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The man on the bed tossed and turned only a little bit of the moon shown through the curtains over the window. A fine sheet of sweat was visible on the brow of the man on the bed as his head turned to and fro. He was having a nightmare.

It was dark and it was thundering and lightening. The car he was in was taking him towards the Centre His hands were cuffed in back of him and Miss Parker was sitting across of him with a smile on her face. She got out of the car and nodded to her sweepers to grab him and take him up the stairs. He fought his captors.

"No, no." He yelled at the woman leading him into the Centre.

"Reality check. The Centre owns you. Always have" A voice came out and whispered into his ear forevermore.

He was running down the darkened Centre hallways. Lyle was chasing him with jumper cables with an evil smile on his face. The scene changed as he was dragged back to his cell and his hands were cuffed above him.

"The Centre owns you, Jarod." The voice once again whispered forevermore.

The scene changed again as he was being dragged to the table. He tried to get out of the sweepers grip, but he couldn't and they punched him in the stomach. He was strapped into the cuffs. He tried to get out of them, but they were too tight. Raines stood above him as he let the needle get closer to him. They shoved him into the chamber and Mr. Raines said as he shut the door.

"The Centre owns you get used to it genius" forevermore the voice said once more.

He was on the outside and watched as Sydney and Nicolas talked. Sydney laughed at something Nicolas said and patted his son's shoulder. He walked towards them to say hello to them. As he got closer he saw Sydney and Nicolas glance towards him. They both turned and walked away.

"Sydney wait for me."

"I'm sorry, Jarod. I have my son now. You belong to the Centre, Jarod. I'm sorry." Forevermore

"No, no." he yelled at their backs, but they never stopped.

He once again was on the outside. His young clone and his father was playing catch. They were having fun he could tell. They both had smiles on their faces. His father saw him and then motioned for the boy to stop. The major walked up to the boy and hugged the boy.

"I'm sorry Jarod. I have you back now. A newer model, a less damaged one." He said as he put his arm around the clone.

No, dad. No."

"I'm sorry, son. You belong to the Centre. Even when you were born you belonged to the Centre." Forevermore the voice whispered again.

He was standing on the sidewalk ready to walk up to his mother and his little sister. As he got closer his mother and Emily turned to him. His mother put a protective arm around his sister.

"I'm sorry, Jarod. I have to protect your sister. You belong to the Centre, Jarod." Forevermore could be heard in his ear again.

"No, no, no." He awoke screaming. He blinked a couple of times and rubbed a hand over his face. He got up and went into the bathroom. He turned the water on and put some water on his face. He towel dried off and put the towel on the counter. He looked into the mirror. He couldn't get that one word that was repeated in his dream. Forevermore.

The End