck inside his office room, which made Raito pissed.

L knew he shouldn't make Raito pissed, after the triplets pregnancy, which he got so stressed he had heart problems and the doctor had to prescribe him pills to calm him down, what made him drugged and weird all day long, L tried to be more present.

At Hana's pregnancy, the doctor decided Raito didn't need the medicine anymore, and took them off, the chestnut-hared man wasn't pissed, wasn't drugged, so, he was happier than ever. L was satisfied too. And now, he could enjoy a normal pregnancy, of his seventh child, he just hoped everything would be okay…

Raito was in the kitchen making dinner, Chairoi, Kuroi, Tsuki, Kaze and their brother Sora were at school, so just Hana was with him. L was too, but he was just terrible at cooking. And at the moment, the little baby was playing between the kitchen and the living room, getting anything she saw to make dinner, trying to help her mom cook.

"Mummy" She talked as she made her little steps to the kitchen. Raito looked at her and grabbed what she had in her hands. It was a flake of dust.

"Tasty" Raito commented as he cleaned his hands from the dust, and the phone rang. He put it in his hands and then to the ear "Hello… Again? But… Okay… Okay… We're going… Bye…"He turned off

"RYUUZAKII!" Raito screamed the nickname, it was just better to yell it then L, his real name.

"What?" L walked down the stairs.

"There was another call from Chairoi and Kuroi's school"


"Yeah…" Raito nodded "They exploded something again…" They sighed… They didn't know how they were able to explode everything they saw… but they were… Probably a consequence from Raito's mood at the pregnancy (the bad mood) and the presence of Mello on it too…

"I'm going…" L said turned backwards to get out to the car.

They couldn't believe it.


They were running out of choices of schools already…

Hours later, Raito was trying to cook dinner as Hana gave him anything she saw (the last thing was her doll) and Chairoi and Kuroi were playing in the backyard, which made it very hard to focus because it was just so loud! Why couldn't they blow something upin silence?

But, the triplets should be back from school soon. He just heard the door opening. Perfect timing.

He rushed to the door. "Hey kids, how was school?"

"Okay" The three answered in one sound. Raito looked at their black emotionless eyes, their lips with no smile, no expression on their face, the pale skin on them, the black hair on the girl (Tsuki) who had two pig tails and the brown hair on the two boys (Kaze and Sora). The way they always spoke together every time… They were just so cute! "We cut a dead frog today"

"Really? Great! Did you like it?"

"It was okay…" They answered together again. Everybody told them they were weird, but Raito and L couldn't see why. The Dectetive thought the excessive use of medicine to make Raito calm during the pregnancy would result in some sort of condition on the children… But that obviously didn't happen!

"Great! Dinner's almost ready!"

At dinner, everybody ate together, the seven kids (including the one inside Raito's belly), Raito and L, all at the dinner table, which was freakishly big, to support everybody, all the food (because the twins ate a lot, and Raito even more).

But they didn't care. They were living the perfect life. Raito didn't even notice it was a punishment from the Gods, maybe didn't even remember. Ryuuku disappeared long ago. And if this was a consequence, they couldn't have chosen a better one for him.

It was just perfect.

"L, eat your vegetables!"

That was the true happiness.


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