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Cardcaptor Torika: The Heart of the Ocean

Chapter 1: Reunited

Reedington Elementary School

Torika sits at her desk as the last day of school draws to a close. She had worked hard to get through the school year. At exactly 3 o'clock, the bell rings. Torika then packs her stuff and heads off to home along with Maddy, Tai, Natsume, and Hana. It has been almost a half a year since Jeri left Reedington. And Torika has been confident that she will see him again.

-Flashback to mid September-

Reedington - Jeri's house

Both Jeri and his father, Eli Moon pack the car for their trip back to England. Jeri's expression was that his feelings were never even returned. Even after Sang, the Emporer of Nightmares was destroyed. Suddenly, a voice sounds off from behind his back.

Voice: So you're just going to leave without saying goodbye?

Jeri turns his head to find-

Jeri: Torika?!

He then notes the look on her face...

Jeri: It's not like that. I was never meant to come here to begin with. But now I need to go home. I've missed a lot of school, and my mom is worried.

Torika: (angered) I'm not an idiot ya know. I'm not mad just because you're leaving.

Jeri: I'd never think you're an idiot.

Jeri puts the last of his bags into the trunk, but keeps eye contact with Torika.

Jeri: It's just that I've said everything I needed to say. I didn't think there was anything you wanted to say to me.

Torika: Well, you're wrong.

Jeri: But after everything I've done--

Torika: That wasn't you, remember? That was an evil spirit. And when it was finally gone and we can get to know each other, you have to leave. And you wern't even going to tell me.

Jeri: I didn't thinh this would upset you so much. I'm really sorry.

Torika: (blushing) Of course it'd upset me. After all, I am in love with you.

Jeri: (shocked) Y-You are?!

Unknown to the two of them, Maddy, Hana, and Natsume were watching. Maddy in excitement jumped up out of the bush, but Natsume and Hana grabbed her arms and pulled her back in.

Torika: I love you Jeri.

Jeri: I love you too, Torika.

Torika then pulls out one of her cards, and Jeri does the same.

Torika: I know you have to leave now, but promise me you'll come back. Swear on the Hope Card that you'll come back.

Jeri: I swear that I will definately come back.

They exchange the two cards, and they hug, but not like they will never see each other again.

Jeri: Goodbye, Torika.

Torika: I will never forget you, Jeri.

As Eli, Ruby, Spinner, and Jeri begin to drive off, Torika gives him a parting wave.

A little later...

Reedington - Park

Torika was sitting on the swing, when she heard a familiar voice.

Voice: Hey, Torika.

She turned around and saw her mom, Sakura walking up to her.

Sakura: Maddy and the others told me you'd be here. I heard what happened. I'm sorry.

Torika: What for?

Sakura: I'm sorry that Jeri left. I know how much it hurts not knowing if someone you love will come back. It's hard to say goodbye.

Torika: It's not goodbye.

Sakura sits on the other swing...

Torika: I was closer to saying goodbye to you and Tai than saying goodbye to Jeri. You only say goodbye to people you'll never see again. Jeri will be back. In fact, I've learned a lot over this past year being a cardcaptor. I've accepted tough challenges and gotten past difficult hurdles. I've made friends out of enemies, found friends in unexpected places, and I've gotten closer to my friends than I ever thought possible. I learned more about my family. And how to believe in myself. I've faced my greatest fears and have overcome things I never thought possible. And of all these things, the most important thing I've learned is this: As long as you care you will never break a promise.

-End Flashback-

As Torika, Maddy, Tai, Hana, and Natsume head home, they pass by the park. Torika looks out of the corner of her eye and notices a person that she, has seen before. The person turns his head and reveals his face.

Torika: Jeri!

Renuited, they are held in a embrace like they never seen each other for years.

Torika: I'm so glad you're back.

Jeri: I know.

Reedington - Torika's House

When Torika and the others arrived, Kero was flying all over the living room chasing after Spinner for taking his cookie. Li, Sakura, and Ruby were trying put an end to the chasing. But what caught the eyes of Torika and her friends (besides Jeri) was that Eli was in the room with a woman with reddish-brown hair and a woman with long, black hair, and with them was a little creature with fur as black as the woman's hair and had a jewel that was a blue as the one on Spinner when he's in his true form. Spinny (as how Ruby would refer to his earthly form) stops to look at who came in, but then he noticed Kero plow right into him, and hit the wall.

Eli: Now that this chaos ended, let's get into what is happening here. Oh, and Torika, this woman here (the one with the reddish-brown hair) is Jeri's mother, Layla McKenzie.

The woman named Layla stood up and did a Japanese style bow at Torika.

Eli: And this woman on the other couch was one of Clow Reed's students, Yuuko, The Dimensional Witch.

Yuuko: It's truely an honor to meet the daughter of Sakura. I was an friend of her's much like Layla, here. In fact I've even have a place in the middle of Tokyo. I can just cut to the chase, here. You remember, Will and Elizabeth?

Torika: Yea. Why?

Eli: They're getting married, and were invited.

Natsume: What's going on here?

Torika: Oh yeah. A few days before school started, my mom, dad, Maddy, Tai, Hana, Kero and Me were taken to another world, and it was during the early 1700s, and the place was in the Caribbean Sea. Dad and I befriended a blacksmith named Will Turner, who was in love with the Governor's daughter, Elizabeth Swann. One day, a pirate named Jack Sparrow entered the town we were in named Port Royal, both Will and I fought against him. Sparrow was eventually taken to jail, but that night Jack's rival, Hector Barbossa, snuck in on his ship, the Black Pearl, and attacked the town. His goons then kidnapped both me and Elizabeth. I was able to fool them I was Elizabeth's daughter and she fooled them into thinking that she was the daughter of 'Bootstrap' Bill Turner, who was Will's father. We wern't able to do anything until Barbossa told us that they needed our blood.

Natsume: What were they? Vampires?

Torika: Close, but it turns out that they are immortal.

Natsume: That doesn't sound bad to me.

Torika: By immortal, I mean undead.

Natsume's face then begins to change from interest to fear.

Torika: They turn into a skeletal image under moonlight. And trust me, it was not a pretty picture.

Natsume: (not sure) So what happened next?

Torika: After that big scare, we arived at a island to for the removal of their curse. But when Elizabeth's blood didn't work, they relized that we weren't Bootstrap's children. But both Will and Dad saved us and escaped, only to go on board a ship, that was flying a flag of the British Royal Navy. But when we got on board we found it was crewed by-

Natsume: More pirates?

Torika: More like privateers, but exactly privateers. Their captain was none other that Jack himself. But he was not on board. From what Dad told me, Will knocked Jack out since he was going to be used as leverage. But eventually, the Pearl caught up with us. And we were forced into an all out battle... And we lost. Will surrendered himself to Barbossa's crew, since he has the blood they need. But during the blood sacrifice, Will, Hana, Jack, Dad, and Me were able to turn on Barbossa. At the end of the battle, Barbossa was killed after Will destroyed his father's share of the curse, and by Jack's pistol. After that, it was still not over. Jack was going to be hung for his crimes, so Will, Dad, and I had interrupted the hanging, and allowed Jack to escape. The governor said that on the rare occasion, choosing a course demands a act of piracy. We were able to get back here un-harmed and the circumstances of the prevention of Jack's hanging were forgiven. (catches her breath)

Natsume: And what happened to Will and Elizabeth?

Torika: They ended up together.

Natsume: And Sparrow?

Torika: We don't know. He just disappeared after that.

Yuuko: If you don't hurry, you'll miss the wedding.

Torika: But what about you?

Yuuko: I'll need to stay behind, since my shop is in need of repair and there are four other people that need my help.

Torika: All right. Are we ready?

Everybody else: Yea.

Torika: Allright. Here we go.

They dissappeared. Yuuko was only one left, since she needed to keep things peaceful here.

Port Royal - Church

It was raining, and Elizabeth was growing icreasingly worried. Sakura, Maddy, Hana, Tai, Ruby, Eli, Layla, and Jeri were there, but Will, Torika, and Li weren't. Suddenly, Elizabeth came running in to a horrifying sight: Li, Will, and Torika were arrested.

Elizabeth: (Horrified) Will! Why is this happening?

Will: I don't know. (notices the dress) You look beautiful.

Elizabeth: I thought it was bad luck for the bride to see the groom before the wedding.

The next thing that happened was Governor Swann was shoving his way though the croud of people, only to have two British troops block his way.

Governor Swann: How dare you!

He then notices a man looking out at the ocean.

Governor Swann: Stand your men down at once! Do you hear me?!

The man then turns around.

Man: Governor Weatherby Swann, it's been too long.

Governor Swann: Cutler Beckett?!

Beckett: It's "Lord" now, actually.

Governor Swann: Lord or not, you have no reason and no authority to arrest these people.

Beckett: In fact, I do. Mr. Mercer.

Mercer, Beckett's right-hand man, hands about a bunch of pages.

Beckett: The warrents for the arrest of William Turner, Li Showron, and Torika Showron.

Governor Swann takes the pages and examines them carefully.

Governor Swann: These warrents are for Elizabeth Swann, Madison and Tai Greening, Hana Ikado, and Sakura Showron.

Beckett: Oh, are they? That's annoying. My mistake. Arrest them.

Elizabeth: On what charges?!

Beckett then retrieves four warrents.

Beckett: Aha. Here are the ones for Turner and the Showrons. And I have one for a mister James Norrington. Is he present?

Sakura: What are the charges?

Governor Swann: Commodore Norrington resigned his commission some months ago.

Beckett: I don't believe that was the answer to the question I asked.

Li: Lord Beckett. In the catagory of questions not answered...

Elizabeth: We are under the jurisdiction of the King's governor of Port Royal and you will tell us what we are charged with.

Governor Swann: The charge is "cospiring to set free a man convicted of crimes against the Crown and Empire, and condemned to death, for which the--"

Beckett: For which the punishment regretably, is also death.

Natsume: You wretch.

Beckett: You have now been arrested as well for insubordination. (to Li, Will, Elizabeth, Torika, Sakura, and Hana) Perhaps you remember a certain pirate named Jack Sparrow.

All 6 of them: Captain.

Hana: Captain Jack Sparrow.

Beckett: Captain Jack Sparrow. Yes, I thought you might. The rest of your friends and reletives will be arrested as well.

To be continued...

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