I watched as my love fought for me, viciously attacking the one who wanted me dead. Edward was the perfect specimen of a warrior, cunning, smooth, both offensive and defensive. If I hadn't already loved him, my heart would have turned right then and there.

Then something changed. Edward's movements got slower, his feet were heavier. Victoria saw her chance and lunged. Before my eyes he was ripped to pieces, to shreds, to bits. Then he was dust. And the dust flew away in the wind...

Far away, someone was screaming. The sound got louder and louder, until–

"Bella!" A flash of lightning outlined Charlie as he shook me awake. I could hear the storm continue to rage outside. "Are you alright? You were screaming your lungs out- I haven't heard you scream like that since, well . . . "

As air ripped through my lungs, reality came back to me. My eyes filled again and I leaned against Charlie, holding to him like a life preserver. The sobs shook my whole body; even though I knew it was a dream, the pain was still there. And the one time I really needed Edward was the time he was hunting. But I needed him. I needed someone who understood. Maybe I could call Alice. . . .

"Edward," I choked out. "I need Edward." Apparently, my brain and my mouth aren't connected. Edward wouldn't answer- I mean, he was hunting. He wouldn't have his phone on him to scare away the bears with Beethoven's Fifth.

Charlie had never seen me like this. He simply looked at me with wide eyes as he reached for my cell phone and pressed the speed dial. It hadn't rung for a second before it was answered.

"Edward? This is Charlie. It's about Bella . . . Yes, that's exactly what happened. She wants to see you. Can you . . . Ten minutes? I don't know . . . " He glanced my way. "Can you maybe, you know . . . Yes, that works. You do? Okay . . . "

"Bella?" He said to me gently. "Do you want to talk to him?" I was able to turn my sobs to a minimum . . . that is, until I heard him say my name. Then I lost it again.

"Bella?" His voice was as beautiful as always, though I could detect a hint of fear in his voice. "Edward" was all I was able to choke out. "Bella, Alice called me and I cut the trip short. I'll be out front in less than a minute. Hold on. I love you." I cried harder at his words.

He hung up. I dropped the phone and dashed for the front door. As I jerked the door open, he was running at just passable human speed up the walkway. He gathered me in his arms and held me in the open doorway as my sobs resurfaced.

"Shh, don't cry, Bella, it's okay . . . " He murmured comforting words as he carried me to my room. In my peripheral vision I saw Charlie still sitting on by bed with a look of pure shock on his face. Edward took a seat and rocked me like a child, kissing my tears away, sometimes singing or whispering his love to me. My cries would sometimes wane, but they always came back full force.

Eventually I was able to calm down and stop crying. Charlie had stayed on my bed throughout my meltdown, though he was probably too shocked to move more than a desire to supervise us. Edward continued to rock me as I got my breath back. Then he spoke.

"Bella, do you want to sleep now? It's almost dawn." He looked into my tired, bloodshot eyes and they widened.

"Don't leave me!"

He looked to Charlie. I saw Charlie shrug his shoulders and move from the bed. Edward gently laid me down and tucked me in. Then he carefully laid down next to me, though on top of the covers. I spooned to him and he wrapped his arm around my waist.

"Tell me a story," I whispered. "A happy story where everyone lives happily ever after. But with no mythical beasts, please."

I felt him smile against my hair and smiled in turn.

"Alright then," he said. "One happy story coming right up." He thought for a few seconds before starting.

"Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess who lived in a glistening castle of white stone . . . "


So much was happening all at once! He goes away for 36 hours and she has an emotional breakdown. It's like living back in October, only worse. I wonder what she had been going on in that head of hers.

I watched as my daughter slept in the arms of her beau. I could no longer deny that she loved him. But did he love her? I needed to find out as soon as possible.

Bella was soon asleep, and, with one last kiss to the forehead, Edward moved to the door and motioned for me to follow.

As we settled down in the living room, he looked straight into my eyes. "Will you tell me exactly what happened?" He asked in a soft voice.

I let out a sigh as I relaxed into my armchair. "Well," I started as I rubbed my tired eyes. "I woke up to her screaming. At first I thought she would muffle the sound in her pillow, like she used to, but . . . It just went on and on. I went in and she was flailing around, still screaming bloody murder. She said something . . ." I cleared my throat. "She said something like, 'She killed him,' but I might be wrong. I woke her up then and called you. That's about it." As I spoke, the images invaded my mind- Bella muffling her screams, Bella screaming, Bella sobbing as she clung to Edward . . .

Edward flinched. He brought his eyes from the carpet to my eyes and sighed. "Charlie, I think it's time I told you something that Bella hasn't shared with you yet. Do you have time?"

Oh no. It has to be THE THING. I needed to prepare myself! Shouldn't Bella be here? She's the one that's pregnant, for mercy's sake!

My breath hitched. Pregnant. That means marriage, which means kids, which means divorce, which means . . .

Oh mercy. Kill me now.

Edward's eyes widened in shock. "No, it's not what you think it is! I just, I want to explain to you what happened last year when I left!"

I collapsed back in my chair. Stupid boy nearly gave me a heart-attack! Okay, that is seriously the last time I jump to conclusions!


After nearly killing Charlie, I thought I'd better take it slow. I locked my eyes with his.