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October 31, 1985
5:00 PM PST

Seventeen-year-old Marty McFly just smiled to himself, as he admired his costume in the mirror. He was dressed up as Scott Howard from Teen Wolf, and he looked very much like the character from the movie. People often said that he quite looked much like Michael J Fox, so this just made a very fitting costume for the Halloween dance.

"You look just like the living incarnation of Scott Howard," commented Zach Nelson, as he smiled very warmly. Zach was the bassist in Marty's rock band, The Pinheads - and he was Marty's best friend, after Dr. Emmett Brown. "How do you look my costume?"

"You look great, buddy," Marty replied, as he flashed his friend a lopsided smile. "You do look just like Stiles. You even have the wig to look the part. We really are going to have the time of our lives. Let's go see how Billy and Joey are doing, shall we?"

Just then, Joey Landvatter stepped into the room, as he said, "You both look totally awesome in your costumes! How do you think I look, as Louis?" Turning to Marty, he added, "That really was a great idea you came up with, Marty. Teen Wolf really was such a great theme for us all to dress up as on Halloween. Now, where is Billy?"

A growl could suddenly be heard. Marty quickly turned around, to see Billy Winterson entering the room. He was wearing the exact same outfit as Marty was, only he sure was covered in lots of hair - just like Scott Howard as a wolf was, in the movie.

"You look wonderful, my wolf self," Marty commented, as he high-fived his friend. "It will certainly be a night to remember. Are you about ready to head off to school? It's such a shame that Mr. Strickland will be there, but we can still have plenty of fun."

Just then, the doorbell rang. As Zach quickly ran to answer the door, Jennifer Parker and Zoe Quinn were standing there. The girls both really looked pretty, as they were dressed up as fairy princesses. The costume was complete with glitter in their hair.

"You really look beautiful, Jenn," Marty gushed, as he ran up to join Jennifer. "I think it's totally awesome that you and Zoe decided to dress as fairy princesses. It really is great that Zoe is dating Zach. Maybe the four of us could have a double wedding. Of course, it'd maybe feel a little more special for us to have our weddings separate."

"It'd be so neat to have Zach as the best man," suggested Jennifer, "and Zoe as the maid of honour. I hope we have a rather big wedding." As she glanced at the rest of the group, she added, "I see that Billy as dressed up as the wolf version of you!"

"We do have somewhat similar appearances," Marty explained, "even though he is a little bit taller. Then again, the wolf also seemed a bit taller in the movie. I figured he would be perfect for the past. I decided it'd be best for Zach for dress up as Stiles."

"Well, gang," called out Joey, "should we start heading out? If Needles tries to start any trouble, I'll be there for him! I really hope Strickland doesn't do anything to spoil our fun. It's quite a shame that our band didn't make it for the auditions. I guess we shouldn't feel too bad, though. They actually ended up hiring a disc jockey instead!"

"It really was uncanny how the audition judge resembled Huey Lewis," Marty said, as all six of them headed outside. "He seems to have bad taste in music, though. I don't think he even likes rock much. I wonder what music the disc jockey will be playing."

"I'm sure he'll be playing good music," Zach replied. "The disc jockey looks very young and hip. By the way, Billy and Joey, I thought you two were on the baking committee for the dance. What happened? Did the two of you suddenly decide to bail out?"

"We just decided we'd rather be with you," explained Joey. "After all, Marty did have this awesome idea of doing the Teen Wolf theme for our band. I'm sure glad he didn't decide to go with Family Ties. Can you imagine Marty dressed up as Alex P Keaton?"

"To be honest," Marty said, as he stepped into the driver's seat, "I actually did briefly consider the idea. I finally decided that I'd be real uncomfortable wearing a suit and a tie. I may look like Alex P Keaton, but it doesn't mean I wanna dress just like him. I do prefer to dress casually. I also figured Teen Wolf makes a great Halloween theme."


As Marty stepped into the school, he sure felt nervous. He wondered what everyone would think about his Scott Howard costume. He then caught sight of Billy's girlfriend, Valerie Austin. She was dressed as the girl that Scott eventually picked, named Boof.

"How are you doing, Boof?" Marty teased, as he walked up to Valerie. "You do look a lot like Scott's best female friend from Teen Wolf. I guess Billy must've really told you about who we were dressing up as. It's rather ironic that I didn't know you for long."

"You do look like a dead ringer for Scott Howard," Valerie commented, stunned. "Then again, you sure do look just like Michael J Fox. As I happen to have a similar hair style to Boof, I quite thought I might as well dress up as her - especially since my boyfriend ended up dressing up as your wolf self. By the way, how'd you like to meet Scott?"

"I think we'd get along just great," Marty replied. "I'm not quite a sports nut, like he is - but we do seem to have similar personalities. I mean, we both quite have the school disciplinarian hating us. The whole werewolf thing may freak me out a little, though."

"He's not like your typical werewolf, though," Billy reminded his friend. "I mean, unlike other werewolves, he doesn't cause harm to other people. I will admit that I am quite confused about the whole idea that canine beings could be great basketball players."

"It's probably the idea," suggested Jennifer, "that werewolves are typically portrayed as being stronger than regular people, so they decided it would sure make them great at playing basketball - even though 'our werewolves are different' in that movie."

"Hey, look!" called out a blonde, as she was with her brunette friend. "It feels almost like I stepped onto the set of Teen Wolf." She then glanced between Marty and Billy, before adding, "That is quite awesome, the way you both simply dressed up as Scott Howard in his two different incarnations. I have to say I'd go with his human self!"

"Hey, thank you," Marty replied, as he flashed a lopsided smile. "I know it's a rather low-budget film, and not as successful as Mind Warped - but I still thought it'd really be fitting for Halloween. I actually have to admit that I'm not quite into scary films."

"Well, I'm a huge fan of Teen Wolf," the blonde replied, "and so is my friend. I simply find Michael J Fox as a werewolf to really be sexy. Even though, I'm rather glad that you dressed up as Scott's human incarnation. Billy looks very sexy, too, though."

"I prefer the idea of Michael J Fox as a vampire," commented the brunette. "I quite don't care for the idea of his face being covered with all that hair. As a vampire, he could actually remain being young and cute forever - and he wouldn't even have to drink human blood in fatal doses. Vampires don't quite necessaily have to be evil."

"Well, I'm not exactly sure about that," protested Zach. "Traditionally, vampires were always known to be evil. I guess I'm open to alternate theories, though. I'm not even into Teen Wolf so much, because of their unconventional portrayal of werewolves. In fact, it was my pet peeve about the film. I'm mostly dressed up like this for Marty."

"All right, folks," Jennifer called out, "I think supper is about ready to be served. We'd better hurry up, before the food gets very cold." Turning to Marty, she added, "Scott does remind me a little of you. I think the two of you would simply get along great!"


As the dance was about to start, Marty smiled very lovingly as Jennifer - while they were headed off to the dance floor. He noticed that Zach and Zoe were also joining them, as were Billy and Valerie. He had a feeling this was going to be a big night.

"Hey, I have an idea," Jennifer suddenly commented. "Before we start dancing, how about I take a picture of the five of you? I think it's just rather fitting that we have a picture of you guys. I almost wish I dressed up as Boof, but I just had been planning the fairy princess costumes for Zoe and I all month. Stand over by the skeleton."

"All right, then," Billy said, laughing, "I suppose a skeleton would go very good with a werewolf. Just for this picture, I sure think Marty should put his arms around Valerie, as it was human Scott that Boof preferred in the movie. Is that all right with you?"

"I guess I don't mind," Jennifer replied, "You should maybe sit up in front, while Joey and Zach kneel behind you. Then Marty and Valerie can stand in the back. This could be a very lovely picture. Maybe next year, I could really join in on a theme, as well."

Marty felt nervous, as he stood in back - and put his arm around Valerie. It really felt weird to put his arm around a girl other than Jennifer. As Marty real smiled cheerfully at the camera, he thought of what a lovely night it sure was. Maybe it wouldn't quite be as nice, if The Pinheads did perform at the dance. This was actually more fun.

"All right, Marty," Jennifer said, as she grabbed at Marty. "They're about to play our song, The Power of Love. If your band was performing tonight, then we wouldn't be able to dance like this. I'm quite glad our future son came back in time, aren't you?"

Marty smiled at Jennifer, as he still remembered the unexpected visit from his future son. If his son hadn't just warned him about racing Needles, his life might already be on the road to destruction. Still, he had to admit that it sometimes would be great to be a werewolf - if he could actually use it to really frighten the bullies at his school.