Disclaimer: Butters and Kenny belong to Matt Stone and Trey Parker and I in no way own them.
Title: And Again
Summary: Something's just never end do they? KennyButters
Warnings: Slash Cussing PWP (kinda)OOC
Couple: KennyButters
Written By: Shino
Inspired By: Uh, some Yaoi manga and Private Practice again.
Comments: So, um, this is another odd one. (My mind, God) Bear with me.

And Again

Butter bit back another sob, he had to stop crying, he'd been doing it for an hour already. Boy's don't cry like girls. It's a law. And he'd already broken it too many times. He needed to learn to control himself.

Taking deep breaths, he tried to think of something else, something happier.

Kenny. Kenny is happy. Just think of him and then he can get up and take a shower.

"God Butters," Kenny said with an easy but serious half-smile. "You're way too trusting. And though it's a good quality, it can also be a bad one." Calloused fingers ran across Butters cheek. "You'd be a perfect rape victim. Be more careful kay? If not for yourself, for me?"

His throat closed up and his whole body jerked forward. Oh God. Nothing's safe anymore. A cry left him and tears once again started to stream down his face.

Nothing's safe. Ever, ever again.

Setting the groceries' down on the counter, he heard a noise coming from the living room, like someone was throwing things around. "Kenny?" He called, almost certain it was the unlucky blonde causing the mayhem. "You there? Wanna help put up the food?"

"No no no no. I don't want to remember, I don't want to remember."

The noises stopped and someone shuffled around a bit before everything went silent. Butters chuckled and started toward the room. The other's probably just playing around. "Come on Kenny. I have some Ice Cream that may just melt." He took one step into the living room when a hand covered his mouth and something cold pressed against the bare skin at the small of his back.

"Hey girly, your boyfriend home?"

Covering his head with his hands, Butters started to tug at his hair, trying to forget it, trying to forget it all.

"Butters? Where the fuck are you? And why the hell- BUTTERS?"

A body pressed flush against his back as the glint of a gun shone next to Butters face. "See this girly? It's a revolver, old motherfucker at that, can't find one of these babies in stores anymore. And you see girly," A hand slid down from his mouth to his stomach. "You get shot with one of these; you won't live to tell the tale." Lips brushed his neck. "Not that you'd probably tell anyone. You haven't even screamed yet." The hand sunk lower.


Somewhere in his mind, Butters noticed Kenny burst into the room, he noticed the cross between an angry and a confused expression on his face.

He noticed the man behind the door pulling back the hammer on his gun.

It all happened so quickly, one moment he was screaming for his life, the next he was on his back, a gun barrel shoved between his lips, a strange man behind him commenting on how he wasn't a 'girly' after all. Not that it mattered in the end.

A scream, that's was what brought him back.

It was his own scream.

His own scream because his lover was lying dead in his arms, half his head blown off, blood and gore splattered across his naked chest, face and the wall behind him.

"I told you girly. I told you you'd be dead. Just like that fag."

But his scream didn't die, he kept going until he couldn't breathe, and then he just gasp desperately for air then it began again.

And again.

And again.

And. . .


God I'm such a weirdo/sicko.