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Pale eyes look on as the steam wafts up from the bowl, mulling over what was just said.

"A-Are you sure?"

Hesitant. Cute.

He smiles wickedly but covers it up with a cough.

"Just one drop would do. When he eats the ramen he will fall instantly in love with you…that is, if you're the first person he sees," he shrugs, looking on as she worries her lip with her teeth.

Clutching her shirt tightly, she nods her head in understanding. Pushing off the wall he starts towards her, smile wide and glasses glinting from the artificial lighting above them. "Are you going to him now?" His smooth and cool voice betrays the fact that he's chuckling on the inside in pure glee and mischief.


Brushing past her and towards the door, he throws over his shoulder a 'Good luck' and exits.


Hinata Hyuga: age sixteen, current heiress of the Hyuga Clan and very much in love with one Naruto Uzumaki.



Love is like a plague that leaves you suffering.

That is how she defines love. If asked why she would reply: "It was unexpected, my love for him, and during that period of my life I suffered in silence because I knew that those three words would never leave my lips and reach his ears."

Of course, it would contain the customary stuttering.

Love makes you crazy, delusional and most of the time you're so ensnared within Love's grasp that you resort to insane and unconventional measures to capture your love's heart.

Like what she was resorting to. A love potion that would last for only two weeks.

Ridiculous? Indeed.

Desperate? Hell yeah.

But who could blame her? It was unexpected! She couldn't stop looking at his carefree smiles and eyes that shone so brilliantly in this dull, boring world. She was drawn to his bright personality and his smiles did things to her.

That was when Kabuto Yakushi, a strange upperclassman, approached her on the subject.

"…having difficulty getting someone's attention, huh?"

Hinata gasped, going rigid as the warm breath tickled her neck.

"Maybe I can help…"

When he proposed the idea of using a love potion she had been skeptical.

"I-I don't know…"

He smiled charmingly at her, eyes softening and said, "You're so shy…you can't seem to work up the courage to speak to him, your heart nearly jumps out of your chest whenever you brush past him in the hallways and you can't breathe when you think of how it would be with him…"

She flushed, looking down to hide her face. Even though he was creepy…what he was saying was true. She was too shy…too shy to do anything…

Reaching out his hand, Kabuto cupped her face and brought his closer to hers. "Don't you think," he whispered, "that it's time to do something about this?"

He was right, he was absolutely right. She should do something. "…but what?"

Stepping away from her he pulled out a vial and held it up for her to inspect. "Like I suggested before, this love potion would do the trick. It will give you two weeks to truly capture his heart but if you don't by the end…you'll have nothing, Hinata-chan."

"Love is a gamble, are you willing to take that risk?"

It frightened her, the fact that she would be left with nothing if she failed to make him truly love her but she remembered his words -

"Don't you think," he whispered, "that it's time to do something about this?"

-and accepted the gamble.


She was shaking. And sweating.

Hinata was sure she was about to have a heart attack.

Her eyes darted about anxiously, seeking a certain blue-eyed male with blond hair. When they stopped on his form she breathed a sigh of relief to see Naruto snoozing on his desk, completely oblivious to his surroundings.

It made her mission much easier if he was asleep.

Eyeing the students in the classroom, Hinata was grateful that none paid her any attention. Quickly, she dropped the container in her hands near Naruto's head as she passed by his desk and towards her own. Sitting down she clutched at her chest, breathing hard. It was done. Now all she had to do was wait until he wakes up and ensure that she's in his line of sight when he's finished tasting the ramen she prepared. Correction, the ramen she prepared laced with the love potion.

If only it was so easy.

Loud voices drew her attention towards the door where a dark haired, pale young man was tangled with a certain pink headed girl.

"But Sasuke-kun-!"

"No, Sakura. Now get off!" The guy called Sasuke snarled, untangling himself and bolting into the classroom.

Hinata watched in fascination as the girl huffed and stalked away and then turned to study the boy. She knew who he was, only because he was Naruto's best friend. He was in the same year and class as her. Most girls in the school were taken with him but Hinata found him cold. He was handsome but he didn't inspire the same feelings she had for Naruto.

So caught up in her thoughts about Sasuke, she failed to notice him opening the container that held the special ramen meant only for Naruto. Only when she heard him mutter, "Mind if I eat this, baka? Of course not, you're sleeping and I don't give a damn anyway…I'm starving…"

Hinata snapped to attention and saw (to her horror) Sasuke lifting the container and bringing it to his lips.


Bolting up, Hinata gasped when she saw Sasuke swallow.

"N-No," she choked and stepped towards the boy. "Don't!"

Heart pounding against her ribs and eyes wide, Hinata stood frozen as his eyes settled on her form.

Something passed over his face that had her paling.

"Hey, Hyuga?" he said, staring straight into her eyes. "Would you like to…go out with me?"



Hinata's mind was reeling. For a brief second life had made sense but now…now!

This did not make sense and she was terrified.


Sasuke sighed, stuffing his hands in his pockets. "I'm asking you out Hyuga."

"H-Hina-ata," she corrected absently, swaying a little. His eyebrow arched in a silent question and she choked out, "M-My name, that's m-my n-name. Hinata not H-Hyuga."

She shrank away from his blank stare and averted her eyes, mentally berating herself for correcting the worst person in the school (in her opinion).

"Well," he paused and she could practically hear him rolling his eyes, "Hinata-chan, would you mind going out with me?"

Too much, it was too damn much. Gripping the hem of her skirt tightly Hinata forced a smile onto her lips, cheeks flushed and eyes wide and seeing stars, before succumbing to the embrace of oblivion that was calling out to her.

What she did not feel was the strong arms that caught her, keeping her from acquainting herself with the ground.


This isn't happening.

She groaned.

Please, it had to be a dream…

He laughed.

Sweet mother of all that is pure and holy, why me?

"Sasuke Uchiha? Personality is downright frosty. Perfect looks, perfect grades and not so perfect disciplinary records…what a mess, Hinata-chan."

She buried her head in her hands.

"W-What am I going to do?!" Hinata sniffled, peeking at the gray haired bespectacled man in front of her bed. Apparently someone had carried her to the Nurse's Office when she fainted.

"Good question," Kabuto smiled (An evil smile, Hinata mused). "I suggest you…figure it out yourself. Ja!"

Hinata watched in shock as he walked out the door, leaving her to wallow in her misery.

Dropping back down onto the bed (hard bed, very hard bed) she curled up into the fetal position, tears of frustration going unnoticed as they dropped onto the pillow.

It cannot be undone…the effects will last for two weeks…I could-no! Uchiha-san is so cold and scary, not like Naruto…not even close and-and he's so easily tempered…I'd stutter so much around him and he'll KILL me for it-!

Her head hurt, her heart ached and her throat felt constricted and she was so mad, so terribly angry at herself for acting like a desperate fool and most of all a dimwitted girl who just couldn't stop thinking about the one male who made her day lighten and it-

-it was hopeless to think and feel.

Hinata sighed and shut her slightly red rimmed eyes, forcing herself to go through her options again.

Uchiha-san is 'in love' with me.

She grimaced.

Only for two weeks though so if I don't encourage it then I wouldn't 'truly capture' him…but on the other hand, if I don't then he'd keep pursuing me and I don't-I don't want that attention…plus his fan girls would kill me if he doesn't…What about Naruto?

Hinata frowned. What about the blond?

If I…accompany Uchiha-san maybe he'd notice me? Maybe I'd get a chance to say more than hello…maybe I can get closer to Naruto-kun and if I don't encourage Uchiha-san then maybe everything might work in my favour…

For the first time in her life, shy goody-two-shoes Hinata Hyuga smirked – albeit awkwardly.


She had butterflies in her stomach when she approached his desk where he was slouched over, staring at nothing.

Clearing her throat she squeaked, "U-Uchiha-san?!"

He looked up and Hinata paled, her belief in God dwindling as the courage she tucked away vanished with an arch of his eyebrow.

He waited.

Hinata fiddled with the hem of her skirt, eyes wide with fright.

He coughed and Hinata stood there, heart beating wildly in her chest and a feeling of dread washing over her.

"Are you going to say something?"

He sounded almost amused and Hinata bobbed her head up and down rapidly.

"Y-Yes," she whispered, eyes lowered shyly.


Just say it-Just say it- Just say it- Just say it-JUST SAY IT!

"YES!" she exclaimed loudly, hands clamped over her mouth in horror after.

Before Sasuke could say anything in reply, Hinata bolted out of the classroom and left stunned classmates and one blinking Uchiha Sasuke in her wake.


Wearily she laid under her blanket, woven threads of light caressing her face and hair. Bleary eyes still glazed from sleep turned to the window and watched nature's deceptive peace at this rush hour.

Urgent calls and heavy footsteps drifted to her ears as the other occupants of the house rushed about. Silence shattered by the noise around her, she sat herself upright and took in her room. Light and airy, decorated with precious memories and ornaments, her room displayed who she was.

The digital clock showed that it was merely 9:40 in the morning and so with a shrug of indifference she fell back onto the soft pillows. It was Saturday and she had no where to be.

13 days, she had thirteen days.

The plan was to get Naruto's attention while fending off Sasuke.

A stab of something pricked at her insides and she squirmed under the blanket feeling horrible. She nuzzled her face into the pillow, hoping to hide from her morals for a while. For some reason this felt so clichéd. And wrong.

The shrill sound of her cellular phone cut through her thoughts. She answered groggily, "Hello?"

"Meet me at Café Rose. Ten o'clock."

Hinata blinked. That voice sounded vaguely familiar…

"Who is this?"

A pause and then, "Hinata-chan."

Hinata snapped upright choking on realization, free hand fisting her blanket.


A click and then incessant beeping.

Hinata frowned in confusion. How in the seven hells did Uchiha Sasuke get her number? She didn't give it to him (obviously) so how? Did he…did he threaten one of her friends? Her breath hitched as she thought about it, after all he did have a rather questionable disciplinary record…he is easily tempered.

Heart pounding erratically in her chest she turned in a daze to the clock and her heart stopped beating altogether.

9:50 AM.

Didn't he say to meet him at ten?

Hinata paled. Flinging off the blanket, she shot out of bed and into the connecting bathroom while chanting in her head.

Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap.


The outside world was freezing. Crisp, clean air circled calmly around and she pulled her jacket closer to her, hoping to shield herself from the cool wind. Despite being bundled up, she loved this kind of weather.

She walked pass laughing teens, adults bustling about and small children until she saw the coffee shop come into view.

Gently opening the clean glass door Hinata peered in, a wave of steamy heat washing over shivering body and her skin flushed with the change in temperature. She was twenty minutes late. He was going to kill her.

Spotting the trademark hairstyle that only Uchiha Sasuke could pull off at the back, she shuffled through the huddle of people taking respite from the cold towards him. She dearly hoped that he wasn't too angry.

Standing behind him cautiously Hinata debated whether he would notice her scampering out of the café or not. Before she could even try he spoke up.

"You're fashionably late."

He turned and she caught sight of a displeased scowl as his eyes racked over her attire. Hinata whimpered softly, finding her sneakers to be the most interesting things in the world at the moment. In her rush to arrive early it had completely slipped her mind that it was a date she was going to and she had thrown on whatever she found that was clean.

"Sit," he ordered and she complied, seating herself across from him.

Fixing her gaze on the table Hinata kept silent as he gestured for a waiter. Out of the corner of her eye she distinguished a spiky blond teen making his way over to them and her breath hitched, caught in her throat when she realized who he was.

Naruto Uzumaki.

Coming this way. Now.

Forcing her muscles to relax, Hinata flushed and turned away from her approaching crush to peer outside the window. Worrying her lips; she chanced a glance at Sasuke to see if he noticed the furious red staining her pale cheeks.

He was watching Naruto, not her. Small mercy.

Stopping in front their table Naruto grinned, eyes sparkling merrily. "How may I help you, sir?"

Sasuke rolled his eyes, scoffing but the slight quirk of his lips betrayed his humor. "Black coffee and hot chocolate for my date."

Hinata blinked and stared at Sasuke blankly. How could he be so blunt about it?

"Eh, date?" Naruto turned to her and she could hear the gates of heaven opening to allow the melodious voices of the angels filter down to her because those enchantingly beautiful blue eyes were staring straight into her own stormy ones.

"Oh, it's you-!" he started and so did Hinata.

He knows me. Hinata felt the warmth of the café seep into her and go straight to her heart.

"You're from our class, right?" he scratched his head and Hinata beamed up at him while Sasuke looked on with an emotionless face. "Erm, you're…err…umm…oh! Hitacka, right? You're that weird, quiet girl from class!"

Weird, quiet girl from class? The warmth that had seeped into her chest left as quickly as it came. Idiot! Of course he doesn't know who I am, who does? Idiot! Idiot! Idiot! She chastised herself mentally. Her eyes burned suspiciously though.

"Hinata. It's Hinata, you prat."

"That's what I said, asshole!"

Sasuke scoffed. "Keep believing that. Anyway, who the hell are you to say she's weird? You're the weird one."

"Hey-! Who are you calling weird?!"

Looking on as Naruto and Sasuke continued to argue, Hinata couldn't help but stare at Sasuke as his earlier words continued to play across her head.

He defended me, she thought stupidly.

Something exploded in her chest and when Sasuke caught her eye she gave him a warm smile, her eyes conveying her appreciation to him.

Sasuke Uchiha isn't as bad as I thought…

Looking out the window once again, Hinata missed how his face softened.


Their time at the café was spent in silence after receiving their orders. Naruto had scowled at them and turned to another table and Hinata's heart had sunk down to the depths of the ocean after that. Though the silence was unnerving, she didn't bother trying to fill it. It just didn't suit her character.

"Don't you want to know anything about me?" she had the urge to ask. Naruto hadn't known her name, would Sasuke want to know anything about her?

Sipping her drink she imagined the response she would get.

"No. I just want to watch you."

Blushing furiously, Hinata lowered her head.

"I know enough to say I'm in love with you."

Hinata choked, spluttering at that particular imaginary scene where Sasuke leaned over the table to brush his fingers across her lips. Face going red, Hinata squirmed under the Uchiha's curious gaze.

"Are you alright?" she expected him to ask but instead he continued on stirring his coffee though glancing at her suspiciously from time to time.

After a few more minutes of this torture Hinata squeaked out, "S-Shouldn't we be g-going?"

"Where?" was the curt reply and she snapped her mouth shut with a frown.

Something burned in her chest and she swallowed more air as the feeling increased. Flushing in embarrassment and something else, she clenched her fists and put them on her thighs, wishing the floor would swallow her whole.

She was stupid to think that maybe Sasuke Uchiha would change and act a little different towards her. If this is how he acts if he's 'in love' then I rather not have him actually in love with me. He's still cold and cruel. Naruto doesn't care. I shouldn't. I shouldn't.

Eyes burning with righteous indignation Hinata stood up and in a spur of the moment courage she said, "I'm going. I have things to do."

Sasuke stood as well and she gulped. Pulling out a few bills from his pocket, he dropped them on the table before grasping her hand in his and gently pulled her out of the café. Hinata didn't say anything, she was too shocked.

When he stopped Hinata pulled her hand way from his grasp and held it to her chest. Turning, Sasuke gazed over her shoulder before his eyes slowly dragged back to hers. Hinata blushed and wrung her hands together, the way he was looking at her made her skin prickle in the most curious way.

"I'm sorry."

Hinata blinked and confusion settled in. "U-Uchiha-san…?"

"Sasuke. It's Sasuke," he snapped and she flinched.

Combing his hair with a defeated sigh he watched her through his bangs. "I've never done this before. It's awkward and I-I don't get it but…"

Hinata felt herself relax as she took him in. His body language screamed awkwardness and she didn't see the cold teenager that scared her. She saw a young man on a date hiding his uneasiness the best way he knew how. She wasn't the only one uncomfortable and that revelation had her smiling at him.

Sasuke's eyes warmed and he took her hand in his again, leading her away from the café.

She knew she should take her hand away, but she saw something on his face.

He was smiling.

It wasn't blinding like Naruto's. It was small but it made his face look softer.

Hinata's traitorous heart fluttered.


Sasuke was bored.

Walking aimlessly through the halls amidst all the probing stares and high-pitched giggles, he caught sight of her.

Hinata Hyuga.

She was in his class. Quiet. Shy. Polite. Pale eyes. Always blushing.

The one girl that never gave him a second glance. The only female he found okay.

"You're just going to stare at her?"

He scoffed, glaring at the senior. "What the hell are you going on about Yakushi?"

"You know very well what I'm 'going on about' Sasuke-kun."

Rolling his eyes Sasuke stalked away deciding not to waste his time on this weird upperclassman.


Sasuke always prided himself for being able to avoid any of his self-appointed fan girls who always waited at the school gates in the mornings. However, today was an exception. He saw her.

Her being called out by his blond, idiot of a best friend.

Her blushing when he smiled at her.

Unexpectedly he felt a surge of anger bite at his insides, demanding to be let out. Quelling his rage with a frown, Sasuke hovered near them cautiously, wanting to see how Hinata would react to Naruto on a one-on-one basis.


To say Hinata was startled when Naruto Uzumaki called out to her was an understatement. Hefting her bag on her shoulder, Hinata turned to face her crush. The smile that hit her left her dazed and a little flustered.


Ah, she winced hearing her voice. Who could blame her though? For a girl used to silence and dull colours, Naruto Uzumaki was overwhelming. He was a welcomed change from her boring life.

Was? Confusion settled in. Is, Naruto-kun is.

Focusing on his face, the Hyuga squirmed under his attention. His blue eyes stared straight back at and she couldn't help the heat on her face. She never dealt well with being anyone's focus of attention, especially having someone so bright, loud and demanding staring at her with such intensity as if she, Hinata Hyuga, was a puzzle that couldn't be solved.

"How was it? Your date with that bastard, I mean."

It took her a moment to realize what he was asking for. Hinata couldn't keep the frown off her face when realized who exactly Naruto was calling a bastard. Before Sasuke had gotten down from Mount Olympus to act like a human that Saturday, Hinata would've silently agreed to the statement that Sasuke Uchiha was indeed a bastard. Now however…

"You shouldn't say such things," Hinata blurted out, feeling that same righteous courage build up inside her.

Naruto stepped back, a slightly stunned look on his face but Hinata didn't notice. Sasuke had defended her from her crush on their date. Shouldn't she do the same?

Setting her mouth in a grim line, Hinata frowned at the blond boy. Pale eyes weren't seeing the same bright boy as before. They were looking at a boy who liked to talk before thinking.

"Sasuke-kun isn't…he isn't a-a bastard! On our date I enjoyed him very much!" Hinata all but shouted in frustration, hands clenched.


"Sasuke-kun isn't…he isn't a-a bastard! On our date I enjoyed him very much!"

Those words rang clear and true throughout the courtyard and students froze when they registered just who had spoken them.

One Sasuke Uchiha couldn't help the small smirk of satisfaction that curled about his lips as he watched Hinata Hyuga redden from embarrassment when her choice of words registered in her brain.

Walking away from the scene, Sasuke Uchiha ignored his blustering fan girls and strutted towards the school, head held high and heart suspiciously beating erratically.


Dealing with the mortification of having so many people hearing her mishap was okay. Dealing with Naruto bursting out in laughter was okay but this…this took the cake.

"Sasuke-kun?" Hinata said his name, utterly bewildered at what she heard.

Sasuke smirked and repeated what he had said.

"I said, Hinata, that I enjoyed you too on our date."

The informal way he said her name was intimate and Hinata Hyuga found herself flushing rather delightfully at the way her name rolled off his tongue without the suffix.

Coughing in her hand and averting her gaze, turning beet red at the attention they were getting from their peers, Hinata mumbled, "Me too."


Sasuke Uchiha would not say he liked the Hyuga girl. He wasn't even remotely romantically interested in her, or any other female, and did not believe that his sudden interest in who she was really (behind the blushes, behind the timid shell) was a cause for concern.

Too bad Kabuto Yakushi begged to differ.

"Cliché, is it not? The boy in denial and the girl completely oblivious to his gaze while staring at another."

It was hard to ignore his voice; a voice that was so seductive that it lured him to listen to the incessant nonsense sprouting from it.

"I'm not in love," Sasuke gritted, hands clenched and self-restraint barely there.

"No," the senior nodded his head in agreement, "you're not in love."

Leaning closer to the raven head's ear he whispered conspiratorially, "You're getting there."

DAY 4 (afternoon)

Kabuto liked games.

If questioned about his fascination he would smile charmingly and say, "I like seeing how the players will react to certain situations. It's a thrill to not know what they will do next…although you can nudge them in the right direction but it all comes down to the player."

Yakushi grinned. "When the best laid plans go awry, that's where the fun begins."


"Are you happy?" he asked curiously.

Hinata gave a small cough to hide her blush.

"Yes…" and gave him a small smile.

She has a pretty smile, he thought absently.

Coming closer he put his arm around her shoulders and tugged her backwards so she'd fall on him. Hinata squeaked.


Giving a low chuckle, he squeezed her against him before releasing. "I'm sorry, Hinata-chan, I am pleased for you…however I don't think you're taking all the variables into consideration."

Frowning, she peered up at him, unconsciously pouting.

Mentally sighing at the adorable picture of innocence, Kabuto averted his eyes…easily playing a friend who was rather uncomfortable with what he was about to say.

"Sasuke-kun took the love potion. Two weeks of his attention, remember? How Sasuke acts is not because he likes you, likes you. It's because of the potion and I really don't think you should be forgetting that."

When Kabuto looked back at her, her expression was priceless. It was all he could do not to break his innocent, worried pretence and start grinning at the shock, the bitter realization, the hurt…

Suddenly Kabuto's Monday afternoon had gotten a lot better.


Hinata finally considered herself a moron.

Watching herself in the mirror, she scowled. Stupid, STUPID GIRL!

What Kabuto said struck a nerve and made her brain cells spring into action. It was obvious, right from the beginning that it was all because of that love potion.

And yet she had conveniently ignored that little, IMPORTANT, fact and got swept away by Sasuke's attention.

How could she be so completely stupid?!

Kicking off her shoes, Hinata flung herself onto her bed. Her lips trembled, and her eyes burned but she refused to cry. This was all her fault. All. Her. Damn. Fault.

Good Lord did she ever want to scream…

Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath. And then another. And another.

She needed to think. Something she was obviously very bad at doing.

Her lips twisted into a bitter smile.

.1. Sasuke Uchiha took the ramen laced love potion meant for Naruto…err, three days ago.

.2. After today, there would be ten days left

.3. He's not a complete bastard anymore; he stuck up for her against Naruto.

.4. He was awkward on their date, kind of cute in a way…

.5. She was supposed to like Naruto, not consider Sasuke Uchiha cute and yet…

.6. However he's acting (awkward and likeable) it's only because of the love potion.

All because of the potion.

Sasuke Uchiha did not act like this. This was not him. His real feelings have no say in the matter. It was false. He was false. And Hinata was a complete bitch for taking advantage of that and encouraging him.

What was it that Kabuto said? Two weeks to truly capture his heart and if she did, in the end he'd be hers (would she honestly want that?). But it wouldn't be because he really, truly, honestly did not like her. It would be because of the potion.

And wasn't she completely crazy for believing in a LOVE POTION.

Magic wasn't real!

Why did she take Kabuto up on his offer?

Hinata couldn't explain herself if her life depended upon it.

She was tired of being ignored and she got desperate…but after Sasuke ate that ramen he asked her out…was it the love potion real? Why else would he ask me out if not for magical interference? Hinata laughed sadly to herself.

This situation was ridiculous but Hinata knew what she had to do.

Hinata would have to ignore Sasuke.

For his own good.

She couldn't help crying.


"You are…being dreadfully quiet Hinata. Is there something on your mind?"

Lost in her thoughts, Hinata tried not to jump when her father spoke but it was a lost cause. Her hand jerked and she knocked her drink down.

It showed how dangerously inattentive she was.

"Ah-! Sorry F-Father…" she uttered hastily, grabbing her napkin to soak up the spilled water.

Hiashi Hyuga nodded, watching his skittish daughter clean her mess. "Hinata you've been…behaving not like yourself since yesterday. Are you okay?"

Hinata didn't dare raise her head when she replied, "I'm f-fine."

"You're looking a bit pale."

Inwardly Hinata was cursing herself. She was being too obvious in her distress. If her father could sense it then that meant it'd be harder to convince Sasuke that she was confident in her wish to not speak or see him.

"Just a l-little tired from s-studying last night."

Oh how lies came so easily now. Hinata almost laughed.

Hiashi nodded, returning his gaze to his breakfast. "I see. Do not overexert yourself."

"Yes, Father."

Standing up from the table Hiashi kissed the top of his daughter's head.

"You need rest too, Hinata."

Hinata sighed when she heard the front door close. She felt so unbearably tired.

It wasn't because of the ungodly hour every morning that she had to wake up at; it had become a habit since she was eight. Hinata had learned from a very young age that if she wanted to see her father for the day she had to be washed, dressed and prepared to have breakfast with him at six o'clock.

The Head of the Hyuga Clan waited for no one.

Some people might think her crazy, getting up so early just to have breakfast with her father but he was the only one she had in this world and though conversation might be lacking between the two often enough, it was that one affectionate kiss on the top of her head that made Hinata's day a little more bearable.

Today however, Hinata just felt more miserable.

The kiss didn't work its wonders…in fact, it made her feel horrible for the lie she told her father.

Gah. As if she'd be able to tell him the truth. "I was crying over a boy."

Hiashi might have had a heart attack.

Looking at the time, Hinata whimpered. She had an hour and a half till school began.

More time to torture herself over what she was about to do.

Oh bugger.


When Sasuke arrived first in class for the morning, he didn't expect to see Kabuto.

"What the hell are you doing here?"

Sasuke clenched his fist at the teasing smile shot his way. "No 'Good Morning, Yakushi-senpai!'? You are really cold, Sasuke-kun."

Putting his bag down, Sasuke watched the freaky upperclassman turn away to look out the window.

"I don't have time for your games."

"Yes, yes. You've made that blindingly clear, Sasuke-kun."

Sasuke inhaled deeply. Only the Gods knew why being in close vicinity with this particular person made his blood boil and so early in the morning…Sasuke really didn't want this snake to ruin his day and the only way to get rid of Yakushi was to entertain him.

So grinding his teeth Sasuke bit out, "Then why are you here?"

Kabuto took on an expression that warned Sasuke he was too delightfully entertained with his response. The Uchiha fought the urge to punch him.

"I would like to know what you find so interesting about Hinata Hyuga," Kabuto inquired.

Sasuke could feel his temper rise. Did he not make it specifically clear to this particular nut case that he had no interest what so ever in the Hyuga?

"That is none of your business, Yakushi."

"Now you can do better than that, Sasu-chan…." Sasuke closed his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose. He didn't mind Yakushi calling him 'Sasuke-kun!' like all his moronic fangirls, but this nickname was utterly sickening. It sounded like something his mother would call him.

Glaring at him Sasuke said, "Only if you never ever call me that again and leave immediately after."


Thinking quickly Sasuke said the first thing to come to mind. "I like her eyes."

Kabuto's silly smile on his face disappeared. He looked…disappointed?

"You like her eyes?" Yakushi sighed. "You do know that the rest of the Hyuga family has the same eyes…right?"

Sasuke arched an eyebrow. He had entertained him enough. Yakushi was getting on his nerves. "Leave. Now."

Holding his hands up in peace, Kabuto turned and walked out the class room.

Sasuke, however, slumped behind his desk. His face a suspicious pale pink. Her eyes…? Out of everything he could have said, like she's quiet AND sane, he blurted that he liked her eyes?

Ack. What a wonderful way to start the day off.


Loud chatter drifted around her; shouts and giggling of probably six hundred students. Too noisy, too crowded for people to notice what was happening.

She turned to the boy sitting next to her and swallowed. He looked… beautiful and so shattered.

It hurt a lot to know she was the cause of this.

And yet she decided she wasn't going to be the simpering heroine. So she didn't burst into an emotional tirade.

"I don't like you…"

She had been blunt.

"As much as I appreciate our time together, it was a mistake."

And she had been so hurtful.

"A mistake that I do not want to make again."

Hinata was still shocked at herself for not breaking down and stuttering.


For a time, Sasuke didn't look at her. He just stared at the students loitering around.

Hinata wished he would look at her at least. Look or glared at would have been much better than him refusing to even glance at her.

At least she could have consoled herself and say he hated her.

Sasuke stood and turned away from her.


And walked away.

Hinata didn't cry. She just sat there on the bench and watched his back get further and further away.

Look, she told herself. Look at what you've done.

Sasuke had sounded so much like himself before. Indifferent, cold…like the bastard she had once thought of him.

A small, bitter smile appeared on her face. This is all for the best.

Hinata wistfully hoped, someday after the two weeks, she'd be able to take Sasuke out for coffee or…probably some cake?

She could imagine it. Sasuke would be shocked of course that the quiet Hinata Hyuga had asked him such a thing.

(he obviously would not remember what had previously transpired if Hinata kept up with the ignoring act…though she hoped rumors from other students wouldn't reach his ears because explaining why he had a date with her would be very difficult…)

He'd probably get it into his head that she was a fan girl and will most likely open his mouth to refuse her with a glare.

She'd try to get up the courage to say that she didn't like him…

Hinata choked on the expression she'd imagine Sasuke's face to have at that particular declaration.

like that, of course. She just wanted to spend some time with him, if it was all right. Probably after school one day.

(he might think her insane for that too)

Of course, if that didn't work then she'd appease herself by just talking to him. Well, trying to talk to him a bit almost every day afterwards. Get to know the real Sasuke Uchiha.

The first bell rang across the campus, jolting Hinata from her thoughts and she strengthened her resolve.

This was it.

Day 5 had just begun.


An ominous aura radiated from one Uchiha Sasuke as he walked through the hallway, causing students to swallow nervously and back up as he walked by.

Green eyes watched him closely.

It was really heartbreaking to see the one you love (or like) look so broken.

For the first time in the six years she's known him, Haruno Sakura felt pity for Sasuke.

And yet, Sakura was relieved.

Turning away, she walked into her classroom just as the first bell rung.

Maybe this was good for him.


Green eyes hardened.

Sakura Haruno would have to chat with Hinata Hyuga.

After all she could not forgive the girl who obviously made Sasuke happy and now had apparently caused him this anger (and hurt) go unpunished.

Despite her feelings, Sakura was not a heartless bitch. Sasuke had never been very happy with her advances, she knew that, and yet she had persisted. Could you blame the girl, though? WHAT teenage female ever backed down from her crush?

But now…it was all different. Sasuke had himself his own crush, and OF COURSE Sakura was peeved that it WASN'T HER; but she had always looked out for his wellbeing.

Sasuke would always be a friend first and then love interest.

If it made Sasuke happy, Sakura would live with it. Hopefully get over it.

(good Lord did she ever sound so…noble. the noble young lass who gives up her love for the betterment of his life…or, what really they should say, the noble lass who sacrifices herself to the God forsaken dragon to protect the man who she loves who obviously can't give a damn for her life…and yadda yadda yadda)

So she would talk with the Hyuga. Get the girl to see that she was being unnecessarily idiotic.

And no one ever said that Sakura could not terrorize the little mouse.



Throughout the first period that day, Ino could have sworn Sakura was grinning away like a maniac.

An evil psychotic maniac with intent to cause harm.

Yikes, she thought with a shudder, that girl has issues.


There were whispers floating across the school, Sasuke Uchiha and Hinata Hyuga were done.

People in their class could attest to this. Not once since the bell rang signaling the start of school did the two even look at each other. Hinata was being a dutiful student, putting all her attention on the teacher. Sasuke wore a stormy expression on his face, snapping at anyone who tried to talk to him.

Naruto, for once, was keeping his distance.

The fan girls cheered while the rest wondered…why?

And who dumped whom?

However from the way they both were acting, it was going to remain one of the Universe's mysteries.


Hinata was trying hard to keep a straight face despite the turmoil going on inside her.

She could see that Sasuke was slowly pulling his emotions back together, building up that wall of coldness and displaying his 'get-the-fuck-away-from-me' attitude.

She really wanted to stand up and tell him she was joking. So he'd look at her. Finally. And-and she'd be relieved.

Because this was guilt and it was eating away at her insides.

And Hinata wanted to jump off a cliff because despite all, she was still thinking about it. Over and over again. Somehow, trying to focus on other things, other people were getting difficult.

Was it a trait of being female to worry so incessantly?

Why did emotions have to be confusing?

Hinata shot down Sasuke, like a bitch she'd think after, and it was done. No undo button. So this guilt - she just had to ignore it.

She just had to.

However, the whisperings of their break up were adding fuel to the fire.

Didn't they know she could hear them?

Hinata buried her head in her hands.

This was suffocating. The whole situation. And wasn't she supposed to NOT be bothered? It was her plan, wasn't it? And WHY was she thinking about this AGAIN?

Hinata needed a distraction.


Preferably before she went insane.


Sakura jumped Sasuke during lunch.

Yeah call her crazy because she was. With the way Sasuke was storming about, Sakura could have died if she had surprised him BUT Sasuke-kun had a sixth sense called 'The Sakura Radar'.

So he didn't try to kill her. But he was glaring at her.

Sakura deflated under his stare.

"Sakura," Sasuke growled.

"Sasuke-kun," she squeaked in return.

Now really, did he have to watch her so hard? Scary! And yet so hot….Sakura fought the urge to swoon.

"So I heard the news…why didn't you tell me?" she asked him, shaking away all the sparkles and hearts that were fluttering around her.

Thankfully Sasuke didn't seem as if he'd explode soooo… Sakura nudged him for an answer.

"It wasn't important."

Something pierced her heart and Sakura couldn't help but frown. He was being quite bastardly.

"Not important? I think it's important to tell the girl who likes you that you have someone else entirely in mind, Sasuke."

Sakura was feeling hurt but…this really wasn't about her anymore was it? It was about Sasuke and Hinata. And their stubbornness.

So Sakura locked up those feelings and focused on Sasuke. And his well being.

"Do you know why she refused you?" she asked without thinking.

Sasuke stiffened but continued walking.

"Do you think she hates you?" she persisted because this was so stupid.

Catching him by the arm, Sakura pulled him to stop.

"You know what bothers me the most?" she ignored his silence. "You always fight for what you want and get it…but you aren't doing that right now."

Sakura looked Sasuke in the eye and smirked. This idiot needs a wakeup call.

"I never thought I'd see the day when Sasuke Uchiha gives up."

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