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With or Without You

By: Alunamai

Chapter Twelve: Short and Sweet

Bella's POV

Today my babies graduate high school and this too starts the rest of their lives. At the end of this summer my babies will be off to college. Gavin will be off to Harvard. Elizabeth will be off to Yale. And Carlie will be off to Dartmouth. They were all accepted at all three but they decided that they should try to live with out the other two. It will be an experiment on their part.

This will also be the first time any of them have set foot on American soil since they were born and we moved to Europe. It will be a culture shock for them I think. Though Edward claims that they will do quite well.

"Carlie Ann Marie Cullen, Elizabeth Esme Caia Cullen, Gavin Matthew Masen Cullen, (a whole ton of names) Alexis Rodolfo Rodriguez…" Yeah, that's right Alexis still lives with us. He just couldn't help himself.

Everyone stood up and cheered as the last name was called.

And the next thing I knew we where heading to the cars and off to celebrate the kids graduations.

"I can't believe that its finally over!" Carlie said with a smile. "High school is finally over and we are free!" She removed her graduation cap and let her black hair fall over her left shoulder. "I'm sure you're glad its over Gavin."

"Not particularly Carlie. It means I'll no longer be able to see Maria." He stared at the girl that walked beside us and off into the crowded parking lot.

"That girl is trouble Gavin. I told you that!" Alexis said wrapping his arm around his Gavins shoulder.

"You tell me this all the time and I really don't care what you think of her. I love her."

"You barely know the girl." Carlisle said with a chuckle. "How can you love her?"

"If I recall correctly, you were trying to win Esme over the moment she recovered from the change." Edward said. "You told me that you had loved her since the time you fixed her leg."

"Enough of this." Elizabeth said happily. "You will meet other girls Gavin. We have a whole summer to waste and then we are off to college! You becoming a doctor! Carlie a psychologist and I a lawyer!"

God it was only about ten years ago that they were running around the house in their bare feet and getting cookie crumbs all over the place. Not to mention carrying squirt guns and water grenades from the kitchen to fill up to out side to throw at one another. And now by the end of the summer they'll be leaving us to full fill their childhood dreams.


Few Hours Later

"A CAR!" All three of them screamed. Each had received a car for graduation. We didn't give them cars for their sixteenth birthdays because Edward and I decided that they should learn to be responsible for them.

"Yes." I said.

"Wait, the drivers seat is in the wrong place!" Izzie pointed out.

"We are moving to American next week. So that you all have the summer to acclimate to the country." Edward said with a smile.

"Fan bloody tastic!" Gavin said. "I told the guy's that I'd hang with them this summer."

"Well, guess you won't be doing that now will you?" Carlie taunted.

"Shut up Carlie Ann." Gavin said going to inspect the car.

"Now children stop it. Why don't you all start packing your belongings." Esme said walking by them. "And when you all come down dinner will be ready. Some Italiano!"

"Fantastic." They all grumbled as they went up the stairs.

"Its only about ten minutes till they start fighting." Emmett said. "Ten bucks that the girls pin Gavin to the floor."

"I'm in!" Jasper said happily giving Emmett a high five.

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