"Dreams of Archangels" Giant Author's Note

Alas, all good things must end, including this fanfic…but don't worry! As soon as I finish typing this, I will begin the super-awesome sequel! I finally have my thought sorted out for it, and I'll have it up ASAP. The title is "Loving Angel, Guard Me Well". I hope you all like it!

Again, many, many thanks to my reviewers, Dr. Lust, Celtic Aurora, and, of course, Elwyndra. I can't believe this story got 34 reviews! "Van Helsing OUR Way!" got 38, so I am very impressed with these totals! Thanks a million to all of you!

Congrats to all of my contest winners as well, you guys did great! Now, my final, incredibly unimportant (but rather funny) tidbit of information: You know the annoying Cardinal in Van Helsing who's always getting on Gabriel for killing his targets instead of bringing them back? His name is Jinette! What is so funny about this? Jinette is a girl's name! So, tell your fellow VH fans, and then we can all go make fun of Cardinal Jinette! XD

So, thus comes the end of my giant Author's note. Anything you guys want to add?

I think you pretty much covered everything, Rhi.

Yeah. Oh, except for the fact Shades and I read the sequel out of the notebook. Good job, by the way.

Why thank you, Gabriel. I'm glad you liked it. So now, I guess it's time we got going on that sequel!

Yes it is. Onward, comrades! To the next Word document!

Yeah, away, or whatever. See you all soon!