Hermione was in the library with Krum when he starts Talking to her about quittich, But Hermione isn't listening because she is thinking about her last fight with Ron witch was a about how she spilled ink on Ron's Homework. He had flipped out because He had come in the common room to show her what a long time it took him to do it without her help. He had wanted to ask her what she thought when she spilled Ink all over his work.

They had a pretty big (not to mention loud) row over the ink spill. And they hadn't talked for 5 days now and still going.

As Krum kept babbling away Hermione burst into tears! She couldn't stand it anymore! She hated fighting! Meanwhile Krum was still paying no attention to her he just kept talking not noticing the tears flowing down her face. He didn't notice her crying until Hermione got up and ran from the room as fast as she could.

She ran tears spilling down her face, she tried to wipe them but the more she wiped the more tears spilled from her eyes. Hermione hoped no one saw her crying...she wasn't the kind of girl to cry in public.

If anyone did see they didn't say anything. She kept running until she reached the common room where she sat down on her favorite arm chair and let her tears fall more freely.