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Warning: is a plotless, violent, rape-fic. Maybe gang-rape. There may be death, there may not.
--- -- -- ---

Zim opened his eyes. He knew things were going badly already. The Resisty had decided to pick on Soldiers working alone in remote parts of the galaxy. He knew they were after him, being in such a remote part. Nobody would notice he was missing until he failed to report, and by then he would probably be dead.

He also knew things were bad because of his PAK. It was reporting major damage to its' defensive capabilities, and the spiderlegs had been removed. His wrists and ankles were tied together.

Things were worse because of the voices around him. He couldn't make out what they were saying, but by the badly concealed giggles, the mutterings and the whispers, he knew things were about to get alot worse.

'My crew', Lard Narr started, 'we have captured a filthy, evil Irken. What should we do with him?'

'Torture him!' one voice called.

'He may have information' another voice added.

'I personally know this Irken' Lard Narr replied. 'He would have less information than we do. This is Zim, or, the great joke.' He looked down at Zim and hissed at him. 'You're less to us than you are to your empire. And WE all know how much you are to them. You're nothing to them. You're nothing!'

'Lies!!!' Zim screamed. 'You're full of lies and deception! I am the greatest Invader in-'

He was cut off by a boot in his squeedily-spooch, and the sound of people laughing.

'Listen to how he believes he's great. I don't think any amount of torture will get through to him. Any other ideas?'

'We should do to him what they've done to out planets.' A dark voice hissed from the shadows.

'Tear him apart? That would be fun.'

'No.' The dark voice answered. 'Rape him.'

The crowd went silent, then it started to whisper among itself.

Zim didn't know what was happening. He had of this "rape" thing on earth, but he didn't know what it was.

After a few minutes thought, Lard Narr coughed, and the crowd went quiet. 'I have thought this plan over, and I agree with it.'

'Do you know if it even has the right stuff?' Somebody in the crowd yelled.

'If it doesn't, we can always make a hole. ' Lard Narr held up a knife, leering sadistically. 'plus he's got a mouth. if he threatens us with his teeth, we can always just pull them out. Estram, You made the suggestion, do you want to have the first go?'

'No. But I'd gladly watch.' The crowd laughed.

Zim was looking confused and scared. he didn't know what was going to happen. 'What are you going to do to me?' he asked.

Lard Narr looked down at him. 'We should explain things to poor Zim, because he doesn't know what's going to happen. You see, Irkens,' he spat the word, 'don't reproduce like we do anymore. No, they grow out of tubes. But they must have reproduced manually before, so Zim, that's what we're going to do with you. In words you'll understand, we're going to touch you. we're going to touch you in places you don't want to be touched and have never been touched before. And it's going to hurt. It'll only hurt you. Whoever's doing the "touching" will be getting pleasure from it. Do you understand?'

Zim shook his head. what did reproducing and touching have to do with each other? And what did he mean by a hole? Zim thought he might've had a hole somewhere other than his mouth, but it was ignored by all Irkens. It was unnecessary.

Lard Narr grinned. 'It doesn't matter though. You'll find out soon enough.' Then he knelt done next to Zim and licked his cheek. 'We're going to have fun.' He whispered into Zims' ear(?).

He then pushed Zims' legs apart, though they were still joined at the ankle, and sat between them. Zim tried to get away, though he was out-numbered and didn't know what was going to happen. Lard Narr put a hand up Zims' shirt, then sighed and rubbed the hand on the skin. 'He's so soft. It's a wonderful feeling.' He trailed his hand downwards, then slipped it inside Zims' pants, groping and feeling. He found a hole and pushed a finger inside. Zims' eyes widened at that. They widened even more when Lard Narr pulled out a large knife. When the knife went to the top of his pants he started screaming.

Lard Narr opened his eyes and grunted in annoyance. He had been enjoying himself. 'Somebody shut him up!' he yelled. A pair of socks were pushed inside of Zims open mouth.

Lard Narr then slit Zims pants from the waistband to the knee, on both the inside and outside edge, pulling down the front section and shoving it beneath his legs. This allowed everybody to see what was beneath an Irkens pants. There was a single slit that one of Lard Narrs fingers was thrusting into. 'He's just like a woman.' one of the crowd whispered. 'Just think, every Irken is like than underneath.' The person he was talking to giggled, picturing the Tallest without any clothes on. He knew that later at night they would be coming to him in his dreams, touching each other, and wanting him to touch them, but right now, their humiliation would be enough. he never told anybody about those dreams, but he had a feeling he shouldn't think that way about the enemies leaders. Even if he never got a chance with the tallest, he could try this one.

Lard Narr pushed another finger into Zim, earning a pained moan. After a few thrusts he scissored his fingers, which brought tears to the Irkens eyes. He grinned. If just this was making the Irken cry, imagine how it would react when he forced himself inside it. He slipped his pants down, not surprised to find that he was already as stiff as a board. He then pulled his fingers out, which made Zim relax. His relaxation was short lived, however. Almost a soon as the fingers were removed, something much larger was inserted in their place. He almost screamed, and started to choke on the socks.

Lard Narr relaxed for a bit. Zim was so wonderfully tight. He had wanted to screw the little Irken almost since the day he saw him on the research station. No, he had wanted to do more than just screw him, he had wanted to dominate the little freak, the defect that destroyed everything. He pulled the socks out of Zims mouth, he wanted to hear every noise Zim made. Every scream that left his mouth. He then started to thrust into and out of Zim. He heard moans and cries as Zim was violated. He wanted to hear louder cries. Maybe even screams. He pushed harder, waiting for the screams. He got them as he dug his fingernails into Zims stomach and dragged them down, cutting up the soft, delicate skin that covered him. He looked up at Zims face, looking for the big red eyes, but Zim had closed his eyes, an tears were falling out of them. Lard Narr slapped Zim and told him to open his eyes. Zim didn't open his eyes. Lard Narr slapped him again, then grabbed the knife and placed it to one of his eyes. 'Open your Eyes!' He screamed at Zim. He wanted to see those solid pinkish eyes

Zim opened his eyes, and saw a knife hovering just milli-metres from his eye, plus Lard Narr moving back and forwards at the junction between Zims' legs, where all the pain was coming from, and a whole group of aliens staring at him as he was "raped". That must be what this was. A few of the aliens were even laughing. He closed his eyes and started to sob. He had never really cried in his life before, but he had never had this happen to him before. As soon as he had closed his eyes, he felt something sharp stabbing into one of them. He opened both his eyes and found he couldn't see from one of them.

Lard Narr had put the tip of his knife into Zims' eye, just enough to blind him, but not enough to cause permanent damage. He wanted to keep Zim for his own enjoyment for a while after the crew had had their fun with him. After a bit longer he tensed then came. Then he leaned over and kissed Zim tenderly on the lips, got up, wiped all the Irken blood off himself, then grinned at the crew and asked, 'who's next?'

- - ---- - - -- - -

And so ends another story by me. I was wrong at the beginning. Nobody dies. Oh, well. Plus there is love. Kind of.

In other news, go listen to Everything's Gone Bad by The Fergusons. Brilliant song.

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