Another day, another thousand things to do tomorrow, Van Helsing thought wearily. It seemed that whenever he wasn't out fighting monsters, there was another million things to help out with at the Vatican. After what seemed like a lifetime of walking, the monster hunter reached his chambers.

Even as he stepped inside and closed the door behind himself, Van Helsing's exhaustion threatened to overtake him. His entire body feeling leaden, the monster hunter staggered to the bed and lay down. Before he could even form another thought, his eyes closed and darkness overtook him.

It was early in the morning, and Carl was surprised to see Van Helsing walking toward him. The friar was usually up far earlier than most of the Vatican, so it was only natural that this should come as a surprise.

"We need to talk," Van Helsing said quietly when he reached the friar.

Carl could see that something was troubling the monster hunter, so he motioned for Van Helsing to continue.

Almost reluctantly, the archangel told of the dream he'd had the night before.

Van Helsing stood in a clearing. Around him were trees, and in front of him stood a lone figure. The figure turned, and he could see that it was a young girl. Her hair was brown, easily as dark as his own, and fell uncropped down her back. She wore a cloak of green and grey cloth, and boots made of soft hide. Her eyes were like emeralds, and she beckoned for him to come closer. She called out to him, and her voice was like that of an angel.

"Gabriel," she called, "oh Gabriel! Come here Gabriel, for we have much to talk about."

Van Helsing crossed the clearing slowly. "Who are you?" he asked the girl before him.

"My name is Melannen Liss├źnel, and I am here to help you, and to warn you," she replied, as smooth and as calm as anyone could be.

"Help me?" Van Helsing asked incredulously, "Warn me? What are you talking about?"

The girl's face hardened as she explained. "In one week's time," she began, "a string of murders will be committed. There will be no evidence as to who did it except for three gashes across the victims' chests, and the looks that an animal bit at them. This is the work of Sabrina.

"Sabrina is pure evil, with those who committed the murders, called Caradocs, at her beck and call. She will kill you if she gets the chance."

"I will heed your warning," Van Helsing replied, "but you seem to know much more about these creatures than I do. What happens if I should need your assistance?"

The girl seemed to have been waiting for this question, for she pulled a locket from inside her cloak and handed it to him.

"In the locket are directions to Sabrina's lair," she said. "Once you enter the borders of the land of Erabez, simply call my name, and I will assist you. If you call for me and are refused, show those who stop you the locket, and they will let you pass. Good luck, Gabriel." With that, the girl turned and began to walk away.

"Wait!" Van Helsing called after her, but the girl did not turn. She continued walking until disappeared into the woods, and Van Helsing awoke with a start.

Author's Note: Hey everyone! I hope you like my first chapter! Next chapter: We find out more about Melannen, and why this dream was freakier than Van Helsing's normal nightmares.