Hey people!!This story came to me in a dream...no seriously. Well the opening part is part of my dream the stuff in italics. It had to do with Erik trying to win Christine's heart and then becoming cold because she didn't love him back. It's very brief though and I will warn you there is some slight crude humor and language. but nothing explicit. This is how I picture Erik if he did not have the birthmark. Phantom Reincarnated will hopefully be updated either today or at least sometime this week. I'm sorry I have no creative title for this like I do for PR but hey...it's all good. Also( began a sentence with also...my god.) i will be very american in this and slightly modern in my language, although this story takes place around 1900 and I'm thinking it will be france for the location. Anyway sorry for the long note.

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Oh and again beginning is stuff from my dream in ITALICS. Seguri then describes my dream(well in this case her dream) briefly. Oh and this is in first person POV which is Seguri's. LET US COMMENCE!! hehe...

Chapter I

Don't be alone in the dark

He'll find you

Trying to make her love him


I wake instantly after hearing the choir drown out the echos of my dream. A man's voice which sounded quite worn with age was warning my imaginary self in that dream. He told me to keep away from dark places or this mysterious man would find me and do god knows what. I remember a figure outside in the snow as I gazed from the window of some imaginary house and he was dressed in black with a mask over his right cheek. He looked distressed and was pouring amber liquid from one vial into another with shaking hands. He ended up spilling the liquid over these dark colored gloves covering his hands and cursing in agony.DAMMIT!!! He had yelled. The reason, I knew not, except that he perhaps was the man the worn voice was referring to, trying to make a women love him with perhaps the help of that liquid he was pouring.

I quit pondering the dream for it was quite involved as are most of my dreams and they only lead to insanity when I try to find truth or reality in them. They are dreams,you know, they transport us to a world that is not reality so that we may experiment with our lives and others' without the future being altered. I am then reminded of my troublesome pondering by the choir's combined high note and frantically get dressed before making my way to the theatre.

I run into Erik Dantes and freeze involuntarily. He glances down at me before giving me a smug look and strodding past me. I look after him and glare remembering his disgraceful occupation which does not include performing. He's the largest star anywhere and has no flaws...except commitment. It is not an exaggeration when I say he has basically slept with every person in this opera house, save the men and two women, as well as myself. The man,as expected, is extremely arrogant and sometimes wears a white mask on the right side of his face to be "mysterious". I do not give him another thought and run off to the managers.

"Ah! Seguri!!! Just the woman we were looking for. You'll be eighteen in a month, correct?" I knew he was up to something, teh...pervert.

I nod. "Why?" I ask uninterested, yet my voice betrays my emotions,luckily. Mr. Frescer gives me a wide grin which is quite...creepy.

"Our new opera involves an...intimate moment and you'll be of age. It is about a King who takes in an Indian princess in hopes of producing an heir. Besides the King will be none other than Erik Dantes." Mr. Fidello says hoping to persuade me by mentioning Mr. Sex Fiend. Ha. Think again.

"If I refuse?" I ask trying to imply my lack of interest in taking the role, and Mr. Frescer smirks.

"You will most likely, lose your job." He says smuggly and I glare at him.

"Fine. As long as he doesn't really get intimate with me." I say emphasizing the way they were using intimate earlier, knowing exactly what they meant by that supposed "light" term. Mr. Fidello looks at me happily.

"Good girl. Rehearsals tonight." I nod then walk off to find some strong tea. Charlotte runs over to me and I very well know why, for anything involving Erik Dantes is spread quicker than it is actually said, and Charlotte is usually one of the first to hear. She embraces me tightly in excitement.

"You get to kiss and share an intimate scene with Erik Dantes. You are so lucky." I gently remove her from myself and shake my head.

"He has slept with almost every woman in this opera house. I am really not lucky to be working with that pig." I hear a snort behind me and turn, being met with Erik Dantes.

"I'm not that happy about it either. I have not slept with the one I have wanted, but I have to rid myself of desire somehow. It's not as if those women did not want me. Every woman wants me." He says smuggly and I am utterly repulsed by this man's arrogance.

"Unlike most women, I believe you to be a despicable man and I would rather sleep with a swine than even kiss you." He smirks and nods.

"Unlike most women, you are my co-star and have the privilege of sleeping with me and even kissing me. I will see you tonight, Seguri Ferenz." He says in a charming voice before stroding off and I growl in frustration.

"That man is horrible!" I grumble under my breath and think back to how my parents tried to save me from this life. I was taken from them when I was five, in order to escape the cruel practices of the people in India and other middle eastern countries. When becoming an adult women have two choices: a permanent sex slave to the royal court and lived in the horrible confines of a harem, or you were made a permanent child-bearer until you died or lost your sex appeal. My parents somehow arranged for me to be taken from my homeland in hopes that I would have a better life. I would. I really would have a better life, had I not been selected to become Erik Dantes' new outlet for desire.

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