I'm not posting "more ways", really. This is more of a response to some of the reviews left, which I had just gotten around to reading for the first time.

Granted that the majority were lighthearted and positive, some weren't. For example, one mentioned the things that I wrote were stupid and immature—thank you for pointing out the obvious, lol. Any obsession, no matter what it is, is stupid. It's like being in love for the first time—you write their name all over your notebook and think about them all the time. For many people, certain books are their obsession. My current obsession is, as it was before my Twilight faze, the television show Bones. Everyone, no matter who you are, has gone through some sort of ridiculous obsession.

The first two chapters were about things I've done myself. After my extended absence, these were things my friends or people I knew had done.

Oh, and the "my mom's friend's cousins is Stephenie's relative" thing, is true. My mom's friend, who attends the church she goes to, has a cousin who is Stephenie's brother-in-law. I've never even spoke to this person before, this was what my mom told me, lol. I thought it was a good thing to put on here.

Anyways, in response to the Team Jacob question I asked a long time ago, I feel that I should explain my reasoning for hating him. I don't like him, though I do respect him more now that he's with Renesmee and takes such a protective role with her. It's lengthy, so if you're not interested, thanks for reading anyways! (: (not sarcasm—it felt rude, so I had to add that.) I wrote this originally on the Twilight saga website. (:

I find that people's reasons for being a certain team are vague, and usually stupid. "Because Edward/Jacob is so hawt omgomg lol"
It bugs me, because I relate so strongly to characters in novels. I create a bond with them while I read, and Stephenie portrays her characters very well. I feel like I know them. I'm a bit biased in my decision to love Edward--I fell in love with him as soon as I got past the first chapter of Twilight. (Not literally fell in love--I'm not a pathetic "fangirl". I simply adore the character.)

I read Twilight in 2007, the summer before my eighth grade year. It wasn't even remotely popular in my state (UT) at the time, and I felt kind of special that I read them before the hype in my area. I read both New Moon and the newly released Eclipse in one, very long sleepless night, about a week after finishing Twilight. I felt amazing.

Afterwards, I continued reading them over and over again. My teachers even ended up having to call my parents to ask that I wouldn't be allowed to bring them to school, because I was reading during lectures. I loved the books. I read Twilight (literally) over 30 times, and Eclipse 15. But, New Moon? 4.

I despised Jacob. I loathed him.

I began New Moon with a positive outlook, very eager. But at the moment Edward left Bella, I was filled with anger. I felt personally betrayed. I cried, but they were mad tears instead of sad ones; it took a lot of myself to continue reading, because I felt no point in continuing. But I did, because of the little thing on the back of the book which always occurs in the story, and it hadn't happened yet. I clung to the hope.

I was okay at first. I found Bella to be far too whiny, but for good reason. I wasn't at all sure how it was going to play out--I vaguely recall thinking that Bella would form a tighter friendship with Angela, and confide in her. I got farther in, and realized I was wrong. She was boring when going out with Jessica, but I'll admit I just about cried when she heard Edward in her mind.

But then Jacob Black came into the picture.

I didn't give him a chance the first time around. Everything he did bugged me. I couldn't stand him. As Bella came out of her depression, I got more angry. I felt like he was intruding on Edward and Bella, and I felt that Bella was giving up, which made me wanna jump into the Twilight universe and punch her in the face. The motorcycles, the whole "I can't tell you because I simply can't" thing...I found it all annoying. When he revealed that he was a werewolf, I had the uncontrollable urge to just throw the book out the window. I knew right then and there that she was going to fall for him. THAT, my friends, is where the pure hatred started. I read the entire book, but I hated every second of it until the moment Alice came. (Right when they were about to kiss--if that had happened, I'm almost entirely sure I would have burned my book). When Edward was finally back...I cried tears of RELIEF, of all things. I felt so much better when he was there.

I think Edward's decision of leaving Bella made entire sense. When I put myself in Edward's point-of-view, I would have done the same. Bella needed to be surprised, and lied to. From her personality, she would have been way too stubborn to just let him leave. She'd put up a good fight. Edward's world is dangerous, especially for a frail human like herself. You know you truly love someone, when you have the strength to let them go for their own good. That's the logical way I see it.

Then here comes Eclipse. The beginning of it was absolutely wonderful. Bella kept Jake in line, because her true soulmate was back. When he kissed her and she punched him, I cracked up. I wished she had gotten a crowbar and beaten the stuff out of him. See, I'm all good with that. I was even okay when she felt like friends with him again, because at least they weren't getting romantic. Edward was still a major part of the picture.
But then comes my least favorite part of the entire SERIES. The fight scene. I hate it. I was alright until the moment Jacob climbed into that sleeping bag with her. Then I knew something bad was going to happen.
When Jake threatened to kill himself if she didn't kiss him, I laughed. But then she DID. I can't express my anger when she realized she loved him, too. I hated Bella from that point on.

The way I see it, is that Bella quite frankly treats both of them like stuff. Edward, granted, left her, but as I stated above, I felt he had good reasoning. I just think that Bella treats him awfully. He personally betrays his family to be with her, goes through pain because of her blood because he loves her, wants to give her everything...but she doesn't want to marry him, yet she's willing to give up her mortal life to be with him forever? I'm sorry, but that simply does NOT make sense to me. He buys her wonderful things, and she has the nerve to be rude about it because she feels like he's too good for her already--which I personally think he is.
But what REALLY gets me is that she wants to be with Jacob! She wants to have kids and love him and everything. I find it to be ridiculous...yes, he's much safer to be with. Yes, HE never left her. Yes, he'd love and take care of her. She'd never have to change for him. But, like I said earlier, I'm biased. I think Jacob is immature, and inconsiderate. He's young. He had the nerve to kiss a girl with a boyfriend, which is wrong PERIOD, Twilight universe or not. Then uses the excuse of killing himself. I don't think that's respectful in the least. He's disrespectful to Edward, while Edward at least tried to be a gentleman for Bella's sake (more than she deserves).

After calming down once Bella does choose Edward, and upon finishing Eclipse, I reread New Moon with an unbiased mind. I did see the reasons people would prefer him. I stated those reasons above. I've considered them. I even felt more sympathetic towards him, because he loves Bella. But I couldn't get over my dislike of him. And my newfound hatred for Bella didn't help.

To say I loved Breaking Dawn would be an understatement. Jacob's point of view annoyed me, he whined too much--just like Bella did in New Moon. And when he made that flippant remark about imagining Bella naked times before, I rolled my eyes. My hatred for Bella vanished entirely once she realized how much she loved Edward, and let go of Jake. But, then he just whined some more. Whoo.

And when he imprinted on Renesmee, I--literally--danced around. I was elated that it was finally over, that the Jacob Black I hated was gone. I grew to respect him and his love for Nessie after that.

Now, why I love Edward.
I find Edward to be entrancing. As I said earlier, I read this in eighth grade basically. I loved the way he spoke, the way he treated her, his never ending politeness. I adored him! I wasn't mad at him in New Moon, just angry that he was gone at first, which turned into a frustration/sadness.
Edward truly, in my opinion, loves Bella. Imagine hearing everyone's thoughts, their secrets, their personal opinions of you. Then you finally meet someone who's silent, who's for once mystery to figure out. Something you've never experienced. It was fate. She was basically designed for him. Her blood, so irresistible, only to him. But because she's a mystery, a new experience...he puts himself through it to be with her. What did Jake ever give up for her? Nothing that crucial. It's not just that I find Edward to be beautiful (in my mind), it's that I find Bella and Edward's relationship to be destined. He loves her so much; people who say that Jake loves her more are misinformed, in my opinion. He personally betrayed his family and gave away their secret to her. He's willing to give up an eternity of living to let her be a human—which is another thing. Bella does not HAVE to change to be with Edward, I absolutely hate that excuse. He begs and begs her to stay human, and it's Bella herself that wants to be immortal. Edward would gladly give his "life" once she dies. It didn't work out that way.
Edward has never ending patience, which probably comes with being alive for over 100 years. Like I said, Bella treats him badly now and then, yet he stays. He's polite and respectful to Jacob, despite how much he'd love to rip him to shreds--for Bella's sake. Jacob didn't have the MATURITY to do so.
Edward was not attracted to Bella physically, but more of...mentally, I suppose. I just love that. I love the Cullens, too. I absolutely love them, which is a small portion of the reason I'm so Edward.

I think I've covered the basics of my opinions, though there are some small details I left out.

I appreciate your awesome feedback on my lil story type thing. :) I felt I deserved to give my opinions, because I asked for yours.

More "Ways" soon, no more of this shiz. Lol. :)