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Summary: You asked for it, you got it! Here are three more parts to my story "Precious Moments" Hope you like them!

Part 5: Acceptance

While eight-month-old Alex napped, Evie paced around her living room. She had sent her new application to the Bembridge Scholars a month ago. Why hadn't they replied yet?
'Oh, well.' she thought. 'There's no use worrying about it...' Evie looked up when she heard the front door unlock. Rick was home from work.
"Hello, sweetie!" She called.
"Hey, " said Rick, exhausted. He pulled her close for a quick kiss. Suddenly a sly smile came across his lips.
"What? What is it?" Evie asked. She hated it when he teased her like that.
"I got something from the post office on my way home. I think that you will be very interested to read it's contents..."
"The reply! I've been waiting forever!" Evie cried, jumping at the envelope. Rick chuckled and handed it over.
Evie began to tear it open, but then stopped and looked up.
"Oh, Rick, what if they turn me down again? That would be horrible! I don't know what I do!" She looked panicked.
"Honey, if they turn you down then it is their loss. But you'll never know if you don't look!" Rick said, massaging her shoulders gently. Evie sighed.
"Oh alright." She opened the letter, and began to read. Rick looked on impatiently.
"I....I....I got in!!! Oh, darling, I got in!! After all these years!" Evelyn squealed. Rick picked her up and spun her around in circles. But they got suddenly quiet because they didn't want to wake up Alex. He was a real crier. Rick kissed Evie on the forehead, and called Jonathan. They needed a babysitter~they were going to go out and celebrate!

Part 6: First Steps

Rick was sitting in his easy chair reading the paper. Evie had her nose in a book. Alex, 10 months old, was sitting on the floor chewing on a teething ring. Rick looked up at Evelyn and smiled. Whenever she read, she would furrow her brow, causing her glasses to slide down her nose. It was so cute to Rick. She felt him looking at her and she looked up. She blushed, as she always did when he looked at her like that. It made her feel so special. Alex giggled, drawing them both out of their moment. Alex had pulled himself up to the corner of the table. He had been doing that for a couple of weeks now. But then he let go. Evie instinctively jumped up to catch him. But he didn't fall. He tried to tak a step forward.
"Oh, Rick, he's trying to walk!" Evie cried. Rick looked at his son, proud and happy. Alex looked from his mother to his father, seeming to ask,
'Can I do this? Will I fall?' Regardless of what he may have been thinking, he took a tentative step. Evie gasped. When he took another, Rick gasped.
Evie had to grab a tissue. He was walking! Their baby was walking!
Soon enough, however, he was running. And running. Even Rick had trouble keeping up with him. Rick knew that he was going to be a spitfire like his mother. But that was what Rick loved so much about Evie. He smiled to himself as he grabbed Alex from running into a table. He had so much to be thankful for.

Part 7: Five Years

Evelyn smiled at her reflection in the mirror. Today was her and Rick's five-year anniversary. They were going out to dinner, and she had bought a new dress for the occasion. It was a long, flowy white one, and it complimented her tan perfectly. When she was deciding what to do with her hair, Alex walked in.
"Oooooh, Mummy purty!" he squealed. Evie smiled and picked him up.
"Thank you very much, darling!" Evie kissed him on the cheek.
"Wow. I have to agree with him." Rick's voice came from the door of their room. Evie looked up, startled.
"Well, thank you, too." She smiled.
"What, I don't get a kiss too?" Rick pouted. Evie just sighed with a smile and kissed him on the cheek. That wasn't good enough for him. He pulled her back and planted one right on her mouth.
After the kiss ended, Evie looked up at him happily. Then she remembered that they had reservations.
"Alex, sweetie, you're going to play with Uncle Jon tonight, alright? We'll see you when we get home." She kissed him again. Rick did the same. Alex didn't mind that his parents were leaving; he loved his uncle--he usually let him get away with anything!
After dinner, Evie and Rick decided to take a stroll in the park. After about ten minutes they sat down on a bench to talk.
"I love you Evelyn." Rick said softly.
"I love you, too."
Rick pulled a box out from his jacket pocket and handed it to her.
"This is for you," he said. She opened it and gasped. It was a necklace witha ruby heart pendant. The ruby was surrounded by diamonds. It was exquisite.
"Oh, thank you!" she said. She kissed him, and then reached into her purse. She had a gift for him, too. He opened his box, and pulled out a golden pocket watch.
"Oh, Evie, this is great." he said happily.
"Look at the back," she said. He turned it over. Inscribed were the words,
R + E, Forever and Always. Just like on the insides of their wedding bands. He was speechless. No one had ever given him such a thoughtful gift.
"These last five years have been the best in my life." was all he could think to say.
Evie, near tears, could only nod in agreement. They kissed like it was their first, and walked out of the park hand in hand.

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