Kisame groans as Itachi's nails carve out chunks of his skin. The Uchiha has a grip of iron, the talons of a bird of prey, and a tendency to hold on with everything he has as he's fucked. The noises he's making are raw, animalistic, intermingled with curses, threats of what will happen if Kisame stops, and filthy whisperings of what he wants his partner to do to him.

Kisame can feel Itachi's breath hot on his cheek and neck as the Uchiha moans loudly, grinding himself ever harder into his partner's crotch. Kisame replies by grabbing Itachi's ponytail and dragging his head back, exposing his neck to seeking teeth. A few harsh thrusts later Itachi quivers, giving one last, drawn out moan as Kisame keeps fucking him, pulling him closer to his chest and crushing him there as his orgasm crashes over him, leaving him gasping for breath.

For a few seconds they are stationary, arms around each other, panting and leaning on each other as if co-dependent. But the moment ends. With his huge chest still heaving, Kisame relaxes his grip on Itachi, letting him stand on shaking legs and walk to the bathroom, shutting the door behind him, making it obvious he doesn't want company.

Kisame flops down onto the mattress, sighing. Itachi is a dirty little slut before sex, a filthy whore during sex, and a cold lump of stone afterwards. He's pretty much used to it, now. After their first time, he was quite shocked when Itachi abandoned him for the shower and came back serious and awkward, but now he sees it as just another one of Itachi's many eccentricities.

Within a few minutes the Uchiha re-emerges, getting into bed with Kisame and lying stiffly by his side, a couple of stray wet hairs sticking to the Mist-nin's arm. He is unapologetic. He probably doesn't understand how strange he is. How cold he becomes. Kisame sighs, laying an arm over Itachi possessively.

Itachi looks at him, then turns onto his side, facing the wall, letting Kisame's arm rest over his slender waist. Kisame can't decide if it's an invitation or a rejection, so he takes the more positive option and moves closer. The pillow is wet from Itachi's hair, but it doesn't bother him much.

"You're a minx," He whispers, on a whim.

Itachi breathes in, out and in again before laying his hand over Kisame's and squeezing briefly.

Kisame hopes it's a sign that Itachi is warming up to the idea of post-coital intimacy.

But then, knowing the Uchiha, it could also be a warning that if he leaves his hand there, Itachi will break it for him…