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As sunlight poured through the thin curtains of the hotel room, Sesshoumaru awoke to warm lips pressed against his chest. He reached out and rubbed his hands over her back, refusing to open his eyes to the new day. If it were up to him, they would stay in the hotel room forever, living off of room service and taking their pleasures from each other whenever they saw fit.

The calm atmosphere was broken when the bedside alarm went off, letting the two know that it was time to get up and get ready for the world. With great reluctance, Sesshoumaru opened his eyes and looked down at Kagome who had her gaze fixed upon him, a light smile playing on her lips. He reached down and guided her up to him so that he could place a kiss on those tempting pieces of flesh. Kagome sighed and leaned into him while enjoying their embrace. However, knowing that the team would be waiting on them for a long time if she didn't show some restraint, she broke their kiss and sat up, allowing the sheets to slide off of her body, leaving her bare for Sesshoumaru's perusal.

Feeling particularly frisky, Sesshoumaru reached up to cup her breasts in his hands, but was slapped away while she giggled lightly at his annoyed gaze.

"Keep that up and we'll never make it to the scrimmage today," she said while waggling her finger. She squealed in delight when he grabbed the offending appendage and yanked her to him, more than okay with being a little late.


The team walked into the large gym, noticing that there were a few spectators in the seats, there to cheer on the home team. Kagome walked slightly behind Sesshoumaru, taking in the other team's warm-up drills with a calculating eye. Without her noticing, Sesshoumaru had stopped walking and she ran straight into his unrelenting back. She could hear her teammates light laughter at her expense and her cheeks flamed pink. Sesshoumaru looked back at her and smirked, causing her to mumble an apology while her blush spread further down her face to her neck.

The team placed their bags down by the bench and quietly began preparing for their scrimmage. Kagome stretched her tired limbs and winced a little when she reached for her toes. Damn that man and his insatiable sexual appetite. It was a miracle she could even walk today!

"What's wrong Higurashi? Didn't get a lot of sleep last night?" Daisuke teased her while the others laughed at the inside joke.

Kagome glared at him. "Would you be quiet?" she hissed.

She looked over at Sesshoumaru to gauge his reaction, but his attention was on the other team. She sighed and turned back to her stretches, keeping her head down to avoid the knowing glances of her teammates. Her stretches became easier as she began loosening up, and all too soon the referee was calling for the first competitors.

The first set greeted each other on the mats and began their sparring. Kagome sat with her team, cheering on their friend as he skillfully fought his opponent, but a well-placed kick gave the other fighter the winning point for the first match. Kagome nervously awaited her turn, watching as the next couple of her teammates successfully fought their matches.

Sesshoumaru looked over at her and saw that she was gnawing on her luscious bottom lip and thoughts of last night rushed through his mind. Her flesh had been so warm and soft against his own and she had been a lot more responsive to his ministrations than he thought she would have been. He could remember clearly the way her tight body felt wrapped around him and the way her breath fanned across his heated skin as he brought her to completion.

Sesshoumaru shifted on his feet to try and ward off the tightness in his pants. The clearing of a throat brought his attention to Toran, who was standing near his side, giving him a condescending stare while tapping her foot.

"Perhaps it would be prudent to keep your mind off of your pupil; at least at an indecently personal level," she said quietly, crossing her arms with a huff.

"Careful Toran," Sesshoumaru said with a low growl, "you go too far..."

Toran put her hands up in a gesture of surrender and settled into one of the chairs near her. Sesshoumaru gave her one last cursory glance and returned to observing the match. Unbidden, his heart sped up just a bit when he saw that the current match was over. He looked at his list to double-check and saw that Kagome was set to fight next. Being as there was no female on the opposing team, she would either have to go against one of their men, or the other team would forfeit her match.

"Higurashi, you're up," Sesshoumaru said tightly.

Kagome looked up quickly then nodded her head once before heading out to the middle of the floor. Her strides were confident as she made her way to the mat and Sesshoumaru felt pride seep into his being at her. She was among one of his best fighters, so he knew she would be a formidable opponent against this team.

She bowed to the referee and then turned to the opposing team, noticing that they were looking at her before whispering amongst themselves. Kagome stood straight and tall, waiting for someone―anyone―to stand up and fight her. Her face held no emotion on it as she stayed rooted to her spot, watching with growing trepidation as no one had yet to come forward.

Her teammates watched quietly from the sidelines as the sensei gathered his team around, talking quietly to their little group before breaking from their huddle. Sesshoumaru looked on as the sensei walked past the now seated team across the floor. The man's eyes caught Sesshoumaru's glance quickly before diverting his attention back to his target. Sesshoumaru cursed under his breath when the coward bowed to Kagome, who bowed in return, before turning and letting the referee know they forfeit the round.

Kagome turned on her heels and strode quickly back to her team's side of the floor. They all easily saw the scowl upon her face, her hurt and frustration nearly palpable. If Sesshoumaru hadn't had the control over his emotions that he did, he would have hurled his clipboard at the bastard of a sensei that denied his student her right to fight.

Sesshoumaru called out the next student's name and the scrimmage continued on. He kept a close watch on Kagome, whom had done nothing but cheer on her teammates as they fought, obviously hiding her anger, keeping it together for the sake of her team. His own anger grew when he saw the longing look in her eyes. He knew she wanted to be out on the mat fighting, but not being able to must have been eating her up.

The match continued with each fighter on a mission to exact revenge for the opposing team's exclusion of one of their best fighters. Kagome cheered from the sidelines, though she was mentally burning a hole in each one of the other team member's heads. In her own way, she liked to think that she helped them win the match, but when everyone had packed their duffle bags up and headed towards the school van, Kagome stayed behind for just a while longer, watching the dojo being vacated by the straggling spectators.

Sesshoumaru stood by the door watching her. She looked so small in the large dojo and he felt compelled to embrace and comfort her with slow kisses until he made all of her troubles disappear. However, there under the watchful eyes of passer-bys, he could not risk such an action. Instead, he walked up behind her and placed a hand upon her shoulder in silent support.

"I knew this was going to happen," she stated after a moment of silence. "I just had a feeling that they would take one look at me and decide I wasn't worth their time. I just…I just hoped that they would give me a chance."

She clenched her eyes shut in attempt to stave off the tears. She would not give them the satisfaction in making her cry. Her fists were balled up tight at her sides and Sesshoumaru saw that her knuckles were beginning to turn white. If she had had sharp nails, by now he was sure she would have drawn blood. Dropping his hand to her own, Sesshoumaru gently pried her fingers loose of their grip and twined his fingers with hers.

The small gesture pushed her over the edge and Kagome whirled around and flung her arms around his waist, burying her face in his chest while hot tears spilled freely down the front of his shirt. Instinctively, Sesshoumaru wrapped his arms around her and comforted her as best as he could. He ran his fingers through her hair, allowing her to cry as much as she wanted to. He personally knew she was one of his best fighters, but apparently no one was willing to take up the challenge to fight a girl. Their so-called "honor" wouldn't let them.

There was no honor in what they did.

"I'm sorry Kagome, I wish there were something I could do," he told her quietly.

She sniffled and raised her head up from his chest, wiping her eyes with the backs of her hands. "I just want to go home," she told him pitifully.

He nodded and led her out of the gym to the waiting van. The team said nothing as they got in, but each was thinking the same thing: when the time came for the actual match against this school, they would regret the day they dismissed Kagome.


Sesshoumaru was woken from his light, uncomfortable sleep when he heard a number of whispers around him. Keeping his eyes shut, he listened to the students on his Jujitsu team discuss his relationship with Kagome. He sighed heavily and cursed their superior intuitions, wondering if the woman who was currently using his shoulder as a pillow was the one responsible for spilling the beans or if it was really just that obvious.

'Well,' he thought, 'being a teacher was nice while it lasted.'

Kagome shifted in her sleep and turned into him, snuggling up close to his side. Sesshoumaru's posture straightened and he tried to keep his hands to himself. Even if the team did know about their relationship, it was no reason to broadcast it. He rolled his eyes at the quiet laughs surrounding him when Kagome moved.

His father was bound to have a field day with this one. His eldest son dates a high school student, quits his job, and runs away with her to escape the bad press. Yes, the old dog would love that. He could already see the amused look on his father's face when he found out. He would never hear the end of it.

'Not exactly how I pictured my life,' he thought melodramatically. Kagome sighed gently in her sleep and a small smile formed upon her lips while she dreamt. 'Not how I pictured it, but I believe it has turned out better than planned.'

Deciding he would deal with the consequences later, Sesshoumaru wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her in closer to him. She sighed contentedly and snuggled into his embrace, unaware of the eyes that watched she and Sesshoumaru's every move with approval and a bit of hesitation.

Toran, who had volunteered to drive the van back to the school, rolled her eyes and shook her head. The fool was making a huge mistake and regardless of whether or not he had helped her sister out of the debt she accumulated with her gambling problem, this was no longer an issue she could ignore. Unaware of Sesshoumaru's thoughts of resigning from his job at the school, Toran vowed to put an end to the masquerade and come forward with what she knew.

After the sun had set and the students finally had passed out cold in their seats from the long day's work and even longer drive, Sesshoumaru finally relaxed while holding Kagome in his arms. Though he knew his students were very aware of his relationship with her, it still made him a bit uncomfortable showing it so openly. His arm was wrapped around her shoulder and he began using his hand to lightly stroke her hair.

She had been asleep for nearly three hours and he couldn't help but think of how much the match got to her. He couldn't say that he blamed her though; his thoughts had been nearly murderous when they turned her away, and it wasn't even a slight against him. Kagome once again shifted against him before pulling away and looking up at his face. Her sleep laden eyes and tousled hair reminded him of early in the morning when they had awoken in each other's arms, their naked bodies pressed tightly against each other. She smiled gently at him and he couldn't restrain himself from leaning down and pressing his lips to hers.

His kiss was warm and sent pleasant tingles coursing down her spine, thoughts of her snub far from her mind. He held her chin between his forefinger and thumb, teasing her lips with his tongue until she opened up to him and deepened the kiss. Her fingers curled tightly in his shirt as she adjusted to the awkward position leaning her weight onto him as his hold tightened around her. Her sleep-fogged mind did not bother to tell her that she was still very much inside a van full of her peers. She was lost in his warm embrace, perfectly content to remain that way forever.

Unfortunately, all too soon he was pulling back from her, both breathing harder than normal after the small make out session. Kagome however, was not done with him and leaned in to try and attach herself to his talented mouth again. He kept her just out of reach of himself and nearly laughed at her frustrated expression. He bent down and pressed a single kiss below her ear before whispering to her.

"You are more than welcome to continue kissing me as such if you have no reservations about me throwing you down and taking you right here and now."

The promise in his words sent fire racing through her blood, but also brought her back to awareness of just where they were. Her face turned in embarrassment red and she squeezed her eyes shut, hoping that none of her teammates were witness to their little display.

Deciding that he enjoyed seeing her blush, Sesshoumaru further teased her. "Though I could care less of their presence, I'm sure practice on Monday would be a bit awkward for you." As desired, her face, if possible, flushed anew and he could tell that it went further down beneath her clothes, and quite possibly to those dainty toes of hers.

Toran watched them through the rearview mirror, disgust plainly etched across her face. If she didn't get out of that van soon, someone was going to pay dearly. Seeing her golden opportunity in the form of a gas station, Toran checked the gage on the dashboard, seeing that she didn't need an excuse for stopping. She veered into the station, listening as the students began to stir awake and grateful that Sesshoumaru had finally detached himself from Kagome.

The team meandered and stretched their legs as Toran began the task of filling the van's tank. She noticed that Sesshoumaru and Kagome had lingered behind everyone else and sneered when she caught yet another glimpse of them embracing.

'This stops now,' she thought bitterly. Tapping on the window of the van, she caught their attention and motioned for them to step out to join her. Sesshoumaru gave Kagome his wallet and sent her to retrieve snacks and drinks while he spoke with the angered female. When he was sure she was out of earshot, he turned towards Toran with an angry look of his own.

"This had better be important."

"It is," she spat. "What you're doing is completely unacceptable! How do you expect me to deal with this? You are despicable, taking advantage of a student-"

"I don't believe it is for you to decide what I do or do not do. I would never force myself upon anyone. Circumstances beyond your knowledge are what have brought Kagome and I together; it is none of your business."

Toran let out a derisive snort. "It is when I have to bear witness to your relationship."

Sesshoumaru smirked, making Toran bite her tongue. He nodded his head once and replied, "My apologies, Toran. I will remember to keep my…relationship with Miss Higurashi in check."

Surprised, the woman could say nothing else before the students began repopulating the school van. Even though she had apparently won this argument, it didn't change the fact that she would be bringing to light the very inappropriate student-teacher relationship that was going on underneath everyone's noses.

Kagome walked up to Sesshoumaru holding bags of candy and chips, along with some soda to wash it all down. Upon seeing her purchases, Sesshoumaru raised a questioning brow at her. "What, did they not sell sugar and spoons?"

"Ha ha ha. I had a sweet tooth and your wallet, what did you expect?"

He chuckled and helped her into the van, his eyes straying to her backside as she stepped in. Toran snorted in disgust, but finished her task before getting back into the vehicle herself. With all the team once again awake, she relaxed in the driver's seat and took comfort in the knowledge that the two love birds would not engage in any warm embraces in front of so many people.

The Jujitsu team once again fell silent as the ride continued, all of them eager to get home, but acknowledging the fact that it was still late into the night and saving their energy. Kagome intertwined her fingers with Sesshoumaru's and he squeezed her hand in acknowledgement. He was still not sure how much longer he would stick around at the school. He supposed that he would stay until things became awkward, if they ever did.

The quiet drone of the van atop the highway was slowly lulling him into a light slumber. He was usually known for his rather impressive reserve of energy, not needing much sleep during the week, but the day, as well as the previous night, was taking its toll on him. He could feel his eyelids becoming heavy as Kagome's warm hand left his and began absently massaging his thigh.

The soothing action made him drowsy, pushing him further into sleep, and Kagome smiled wickedly, deciding that she was going to take advantage of the dark vehicle and distracted passengers. She snuck a peak at Toran, noticing that she was paying close attention to the road in front of them, before moving her hand ever so slightly further up his muscular thigh.

She held a small smirk on her face as she continued stroking his leg, venturing even further up as she continued the massage. Biting her lip to stave off her amusement, her hand began a back and forth action on his upper thigh, her fingertips brushing up against his crotch slightly on every forward motion. She closed her eyes gently, focusing all her attention on her task at hand. She nearly jumped out of the seat when she heard his low voice sounding near her ear.

"What do you think you're doing?" he asked in an amused, hushed tone.

Not opening her eyes, Kagome lifted a brow at him and puckered her lips to shush him. Sesshoumaru once again leaned back in his seat, thinking that she was going to stop her arousing, yet distracting, mission. He sucked in a quiet breath when her hand lost all timidity and she began stroking his rapidly hardening manhood.

Kagome grinned, eyes still closed, when she heard his intake of air. She knew she was surprising him, but his kiss earlier had left her hot and bothered, so she decided to seek retribution. She pressed her hand down on his hardening member and gave it a tentative rub. He shifted in his seat, slouching down a bit further into the cushion to give her better access. Her hand was warm through his pants and she used her forefinger and thumb to trace along the edges of the obvious silhouette.

When she pulled away from him, he figured that she had become too embarrassed to continue. However, his eyes shot open wide when he felt the zipper of his pants being lowered. He looked over at her, but she merely gave him a sultry glance and pushed on his chest to gently make him relax again.

He closed his eyes once more and swallowed thickly when he felt the cool air brush against his semi-erect shaft. He felt as Kagome sat back against the seat so that she could maintain their ambiguity. His breath left him in quiet gasps as her hand closed around his length and began to stroke him. His hips gently bucked against her motions, lending even more friction to her sinful acts.

Completely enjoying the attentions he was receiving, Sesshoumaru couldn't help his devious thoughts. 'I cannot believe I am getting a hand-job from a student in a van full of my other students. Granted they are slumbering students, but students nonetheless…I'm going to hell.'

Kagome sped up her stokes and Sesshoumaru lurched forward slightly when she squeezed the tip of his member, causing a delightful tingle to shoot up his spine. A nearly silent moan escaped his lips as she sped up once more, feeding fire to his already burning arousal. He chanced a glance at her and saw that a wicked smirk was etched across her face. He knew then she was enjoying doing this to him and it made another jolt of electricity go through him.

His hips thrust unbidden, and he could feel his impending release coming on. 'I'm going to hell, and Kagome is flying me there, first class.'

If he didn't stop her soon there was bound to be a mess and the gods knew how embarrassing that would be. Reluctantly, after a couple more hard rubs from his tempting seductress, he took hold of her hand quickly, stopping her mid stroke. Just a bit more of that and he would have been done for.

Her eyes found his and she blushed intensely at the smoldering gaze he was giving her. He glanced up towards Toran and, after making sure she wasn't paying attention to them, leaned down to place a grateful kiss on Kagome's lips.

After he pulled away, Kagome worried her bottom lip before asking quietly, "Did I do something wrong? Did I hurt you?"

Sesshoumaru nearly laughed aloud at her innocent query. With an assuring shake of his head he replied, "No, you definitely did not hurt me. I did not, however, wish to try and explain the resulting stain on my pants you so nearly caused were you to continue." He gave her a pointed look and she mouthed a silent 'Oh' before blushing again.

Tucking his still painfully hard erection back into his pants, Sesshoumaru once again leaned against the back of the seat, trying to calm his worked-up nerves and think of something that would help to deflate his hard on. After some contemplating, he decided he would much rather have her finish the job. He searched out Kagome's hand with his own and took hold of it, offering her a reassuring grasp. After a while, Sesshoumaru turned his head to ask her a question.

"Does your mother know you are coming home tonight?"

Kagome thought for a moment before shaking her head no. "She thinks we'll be back tomorrow morning."

"You will be accompanying me home then. Perhaps we can finish what you started," he said, his voice filled with promise.

They once again went silent and Kagome dropped her head to his shoulder, determined to get some sleep before they arrived back at the school. Although her day had struck a sour note after leaving the hotel, the scrimmaging team's slight against her still fresh in her mind, being with Sesshoumaru had made it a lot more bearable.

She smiled lightly and drifted off to sleep, breathing in his masculine scent and thinking of events to come.

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