Ways you know you are obsessed with Twilight.!

Keep in mind that all this stuff is me. I have actually done all of this stuff.

By the way…I did put a bit of Jacob bashing in this, since I am his least favourite fan of all time. If I had the choice I'd kill him myself. MUAHAHAHA. But anyways Jacob fans, just know that I have nothing against you. I just really hate Jacob. I am total Edward, so please understand that everything that makes Jake seem totally bad is my opinion. I tried to limit it to a minimum.


You have read each book more than three times.

You finished each book in less than 4 hours and didn't put the book down once.

You counted down the days until New Moon and Eclipse came out.

You cant help but smile whenever you think of Edward.

The name Edward is no longer dumb and weird to you.

Whenever someone says, "Hey, you wanna go shopping?" you automatically think of Alice.

You want to move to Forks, Seattle, Phoenix, or Port Angeles.

When you see someone barely starting the series, you want to punch them for not reading it sooner.

When you see someone reading Twilight, you go over to them and say how much you like it, to which they give you a weird look and walk away.

You cried during some parts of the book, and laughed at others.

The name Victoria sends chills down your body.

When you sing the Star Spangled Banner and say the line, 'at the twilights last gleaming' you think of Twilight.

Twilight is your favorite time of the day.

You have imagined yourself as one of the Cullens and or Bella.

You have had pretend conversations with one of the book characters in your mind.

After you read the book, apples became your favorite fruit.

You wish you were a vampire.

You squealed with joy when Edward and Bella reunited in New Moon.

Your friends get scared around you when you start to talk about Twilight.

When your friends bring up Twilight, they smack their heads because they know you're going to go on a never ending rant.

You are the leader of Team Edward in your school. (Okay, perhaps that is only me. My other friend is leader of the Team Jacob shudder But I'm winning. I have 74 members of my school and she has 10!)

When you see someone wearing glitter you think of vampires.

You wished your name was Bella and have yelled at your parents about it.

Instead of asking yourself questions like, "I wonder why we as humans are alive?" you ask, "I wonder what will happen in Breaking Dawn!"

You have gotten colored contacts to give yourself either topaz or red colored eyes. (I have topaz!)

You hate the name Jacob with a passion, and Black is now your least favorite color. (sorry Jacob fans.)

Your teachers at school ask you why your reading log mostly consists of the Twilight series.

You dress up like a Cullen on Halloween and people ask you why you're not wearing a costume but a lot of glitter and expensive brand clothes borrowed from your friends.

You read fan fictions about Twilight online and it's the only website you're on anymore.

Your myspace is Twilight-ified.

You've written Cullen as your last name.

When you went to an Italian restaurant, you ordered the mushroom ravioli.

You listen to your heartbeat more often.

You look at your doctor and think, "Carlisle's better."

Topaz is your favorite gemstone.

You wish you were born if November so topaz would be your birthstone.

You wish your birthday was also June 20th, like Edward's.

Your parents have grounded you from the books until Breaking Dawn comes out. (…yes. This is true. Withdrawl is unbearable.)

Your friends nickname for you is Edward.

You and your friend who likes Jacob have an actual boundary line. (…don't ask.)

Mountain lions are your favorite animal.

You've tried to read peoples mind, see the future, change peoples emotions, or make them be in excruciating pain. (since most of my friends who read this asked, the last ones is Jane's power. Yeesh.)

You hated New Moon, except for the beginning and ending.

You get very mad and gasp when people say they have never heard of Twilight.

There will probably be more when I think of them! And yes, everything I have mentioned in here, is true in my case!