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I Know this never would happen… and I know that the story line and characters are a little ooc… but it was the only way to make it work… please bare with me.

With Or Without You

By: Alunamai



"Justin, I said no!" I yelled pushing him as he tried removing my shirt for the third time. I pushed at him tryng to get him on the other side of the Sentra… where he belonged. The more I pushed the angrier he grew.

"Come on, Bella… it could be an early Christmas gift to one another." He whispered as he pushed himself on me yet again.

"No." I said. "And if you respect me, you'll sto…"


I awoke to a bright light. As I opened my eyes I noticed the undecorated walls of the Emergency room. I was yet again in the hospital. This time, I am sure, was Justins fault.

"Oh, Bella! Thank God your alright." My mother cried as she entered the room.

"Why am I here?" I asked. My voice cracked and I think it was due to my mouth being so dry.

The last thing I remember was Justin trying to have his way… "No. Oh No! He didn't." I started to cry.

"Sweetie, you were found in the middle of a parking lot in a pool of your own blood… When they told me where they found you I told them you had been on a date with that Justin Bloodgood… they immediately…" She seemed to be wrestling with her self about something. "Honey, he raped you."