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Chapter Ten: Good Day Sunshine

"Oooh that hairstyle makes you look very sexy, Master James," a high-pitched nasally voice echoed down the hall to where Lily was sitting up sleepily in bed.

"James!" she hollered crankily. "I hate that mirror! It hits on you every day and then tells me I'm fat!"

"I can't get rid of it Lils! Family heirloom and all…you know how it is!" James shouted back, his glasses falling askew.

"Ooh, you might want to fix those glasses dear. Might I suggest transfiguring them to the latest horn-rimmed fashion?" James considered this suggestion for a moment before the sound of his wife's voice broke through his eardrums.

"It's five in the bloody morning! Can't you charm it or something?!" cried Lily, who's head was pounding from lack of sufficient sleep. She generally liked mornings, and was a strong advocate of getting a nice, early start to the day…but this horrid mirror wasn't exactly what she would call 'nice'.

"He can't charm, me you savage harlot! You scarlet woman!" the mirror shrieked.

Lily barely registered the insult before leaping out of bed, rushing down the hall, and sliding into the bathroom—wand in hand. She fought her way through the head rush of standing up too fast, and within seconds she was face-to-face with her sworn enemy.

"Can't wizards have normal family heirlooms like everybody else?!" her wand was pointed directly at the center of the mirror. James heaved a great sigh and turned to fix his hair in the muggle vanity mirror, trying desperately to ignore both Lily and the offending magical object.

If mirrors could change color, this one would be redder than the Gryffindor curtains. "Was that a jab at the Potters' blood purity? Hm? WAS IT?!" the mirror inquired viciously.

"I'll have you know that blood purity means NOTHING in this household, you hear me you disgusting piece of junk not fit to be a pocket mirror!"

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" roared an entirely new voice.

Lily and James shot out of the bathroom and back into their bedroom, leaving the shocked mirror to have its heart attack in peace.


The August full moon had always been Remus' least favorite. The heat left the wolf sluggish, exhausted, and dissatisfied, feelings that unfortunately transferred over to the human in the days following his transformation. His usual morning problems were magnified tenfold, which did not bode well for the plants that required watering at precisely 5 AM.

On this particular post-moon morning, Remus painfully dragged himself out of bed after a thunderous ten-minute, one-sided cussing match with James, Lily, and the mirror in the bathroom. James had to leave to finish up some paperwork (the Aurors took turns going in early on Saturdays) and Lily couldn't get back to sleep after all the fighting.

Lily watched silently as Remus stumbled out into the garden, wearing only boxer shorts and looking like what Sirius would humorously describe as a 'zombie werewolf'. She knew he was going to get nowhere gardening without a wand – or shoes for that matter – so she tiptoed after Remus and kindly handed her sleepwalking friend his wand. Remus mumbled thanks, and hardly noticed when Lily charmed a pair of sandals onto his feet.

Remus' eyes were barely open, so naturally he would trip over a rock and tumble forward. After a few choice swear words, he stood up, wiped the grass off his knees, and pointed a dangerously wobbly arm at the asphodel. Lily, who'd been standing a few feet away, grabbed his wand arm to steady it. "Which plants need watering, dear?"


Lily giggled. "Yes, and I can see a nice bit of yours right now." He looked up at her face and made a screwed-up expression that clearly meant he had no idea he was standing outside almost completely naked. In retrospect, Lily should probably have equipped him with more than just sandals. But she never knew when Sirius might stroll by and have a cow (or more accurately, a dog) when he sees Remus trying to do something half-naked and half-asleep. The prospect excited her to no end.

"My deductive reasoning is telling me I should water the asphodels, then," said Lily. She grabbed Remus' shoulders and gave him a push in the direction of the house. "Go back inside and lie down before the neighbors wake up and think I've got myself a male stripper."


Sirius couldn't decide whether or not Professor Slughorn's actions were unjustly horrible or the most wonderful thing the fat bastard had ever done. It was their first day of Advanced Potions, and he'd separated the legendary Potter-Black duo as partners. The tosser paired James with that mate-stealing redhead, Lily Evans, and it was only a matter of time before they'd be off making babies and sending poor, lonely, 16-year-old Padfoot to the dog pound. That arse of a Hogwarts teacher also decided it was a good idea to partner Sirius up with Bellatrix. The worst of it was that when Bellatrix had her hair tied back, she looked exactly like Sirius. Actually, as Snivellus couldn't wait even one second to point out, cousin Bella could have passed as Sirius' much manlier twin brother if she weren't wearing so much lipstick. Sirius' deep, black eyeliner wasn't helping.

Speaking of Snivellus, Remus looked pretty pleased at being partnered with the hook-nosed potions wiz. Normally this would have made Sirius pretty damn angry…but there was something about the positioning of the two directly in front of Sirius that had the dog Animagus secretly thanking good ol' Sluggy. Sirius had only come out as bisexual a few days ago, right after the feast, but already he seemed much more as ease with staring at cute boys. So at this point in Sirius' adolescence, there could be nothing better than being within a wand's reach of wreaking havoc on Snivellus, coupled with having a direct view of Remus' wonderfully tight arse.

Sirius had already promised Remus, for the sake of their friendship, that he would not ruin Snape's potions. But Remus hadn't mentioned anything about damage to the greasy boy's actual self. Sirius had his wand pointed directly at Snape and was just about to give the unfortunate git a magically induced wedgie, when suddenly Remus bent over to pick up something he dropped.

Sirius' eyes automatically glued themselves to Remus' backside, and magic shot from his wand before he'd realized the spell had been cast. Apparently a wedgie spell was not something that should be mixed with whatever Snape had been brewing in his cauldron…


He awoke with a start and began to bark loudly, lost in the confusion of dream versus reality. Once Sirius had calmed himself down, his brain registered that a real explosion had indeed woken him up. After a final shake of his head, he climbed out of the bush he was sleeping in, followed by a shocked little Wormtail who had apparently been nested behind Sirius' ears.

Suddenly, a strange smell filled his nostrils. A quite powerful, sickeningly fruity smell that reminded him of the scented candles his Divinations professor had been fond of. He glanced up and met the furious eyes of one of those hags that frequent Knockturn Alley. For a few terrifying moments, Sirius believed that he might have spent the night in said notorious shopping district. But the dew-covered grass beneath his paws told him otherwise. He was frozen solid from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail as the hag's brown, decrepit hand grasped the fur on his neck.

This would surely be the end of Sirius Black. He shook his head frantically, in hopes that he could at least signal for Peter's assistance. But that good for nothing rat was probably more terrified than he was. The hag's death grip dragged Sirius over to what looked like a sliding glass door.

"Mark!" she hollered. "I just caught the foul beast that ruined my petunias!"


Lily was surprised to find that Remus, who was currently collapsed on the living-room sofa and mumbling unintelligibly, had not awoken when her painkilling potion exploded. Or when she swore loudly – something she rarely did when James was in the house. The wine cellar/Lily's potions dungeon was not soundproof for the purpose of someone coming to her rescue should an accident occur. Well so much for that!

In her process of observing Remus, she saw something move out of the corner of her eye. Her head spun to look at the window next to the front door, and what she saw almost gave her a heart attack: a middle-aged woman with overly-tanned skin and bleached hair was peering through the window. Lily cocked her head to one side and slowly opened the door.

Lily tried her best to assess the situation calmly when she noticed the woman standing in her bushes. "Erm, hello? Mrs. Earst?" said a cautious Lily. The woman looked at her, startled, having not realized that Lily had opened the door.

"Oh! Hello! I was just checking to see if you were home!" she shouted. Lily resisted the urge to roll her eyes. Mrs. Earst was her least favorite muggle neighbor, nosy and obnoxious, always spying on them through the curtains as though she were a real-life version of Gladys Kravitz from Bewitched.

"Well, I am home. Is there something you…wanted?" Lily stepped outside and closed the door when she noticed Mrs. Earst peeking in at the half-naked man on her couch. It was then that Lily noticed the obvious reason for her neighbor's visit. A large black dog stood shaking next to the front doorstep, apparently terrified. Lily groaned and smacked her forehead.

"I found this animal sleeping in my garden this morning!" At this, the dog approached Lily and began to whine helplessly. Lily glared. "I've seen it at your house before, so am I correct in assuming it's yours?"

"Oh, yes. He…belongs to my gardener. I'm very sorry, Mrs. Earst." But Lily wasn't sorry. As much as she hated Mrs. Earst, this situation was more problematic to Lily than it was to the woman whose garden was invaded. Lily continued giving the dog an ice-cold stare as he slipped through the doorway, tracking in soil from the neighbor's yard.

"Please don't let it happen again!" reprimanded Mrs. Earst. "Can you believe my husband found seven bottles of foreign alcohol lying next to this dog? How do you suppose that happened?"

Lily furrowed her eyebrows, her heart panicking. "Foreign?"

"Some foul concoction – Flame Whiskey – or some such nonsense. Anyway, I've got to run, dear! Please make sure your gardener keeps that dog on a leash!" the woman turned around and began heading across the street to her house.

"If he doesn't, I certainly will!" Lily called after her. After closing the door, she stood facing the wall with her face screwed up in rage. "What the hell were you thinking, Sirius Black? That it's okay to get piss drunk and give neighbors a reason to suspect us of strange behavior?"

When she didn't hear the usual smarmy apology, Lily turned around to face him, and found that he was still in dog form. Padfoot's eyes were tired, but his tail was now wagging as he rubbed his nose gently to Remus' hand. Miraculously, the tawny-haired man stayed asleep after a visit from the most irritating woman on the planet.

Lily couldn't move as she witnessed Padfoot staring into Remus' sleeping face. He slowly began licking the sleepyhead's hand, causing him to grin in his sleep. Lily sighed and whispered to herself. "How can I stay mad at you when you act like that?"

Sirius, being in dog form, heard Lily's words perfectly, and immediately transformed. Lily almost fell backward in surprise when a little grey puffball leapt away from Sirius and turned into a highly disheveled man just seconds later.

"Peter!" exclaimed Lily. "Where were you hiding?"

"Shh!" warned Sirius, pointing to the sleeping form of Remus. The man looked a little silly sleeping half-naked on a couch with a goofy grin on his face.

Lily lowered her voice to a whisper. "What were you doing getting drunk over at the neighbors'?" she asked again. "I mean, excuse my language, but you two look like shit." Peter looked at her and shrugged before heading toward to kitchen.

But Sirius didn't answer her question. He was too busy staring at Remus. "He still smiles when he sleeps. Used to do that back at school," he said fondly.

Lily was taken aback by the softness of Sirius' voice. "It probably means he's dreaming about something good."

"Even after the past few weeks, I really hope he's dreaming about me…" Sirius trailed off.

"W-what are you saying?"

But Sirius continued watching Remus as if he hadn't heard Lily say anything. "Sirius?" she stepped closer. "Sirius what are you…"

Sirius was lowering his face to Remus', inching closer at a snail's pace. He had an incomprehensible look in his sleep-deprived eyes. Lily stretched her neck to see both of their expressions; waiting for Sirius to make the move that everyone had expected him to eventually make. Was Lily about to witness newfound romance between her friends first hand? Probably not, she thought. It wasn't going to be that easy getting Remus and Sirius together.

Remus suddenly awoke and sat bolt upright on the couch. "Auugh! Sirius!" With both hands, he shoved the now snickering man away from him.

"What?" inquired Lily. She tried to hide her disappointment that Sirius hadn't awoken Remus with a kiss.

Remus looked at Lily and then gave Sirius a flat look. "He blew in my ear." Sirius stuck his tongue out and then leapt for the kitchen, knowing full well that Remus would chase him, which of course was the case. Remus crashed into him in the doorway, causing Peter to shriek and Sirius to let out his trademark barking laughter.

Lily's face went red. Oh my GOD! He's really got crush on Remus! I…can't believe it, she thought. Before she had accepted James' affections, James had blown in her ear countless times. Lily had considered it an annoying but romantic gesture – one that tested boundary limits during the beginning stages of attraction. She wondered if Sirius realized just how obvious he was being. She also wondered how on Earth Remus could sleep through explosions and annoying neighbors, but wake up instantly at a tiny puff of air from Sirius' lips.

She was also quite surprised at Sirius' unyielding persistence with Remus. Even if his intentions were purely platonic, Remus had been noticeably pushing him away these past couple of weeks. Something intimate had happened between them that they probably hadn't been ready for: James said he saw them kissing, or something, on the night they'd gone to see that play. They'd had their arms around each other at least, and Remus had walked through the Potters' door that evening looking flustered and emotional.

Lily hadn't known what to think of it until James had told her what he'd seen. It started out looking like Remus had been happy…that he'd embraced a romantic gesture from best friend. But the following weeks convinced Lily that she was wrong. Remus had only gone on a few dates with Sirius since then, and he almost always came back looking bored or annoyed. One day at the Ministry, James asked Sirius what was going on with them. According to James (although Lily didn't quite believe this part), Sirius would have burst into frustrated tears had it not been for Mad-Eye Moody watching him with both eyes.

Sirius, of course, had no idea what had caused Remus' sudden annoyance with him. He took it as a challenge to overcome in their "relationship". So for every time Remus ignored him or made an excuse not to go out with him, Sirius just tried that much harder to get Remus to like him again. But while Sirius was always up for a difficult challenge, he also got overly dramatic about every little thing. So unfortunately, it seemed as though getting sloshed with Peter was the direct result of the way Remus had been acting toward him.

Lily sighed, rubbed her temples, and approached the kitchen.


It was mornings like this that made Lily wish she didn't work from her home. The tension in the room was escalating to unbelievable heights, as everyone in it was suffering from their own various problems. Apparently, Sirius and Peter had been in the process of buying some new dress robes at Madame Malkin's when suddenly Sirius had decided it would be more fun to take on Diagon Alley drunk. Sirius claimed he couldn't quiet remember how he ended up in Godric's Hollow…but Peter's sudden lack of eyelashes and fingernails suggested splinched Apparation had taken place.

"Peter…would you kindly stop eating all of the Potters' food? Those leftovers were supposed to go into tonight's dinner," Remus scolded, gritting his teeth. Peter pouted, but gave Remus a genuinely sorry look with his ever-watery eyes.

Lily shook her head at Remus' attitude. "It's okay, Peter. I was going to order some muggle takeout for tonight anyway."

"And why was the cook not briefed on this little change in the menu? Hm?"

"I don't need your bitching today, Remus. All of my potions for Dumbledore got ruined this morning, Peter's got a hangover and splinch damage, and Sirius' stupid wand is broken…so please, for Merlin's sake, shut up before I throw something at you!" Lily must not have known what a horrible moon August was for Remus. Either way, Remus' face was turning an unbelievable shade of red and green. Very Christmassy, Sirius wisely refrained from commenting.

"Hey, it's not my fault your potions are shite and Peter's stupid enough to go drinking with someone like Sirius!"

"OI!" shouted Lily and Peter at the same time.

"You think my life's been all rainbows and unicorns lately?" Remus continued with his fists clenched at his sides. "I can't practice any worthwhile magic…it hurts to bloody move after the other night…and I can't even go out on dates anymore!"

Sirius had been leaning against the kitchen wall trying unsuccessfully to mend his wand by using Peter's. He vaguely remembered throwing it against someone's house in a drunken frenzy the night before…but he wasn't sure if that was the exact moment it had snapped almost completely in two. He suspected Peter had done something to it during their drunken duel in Mrs. Earst's backyard.

Silently, Sirius approached Remus from behind, placed his hands on the werewolf's shoulders, and gently massaged them. "It's okay, Moons." And immediately, it was. Remus closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

"I'm sorry Lily. There's really no excuse for acting like an arse."

Lily would have said, "Oh Remus, I'm sorry too." But instead she only nodded, finding herself speechless herself again at the sight of Remus smiling slightly and leaning into Sirius' massage. She could have sworn she'd done the same exact thing with James on more than one occasion.

Remus noticed Peter giving him an annoyed look, but he brushed it off as probably hangover related. "Have you got a fever?" Peter asked, suddenly looking at Lily. Remus was immediately worried, but Sirius continued to concentrate on his friend's shoulders as though he had no other care in the world – not even a broken wand.

Lily covered her cheeks, which she realized must have turned red from jumping to more conclusions about Sirius and Remus' possibly not-so-platonic relationship. "Oh no, I'm fine. I think we're all just a little out of it this morning. So Remus…" said Lily, directing her attention to the man who was still looking at her strangely.


"What are you and Sirius going to do today?"

Sirius removed his hands from Remus' shoulders and threw them up in the air. "Moony and I are going on a date today?! Finally!" he shouted. Peter groaned in agony and held his head. Lily poured him some more hangover potion and then fixed her wand on his missing fingernails.

Remus sighed. "Sirius and I are not going out today. I don't know what gave you that idea."

Lily and Peter noticed Sirius' brief crestfallen look. Lily frowned. "Remus, I know you're not going to want me to say this in front of everybody, but I refuse to let you ignore your closest friend just because you can't seem to get your emotions in order!"

"Emotions?" Sirius questioned, looking to Remus for an explanation.

But he didn't give one. "Well I guess if you're so enthusiastic about going out, we might as well." Sirius grinned. "…But it's not going to be a date."

The other man's heart sunk again. He started to worry that Remus' words were eventually going to cause his heart to plunge into his lower intestine. "Why not?" Sirius asked.

"Because today's the day we finally find you a potential boyfriend, that's why not."

"Aw Moons, does it have to be today?" Sirius whined. Lily silently agreed. Why couldn't Remus just continue being Sirius' boyfriend forever? Lily certainly wouldn't mind, although she'd have to learn to control her blushing.

"We talked about this already. I don't really want to have to explain it again in front of our friends."

"What? That you suddenly don't think I should spend all my time with the people I care about when I could be finding some stranger to love me instead?"

Remus rubbed his temples. "That's not what I said and you know it."

"That's how you've been acting," said Lily. Remus sent her a glare that clearly said she shouldn't insert herself into this conversation. And it was a little too soon after the moon for Lily to argue with him. The four of them were silent for a few minutes, each not wishing to extend the tension in the room any further. Unfortunately, silence was sometimes worse than speech.

Remus had been at a crossroads since Sirius had kissed him on the cheek. Of course, Remus knew the kiss had been meant as a friendly joke. Technically, it had been a wonderful thing for Sirius to do after one of the sweetest dates he'd ever been on. But that was just it—the kiss had almost made Remus forget the date was supposed to be fake. Nobody in the whole world treated him as special as Sirius did. And in that lies the real problem.

Remus most certainly did not want to open his heart up to Sirius. He'd been okay with the casual, stress-free dating that gave Sirius a chance to figure out what to do to make himself happy. And Sirius stepping over the boundary to give him a peck on the cheek was fine…for Sirius that is. But the notion of someone so close to Remus making him feel this special was completely undeserved. He didn't want to trick Sirius into any emotions that might ruin their friendship during a time when friends meant more than anything.

But he still wanted to spend time with Sirius. He'd promised that this dating was going to mean they'd stay close friends no matter what. Was it selfish of him to want to continue this charade now, when he knew it could someday mean the end of their friendship? Remus, contrary to popular belief, considered himself to be a pretty selfish person when it came to the things he had. He knew he'd just have to give in and let whatever happens happen between himself and Sirius. Why not now—when Sirius clearly wanted to spend exceptional amounts of time with him? When Sirius truly believed that their friendship would stay mutually platonic.

Remus ran both hands through his hair. His scalp felt hot from the sunburn he'd gotten after forgetting to use a sunblock spell while gardening. Speaking of which…had he remembered to water the plants this morning? He glanced at the sandals on his feet and suddenly wondered what the heck he'd been doing.

"Moony?" Sirius asked to break the silence. Peter mumbled angrily, having quite enjoyed the lack of noise.

"What?" Remus shook himself out of his thoughts. He had no idea how to put what he wanted into words that Sirius wouldn't automatically misconstrue. He suspected Sirius was about to ask for everything to be explained…and frankly, Remus would rather give himself up to hunters than to try and make sense of his angst right now.

"Let's go somewhere to meet guys tonight."

Remus fell into shocked silence for a few moments. "Y-you suddenly want to?" he croaked.

Sirius averted his gaze. "If it means I get to hang out with you, I'll do it."

Remus sighed, giving in for the time being. This is what he wanted, wasn't it? "I'll look for a good place and you can come around here at 6."

"And Remus'll get himself in a better mood while he's at it," Lily chimed in, which did not help to alleviate Remus' temper at all.

But the werewolf nodded nonetheless. "Yeah alright." Sirius grinned victoriously, but still felt a slight tension in the air.

"Okay lads, Mrs. Potter," he nodded to his friends. "I've got to get back and take a shower and then head to Ollivander's. I'm surprised Moony here isn't barfing from the close proximity to my smell," announced Sirius, grabbing his sort-of mended wand off the kitchen counter.

Remus laughed, although not as heartily as usual. "You've smelled worse."

"What? When?" Sirius, who tried terribly, painfully hard to groom himself perfectly every day, looked horrified at what Remus probably meant as a joke.

"I dunno, let's think shall we?" Remus looked at him sternly. "How about the time you accidentally killed that skunk and decided to carry it around in your mouth for five hours? Hm? Then you came to Lily's birthday party without brushing your teeth and decided it would be fun to whisper sweet nothings into every girl's ear?"

"Hey! You can't count dog things! That's not fair!"

Lily burst out laughing and Peter cracked a smile through his pain. "I remember that!" cried Lily. "All of my girlfriends were avoiding you and nobody would tell you why! And then didn't you…you…oh man." Now both Lily and Remus were blushing.

"What? I don't remember what happened after that!" Sirius looked from Remus to Lily, both of whom were looking away from him. Sirius gave Peter a 'you'd better tell me' look.

"Y-you don't remember because Moony used Stupify on you," explained Peter. Lily giggled.

"Don't laugh!" cried a red-faced Remus. "I can't believe I was dumb enough to bring up the incident in the first place!"

"Was it that bad? Sirius asked, his heart suddenly pounding in fear of what he'd apparently done. Sure, it was almost a requirement for Sirius to make an arse of himself at least once every party. But he tried never to involve Remus in his party antics.

Lily spoke up. "You were so sad because all the girls thought you smelled like a skunk when you whispered in their ears…so you walked right up to Remus and tried it on him!"

"What?!" cried Sirius, blushing a little. "What the hell did I say? Moony?" Remus was covering his face and making unintelligible noises. Sirius grabbed Remus' hands and peeled them from his face to find that his friend was actually laughing. Upon seeing that Remus found it funny, Lily and Peter burst into fits of laughter as well. Instantly, Sirius felt the entire room's worth of tension float away. "Moo~ny! You've gotta tell me!"

"It was a pickup line, Pads. And you know how much I hate you saying insufferably disgusting things."

"I tried to pick you up? Shit, you guys. Was I drunk?" he looked around at his chortling friends and then set his head down on the table in mock shame. Laughter was the best medicine. Remus felt a million times better than he had five minutes earlier. He discreetly stood up and walked behind Sirius' chair. "C'mon, guys!" Sirius whined.

"Y-you were d-drunk enough to say…to say…" Peter shook his head.


"If you give me a bone, I'll give you one," breathed a voice in Sirius' ear.

"AH!" Sirius leapt from the kitchen chair and spun around to see Remus leaning over next to him, finally with a genuine smile on his face. "Merlin, Moony!" he clutched his heart. Damn Remus and his post-moon mood swings! A minute ago, Sirius could have sworn Remus would have rather eaten silver than whisper bad pickup lines.

"It was pretty creative for someone who was drunk and had never tried lines on a werewolf before. I only Stupified you because your breath smelled like an ogre's arse, and I've got a very sensitive nose."

Sirius could only nod. He was blushing violently, and he knew full well it was because of the way Remus had just crooned in his ear. Moments later, Sirius excused himself from the kitchen and fled quickly out the door.

Lily rolled her eyes at the abrupt end to such a strangely eventful morning.


Sirius' cheeks were burning. He was halfway home and he still hadn't shaken the feeling. He tried to tell himself that he really shouldn't be feeling anything right now, as the situation hadn't been anything that would normally cause him to act like this. But then again, he'd had a pretty emotional past 12 hours.

Remus was being stupid, Sirius told himself for the thousandth time. Everything had been going great until Sirius had given Remus that little peck on the cheek. It wasn't like Sirius had jumped his friend. He hadn't done anything remotely sexual or borderline romantic to Remus.

What was the big deal? He'd kissed Remus' cheek before. Actually, he'd done so quite frequently back at Hogwarts. He'd kiss Remus' cheek after Quidditch matches, on holidays and birthdays, and in the classrooms when Remus' help earned Sirius an O on a paper. Remus used to smile warmly when Sirius kissed him, understanding that this was how Sirius showed his appreciation for his friends.

Sirius also kissed James and Peter on the cheek. Neither of them were quite as nice about it though—James would freak out and glance around to make sure Lily hadn't seen…and Peter would try to get as far away from Sirius as he could before bringing out his wand and using sterilizing charms on his face. Sirius vaguely understood that his stag and rat friends were as straight as arrows, so it came as no surprise that Remus would be the most welcoming of a kiss.

Nothing was different between then and now. The dating wasn't supposed to mean anything but friendship—they'd established this over and over in the weeks they'd been going out. He understood Remus' problem with kissing on the lips, even if he didn't agree with the reasoning. But the cheek had always been safe.

Maybe both parties were still a little iffy in the rules of this game.

Unless…did Remus have a crush on him…or something? Sirius stopped running. He felt an electric shock course though his body. Only people with crushes acted like a total moron after a kiss. Sirius racked his brain for clues that might confirm this. Everybody told him he was rubbish at picking up on hints and signs from others, but he wasn't about to give up this battle.

During their early years at Hogwarts, didn't Lily used to roll her eyes and tell James to "piss off" whenever he kissed her on the cheek? But then, in sixth year, she started to hex him and scream at him and contemplate murder when his lips brushed her skin. Could this be applied to Remus and himself?

Sirius was surprised his brain would even dare make a comparison between his relationship with Remus and the love that James and Lily shared.

His face was still red when Sirius finally reached his flat. But he also found himself grinning.

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