One thing I have gotten really into recently is the Metroid Prime games, just now recently starting to play Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

So, I thought that I'd write this fanfiction, taking place in the future of Metroid, and during my Yu-Gi-Oh series.

Lets see how they stack up together.

Also, this is a prequel to my Yu-Gi-Oh: Twilight Princess fanfiction.

Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh or Metroid.




A golden gunship appears from a wormhole in deep space. It glides down towards a large metalic ship, before being cleared for docking, and making a landing on the airplatform of the G.F.S Pandora.

A lift lowers from the ship, revealing an intimidating figure in orange and gold armor, similar to that used by the legendary bounty hunter Samus Aran, with an arm cannon straped onto its arm. A young woman's head is clearly visible, with a mouthpiece in place of the helmet of the familiar Bounty Hunter, letting the woman's blonde hair fall down behind her.

Two guards watch the woman approach, and salute.

"You're Sarah Aran, aren't you?" The first guard says. "The daughter of the famous bounty hunter Samus Aran, who defeated the Space Pirates 25 years ago. The admiral is waiting for you inside the briefing room."

"Thank you," Sarah says in a slightly mechanized voice through the mouthpiece as she walks through the door, and down the hallway towards the briefing room.

When she enters, the stout figure of Admiral Pierre turns around to look at her, he had been discussing something with a group of soldiers behind him.

"Ahh, Lady Aran," the Admiral says. "Right on time, I have called you here because of a dangerous situation that has come to the Federation's attention."

"What exactly is going on?" Sarah asks.

"There are reports coming from parts of the galaxy..." the Admiral says, activating a holographic map that shows the galaxy, and then zeroes in on a certain area. "This area is part of an asteroid belt, mostly uninhabited. We have reports of Space Pirate acitivty, including what appears to be a giant portal of sorts that is activated every so often."

"And let me guess, you want me to go and investigate this?" Sarah asks.

"You are the best bounty hunter we have right now," The admiral says. "We sent Cassandra, but she vanished from our radar sometime afterwords. Are you up for the job?"

"Yeah, why not, anything Cassie can do, I can do better," Sarah says with a chuckle.

Cassandra was the daughter of a family friend, the two girls had picked up Bounty Hunting from their parents, more like out of rivalry between the two.

"Good, you'll leave immediately," the admiral says, and Sarah leaves the room.


An hour later, Sarah has arrived in the asteroid belt, but the pirates had seen her comming, and she was met with a small fleet of ships. It would take all of her strength to get through this first barrage, and even she had to admit she couldn't believe she made it.

As her ship approached the main Pirate armada, suddenly the holo communicator turns on.

"Sarah Aran, I should've known that you'd be here to pick up the pieces from Cassandra's failure," the cackling voice of a space pirate commander says, but the hologram is too fuzzy to make out who it is, but Sarah recognizes it immediately.

"Valcouri, I should've known that scum like you would be behind this," Sarah growls, adressing the pirate commander by name. "What did you do with Cassie?"

"That waste of oxygen that is my sister? The same thing we are going to do to you, Miss Aran," Valcouri's voice says with a cackle as the hologram shuts off.

"Crazy dragons..." Sarah mutters to herself, and continues on her way.

There is a sudden blinding light, and Sarah's gunship vanishes into a massive portal.


"Did it work?" The same voice from the communicator demands of a pirate lackey in the pirates tongue. The voice belongs to a black space dragon, with silver wings, and a long spiked tail.

"Yes Commander Valcouri, it was a success, Sarah Aran has now officialy been bannished from this universe," the lackey says.

"Good, now prepare our forces for the invasion, our target this time is the old planet Earth, and not even the daughter of Samus Aran can stop us now!" Valcouri says, with a cackling laugh.


Sarah is drifting, drifting in an endless sea of stars and planets, as words start to echo through her mind...

"Four challenges lie before the chosen hero,

The daughter of the hunter must not fail,

lest the tribulation of a thousand years

fall upon all worlds, carry forth your legacy...

The Legacy of the Hunter."

She suddenly shot awake, she glanced around, she was in a fairly sterile-looking room, wearing a hospital gown. She furiously looks around, trying to find her armor, seeing it resting in a pile against the wall.

She stumbles off the hospital bed, trying to keep her balance, but falls to her knees, gripping the edge of the bed to steady herself, she suddenly hears someone at the door. Gulping, and not sure where she is, she allows her arm to morph into a silvery cannon, but finds herself too weak to sustain the weight, and falls back onto the bed.

The door opens slowly...


Ooh, sorry you guys for having it cut off there, but the higher powers felt I needed to do an introduction before we got right into the whole dueling thing.

Yeah, thats me, Sarah Aran, daughter of legendary bounty hunter Samus Aran, I guess I got the profession from my mother, its a living.

Now, I have no idea where I am, or how I got here, but I'm stuck here until I can figure out a way home.

And get this, the only clue I have as to what weapons I have against an unknown enemy is a card game...

You ever heard of Duel Monsters? Because I sure haven't, but if its the only way to get back home, I'm willing to learn.














The door opens, and the young bounty hunter tenses up, ready for anything.

Then, a young woman in a nurse's outfit walks into the room. "Oh good, you're awake, Miss. Pegasus will be overjoyed!" The nurse says.

"Uhh, where am I?" Sarah asks, still a little groggy.

"You are in the personal medical ward of Victoria Pegasus' mansion outside of Los Angeles," the nurse says. "Miss Pegasus found your crashed plane outside 3 days ago."

"Crashed? Adam!" Sarah says, bolting upright, gasping as she feels a sharp pain.

"Take it easy, miss," the nurse says, steadying Sarah. "I will tell Miss. Pegasus that you are awake, but I must insist that if you are going to leave the room, you use a wheelchair."

"Fine, whatever," Sarah says, and the nurse leaves for a minute, and brings in a wheelchair, and helps Sarah ease herself into it.

"Don't worry miss, you'll be just fine, then we can figure out where your family is," the nurse says.

"W-what planet am I on?" Sarah asks, barely managing to get the words out. "I-I was in the asteroids, the P-pirates a-attacked, Adam, is he all right?"

"Miss, you where the only person found in the wreckage," the nurse says. "And what planet are you on? Why, your on earth of course, where else would you be?"

"Adam is my ship..." Sarah mutters, then pauses, she had never heard of the planet earth, but she decided to leave it alone.

"We are trying our best to repair your ship," the nurse says.

"I need my armor, I can get it to self-repair..." Sarah says.

"No, not yet, you are still too weak to handle the weight," the nurse says.

"I've lived through worse," Sarah mutters, but doesn't fight it.


Outside at about that time, a young woman with platinum blonde hair, and wearing a t-shirt with the sleaves pulled back, and shorts, with a pair of sunglasses and a sun hat is kneeling over, working at her flower bed.

Victoria Pegasus could've easily hired people to do her gardening for her, but she perfered to do it herself, a hobby she had always enjoyed since she was a little girl. She sits up, and wipes her forehead, she was wondering mostly about the girl that she had found a few days before lying unconcious by a spaceship. Strange things had been happenning, something seemed to be calling out to the girl, comming from the vault where she housed the un-released cards that where created.

"Miss. Pegasus!" The nurse calls, wheeling Sarah down the garden path towards the Industrial Illusions President. "I brought her to see you, like you requested."

"Thank you Melinda, I'll take it from here," Victoria says, and takes a seat on a bench. "Are you all right, miss..."

"Aran, Sarah Aran," Sarah says.

"Its nice to meet you, Sarah, I am Victoria Pegasus," Victoria says.

"I would like to know why I was sent here," Sarah says.

"What do you mean?" Victoria asks.

"I'm not froma round here, to say the least," Sarah says. "It might sound crazy, but I'm from another planet, is this a Federation-controled planet?" Sarah asks.

"Federation?" Victoria asks.

"The Galactic Federation, I've been doing work for them for years, fighting of the Space Pirates..." Sarah says.

"Wait, Aran, as in Samus Aran?" Victoria asks.

"She's my mother, have you heard of her?" Sarah asks.

"Uhh, I don't know how to explain this. Well, in this world, we have something called video games, and there is a series of games based off of the adventures of, well, I guess your mother," Victoria says. "And I have something else, something that might be rightfuly yours now."

"Huh?" Sarah asks, and Victoria takes a briefcase out from under the bench.

"My father entrusted me with a few cards that he made that just weren't to be used by the main dueling world, cards that could only be used by specific duelists, and recent events have led me to believe that you are one of them."

She removes roughly 28 Duel Monsters cards from the briefcase, giving them to Sarah, who takes them, then looks at them in shock.

The top card was a woman in red and gold armor, with the name "Samus Aran, Federation Bounty Hunter" on it.

Mom? Sarah thinks.


It would be another month before Sarah was well again, during that time period she had learned the basics of Duel Monsters, and caught on quickly as to how to use her deck.

By Victoria's suggestion, she sent in an application to the American West Coast Academy, one of the largest and most sought-after Dueling Schools on the west coast. She did fairly well on the test that they sent to her, and was given a day and a time to be at the Convention Center in order to go through her field test.

When she arrived, she saw that about four duels where going on at the same time while the others where allowed to watch. Two of them gained her interest.

The first had a young woman with short black hair, and wearing a green halter top and skirt, with a white jacket and light brown skin. On her field was a muscular woman in a green bikini and bearing two fists, with another woman carrying a sword, she has 1500 life points left.

Her opponent is a tall man wearing a dark blue blazer with a pair of sunglasses and a black beard, but other than that is bald. He has two Marauding Captains on the field, and 1000 life points left.

"All right, its my turn!" The girl says with a slight spanish accent, drawing quickly. "And I activate my Monster Reborn spell card to bring back a monster that should look familiar to you, my Amazoness Spear Woman (1500/1200)!" She says, and a female warrior carrying a spear appears.

"Whats the point? Your monster can't attack!" The proctor says.

"Correction, she can't attack your monsters, but you are a different story, so I sacrifice my Amazoness Fighter, and my Spear Woman can attack you directly, Amazonian Spear Toss!" She commands as the weaponless amazon vanishes, and the female warrior rears her spear back, and throws it at the proctor, who screams as his life points fall to 0.

"Good show, welcome to the academy," the proctor says.

"You interested in the duels?" A voice from behind Sarah says, and she turns to see a young man with red hair that sticks up in several places, and wearing a military jacket, a black t-shirt, and camo pants, with a pair of glasses that rest on the edge of his nose.

"Yeah," Sarah says, blushing a little bit, trying not to show it. "Uhh, I'm Sarah."

"Theo," the young man says, and gives her a smile. "So, you dueled yet?"

"No, not yet," Sarah says, then a voice catches her attention from the arenas.

A young woman with long black hair with a small tint of gold is dueling, she is wearing all black, with a long trench coat that is floating behind her in a non-existant wind. On her field, she has a Luster Dragon (1900/1600) and a Red-Eyes Black Chick (800/600) in defense mode with one card face down, and 2200 life points left.

Her opponent is an older woman with short blonde hair, and wearing a golden uniform. On her field is an Archlord Zerato and a Shinato, King of a Higher Plane, she has 3100 life points left with the Sancuary in the Sky in play, and one face down card.

"Come on Cassandra, you and your dragons are nothing compared to my fairies, on my next turn all I have to do is draw a light monster," the female proctor says.

Cassandra? Could it be... Sarah thinks.

Cassandra draws. "Well, since your so confident, lets see how you can get past this combo, I place 3 cards face down, and sacrifice my two dragons to summon this monster, Gandora, Dragon of Destruction (0/0)!" She shouts, and a huge black dragon with red lights running along its body appears.

"Whats the point? Your monster has 0 attack points, if your going to cut it at the academy, you'll have to do much better than that," the female proctor says.

"I activate his effect, I pay half of my life points..." She says, and her life points fall to 1100. "But then, he destroys all cards on the field other than himself!" She says, and a huge burst of red energy destroys all cards on the field, leaving the dragon alone.

"Its still too weak to beat me," the proctor says.

"Yes, but he now gains 300 attack points for every card he destroyed, so thats a total of 2400 attack points, and then I activate Megamorph, since my life points are lower than yours, Gandora's attack is doubled!" She says, and the dragon suddenly doubles in size as his attack rises to 4800. "Now Gandora, finish her off, Infernal Inferno Blast!" She commands, and the dragon sends a huge burst of fire at the proctor, who groans as her life points fall to 0.

"Congradulations, Cassandra, you are now in Duelist Academy," the Proctor says, and Cassandra stays silent.

She walks away from the arena, giving a glance at Sarah. When the two girls exchange glances, there is a deffinate tension between them.

Sarah knew right then and there, Cassandra would be her rival even in this world.

"Sarah Aran, please report to Arena 3 for your duel!" An announcement comes over the PA.

"Hey Sarah, good luck," Theo says, and Sarah smiles, giving him the thumbs up before heading to the arena.

Cassie takes a seat, perfering to watch the duel from a distance.


Professor Marcus Ling, a tall man with slicked back black hair, and a slight goatee while wearing a black blazer was having a bad day. Not only had he been sent to act as a Dueling Proctor for the academy, each time he had dueled against a candidate for the school, he had lost, each duel more embarassing than the last. The most recent was the worst, he had been using a Beatdown deck, and had lost to a Human-Wave deck, against a bunch of Mokey-Mokeys.

He was tired of losing, he had one more duel today, against some rookie with some weird last name, and he didn't even take an exam deck this time, he wanted to take her down with his real deck to get rid of some of the stress.

If some poor sap had to lose, well, all the sweeter.

He had to admit, this was the most interesting looking opponent he had faced all day, with the armor mostly, he assumed immediately that she was going to use an armor deck.

"Oh, so you must be my opponent," Sarah says, and the two meet in the center of the arena, and shuffle each other's decks. "I'm Sarah, Sarah Aran."

"Professor Marcus Ling," the professor says with a scowl, and hands Sarah her deck back as they move to seperate sides of the arena.

"All right, game... start..." Sarah says, and activates her duel disk as Ling does the same. "I'll go first," she says, and draws. "Uhh, I start with my "A" Cell Breeding Device!" She says, and a strange machine appears on her field. "And I'll set one monster in defense mode, and call it a turn."

Professor Ling draws. "I'll start with this card face down, and set one monster in defense mode, and thats it for me," he says.

Sarah draws. "I summon, my Space Pirate (1800/1200), in attack mode!" She says, and a reptilian monster carrying a gun appears.

What? You've got to be kidding me, the Metroid Series was only a rumor, only a freakin' rumor, how can some rookie have them? Professor Ling thinks in shock.

"A Space Pirate? That thing looks like it just stepped out of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption!" Theo says.

If you only knew, Cassie thinks to herself. I'm stuck on this backwater planet because of those things, I've faced them, my mom worked for them once or twice, they're a pain.

"Now Space Pirate, attack his face down monster!" Sarah commands, and the alien fires multiple shots of purple energy at the face down monster, which is revealed to be a black cat.

"Thanks, that was my Cat of Ill Omen, which lets me add a trap card to the top of my deck, and I trigger my face down card, Pact of Greed, so we both draw one card," Professor Ling says, and places a card on the top of his deck, and then draws a card.

"Ookay..." Sarah says, and draws as well. "Uhh, your move."

Professor Ling draws. "I'll place this card face down, and summon Fusiler Dragon the Dual Mode Beast (2800/2000 - 1400), in attack mode!" He says, and a metalic dragon appears with a roar. "And I'll activate my Dian Keto the Cure Master," he says, and his life points rise to 5000. "Your move."

"A Fusiler Dragon? Why would he use that card, unless..." Theo says.

"Unless his face down card is something realy dangerous," Cassie says. "Ooh, I'm going to love watching Sarah squirm."

"Whats with you two anyway?" Theo asks.

"With all due respect, its none of your buisness," Cassie says.

Sarah draws. "I summon, my Hopper Metroid (1900/1200), in attack mode!" She says, and a strange alien with a yellowish pulsing sack on its back appears. "Now Space Pirate, attack his Dragon!" She commands, and the pirate fires at the mechanical dragon.

"Go trap card, Skill Drain!" Professor Ling counters, and a wave of energy bursts out of the trap card, and strikes every monster on the field, and the mechanical dragon's attack returns to 2800 as Professor Ling's life points lower back to 4000. "Which means, my monster is now stronger than yours, so say good-bye to your pirate!" He says, and the dragon sends a burst of fire at the pirate, who shatters, lowering Sarah's life points to 3000.

"Ugh, fine, your move," Sarah grumbles.

Professor Ling draws. "I summon my Berzerk Gorilla (2000/1000), in attack mode!" He says, and a raging gorilla appears. "Fusiler Dragon, destroy her Hopper Metroid!" He commands, and the mechanical dragon plows through the alien, lowering Sarah's life points to 2100. "Now Berzerk Gorilla, attack her face down monster!" He continues, and the gorilla sends a burst of fire, destroying a small alien. "Your move."

Sarah draws, and then the machine starts to spark, and a leech attaches itself to the Fusiler Dragon. "Now that your monster has an A-Counter, I can activate my trap card, Brainwashing Beam to take control of it!" She says, and the Fusiler Dragon gets a vacant look, and floats over to Sarah's side. "And I activate the spell card, Xeno Vase!" She says, and takes a card out of her graveyard, and puts it in a pouch at her side before drawing 3 cards. "And now, I sacrifice your Fusiler Dragon, to summon an old friend of the family, Rundas, Ice Master Hunter (2400/2200)!" She says, and a blue alien with ice forming in his hands appears.

Rundas? They made cards based off of the three fallen hunters? Cassie thinks, she was all-too familiar with the stories of what had happened to Rundas.

"And I'll give him a spell card made only for him, Rundas Armor!" Sarah says, and a cloud of ice and snow surrounds Rundas, then an icy armor forms onto his body, and his attack goes up to 2700. "Now Rundas, destroy his Gorilla, Ice Shot Attack!" Sarah commands, and a huge barrage of ice strikes the gorilla, who howls in pain before shattering as Professor Ling's life points fall to 3300. "One card face down, and thats it for me."

Professor Ling draws. "I activate Monster Reborn, and bring back my Fusiler Dragon!" He says, and the mechanical dragon appears again."And I now summon my Unfriendly Amazon!" He says, and a female warrior with long brown hair, and carrying a sword appears. "Now Fusiler Dragon, destroy Rundas!" He commands, and the machine sends a burst of fire, which engulfs Rundas for a minute before it fades away, leaving him intact, and Sarah's life points at 2000.

"In life, Rundas was a proud, stubborn Bounty Hunter full of pride, when he is equiped with his armor, once per turn he can survive a battle," Sarah explains.

"Fine, your move," Professor Ling says.

Sarah draws a card, and glances at Professor Ling. This might work, she thinks, before taking another card. "I activate Gracefull Charity!" She says, and draws 3 before discarding two. "And I activate my own Monster Reborn, and bring back a monster I discarded, so lets welcome to the field Ridley, Dragonic General of the Space Pirates (3200/1900)!" She says, and a huge black dragon that somewhat resembles a pteradactyl appears.

What? They made a card based off of my dad? Cassie thinks.

"Now Rundas, destroy his Unfriendly Amazon!" Sarah commands, and the ice hunter sends a burst of ice, which freezes the amazon for a second, then she shatters as Professor Ling's life points fall to 2600.

"She is good, I'll give her that," Cassie says.

"Ling has a sound strategy, but the problem with a Skill Drain deck is that it relies a lot on brute strength," Theo comments. "The strongest monster you can summon using a Skill Drain deck is Fusiler Dragon with Giant Kozaky as the second strongest, negating the opponent's effects is not necessarily useful when faced with an opponent who does not necessarily need to use effects to win."

"Hmm, good point," Cassie says.

"Now Ridley, destroy his Fusiler Dragon, Plasma Breath Attack!" Sarah commands, and the dragon sends a burst of firey plasma at the monster, wiping it out, and lowering Professor Ling's life points to 2200. "One card face down, your move."

Professor Ling draws, only to be interrupted. "I activate the trap card Dust Tornado, so say good bye to your Skill Drain!" Sarah says, and a huge burst of wind destroys the trap. "And that means your strategy is gone!"

"Fine, I activate Change of Heart, and bring your dragon to my side!" Professor Ling says, and Ridley floats over to his side of the field. "Now, I sacrifice him for this, my Drain Virus Warrior (0/3000), in defense mode!" He says, and a giant warrior carrying a shield appears, and suddenly a wave of energy strikes Rundas. "This is my back-up, this guy works sort of like a monster version of Skill Drain, but he negates all effects other than his own of course. Its your move, and I doubt you have any other monsters you can summon to destroy mine..."

Well, I do have one face down card that could help me, but I have to get the right card first, Sarah thinks, and draws, then grins. "Sorry, but I activate my face down card, Call of the Haunted, and bring back a monster I discarded, the headliner of my deck, Samus Aran, Federation Bounty Hunter (2700/2300)!" She says, and with a sound of some strange music in the background, a figure emerges.

At first glance, you cannot tell if it is male or female, the figure is wearing a suit of armor that is colored orange and silver, with some traces of red, and sporting a cannon weapon attached to her arm.

"And, I equip her with my Phazon Armor spell card!" Sarah continues, and blueish-silver metal attaches to Samus' suit. "And finaly, I activate Dark Phazon Summoning, and I summon this monster by tributing Samus, welcome to the field, Dark Samus, Space Pirate Commander (3400/3100)!" She continues, and Samus' armor turns a deep blue color, and a wicked cackle can be heard from behind the visor.

"Wait? Thats not possible, you can't beat me, not against my deck!" Professor Ling shouts.

"Your overconfidence is your downfall, Dark Samus, destroy his warrior, Dark Cannon attack!" Sarah commands, and the dark hunter sends a burst of black energy at the warrior, who cracks, and shatters. "Now Rundas, finish him off!" Sarah commands, and the ice hunter sends a huge burst of ice at Professor Ling, who screams as his life points fall to 0. "And thats game over!"

"Hmm, this will be an interesting year with her around," Theo says.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," Cassie yawns, and leans back in her chair.


Hopper Metroid, Samus Aran, Federation Bounty Hunter, Dark Phazon Summoning, Space Pirate, Phazon Suit, and Dark Samus, Space Pirate Commander all appeared in chapter 1 of "Yu-Gi-Oh: Twilight Princess."

Gandora, Dragon of Destruction was used by little Yugi against Bakura.

Amazoness Spear Woman was made by Cyber Commander.


Xeno Vase

Spell Card

Image of a Pot of Greed shaped like an alien. Remove one monster in your graveyard with "Alien" in its name, and draw 3 cards.

Ridley, Dragonic General of the Space Pirates





This card was created to honor the classic game series by Nintendo, "Metroid." When this monster destroys a monster, the user may draw until he or she gets a monster with "Metroid" in its name, and add it to his or her hand, all other cards are discarded.

Rundas, Ice Master Hunter





This monster was created in honor of the classic video game series "Metroid Prime" by Nintendo. When this monster attacks, your opponent may not activate any spell or trap cards in the battle phase. If "Dark Samus" is on the field, you may destroy one spell or trap card every turn.

Rundas Armor

Equip Spell

Image of ice armor fitting onto Rundas. This card can only be equiped to "Rundas, Ice Master Hunter." The equiped monster gains 300 attack points, and can escape being destroyed as a result of battle once per turn.


Well, chapter one is done, and we are now more aquainted with the different characters.

Next chapter, our heroes arrive at the West Coast Duelist Academy, and we finaly get a good look at what kind of deck Theo uses as he duels for the first time against a strange opponent. How does he fair? Find out in, "War Games."

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