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There were a great many things that Ronon Dex had learned since he had come to live in the city of the ancestors. One did not change one's entire existence around and go to live with a group of aliens without picking up a few things along the way.

Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard was the one who had elected himself head educator of Pegasus natives--especially when it came to the subject of Earth pop-culture, and in the time that Ronon had been living amongst the Atlantis expedition, he had been exposed to an absurdly large amount of Earthly entertainments and indulgences, ranging from horror movies to kettle corn popcorn.

And now, with Sheppard sitting next to him, parked in front of a modified television which was jerry-rigged up with about a dozen different varieties of wires, coaxial cables and battery packs, he was being introduced to the joy of video games.

The controls were complicated, the display hard to follow and the constant noises or triumph or defeat coming from his companion were very distracting. It was not the most enjoyable thing Sheppard had presented him with thus far, and the Colonel's enthusiasm did little to help with Ronon's frustration with the Earth contraption.

Sheppard swayed with the movement of the figures onscreen on his side of the couch. "Left!"

"I am," Ronon rumbled deep in his chest, clumsily trying to control the realistic soldier on the display, who was currently running around in circles and shooting at the ground.

Colonel Sheppard shook his head. "I thought this would be right up your alley, Ronon…but you're a lousy shot!"

Ronon's fingers paused on his controller and he looked at Sheppard flatly. "Lousy shot?"

"We've been playing for an hour and a half," Sheppard replied, "You haven't been able to hit anything."

Ronon returned his attention to the screen, eyes hard with renewed determination. Inelegantly and with jerky, inconsistent movements, his little computer generated soldier stood up straight and after a bit of fumbling, took aim.

Sheppard's character hit the ground with a thud.

"You shot me in the head!"

Ronon set the controller down, his point made. "Now who's a lousy shot?"