Date: September 9, 2008
Summary: Seigaku has had enough of Fuji's pranks! Hyotei will stand no more of it: being Atobe! And so Atobe Keigo and Fuji Syusuke are unknowingly pitted against one another and if all goes well they'll both end up dead by the end of the week. (Atobe x Fuji in murder only)

Murder Tactics

Chapter 7
Final Tactics

"Welcome everyone to another meeting of Alcohol Anonymous! This is our second meeting this month and it looks like we have some new members. Congratulations for admitting to your addiction, and being brave enough to share your story and seek out our help! Care to introduce yourselves?" An overly perky woman in an atrociously florid hot pink dress exclaimed enthusiastically.

Some kid with orangey-brownish (more brown than orange) not very well cut hair stood up, "Hi… My name's Hiyoshi Wakashi… I started drinking a few weeks ago because I just feel… so neglected and ignored. No one cares about me… They don't even have the decency to remember my name. A few days ago I was-"

"My name's Atobe Keigo." Atobe interrupted with a dark look in his eyes as he cradled a large gun in his arms, "and Fuji Syusuke dies tonight."

The woman frowned, "I think you have the wrong room sir."

"Oh." Atobe frowned, "Where is the Fuji Must Die Club?"

"Over there." The woman pointed to a room after checking her clipboard.

"Thank you." Atobe nodded before leaving the room and walking over to the other one. He introduced himself for the second time, "My name's Atobe Keigo and Fuji Syusuke dies tonight."

"Get in line buddy." Kirihara sneered.

10 minutes later...

"Hi, my name's Akira and I'm the manager of this building. I want to know if everything's okay in here?" A man with darkish hair knocked on the door and entered the room to find a blood splattered Atobe standing in the middle of corpses.

"Fine." Atobe shrugged, "These people were just in my way was the only problem, but it's over now."

"Beverages are okay?" Akira questioned.

"Yes. The orange juice was quite good actually." Atobe nodded.

"Would you recommend our building in the future for any type of meeting or gathering?" He asked.

"Hm. This place is pretty decent." Atobe replied nodding once more.

"Make sure to fill out a comment card after! I hope you have a great evening sir." Akira gave a thumbs up.

"Oh... I will." Atobe replied with a rather malicious look on his bloodied up face. (not his blood of course)

"Are you sure this is the place? It seems kind of deserted." Fuji Yumiko frowned as her younger brother grinned widely… too widely.

"I'm sure nee-san! The invitation said so." He replied while maintaining his bright smile.

"Well, have fun at the party Syusuke." Yumiko slowly nodded before driving away… after all it wasn't like Fuji could drive. He was still in middle school! And it was certainly against the law to drive without a driver's license, and Fuji was a good citizen who always followed the law.

And so, Fuji watched as his sister drove away, waving his hand in good-bye before unzipping his 'sleepover' bag and pulling out a large sub-riffle gun (for anyone who cares: it's a K 50M) he strapped to his back, handguns on either side of his hips, thighs and ankles, ammunition anywhere he can find fit, a M49 sub-riffle gun gripped nicely in each hand, and his lucky dagger. He smiled, shot the lock professionally with a handgun, and kicked open the large doors leading into the enormous summer cottage, "Let the party begin."

"Oh. Fuji." Atobe greeted in feign surprise armed in weaponry, bulletproof clothing, and ammunition similar to Fuji's attire, "You're early. You must be eager to die at the skilful hands of-"

"TARUNDORUUUUU!!" Sanada Genichirou yelled swinging into the grand hallway, looking absolutely like an action movie hero with the broken glass from the window sparkling around him. He landed on the marble floors and pulled out a machine gun on either hand and aimed at Yukimura's murderers, "DIIIIIIIIIE!"

"What terrible aim." Atobe commented with a small frown watching as new bullet holes were created destroying almost all furniture, though none of the bullets actually found their way into their targets.

"S-Sanada." Fuji tried to interrupt the Rikkaidai vice-captain (who by the way was still screaming an extended 'die!' while firing), "Your gun dealer must have been a really nice guy for adding in really nice scopes onto your machine guns. Saa… you should learn to use it. It helps with your aiming."

The pile of shells on either side of Sanada continued to grow. Both Atobe and Fuji exchanged awkward glances before turning their attention back on the Rikkaidai vice-captain. They shrugged, both pulled out a handgun and shot the teenager who seriously looks like a middle-aged man right in the middle of the forehead.

"I wonder if he'll smell like rotten cabbages in a few days." Fuji considered.

"Hm. Excellent observation." Atobe nodded, "But as I was saying before we got interrupted: You must be eager to die at the skilful hands of Ore-sama!"

"There's only one person dying today! And that's you!" Fuji retorted pressing down on the trigger to the sub-riffles equipped in each hand.

Atobe quickly made a dodge as he somersaulted down the stairs and took shelter behind a small mahogany table. He poked his head from his hiding spot trying to locate the exact spot Fuji was shooting from, while using a hand pistol to make several shots to ensure his cover. He knew his summer cottage (mansion really) like the back of his hand. From the angle of the bullet Fuji was hiding by the marble statue fountain. He made a wild leap drawing out a machine gun watching as clouds of smoke and debris quickly clouded over the area he was shooting at. He rolled and took cover behind the door leading into one of the dens. He waited…

It was quiet.

Did he manage to finally kill Fuji? The one who broke his beloved pocket mirror?

…It was too quiet.

There was a small sound that resembled a tiny bell. Atobe looked down by his feet. His eyes widened. Grenade! It exploded.

Clouds of smoke filled the area and Fuji shielded his eyes. His arm was a little numb which meant he must have been nicked by something either it be a bullet or a piece of sharp debris that managed to head his way… Nothing he can't handle. After all, pain was nothing compared to seeing the corpse of your worst enemy in pieces. Suddenly bullet shots came out from the dust. Fuji quickly ran down the long hallway into a sort of dining room (a very big room at that). He aimed at the walls and shot rows and rows of bullets knowing that the strength of the bullets will go through the walls. And if Atobe were to follow him, he'd now be met with a curtain of bullets. Fuji's gun began to make a soft clicking sound. He frowned. Damn. He was out of ammunition.

He rolled behind the large dining table and pulled out a large shotgun. He listened closely for footsteps as he quietly loaded two red shells into each barrel.


Fuji immediately identified it as the sound of broken glass being stepped on. And so he emerged from behind the dining room table, aimed with his shotgun and fired at Atobe before ducking back down. He loaded the shotgun again and waited… He waited.

"Meet your maker!" Atobe yelled as he suddenly emerged from behind Fuji a handgun pointed directly at the Seigaku tensai.

Fuji's eyes widened as he hastily discarded his shotgun. It was useless as such close range, and pulled out his lucky dagger and swung his arm to properly push away the handgun from his face. He made a high kick to the side that was deflected as Atobe brought his arm up in defence.

Their eyes met.

Fuji smiled.

Atobe smirked.

They quickly leap away from one another and ran to new hiding places, drawing out their guns once more.

They continued to fire at one another, exchanging from room to room, each trying to find a territorial advantage. Finally Fuji retired to the study, sweat dripping down the sides of his face, and gasping for breath. He reached into the small pouch by his side and pulled out a ribbon of linen bandage wrapping it around his arm and watching, as it quickly turned red. His arm wasn't the only place injured. He mentally swore.

He continued to fire down the hallway from where he saw Atobe last, he switched from gun to gun to gun, discarding them once he ran out of select ammo specified for that particular gun model. He was now with his last handgun. Fuji weakly lifted it up and kissed the handle for luck (and no that wasn't red lipstick imprinted on it) as he continued to shoot into empty space. Click. Click. Click. He was out of firearms. He closed his eyes and took in a big breath and exhaled trying to calm down as shots were still continually fired at him.

And suddenly it was quiet.

Fuji cracked an eye open. He tried to stand up but realized that both his legs were too stiff. Besides, from all the blood he lost, he didn't feel like moving.

"Atobe? Are you dead yet? Because I'm out of bullets." Fuji asked from down the hallway, hidden behind a large mahogany desk in the study.

"No. And to your relief I'm also out of bullets. By the way, how are you doing?" Atobe replied a few seconds after, his voice sounding as though it came from down the large hallway somewhere near the snack and entertainment area.

"You shot me in the leg." Fuji replied, raising his voice so the Hyotei captain could hear him better.

"Really? You shot me in the leg too." Atobe yelled back.

"Oh?" Fuji tilted his head in interest, "Which one?"

"The right." Atobe replied.

"Really? Because you shot me in the right leg too!" Fuji informed, "You also shot me in the shoulder!"

"The shoulder? It couldn't be the left one could it?" Atobe questioned.

"You have good insight." Fuji replied.

"No. It wasn't the insight. It was because you also shot me in the left shoulder." Atobe chuckled. There was a small pause before Atobe added, "We have a lot in common."

"I can't hear you!" Fuji yelled.

"I said: We have a lot in common!" Atobe yelled his voice rough in his obvious weariness.

"You're right. At least we're both right handed. We can still play tennis in a few days." Fuji replied.

"What was that?" Atobe questioned loudly, "Come towards the entertainment room. I'm hiding behind the fridge."

"You come to the den! I'm behind the desk!" Fuji yelled.

"I can't walk." Atobe stated.

"I can't either." Fuji informed.

There was a silent pause.

"How about we meet halfway in the corridor?" Atobe suggested.

"No. Forget it! I'll come over to you! I'm hungry. You know I skipped lunch today." Fuji explained.

"Really? I did too, I was afraid of getting any cramps." Atobe explained.

"Is that so? Because I was afraid of the same thing." Fuji grunted as he used to right arm to drag himself out of the study and down the large hallway and into the entertainment room. Fuji paused momentarily at the entrance of the room as he shared a rather warm smile with the Hyotei captain before dragging himself to sit next to the other teenager.

"I found some sushi in the fridge." Atobe offered.

"Thank you." Fuji nodded instantly going for the one covered in wasabi.

"You know, one of your bullet's scraped my cheek ruining my perfect complexion." Atobe frowned, tilting his head slightly to show the brunet the wound.

"I think it makes you look dangerously sexy… especially if you standing on a clay tennis court." Fuji smiled.

"I'm dangerous and sexy looking now? …On the tennis courts?" Atobe smirked, "I've always found you quite beautiful."


"That's right." Atobe nodded, "I would watch your tennis matches and would admire your tennis."

"Is that so? Cause I'm not just a tensai at tennis." Fuji replied rather seductively.

"We'll see about that." Atobe's smirk widened as he leaned forward to capture Fuji's lips in a kiss, then another one, and another one. Fuji let out a small pleasurable moan as Atobe slowly pushed Fuji against the floor.

"No! No!" Fuji complained.

"Something wrong?" Atobe arched a brow.

"I'm lying on broken glass." Fuji frowned.

"Oh… We'll just move over to the side here." Atobe mumbled.

They resumed their kissing and clothes removing before Fuji brought up a hand to the larger teen's chest, stopping him once more.

"What is it this time?" Atobe asked impatiently.

"It's my first time." Fuji confessed.

"Really?" Atobe blinked genuinely surprised, "Well the lube is up three flights of stairs. Seeing as we both can't walk, I don't see the point of getting it, even though it's the strawberry flavoured Hello Kitty brand." Atobe explained.

"Isn't there something around here we can use?" Fuji questioned scanning the room.

Atobe let out an aggravated grunt as he checked in the fridge, "Grape jelly or ketchup?"

"Ketchup sounds safer." Fuji contemplated.

"Ketchup it is." Atobe growled before capturing Fuji's lips once more.

The End.

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Murder Tactics


Tezuka Kunimitsu smiled secretly to himself. He was just sooo excited! He was back at Seigaku and was ready to order laps, play tennis, run towards the sunset, play more tennis, and just have a great day with all his super friends. He had to calm down. Never let your guard down. Yes. Calm down. He had to remember his role models: Batman never smiled and was really, really cool and stuff. Superman was also super serious and like everyone likes Superman cause they all like the cold and serious type… Not like the friendly neighbourhood Spiderman… he was too nice and the outfit was just terrible. Ooh! Wolverine. He had to be like wolverine. The lone wolf type who doesn't talk much and who's totally serious as well.

Tezuka put on his stern face… it was short lived as he let out a small giggle. He was just too excited! Tennis! He was finally back from Germany and he was going to see his whole team and have a super fun group hug! He let out a small cough. Serious. Batman. Must frown to be cool. Serious.

He emerged from the clubroom onto the tennis courts and made a dramatic pose that'll surely impress and catch the attention of all his teammates… He frowned (for serious now). His diary was going to be busy tonight as he stomped his foot on the ground and pouted. The courts were empty… Where did everyone go?

Meanwhile, both the Seigaku and Hyotei team approached the Atobe summer cottage, hoping for the worst: one of them still being alive. Regardless, they all let out a sigh of relief upon pushing the door open and finding broken glass, broken furniture, Sanada's corpse?, torn wallpaper, bullet holes everywhere, a few slash marks, more broken bits of debris and wreckage, but most importantly there was blood everywhere.

"Wait a second…" Momoshiro frowned, "I know this smell."

The large group watched as Momoshiro Takeshi bent over and dipped his finger in the 'blood' before bringing it to his mouth.

"What is it?" Oshitari questioned.