Part: 01/10
Bisco Hatori's Romantic Egoist series. I said inspired, not that it is the plot.

Dedicated to: DoodleNoodle-no-baka, Mei Sanniang and shikaruTo (for being dear friends and having patience while I rant and complain about my inability to word my stories).


Opalescent eyes look on as the steam wafts up from the bowl, mulling over what has just been said.

"A-Are you s-sure?"

Hesitant. Cute.

He smiles wickedly but covers it up with a cough. "Just one drop would do. When he eats the ramen he'd fall instantly in love with you that is…if you're the first person he sees," he shrugs good naturally, looking on as she worries her lips with her teeth.

Clutching her shirt tightly, she nods her head in understanding. Pushing off the wall he starts towards her, smile wide and glasses glinting from the artificial lighting above them. "Are you going to him now?" His smooth and cool voice betrays the fact that he's chuckling on the inside in pure glee and mischief.


Brushing past her and towards the door leading out of the Home Economics door, he throws over his shoulder a 'Good luck' and exits.


Hinata Hyuga: age sixteen, current heiress of the Hyuga Clan and, very much in love with one Naruto Uzumaki.



Definition: Love is like a plague that leaves you suffering.

That is how she defines love. If asked why she'd reply, "It was unexpected, my love for him, and during that period of my life I suffered in silence because I knew that those three words would never leave my lips and reach his ears." Of course, it would contain the customary stuttering.

Love makes you crazy, delusional and most of the time you're so ensnared within Love's grasp that you resort to insane and unconventional measures to capture your love's heart.

Like what she was resorting to, a love potion that would last for only two weeks.

Ridiculous? Indeed.

Desperate? Hell yeah.

But who could blame her? It was unexpected, she couldn't stop looking at his carefree smiles and eyes that shone so radiantly in this dull, boring world. She was drawn to him, his bright personality and especially his smiles.

That was when Kabuto Yakushi, a strange upperclassman, approached her on the subject.

"…having difficulty getting someone's attention, huh?"

Hinata gasped, going rigid as the warm breath continued to tickle her neck.

"Maybe I can help…"

When he proposed the idea of using a love potion, she had been skeptical.

"I-I don't k-know…"

He smiled charmingly at her, eyes softening when he said, "You're so shy…you can't seem to work up the courage to speak to him, your heart nearly jumps out of your chest whenever you brush past him in the hallways and you can't breathe when you think of how it would be with him…"

She flushed, looking down to hide her face. Despite the fact that he was creepy…Kabuto-sempai spoke the truth. She was too shy…too shy to do anything…

Reaching out his hand, Kabuto cupped her face and brought his closer to hers. "Don't you think," he whispered, "that it's time to do something about this?"

He was right, he was absolutely right. She should do something…"But what?"

Stepping away from her he pulled out a vial and held it up for her to inspect. "Like I suggested before, this love potion would do the trick. It'd give you two weeks to truly capture his heart but if you don't by the end…you'll have nothing, Hinata-chan."

"Love is a gamble, are you willing to take that risk?"

It frightened her, the fact that she'd be left with nothing, not even recognition, if she failed to capture his heart but she remembered his words -

"Don't you think," he whispered, "that it's time to do something about this?"

-and accepted the gamble.


She was shaking. Shaking and sweating. Shaking and sweating and blushing. Shaking and sweating and blushing in nervousness.

Her eyes darted about franticly, seeking a certain blue-eyed male with blond hair. When they stopped on his form, she breathed a sigh of relief to see Naruto snoozing on his desk, completely oblivious to his surroundings. It made her mission much easier if he was asleep.

Eyeing the students in the classroom, Hinata was grateful that none paid her any attention. Quickly, she dropped the container in her hands near Naruto's head as she passed by his desk and towards her own. Sitting down, she clutched her chest, breathing hard. It was done. Now all she had to do was wait until he wakes up and ensure that she's in his line of sight when he's finished tasting the ramen she prepared. Correction, the ramen she prepared that was laced with the love potion.

If only it was so easy.

Loud voices drew her attention towards the door where a raven haired, pale young man was tangled with a certain green eyed and pink headed girl.

"B-But Sasuke-kun-!"

"No, Sakura. Now get off!" The guy called Sasuke snarled, untangling himself and bolting into the classroom.

Hinata watched in fascination as the girl huffed and stalked away and then turned to study the boy. She recalled his name being Sasuke Uchiha, only because he was Naruto's best friend. He was in the same year and class as her. A cold, indifferent young man with spiked up raven hair and piercings on his right ear…your regular heartthrob with those coal eyes and pale, flawless skin…of course the package wouldn't be complete without the addition of his perfect body.

So caught up in her thoughts about Sasuke that she failed to notice him opening the container that held the special ramen meant only for Naruto-kun. Only when she heard him mutter, "Mind if I eat this, baka? Of course not, you're sleeping and I don't give a damn anyway…I'm starving…"

Paling, Hinata snapped to attention and saw (to her horror) Sasuke lifting the container and brought it to his lips.


Bolting up, Hinata gasped when she saw Sasuke swallow.

"N-No," she choked and stepped towards the boy. "Don't!"

Heart pounding against her ribs, eyes wide, Hinata stood rigid as his eyes settled on her form.

Something passed over his face that had her as white as a sheet.

"Hey, Hyuga?" he muttered, staring straight into her eyes. "Would you like to…go out with me?"